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What's the best modern guide for hacking on the kernel?

I don't want to learn everything about the internals, I want to iterate on a module quickly.

I feel like I'm missing on a lot of optimizations to shorten the feedback loop.

#Linux #kernel #hardwareEnablement #postmarketOS

I'm still wondering whether I should install KDE Connect or not. On the one hand, great smartphone integration on the computer, on the other hand: do I really need it? Longer battery life is more important to me, and for the few times I want to transfer photos to the computer, I can also connect the USB cable.

#grapheneos #kdeconnect #kde #kdeplasma #degoogled #pixel #privacy #surveillance #linux #bigdata #fedora #unix #freebsd

KDE MegaRelease 6
KDE’s next mega release is here!
#KDEplasma #linux

Just had to reinstall Windows again and holy gram crackers, the amount of DeBloating I have to do just to get my laptop usable is just wild! 2 scripts get me half way there, after I added some of my own but oh man this was such a bad experience it made me wanna spend time looking for a custom ISO of Windows instead. If there's anybody in #Linux that would like to make a distro that is maintained and good for poor, non-tech, multiply disabled people to use, now would be a fantastic time to start building because when Windows12 hits, people will be looking for alternatives and despite what others might say, Windows and Mac are still the best experience for Disabled people. Hint. This should motivate you rather than explaining how I don't know about Arch Linux.

In all seriousness, if you time it right, just after the Windows12 release, you will have a gem that people will throw money at.

Part of me is tempted to use #UBlue to make a custom #Fedora #Silverblue image to add in the Pop_OS Gnome extensions, make #vim the default editor, and #Thunderbird the default mail reader and call it "Blue Bacon Linux"


Getting ready to ship this bad boy to Wim Taymans so hopefully he can use it to fix the FireWire issues discovered by
Venn Stone in PipeWire
#pipewire #linux #audio #fedora

I know there are allot of technically proficient users of #Linux #A11y here, so thought I would throw this out there. I've used #Vmware's windows desktop products for years but don't like the direction things are going. I have, for some years now, wanted to jump to running #virtualmachine guests on a Linux host and this looks like the time. My problem is that I'm still not sure which host/manager combination is easily usable by a #blind user. I'm planning on running both Windows and Linux guests. There are a ton of guest managers with web interfaces, which sounds like the way to go given that I don't think #Orca is usable and I would prefer not to use the command line/config files. I've found a list but, of course, nothing is said about how they work with screen readers. Does anyone have any experience with this? Boosts would be very gratefully received and, of course, failures are just as valuable as successes in sorting the field. #blindness

Poprvé pořádně zkouším #xmpp komunikaci v terminálu, rozhodl jsem se vyzkoušet doporučené #ProfanityIM a je to super 😀👍 Těch možností a ta rychlost ⚡.
Samozřejmě to chce trošku pročíst základní informace na a potom si vygenerovat svůj OMEMO a důvěřovat OMEMO klíčům od lidí, se kterými si chci šifrovaně psát. Ale během 10 minut jsem měl vše nastaveno.
Jen zatím nevím, jak uložit heslo, něco jako auto-login při spuštění, možná ví @archos ? #Linux #opensource #messaging

#FOSDEM: While efficient video playback has long been possible in the embedded #Linux world, desktop applications have been lagging behind. Here's a look at the state of video offloading on the Linux desktop, by Robert Mader: #GStreamer #GTK #Chromium

“Improved build validation, increased moderation, and the long-awaited switch to libappstream” by @barthalion

Heads up to app developers: Flathub’s automatic build validation is more thorough now, and includes checks for issues we previously would have only flagged manually. There’s a chance that if your app has been passing continuous integration checks previously, it will fail now; here’s why, and what to do about it:

#Flathub #Flatpak #Linux #OpenSource #FOSS #FLOSS

Which do you daily drive, Wayland or X11?

#Fedora #FedoraPoll #Wayland #X11 #Xorg #Linux #OpenSource #FOSS

  • Wayland (74%, 223 votes)
  • X11/Xorg (25%, 76 votes)
299 voters. Poll end: 1 week ago

We need help from #Linux #NVIDIA users :linux:

We are trying to reproduce and debug an issue with WebKit GTK

If you have rendering issues, specially with colors or blank page please reply with a screenshot, and we'll reach out for details.

Some example apps that are known to exhibit the issue

• Epiphany / GNOME Web
• Tangram
• Newsflash

Thanks for your help!

Boost welcome :boost_love:


TIL: #Wayland breaks most screen readers, as they are not not intended by design. (they need to interact with other apps)

Wayland is now the default in pretty much all gnome distros.

Orca has workarounds, but they are not merged and not fully working. (And a blind user can't built it without a working screen reader)

I'm not entirely sure if I got this correct, but it seems to me like the #Linux community once again booted the #blind.

too bad I'm unable to compile curl with Http3 flag, because my current distro has a too old version of.. I think it was openssl? Or? Anyhow, time to move to void linux.
#curl #void #linux #voidlinux #http3

Hey Fedi! We're hosting a panel at SCALE 21x with some of the major players in the Linux desktop ecosystem to discuss where we go from here, any big ideas you want us to discuss?

Here's our list as of now:

And the abstract:

Post your ideas in the replies!

#foss #linux #oss #opensource #gnome #kde #stardustxr #stardust #vanillaos #xdg #scale21x

If you ever feel like your life has no purpose, just remember that there's someone at Microsoft whose job is to make sure Microsoft Edge works on #Linux.

#Mixxx 2.4 Open-Source and Free DJ Software Released with Major Changes, Here's What's New

#OpenSource #FreeSoftware #Linux

Pandoc, extensible swiss tool for markup document conversion, has a major new release 3.0


#linux #release #unix

#ILoveFreeSoftware, you love #FreeSoftware. Let's get that down. Most of the time you don't even notice that you're using a device running a :linux: #Linux kernel, :gnu: #GNUtils or services like :apache: #ApacheWebserver, :matrix: #Matrix etc. as they just work and don't get in your way; don't bother you reading ancient 📜 #EULA; don't track you ...

But have you ever said thank you to all the :linus: contributors supporting the projects and sustaining #SoftwareFreedom?! If not, then today's your lucky day. :awesome:

Create a sharepic via @fsfe's tool and use the #ILoveFS hashtag to show your appreciation. Additionally, spend some time looking up the #Fediverse handle of your favorite projects and mentioned them.

Happy I 🧡 Free Software Day!

Today is the #ILoveFreeSoftwareDay ! I would like to thank the free softwares I use and that I found on the Fediverse.

The main #FreeSoftware I use is my OS. Thanks to #Manjaro and to @archlinux on which Manjaro is based. And to the @linuxfoundation , @gnome and the #Linux ecosystem.

Thanks @mozilla especially for #Firefox and @thunderbird !

Thanks @zaclys which give me access to @nextcloud , which I thank too.

Thanks also (without order) @keepassxc , @lutris , @Mastodon , @voyagerapp , @Tusky , @fdroidorg , @libreoffice , @GIMP , @lagrange , @termux , @element , @matrix , and others I forgot.

All these projects are wonderful projects maintained by wonderful people. Without you, my everyday life would be harder and less interesting. Love you ❤️!


Alright I think I'm finally happy with the Workbench 46 demo for AdwDialog 🛠️

It's such a cool primitive for building adaptive apps. I hope the blob cat will make some people smile 😄

#GNOME #GTK #libadwaita #Linux #development

Dedicated to @alice and @tbernard 🎁

The GNOME community is working hard on GNOME 46! :gnome:

Do you have experience profiling on Linux? :linux:

We are looking for help debugging and profiling an issue with GTK on @AsahiLinux


#GNOME #GTK #Asahi #AsahiLinux #Linux

Hello, world! 👋 It’s your friendly neighborhood Linux app store here on the Fediverse! Check our profile, we’re verified. 😎

Speaking of which… if you’re an app developer and want to get your app verified on Flathub, check the docs! If you need any help, give us a shout here.

#Flathub #Flatpak #OpenSource #Linux #FOSS #FLOSS #introduction

what's the best way to format a USB stick so it can be shared between a #linux & #windows computer?

Importantly, I want files >4 GiB.

Version 1.2.1 of the xdg-utils is out!

With two of the most obvious bugs fixed. :drgn_wrench:

Thanks to the people who helped finding and fixing! :neofox_glasses: :neocat_laptop: :opensuse:

#freedesktop #xdg #xdgUtils #xdg_utils #linux

WebKit GTK4 is now fully accessible. Shipping in GNOME 46 :gnome:

Funded by @sovtechfund and @igalia ❤️

Completed by Georges Stavracas at Igalia 🎩

Thanks to everyone involved !

#GNOME #WebKitGTK #accessibility #a11y #Linux #GTK

Did you that calDAV has a journal feature? I use it to keep meeting notes stored alongside my calendar; no need to go hunting for notes when you can just click on the date the meeting took place in your email / calendar client! I've been using KDE's Kontact for this on my GNU/Linux PC, and I just discovered @jtx for Android which I use alongside @davx5app.


Use #Linux and @thunderbird

Microsoft sneaks ads into the new Outlook for Windows - gHacks Tech News

Would it be possible for #Gnome to make Shift+F3 work system wide, not only in LibreOffice?

#UX #KeyboardShortcuts #Linux

Do you, or have you ever, used a graphical user interface? If you use #Windows, #macOS, or any version of #Linux with a window manager or desktop environment, you can thank Dr. Clarence "Skip" Ellis.

Dr. Ellis worked at Xerox PARC, the research organization that developed the modern GUI. Icons, windows, the mouse, Ethernet-based networking, laser printing - all of these (and more) came out of PARC. Dr. Ellis led the team that created Officetalk, the first program to use icons and the Internet. He got his start at 15 years old showing a local tech company how to reuse punch cards, which was a game-changer back in 1958.

Oh, and he was also the first black man to earn a PhD in Computer Science.

#BlackHistoryMonth #BlackHistory #BlackMastodon #ComputerScience @blackmastodon

Version 1.2.0 of the xdg-utils is out! :drgn_box:

Please test them! (But don't deploy yet)

Thank you to everyone else who contributed and thanks to Simon for the trust and maintainer work! :drgn_heart:

We need more eyes on that code! :drgn_notice:

The xdg-utils are children of their time, shellscripts that by large don’t follow a “modern” scripting style …

… which means that there is a lot of work to catch up on and any changes should be reviewed by more people than they currently are.
In case you want to help:
Just pick something that seems interesting and doable for you and open an issue/merge request.

Things that need to be done:

  • Read the code and try to find mistakes (Usage of external tools, escaping, …)
  • Find mistakes in open merge requests.
  • Review, research and fix issues.
  • Improve tests
  • Improve documentation
  • Rebase old merge requests
  • Improve Cygwin and MacOS support
  • etc.

:neofox_solder: :neocat_science: :drgn_wrench:

#freedesktop #xdg #xdgUtils #xdg_utils #linux

And while I’m at it i might also hijack #fosdem for this. :drgn_dark_mlem:

Really happy to see first beta release of @OBSProject featuring PipeWire camera support. Along with the recent Firefox support for PipeWire camera this is a big step forward.
#linux #pipewire #fedora #obsstudio #libcamera

Has Christian Hergert left Mastodon?

Wasn’t he here?

#Gnome #Linux #OpenSource #Prompt