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I finally got on that trans t-shirt meme. Took me long enough!

Love ya all. ❤


My animation demo reel 2020
I'm Animator, Character design and storyboarder
Most of the work is from short films that I have produced
#mastoart #animation #polilla #mywork #fediart #demoreel

Finally finished this necklace for a friend. I used 32 gauge (0.25 mm) round sterling silver wire 🐈 He liked it, yay :D
#jewelry #MastoArt #art #diy
Knitted silver chain with a small elongated pendant and simple ornaments on each side
Detail of the tightly knitted pattern
Person with a leather jacket wearing the chain which fits around the neck perfectly
Detail of the chain in the making process

Content warning: eye strain, slightly gore

#introduction V2~! Hey Mastodon, i’m Hannah and full time comic artist and part time magical girl 🌞 I draw a lot of dreamy prismatic things and I like cartoons ✨ I also read stars and fortunes. 🌠🔮


#mastoart #art

Here's my YouTube account. I'm currently a little limited due to health reasons, but I still make some #music. The latest #cover song currently is "Voodoo" by Godsmack.


im super excited to be posting this piece, it's one of my favourites i've worked on probably all summer. it's a spin on the Lovers tarot card, just with #lesbian undertones. :heart_sp_les3:

if you like this piece, here it is on my redbubble (!

#pride #procreate #DigitalArt #MastoArt #FediArt #art
Two girls, one painted in all blue and one in pink, float in the foreground. The girl painted monochromatically in pink is facing upright, with a hand on her cheek, staring off to the side. She wears a glowing white shirt and white lip ring. Next to her, a monochromatically painted blue girl is upside down, staring off in the same direction. You see her profile. She has a white earring, and a white shirt on. Behind the girls is a circle with rays extending outwards across the gradient background, which goes from blue to pink. Text says "VI" on the top of the image, then "THE LOVERS" in all caps across the bottom.

sooo.... 👀 i put up the zine i made on kofi! it's based off of louise gluck's poem called "the wild iris."

if you'd like to check it out, it's completely free to download and comes in PDF format. and if you do read it, let me know what you think! comments and critiques are always welcome. 😊

link here:

#MastoArt #FediArt #art #zine #DigitalArt #Poetry

I started making GIFs from my art at the beginning of pandemic, and I haven't really stopped:

J'ai commencé à faire des GIFs à partir de mon art au début de la pandémie, et je n'ai jamais arrêté:

#mastoart #fediart #drawing #illustration #sketch #creativetoots #gif #caturday

structures no. 5: the center of the series

i’ll take this opportunity to share that all five finished pieces in this series are available as prints at

an abstract figure is holding a wheel. the wheel has eight sections, displaying a snake, cracked egg, sail boat, mushrooms, a burning tower, the orion constellation, a wavy dagger, and a double coin knot. the background is full of circles

I've opened commission requests via Ko-fi!

D07 - Ko-fi commission banner
#fanart #art #MastoArt #oc #ocs #cute #illustration #seava #vesnea
A commission Seavalanche banner with Vesnea and Seava on either side.

Welcome to mastodon everyone! I love seeing all this art posted. But we do have some folks on here who don't see well, and they really appreciate it if you add a description to your images. Just briefly what you're showing people, so that they have some idea what they're looking for.

I know sometimes it seems like too much work, and if you can't you can't. But it does make your work accessible to more people, not least because more of us will boost it.

#introduction #florespondence #mastoart
One leaf displaying the veins on its underside against a background of other leaves.

Ola! Chámome Román e son un ilustrador de Narón, Galiza. Aínda que fago un pouco de todo, a maioría do meu tempo adícoo ao deseño de personaxes.

Hi! I'm Román, an illustrator from Narón, Galiza. While I'm kind of a jack of all trades, I spend most of my time designing characters.

#MastoArt #Illustration #CharacterDesign #Landscape #Galiza
Illustration of a landscape with a big rock formation and a lady in a white dress on top of it admiring the clear night sky.
Illustration of a white haired old man holding a hammer and a nail. His arms are as big as his legs are thin.
Illustration of an anthropomorphic opossum with a yellow backpack and a phone in his hand looking at you sideways wile strolling through a forest path. In the background you can see homes and a yellow morning sky.

Hey I’m Joe, an illustrator and designer based in the UK with a focus of storytelling and characters. Looking for work in games, vis dev and fantasy art!

Thanks #NFC for the tip!

#MastoArt #introduction #CreativeToots #CommissionsOpen #illustration #art
CDC challenge winner

hello fediverse world, hello #MastoArt community! I moved my pixelfed sketchbook to this lovely place :artaww:

I will post drawings, collages, prints and other visual ruins here (i do image descriptions). You can follow other toots from me at @fragmentscenario

i love to swap art, zines, books by mail 📨

#art #introduction
Stamp print of a broken image icon from the Firefox browser. The stamp has been cut by hand, every pixel of the original icon is visible. Some weird purple vector glitch graphic has been overlayed on the image.

'how can one be a woman & not be a feminist?'
#art/#history: i'm giving you a retinaful of snarly-soft-smarty, debbie harry, who was born #otd in 1945. although she made her debut in miami, she's more strongly identified with the big apple.
her adoptive parents were from new jersey, you see, so she grew up there & escaped to NYC in 1965. you all know her musical history & the contributions she made to pop (arguably including the first female rap as well as a shimmery risk of a disco single that proved to be a timeless crossover hit), but did you know that she's not afraid of the f-word? to wit, she wonders, 'how can one be a woman & not be a feminist?' debbie's heart isn't made of glass. it's forged from purest gold. in 2014, she was instrumental in having a new york city carriage driver's license revoked. she wrote an impassioned plea to council members imploring them to retire all carriage horses to sanctuaries. she's also an unabashed cat lady. #blondie #mastoArt #debbieHarry
portrait illustration of debbie harry by kat himmel

Inflation’s biting everyone in the butt lately and I wanted to do something about it. So I grabbed 3 of my fave fantasy stories, chopped the price, and released ’em in this collection I’m calling WOMEN OF WONDER. You save 70% over buying each story separate!

Check out that shiny shiny book cover (made with #Inkscape)!

More info at my site:

Boosts appreciated!

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #ebook #ebooks #bundle #reading #writing #Amazon #Kobo #fantasy #women #goats
WOMEN OF WONDER cover: A woman gestures dramatically in a red dress in space

It's #webcomicday! Check out my #Undertale AU fancomic, Negatedtale! It's got skeletons, time loops, multiverse theory, the power of friendship, and the determination to keep going, no matter how many times you fall.

It's returning to regular updates later this month, so now's the perfect time to catch up on the backlog!

🔗 :

#undertaleAU #MastoArt #CreativeToots
Banner for my Undertale AU comic, Negatedtale. The main character, Aster, looks back at the void, backlit by a rip in time and space.

Hi all! I'm a concept artist and illustrator who loves designing creatures! I especially love drawing dragons 😊 I also really love Critical Role and playing D&D!

This place is really new for me, but I look forward to figuring out and getting to know some lovely new folks! 😃

#introduction #mastoart

✨ ✨ My dear bunnies and follower: ✨ ✨
I could finally change my username on twitch to my artistname: vanlau.

So the new adress for streams :

#twitch #bunniekingdom #MastoArt #Art

Next month I will give an workshop with these lasercut pieces, the task will be for the children to create a new model from the all mixed up pieces :da_juggle:
#art #MastoArt #lasercutart #lasercutter
A photography of a wooden model of a strange animal, a kind of a rodent with small arms and a beak, made with lasercut pieces, like one of thoses dinosaur puzzles
A photography of a wooden model of a strange animal made with lasercut pieces, like one of thoses dinosaur puzzles, this one is a kind of a sea serpent

#mastoart #artschool #artcollege #artstudent #pinned

Hey everyone! Sharing a (re-) #Introduction since I'm dusting off my account. I'm Elise and I do 3D Modeling, Animation and Motion Graphics, also a bit of writing. Just graduated after returning to school for career change.

I love horror and fantasy, books, (mostly older) dance music, and dark-creepy-weird in general.

Here's a character I modeled, meant to be The Morrigan. Created in Maya.

3D modeleled character - a woman holding a sword in front of her face. Somewhat cartoony style. Bright red hair blowing, green eyes, claw-like fingernails, wrist bracers. Staring at camera in a challenging way. Standing on rampart of a castle
3D modeleled character - a woman holding a sword horizontally in front of her, with blade resting flat against left hand. Somewhat cartoony style. Bright red hair blowing, green eyes, claw-like fingernails, wrist bracers. Staring at camera in a challenging way. Standing on rampart of a castle. Two crows flying in background, one visible over each shoulder

Here's a 3D modeled scene I made for an Environmental Design class. It took forever and fried my computer (and me). I'm pretty proud of the way it came out though

My Medieval-ish town. Created in Maya.

#MastoArt #3D #3DModeling

(Video/audio description in replies)

meet the artists were going around on another site recently and it occurred to me i havent. made one in a while lol

#meettheartist #art #mastoart
a meet the artist but titled "meet the me." there is a drawing of myself to the left (white dude with glasses and grey hair) but it's pretty text heavy.

the first section has basic info:
bug/cricket, adam, tg, etc
xe/he (xym, xem, or xim are fine)
"guy with left queer"
neurodivergent mess!

the second info has drawings of four hats (four baseball caps and a frog shaped hat) titled "almost always wearing a hat!"

the third section has things i like:
pokemon and temtem
evolutionary biology
synth music
video game video essays

the fourth section has things i dislike:
onions and green peppers
verbal communication
any amount of gore or body horror
social media

the fifth section is titled "roomies!" and has a drawing of my partner, our cat bea, and our snake anita.

i apparently started working on this in 2020 and never finished it? lol, whoops! bug finally has a proper refsheet, more or less!

#art #mastoart
a refsheet for my sona, a monkey named bug. it features a fullbody with his markings, three different outfits xe often wears, a headshot showing an alternate way to stylize xyr face, and alternate versions of his design for the temtem, pokemon, and animal crossing universes

:sharesloved: i've revamped my commission page; they're still open, check it out!

:dabart: :dabart2:

$20 USD :paypal:
🌻shaded fullbodies with transparent backgrounds!
🌻i can draw creatures, animals, & ponies best; check out my artfight attacks this year for more examples of various species:
🌻if you're interested, DM me or contact me via email or discord ^__^

#mastoart #art
digital drawing of a patchwork sphynx cat covered in bandaids and bows
digital drawing of a fluffy purple dragon with feathered wings, in a silly, playful pose
digital drawing of a sea slug, specifically dirona albolineata
digital drawing of a purple microraptor with pink feathers and dark stripes

Hello Mastodon! It's #introduction time, the existence of has enticed me to add yet another social platform to my life 🙂

I'm Nat, an aspiring comics creator and digital artist based in Nottingham, UK. I work full time in an IT job and I'm not great at finishing projects started in my spare time.

I have lots of experience of forcing myself to do extreme daily art challenges, at the expense of my own self-care, but I'm still working out how to make digital art and comics in a more sustainable way.

I'm interested in comics-life balance 😉

As well as a day job free of drawing, I have hypermobile EDS and a constellation of developmental neurodivergent conditions - although not dyslexia - I tested negative for that one!

Those are a big part of why trying anything except for daily 'Got to draw it, got to finish it, got to post it on social media' routines has failed for me in the past.

I had some scary burn out last year that I've only recently recovered from, Inktober put me back into some worrying patterns so I stopped after 20 days.

It did prove to me that I can finish one page comics I'm proud of, if I spread the work out properly though.

For examples of my style, here's a selection of my Doctor Who fan art from 2008 to 2012. See my deviantART or Instagram (same name) for more.

#art #mastoart #doctorwho #fanart #digitalart
A moody full colour digital portrait with black comics style outline lines and airbrushed photo realistic colours depicting harsh lighting and shadows. Early 1970s Doctor Who character Alpha Centauri is looking pensively down and to the right, towards something out of shot. The green skinned, 6 armed alien stands on a bronze-coloured diffuse background, a little like a professional photography portrait backdrop.
Comics style digital portrait of a sad 'uncultivated' Ood from Doctor Who: Planet Of The Ood. It's moodily lit in a prison cell, looking wistfully down and to the right while cradling its own hind brain in its lifted hands. There are twisty tentacles in the place of its mouth and a white twisting cord between its tentacles and the miniature brain it holds. Signed N.R.T.
A digital painting of the werewolf from the David Tennant episode 'Tooth And Claw', howling upwards in front of the full moon. Signed N.R.T.
A "super deformed" cute/happy version of Dalek Sec's casing opening at the end of Daleks In Manhattan, on a bright orange glowing background. Signed N.R.T.

Ho boy new people!!! I'll refresh my #introduction

Im a #food fanatic with an ironic aversion to cooking. Interested in all the #mastoart, and trying to learn how to #sketch myself.

I've spent most of my life interested in #STEM, currently working as a protein scientist trying to make cool #sustainable stuff for people to eat.

Audiobooks are my drug, and I'm always on the look out for something new. I like #scifi and #specfi, young adult or otherwise.

Shoot me a toot if you want!

I'm Shortwings and I draw comics, furries, and many other things!

Also, just being real here, most of what I draw is at least some level of horny, so I hope you know that before you follow! 18+ followers only, no kids!

Here's a little snippet of my currently running comic Valerie & the Covenborough Cult!

#creativetoots #mastoart #comics #OC #OCs

🍬🌸 halfbody commissions for confettiparfait & bambeiis! I had so much fun drawing these cuties 😭💖💕✨
#Art #DigitalArt #MastoArt #CreativeToots
Digital art of a boy with cow horns and ears. He’s smiling happily and making a peace sign.
Digital art of a woman wearing a large fuzzy coat with a pink checker pattern. She’s holding her sunglasses up in one hand.

🍂 My Autumn Exchange piece for miq @ TH! I had so much fun with this!!! 😭💖💕
#Art #MastoArt #CreativeToots #FediArt #Procreate
Artwork of a woman sitting on a picnic blanket, surrounded by fall leaves. She’s holding a drink in her lap and smiling at the audience.

When I'm not drawing fanart, I like to draw animals! #mastoart