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🧵 These robots are also flower pots, they are self-powered by the plant that grows inside. I had started to build them a small environment from branches and string where they could garden in peace but I have too much work to finish...
In the meantime a horrible hairy monster discovered their hiding place and OH NO NO NO

end of the thread, thank for your attention 🙏

Several robots stand on a miniature wooden balcony and take care of plants in pots
A robot sweeps the floor
My cat is watching the miniature robots
My cat paws at one of the robots

🧵 I paint them and voila!

The robot that stands on a wooden table, it has been painted to give a rusty effect. A plant is growing on his head.
the robot standing on a wooden table, it has been painted to give a rusty effect. A plant is growing on his head
Another robot carrying a flower pot, it has been painted to give a rusty effect. A plant is growing on his head.
Another robot sweeping, he was painted to give a rusty effect. A plant is growing on his head.

🧵 I cover them with a coat of solid paint
I build him a lot of other friends.

The robot is painted entirely in white
6 other robots on the same model as the first one

🧵 The main function of this gardening robot will be to trim the hedges, so I add large scissors.
I add more and more beads, the very small ones are ideal for rivets.

Protips: I use an old battery operated nail file to file down the plastic parts so that the glue can stick to them better, which has two advantages:
- You don't need expensive tools, you can also recycle them
- I have perfect nails.

The shape of the body is now complete, the body, the legs and the arms. A shear has been added to the end of one of the arms
An eye has been placed on the body of the robot
The robot is standing, very small beads are placed at his feet
The beads were added on the robot to give a rivet effect

🧵 I use a set of necklace beads to create the shoulders and pelvis
ironing beads are great for arms and legs, you can also cut them easily. Here I cut some in half to make the toes for example.
Heart shaped beads make excellent hands

The body with a wire placed on top and bottom to create legs and arms and beads placed on the sides.
The beads are strung on the wire to begin to add thickness to the legs and arms.
The body with beads placed on the side.
More beads are threaded on the wires to finalize the legs and arms

🧵 I start with an empty plastic bottle of nicotine.
I keep only the cap, I will use it as a body.
I drill 4 holes at the top and bottom.
I pass a gardening wire inside, it will be the armature for arms and legs.

a tube of nicotine
the cap of a nicotine tube that will be the body for the robot
the body with a wire placed at the top and bottom to create legs and arms

🧵 Step by step thread: how to build from scratch little robot gardeners with plastic waste

On a wooden table, a small rusty robot figure watering a plastic plant with a watering can.

🌱 My Neighbor Mastodon

Just want to say thanks for the 15K followers. It's amazing how calming it can be for me as an artist to know that my biggest audience is on the Fediverse right now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who contributed to this.

#MastoArt #krita
A digital painting illustration being a parody of an iconic scene of the movie "My Neighbor Totoro" but instead of Totoro it's a big Mastodon, and the two girls are replaced by Pepper and Carrot, the OC of my webcomic. The scene show Mastodon sleeping on the back in the forest, with on his stomach Carrot sleeping and along his arm Pepper sleeping. White butterflies dances in the air around the scene. The artwork is painterly, done quick.

There has been a lot of research about autistics over the years, but this one really took the cake! 🍰

Find out what happened when researchers attempted to compare the moral compass of autistic and non-autistic people... (1/2)

#actuallyautistic #autism #neurodivergence #comic #art #MastoArt
Comic Title: Morality & How Researchers Talk About Us.
The first panel shows a researcher looking at a graph. The text reads: In 2020, researchers conducted a study with autistic and allistic people. Participants were from Brazil and between the ages of 14-25. They were given a choice.
The comic shows two different choices. The first one is: Support a bad cause for monetary gain. The panel shows a girl smirking and holding a stack of money, her back turned to a cardboard box of crying kittens. The text on the side of the box reads 'termination'.
The second choice is: Don't support the bad cause but miss out on the money.
The girl is holding one of the kittens in her arms and yells “No!” as she kicks the empty box away.
The comic goes on to explain that the choice was given in two different settings: public and private.
One panel shows a girl sweating nervously, surrounded by a group of people. The other panel shows the girl alone in a big open space as she carefully considers.
A girl is seen clutching a sack of money, cackling wickedly. She has little devil horns and a tail. The comic text reads: This is what the study discovered: Allistic people were more likely to support the bad cause. The higher the monetary reward was, the more likely they were to do so. The girl is seen fawning over a pile of money with hearts in her eyes. She gasps “Wow!”, her mouth wide open.
The comic goes on to say that allistics were more likely to support the bad cause in the private setting. One panel shows the girl in a group of people, with a halo over her head and sweating nervously as she lies, “I don't support it!”
In the next panel the devil horns have returned, and she is alone in the room with a wicked grin, clutching the sack of money as she says, “Give me the money!”
Autistics, on the other hand, were much less likely to support the bad cause. And their answer stayed the same, regardless of the setting. The first comic panel shows an autistic girl playing with the kittens from the first page. The second panel shows the girl turning up her nose at the stack of money. In both panels the girl says determinedly, “No way!”
The comic then asks: So, how did the researchers feel about these results? Well... They concluded that autistics were too concerned with their principles and morals. The panel shows the researcher tapping a sign showing the girl and the cat crossed out; the text reads, “Bad!”.
The comic goes on to say that the researchers framed the results as a negative thing. It shows three shortened excerpts from the research paper, which read as follows:
Excessive valuation of negative consequences when judging the moral appropriateness or permissibility of actions. Inflexible when following a moral rule even though an immoral action can benefit them. ASD individuals, unlike healthy control subjects...

A little #introduction of my great love of #ink drawing that's developed over the past few years.

Especially love ink waterfalls!

#Mastoart #artistsonmastodon #pen #traditionalart #illustration #artist #artists

Here are my first Autism Infocards, Use them as you like within the Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).
I'll make more cards soon, hope they are helpful 😊. There will be a download-link later on my website, when the set is complete!
(Reupload because of typo and wrong order of the captions).

#Autism #MastoArt #FuchskindArt #DanielaSchreiterArt #Illustration #Comic
A comic fox is wearing headphones and is snuggled up in a blanket. The text says: Time Out: I‘m autistic and need a break because the situation or sensory stimuli are too overwhelming for me. I need to withdraw to a quiet place.
A comic fox is looking at a big and scary eye, he is stressed. The text says: Eye Contact: I‘m autistic, making eye contact is difficult for me and needs a lot of energy. Please keep that in mind while talking to me, I‘m not being rude.
A comic fox looks very stressed and desperate, the text says: Overload: I‘m autistic and can‘t process information anymore. I need to rest, please don‘t talk to me or touch me.
A comic fox looks calm and happy, he is wearing headphones. The text says: Headphones: I‘m autistic and audio processing is difficult for me. I‘m wearing noise-cancelling headphones to improve my concentration and to prevent overstimulation.

Just an FYI, I have an Etsy and webshop with tons of cute keychains, enamel pins, stickers, bookmarks and such! Be sure to check them out if you sre looking for gifts! ☺️

#etsy #MastoArt #shop #art #cats

Hello everyone. Alex here, I'm an artist, animator & indie video games developer. Just taking my first steps here (reposting with the image descriptions, thanks for the steer all)... #MastoArt #Art #indiedev
The key art we create for our debut indie game Röki. It's a snowy scene with Tove and Lars running away in peril.
A giant wolf slumbers on the peak of a mountain above the clouds.(screenshot from our game Röki)
An old abandoned Scandinavian mill covered in snow, or maybe not as abandoned as we might hope 😬 (screenshot from our game Röki)
Tove, the hero and player character from our game runs through the forest (screenshot from our game Röki)

Hello! I am a traditional and digital artist from the #twittermigration #MastoArt #art #artist

Hi Everyone!

I'm Ari, a Black-Indigenous Character Illustrator in the US. I'm new here :)

#illustration #illustrator #mastoart #digitalart #procreate #artwork

Last one, the Litany Against Fear from Dune. A4 size on good quality art paper with archival ink.

$150 USD which includes shipping. Note the postage time disclaimer in the thread above, too.

#calligraphy #MastoArt #CreativeToots
An intricate black ink mandala that incorporates The Litany Against Fear from Dune into the pattern, in blackletter calligraphy

These are A4 size. The colourful one is a wiccan chant, then there's the hackers manifesto, a random recipe from some site of old recipes, and two paragraphs of slang words for vagina and penis. :p

$100 USD (which includes shipping) each. First come first serve, reply to grab one.

#calligraphy #MastoArt #CreativeToots
Two pages of illuminated blackletter calligraphy
Two pages of illuminated blackletter calligraphy

Let's see if I can sell some of these #calligraphy pieces :D

Disclaimer, things are taking a few weeks to a couple of months to arrive worldwide from South Africa.

The red one is A4 size, the rest are A5, either on thick white art paper or on Daler Rowney calligraphy paper that's textured and looks like parchment.

$75 USD (which includes shipping) for any of these. Let me know if you want a closer look at any of them.

First come first serve, reply to grab one.

#MastoArt #CreativeToots
Six pieces of illuminated blackletter calligraphy
Five pieces of illuminated blackletter calligraphy

so. hello, new followers! I was a bit intimidated by my followercount going up by about 1/6 after @FediFollows boosted me, so to mitigate my intimidatedness (which is a real word, probably!) I made a doodle thingy based on your avatars. sorry people with photos, you'll probably not recognize yourselves, but I promise I tried :D

* brian eno - taking tiger mountain (by strategy) as suggested by @ernstd
* primus - frizzle fry as chosen by me

#mastoart #wimmelbild #doodle #lineart
a drawing of a lot of characters in and surrounding a bus and a nonsensical little house. based on the avatars of 54 new followers

I remapped one of my #MidJourney renders onto a simple #Blender3D model to create a simple prop, perhaps for set-dressing.

I broke it into components and then animated the camera so you can see the perspective changing.

This is just a proof of principle demo, but I think it does work.

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #Experimental #GnuIMP #GIMP

Finally calling this vector art piece finished! It's based on the June #, whose prompt was ice cream.

I haven't done vector art in a really long time, and this is probably the most complex vector art piece I've done so far. I'm definitely still more of a painter than a vector artist - painting is a lot more intuitive; I kept switching between drawing freehand shapes and toggling bezier curve nodes with this but it was still a fun piece and I like how it turned out.

It's Shan Shan and her friends enjoying some dessert at the beach. The dessert they're ogling at is a delicious Southeast Asian shaved ice dessert called cendol, topped with a scoop of coconut ice cream (of course!)

Cendol (also spelt chendol) is a dessert made out of shaved ice topped with the eponymous green pandan-flavoured jelly, sweet red beans, gula melaka (coconut palm sugar, which is a rich brown color) and coconut milk. It's delicious enough on its own but ice-cream is always a plus ;)

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A vector art illustration showing Shan Shan, a young girl with pig tails, a blue headband, and a brown-striped yellow T-shirt, sitting around a table at a beach with her animal friends, Mr. Otter, Ms. Water Monitor, Big Brother Myna and Little Sister Kitty. They are ogling at a bowl of cendol on the table which Shan Shan is holding. Mr. Otter is on her right, a look of curiousity and wonder at a smidge of cendol and coconut ice cream he has on his finger. Big Brother Myna is perched on Shan Shan's left shoulder grinning at the bowl of cendol, while Little Sister Kitty is trying to peer at the cendol with her fore paws on the table. Ms. Water Monitor is in the foreground also grinning at the cendol.

Content warning: AI Art, Crystal Skulls Asset Pack

🌴 First panel for the next Pepper&Carrot episode.
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A digital painting of a landscape: the foreground starts on a fantasy boat with many seagull flying around, then a small village on the coast of a island, to finish in background with a big volcano that is in eruption, but not threatening the village. The style is painterly, and call for an RPG adventure.

Respect is one of the essential values that make an easy and peaceful life possible. I hope you guys like this illustration!

🌍More illustrations here:

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Two persons in the middle of the bridge in a dark forest, one of them are bending to another as a symbol of respect

people say it's # and thus I am posting my webcomic here - it's like a shoujo but a historical horror set in eastern europe and central asia. It's also funny. Not now, but it will be. I promise. Can be read on this site or on mastodon (pinned in my profile :) )
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"Dido", a commissioned illustration of the legendary founder and queen of Carthage. I enjoyed researching artifacts and styles from Phoenician culture - lots of Greek, Syrian, Egyptian and other influences.
Also note the reference to the Trojan war in the wall paintings! # #
Painting of Dido, the legendary Queen of Carthage. She is depicted full length, stepping towards us, in a regal manner, inside a pillared building. The columns and walls are brightly painted with figures, ornaments and ships. Behind her the building is open, showing the sky and a blue sea. A few servants stand at the sides.

When I saw the # doom grey challenge, the first scene that came to mind was someone in a dark spooky forest. The lantern in @davidrevoy 's original made me imagine someone carrying a lamp too, but then it became...

1. Hmm, let's make that "someone" Kiki (the Krita mascot)
2. Instead of a lamp, she can be holding a staff, which can be her stylus!
3. And her stylus eraser is a shiny blue orb that seconds as a lamp!
4. And throw a mage's robe on top, why not.

# # #
Digital painting of Kiki, the Krita mascot, wearing a mage's robe and holding her stylus as a staff, making her way through a dark and spooky forest painted in the Fediverse doom grey color scheme. That is cold blue light emanating from her stylus eraser and bands near the stylus pen tip, illuminating her face, which is turned backwards as if she has seen or heard something in the woods.

🔬Bonnie L. Bassler
Molecular biologist. She researched chemical communication between bacteria, also called ‘quorum sensing’.

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🧬Jennifer Doudna and Emmanuelle Charpentier.
Nobel Prize in Chemistry for developing precise DNA-editing technology, CRISPR.

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I’m doing a project featuring little-known women of science as a part of my studies as a lab technician.
I’ll be drawing some portraits and illustrating the research and discoveries of some interesting scientists✨

Let’s start!

🧬Nettie Stevens. American geneticist who discovered chromosomes X/Y by studying Mealworms (Tenebrio molitor)

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