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Hi!! I'm a digital concept artist based in Moscow, currently working as a storyboard artist in animation ✌️

I love worldbuilding, all sorts of
fiction, and I enjoy studying psychology and anatomy. I draw all sorts of things but enjoy drawing monsters, characters and my own headworld stuff the most!

You can find me on:

Thanks for reading 💜

Hello~ I'm Pine Aura!

A smol, silly Canadian🍁 that likes to do the arting thing. I do original and fan art stuff both!

Thanks for stopping by~
Cheers! ✌️

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A colourful illustration of a roller skater riding on some green rails. They're holding a spray can in one of their hands while the other is doing a V sign. There is a tower and some buildings in the background reminiscent of some downtown scenery you can see in some cities.
Illustration of my original characters, Erru and Shushi, looking at a little dragon friend that glows in the dark like a firefly. It's twilight time, the stars are just peeking in the lavender sky, while the two of them stand in a field of tall, blue flowers, the dragons' glow softly reflecting off their gently awed faces.
Illustration of Malroth from Dragon Quest Builders 2 drinking some boba tea while carrying a Fright Bulb in a tote bag. He's adorned with flower themed clothes that give off typical vibrant, summer vibes. The background has palm trees, pink hibiscus flowers, and other big, leafy plants on a light blue rectangle.
Illustration of Sora from Kingdom Hearts holding up his keyblade over one of his shoulders while his other hand holds the Super Smash Brothers envelope. He's smiling jubilantly towards the viewer as he's floating in front of a glowing circle and starry sky.

Hello! My commish's are open!

You can get them either through ko-fi or discuss with me via email.

All links can be found on my carrd here:

#Art #Original #FanArt #Commission #CommissionsOpen #MastoArt #ArtistsOnMastodon

Part art recap and part art vs artist for stuff I made in 2020. I didn't get to do as much as I'd like given my health and all, but I did do enough to fill this up. Cheers ✌️

#art #original #ocs #fanart #artof2020 #artvsartist #mastoart #artistsonmastodon
Various illustrations I've done in 2020 compiled in a similar format to the art vs artist compilations in the art community where a picture of me (drawn in this instance) is in the middle and surrounding it on all sides are all the artwork I've made. The top screen left is fanart of Claude von Riegan with his white wyvern from Fire Emblem Three Houses. The middle next to it is an image of my original character Erru dancing. Next to that is my stylized coyote portrait. In the middle to screen left are my ocs Rocia and Acorn. A silly portrait of myself is in the middle. To the right of that is another of my ocs name Amrita. The last row from screen left is fanart of Ghost Trick: Phantom detective of a dog and cat, next to it is my oc Shushi, and the last one in the bottom right corner is an illustration of both Shushi and Erru.