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I need to make at least $100 more so I can send my taxes in next month. I'll lower my Kofi goal and go without groceries if necessary. If anyone wants some artwork done, please consider commissioning me.

Let me know if my prices are too steep and we can negotiate

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“In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.” — Terry Pratchett

#art #MastoArt #Cat #YearOfTheCat #AYearForArt #2023 #caturday #quotes #DigitalArt
Digital drawing of an orange cat sitting on a stone wall with dark green branches of evergreen on each side. The cat is looking up at the bright blue sky. A faded castle is formed in the layered clouds of gray, blue, and warm yellow. Different sizes of soap bubbles float in the air above a peaceful deep blue ocean. The composition is inspired by the artist Maxfield Parrish’s work called “Air Castles.”

New drawing using a photo from k
@killer_machine_1 as reference (thank you so much <3)

Drawing consists only black and white lines amd shapes. No colors or even shades of gray. Somehow I like this most 🖋❤️

#manga #mangadrawing #mangaart #art #drawing #mastodonart

I am not a tech person. I had absolutely *no idea* about effect of #Twitter using algorithms on my feed. I figured it just sent me things based on my overall interests, learning from my follows, RTs, etc.

And...maybe that was true? I don't know. But now, 2.5 months into using #Mastodon, my feed here is enriching.

I truly underestimated what it means to self-curate. #Art, #Knitting, #Books, #Science, #Politics,'s a dinner party in an art gallery in a bookstore.

These stunning photographs reveal the determination and resilience of a centuries-old way of life.

I want music and art that is meant to comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable. To speak truth to power. To remind people that they have worth that is not dependent on their looks, abilities, or income.


#Fascism #Antifa #Art #Music

It’s hard to reach the peak of human potential in a late-stage capitalist system where false scarcity for resources pits us against each other and fosters win-lose scenarios where by nature, not everyone is allowed to get ahead.

Where people and nature are exploited in service to an Elite few who cannot see beyond their own egos, eventually leading to a Pyrrhic victory where the world is destroyed and there is no one left to impress or oppress.


#Fascism #Antifa #Art #Music

Art spans oceans and centuries. Fascism wants to break bonds and divide; Art seeks to unite and promote understanding. To remind us we are not alone, we are stronger together, and that we are part of a vast universe of consciousness that seeks to understand and experience itself.

The individual experience elevates itself into universal enlightenment.


#Fascism #Antifa #Art #Music

A poem, a dance, a strain of music, can move someone from a different culture, a different zeitgeist, location, a different paradigm and even a different era, in the same way it inspire those from a different time, land, race, and world view.


#Fascism #Antifa #Art #Music

Fascism is intimidated by Art, because Fascism says there are fundamental differences between cultures and people that cannot be overcome, that some cultures are superior to others and thus inferior cultures and people must ultimately be eliminated.

Art affirms that there are ultimately more in common between people than differences. Art affirms that there is a common bond that transcends culture, race, tribe, skin tone, language, and even centuries.


#Fascism #Antifa #Art #Music

In 2 months I made more progress through Mastodon in reaching people with my art than 11 years on Facebook, 9 years on Instagram and 1 year on TikTok. Wow. Y'all are awesome.


Etsy (handmade jewellery):

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Guten Morgen liebe Menschen auf #Mastodon, #Pixelfed und im restlichen #Fediverse.
Ziemlich genau ein Jahr ist es nun her, dass wir im #Pfälzerwald waren. Von riesigen Felsen, Bäumen und herrlichen Formen eines #Sonnenaufgang|s haben wir einiges mitgenommen und genossen.
Trinkt Tee und Kaffe und habt einen schönen Tag!

#fotografie #natur #landschaft #Pfalz #Morgen #Wolken
#photography #nature #sunstar #landscape #sunrise #throwbackthursday #cloudporn
#art #fineart #mastoart #fediart
Guten Morgen liebe Menschen auf #Mastodon, #Pixelfed und im restlichen #Fediverse.
Ziemlich genau ein Jahr ist es nun her, dass wir im #Pfälzerwald unser Unwesen getrieben haben. Von riesigen Felsn, Bäumen und herrlichen Formen eines #Sonnenaufgang|s haben wir einiges mitgenommen und genossen.
Trinkt Tee und Kaffe und habt einen schönen Tag!

Zu sehen ist ein Sonnenaufgang mit Wolken im Hintergrund und eine Felsbank mit Bäumen im Vordergrund.

Found out that someone had scanned this #poetry journal so now I get to show off how wonderfully one of my silly poems was visually framed.

The poem’s name is Cursed and it was inspired by my memories of watching the classic #tv show Bewitched, and the Bob Ross #art #painting show, with a #history time marker of a specific chess match.
She wriggled her fingers and the world around me swirled ever smaller.
I became flattened to the wall, my lines filled with the smell of Winton oils.
Ultramarine blue filled my background, and a gold-threaded
McNelis knotwork frame grasped my edges.
I had begun to object when her nose twitched. My Cadmium red lips stoppered, my movements stilled. And all I had left was the ability to watch what passed before me.
Now hang
here in this museum where people just sit and stare at me, never even telling me what vear
it is or whether
Lionel Adalbert
Bagration Felix
Kieseritzky won the match.

Poem is shown in a golden picture frame with a knot work sculpture also captured in the frame. The frame is hung on a fancy gold brick wall and the name of the poem and writer is shown below the frame on one of those brass plaques.

A watercolor pet portrait, cute tabby kitten painting about the adorable Gizmo, who was raised as a bottle fed baby and unfortunately crossed the rainbow bridge recently.
Thank you so much dear Robin for your custom order, to ask me to paint this a watercolor portrait about little Gizmo as a gift to your friend. ❤🐾🌈
#cats #catsofmasto #catsofmastodon #art #MastoArt #watercolor #watercolour #paintings #artwork
Gizmo Cute kitten watercolor painting by Dora Hathazi Mendes. Art prints available

Would you download a brick? It's free

(you can also tip me for making it!) #BrynnDraws #Art #MastoArt
a cartoony sticker of a brick painted in the progress pride colours. The words top and bottom say "Can I offer you a nice brick in this trying time?"

I have an #artist friend who gets utterly paralyzed by trying to write #alt-text thanks to OCD anxiety and ADHD. It delays her post and making actual #art and always goes overboard for fear of being wrong. Do you know of any youtube videos/templates someone like that can use to not kill themselves and their creativity with worry as well as not overloading the reader with too much info? I feel like alt-text is an art form all to itself that is just recently become a needed skill even though its always been needed.

I have ZERO interest in football. BUT I'M INTO SUPER BOWLS.

Ceramics and potter bowls that is!

So here's my own Super Bowl. It's the bowl that got me noticed by Ceramic Review, a British magazine. They reposted it on their IG account a few years ago.

Details: Wheel thrown stoneware. Shino glaze, with wax resist and then another dip of an iron blue glaze called Woo Bronze Blue (which oddly turned moss green). Cone 10 Reduction.

#ceramics #pottery #superbowl #bowl #art #craft
A hand holding a ceramic bowl. The ceramic bowl is moss green with a wide decorative orange stripe in front.
Two hands holding a ceramic bowl. The bowl is moss green, with a wide orange stripe off center middle across most of the bowl. 

There are some dots of moss green in the stripe. The stripe is organically drawn, with jagged edges at the end, showing where the brush stroke ended.

#introduction radio free fedi is a small web, consent driven, artist populated, non-commercial, attribution promoting, community radio

we are now ready to accept more submissions, and are here to promote sound and music artists, their support links, desired license and fedi presence if they wish in an eclectic and fun radio format

24/7 music from the fedi with "theNews" at the top of each hour

keep fedi weird

#radio #community #fedimusic #fediart #music #art

Ways to support a poor hungry artistcat


2. The Whole Kitten Kaboodle - this is my online store. Tshirts, adult apparel, Art, Jewelery. -

3. Catnip Radio - This is where I DJ once a week. But its also on daily. -

4. Commissions. - Commission for arts n things -

#support #art #music #furry #shop

Let's make #mastodon THE place for supporting our local #communities! PLEASE BOOST

My 9 year old and her friends at #school decided to raise #money for their #art #teacher and would like to sell their #drawings! So, I'm selling them on my site!

All proceeds go to their art dept.

They are excited because they #LOVE their teacher and really want her to succeed

If we run out of art I've set up a #donation link!

New art is added each week!

I made an Etsy shop!!! 🥺 Focusing on unisex jewellery for people of all genders. So excited about this. Would appreciate it greatly if you boost or send anyone who might be into handmade jewellery. Thank you so much for all your support so far ❤️ music merchandise is also available on this shop ✨️✨️

#etsy #handmade #Handmadeart #art #artist
#necklace #necklaces #artists #nonbinary #queer #unisex #androgynous #trans #transgender

Tim Klein noticed that #jigsaw puzzle companies tend to use the same cut patterns for multiple puzzles. This makes the pieces interchangeable.” So he’s combined puzzles to create these amazingly bizarre hybrid images…


Great opportunity for #blind and #PartiallySighted people in London who are interested in #art | This Friday 6.30-8pm, The Whitechapel Gallery are hosting a free #AudioDescribed tour of #ActionGesturePaint - a major show of 150 paintings from an overlooked generation of 81 international women artists. Email to book

@ConnyDuck @Tusky

Dear #tusky How, or when can I search 2 #hashtags at once? Like: "#browser + #android"?
Maybe even "#art -#ai"?

Please I need this! :blobcatmeltcry:

The #CreativeFreedomSummit starts tomorrow!

We've got just shy of 170 folks in our Matrix/Element chat room where the event will be taking place.

You can follow as videos are posted to our PeerTube account right here on Mastodon / in the Fediverse by following this account:

Learn more and join us at

#opensource #art #creative #fedora

The #CreativeFreedomSummit will start in 4 days, January 17-19!

Over 100 people have joined us in our Matrix/Element chat room from which the event will be streamed, and we look forward to chatting with you.

(Learn more here:

We'll be covering @kdenlive, @Blender, @penpot, @inkscape, @GIMP, and @krita.

but that's not all... (1/2)

#OpenSource #art #Fedora
Text at top: Interested in free software and Open Source creativity? Join us!

Logo design of three users in blue with a red pencil, green marker, and purple paintbrush hats. Logotype design text to the right side: Creative Freedom Summit
Text underneath: Hosted by the Fedora Design Team

Text below: Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday
January 17-19, 2023
Online/Virtual & free to attend!

Button graphic at the bottom text: Swipe to learn more. Small hand swiping icon

Background is a blue to white gradient, top to bottom, with a blue swirl pattern. Heading at top: Topics. Subheading text: At the Creative Freedom Summit, you’ll learn more about:

Text body:
Graphic production automation, multi-page, and maker + design processes in Inkscape. Inkscape logo to the left.

Photography processing workflows in GIMP. GIMP logo to the right.

Digital painting with Krita. Krita logo to the left.

Background is a light blue to white radial gradient, with a white swirl pattern.

Bottom right repeats small hand swiping icon.
Heading at top: Topics. Subheading text: At the Creative Freedom Summit, you’ll learn more about:

Text body:
Video and audio editing workflows using Kdenlive. To the left is the Kdenlive logo.

Geometry nodes, grease pencil, and design process in Blender. To the right is the Blender logo.

Creating UI prototypes with and the roadmap of Penpot. To the left is the Penpot logo.

Background is a light blue to white radial gradient, with a white swirl pattern.

Bottom right repeats small hand swiping icon.

My drawings of a few types of infinite series from 2019… The top left includes the Devil’s Staircase function, a continuous function that is constant almost everywhere. The top right is inspired by #Escher; the bottom left includes a Sierpinski triangle, and the fourth is inspired by Diego Uribe’s book “Fractal Cuts.” Each #doodle is about 3.5” by 5.5” with ink and colored pencil on paper. The dots sparkle in mica paint. #fractal #math #MathArt #ColoredPencil #doodle #microbes #ScienceArt #art
4 drawings of fractals. One includes two fractal staircases, decorated with Yip Yip muppets, a cat, whale, tessellated planet and network graphs. A second has bilateral symmetry with big squares at top, getting smaller towards the bottom, decorated with dog faces, a moth and two lizards. The third is a Sierpinski triangle with a rabbit thinking about a carrot, microbes, aliens on a tessellated planet, and a network graph. The fourth has overlapping squares that decrease in size, decorated with sea horses in love, aliens and graphs.


Hey mastodon, I'm Cryptix. I say stuff and draw things sometimes, usually TTRPG OCs, sometimes fanart. Whatever makes my brain go brrr.

Been branching into body horror and monster design but I do cw/tag pretty liberally.

Here's my face, my #art, and my #cats
Photo from the shoulders up of a white woman with glasses and long purplish-brown hair Photo of three cats spread out on a bed next a window. The farthest cat is an orange-and-white longhair, the middle cat is a tortoiseshell, and the closest cat is white and brownish-black.
Digital drawing of a cat-like monster with calico/tortoisheshell fur pattern. It has eleven visible red eyes, nine on its face and two on its neck. The skin on the left side of its mouth is peeled back and exposes the teeth and gums.

Content warning: nsfw/erotic Illustration