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Hi everyone! 👋 I’ve decided to dip my toes in the Mastodon waters. You can find out more about me in my profile, but I post roughly monthly on my main blog, and am also reasonably active on I’m keen to link up with sewists, knitters, mechanical keyboard enthusiasts, photographers, readers, cat fans, etc! ☺️ #introduction


Uhm hai, I've never been on a site like this before so I'm not quite sure how this'll format or what this will look like but-

Uh, I'm Veloalopus, I'm a mid twenty-year old male, I'm basically coming here to escape from other social media, I like video games, streaming, art, writing and reading. I love cats and bunnies, my favorite colors are pink and purple.

Uhm, I also speedrun video games and I'm a pretty huge Hyperdimension Neptunia nut, I'm pretty awkward at first but I hope I can make some friends eventually.

Nice to meet you all. ^^ (I really am not good with these kinds of things huh...xD...)

Hi all, just joining here. I work in Data Studies at the University of Exeter and am a Turing Fellow at the Alan Turing Institute. Generally I study data science, AI and big data through questions about the intersections between epistemology, technology, organisation and society. For years I have studied knowledge production through the Web, especially in the case of patient participation in health research.

Hello, world! 👋 It’s your friendly neighborhood Linux app store here on the Fediverse! Check our profile, we’re verified. 😎

Speaking of which… if you’re an app developer and want to get your app verified on Flathub, check the docs! If you need any help, give us a shout here.

#Flathub #Flatpak #OpenSource #Linux #FOSS #FLOSS #introduction

#Introduction Pro-life, practicing Catholic. Over 30 years of service working in the blindness assistive technology field providing product support and training to blind children and adults as well as evaluated apps and Web properties for Comcast.
Marketing Director for Blazie Technologies.
I enjoy reading and watching science fiction, with Babylon 5 being my favorite TV series.
I love clean puns and other jokes and you'll certainly find some of those from this account. I am the owner of the Tech-VI announcement list where I distribute emails containing news and information from the blindness technology field. To subscribe, send email to
This account will contain many posts and announcements related to assistive technology, puns, Catholicism and science fiction.

I just joined, so time for an #Introduction post.

I'm a new-ish #writer from Australia. I'm currently working on my first novel, on it’s fifth draft. It'll be the first in a series. I love this story and my characters and hope to publish it once it’s finished.

I also love #knitting, #art, and #reading.

I would love to meet other #writers, #readers and creative people.

#WritingCommunity #Writing #WritersofMastodon #AmWriting

Hello fediverse,
because it's common in this space, this is a little #introduction

I'm completely new to all this Social Media stuff and I was very skeptical about it in the past. Due to the evil nature of their corporations, I avoid Facebook and Twitter like the plague. But because ActivityPub is a free protocol and not bound to corporate interests it seems interesting. I'm not sure if I'll like it or post frequently - I'm just trying it out.

I'm an enthusiastic computer, GNU/Linux and *BSD hobbyist. I like to tinker around with hard- and software in my little homelab. I'm in no way a professional or expert of any kind in the IT field. Just doing things for fun.

Also interested in Gemini and the smolnet/indieweb. The way the internet is heading these days isn't very promising. When I discovered the gemini protocol in 2021 I was imediately intrigued. So I set up my own little capsule which I now regard as my private home in the online world (link in profile).

I hope we have a good time together!

#Gemini #GeminiProtocol #Smolnet #Indieweb #Privacy #SelfHosting #HomeLab #HomeServer

Hi Mastodon, hi Tweesecake instance, this is @Elfinpyjamas
I'm blind, queer, a dog lover, bookworm and interested in all things #disability and LGBTQUIA+ rights.
Since I left Twitter, I pretty much lost touch with the international blind community, so I hope I can reconnect with people here. I'm hoping to meet #blind people, #disabled people in general and just be in touch again. :)
#introduction #firstpost

I lost all my people as the migration off the (rather broken) server hasn't worked properly.

Could ppl boost this post please so I can reconnect with folks again?

Much appreciated! ❤️#Introduction#help
Some people asked if this is still me! (I double-checked & I am still me) and suggested I put my introduction post below. So👇🐻

Hi all, I just joined Mastodon and wanted to share an #introduction. I’m Catie, a #gradstudent studying the #posthumanities in the US. I joined Mastodon bc a friend shared that I’d likely find some like-minded folx here online, since my small suburban town is pretty limited when it comes to anything “post.” Looking for fun or intriguing conversations and connects! I somewhat recently moved off the #permaculture homestead I was developing, so I’ve got that background too. I’ve been examining intersections of #posthumanism and permaculture related to patterning… lots there! Reach out if you’re looking to connect!

A quick #introduction:

I'm Joanna, a mature undergrad in my final year studying #Zoology at the University of Nottingham, UK. I plan to study MSc Data Science next.

Current interests are in Ecoinformatics, #ecology, conservation and #DataScience.

Here to connect with other lifelong learners with a passion for exploring the natural world.

Hello! We are Sagittaras Games, an independent game studio from the Czech Republic. We are the creators of the retro arcade shooter #vectroblast, which you can download on Google Play.

And on Mastodon, we would like to share with you the current happenings in our studio, including upcoming news! #indiedev #introduction

New instance, new #introduction 😀

This account is all about the community around Fairphone. 📱
So expect posts about community meetups 🗓️, Fairphone Angels 👼, pointers to our forum 🌐 and the occasional update on custom ROMs 🛠️.
We might also boost selected posts asking for help/sharing individual experiences with Fairphones.

Currently the account is run by Ingo /i and Urs /u as you can see in our bio along with the hint that we’re not representing the company Fairphone.

On the fediverse since 29.04.2018, our old instance went poof two days before we could migrate to our new home provided by @paula and the Fediverse Foundation (many thanks for that 👏).

So here we are again!

As we’ve lost all our followers of the old account, BOOSTS are more welcome than ever.

Ingo & Urs

#Fairphone #WeAreFairphone #Fairphone10years

Buenas! Me llamo Nerea, soy de España(CyL) y tengo 22 años (Taylor's version), vengo de twitter y aunque sigo manteniendo la cuenta todo lo que está pasando allí me está cansando mucho muchito 🫠
Me gustaría hacer una #presentación un poco más extensa para ver si consigo gente para interactuar y hacernos amiwis:D
Me dedico a la sanidad(soy TCAE, estoy haciendo prácticas de técnico de transporte sanitario y quiero estudiar emergencias sanitarias en un futuro)
Me gustan los #videojuegos(sobretodo #nintendoswitch :nintendo:
Llevo jugando #pokemon desde muy pequeña, #animalcrossing #acnh es uno de mis juegos favoritos, #lifeisstrange me encanta y los juegos de decisiones! :acnh: :psyduck:
Y los juegos de #supermario y #kirby me gustan mucho :amarioluigidance: :gaming_kirby5:
Suelo escuchar #taylorswift, #måneskin y #oliviarodrigo :taylorlove:
También me gustan los #libros, el #anime y #sanrio
Ah, y los michis, adoro los michis :ablobcatheart:
#introduction #introducción

От себя тоже поприветствую всех пришедших и дам несколько советов.

✅ Заполните профиль и поставьте аватарку. Неплохой идеей будет указать там ваши увлечения или вид деятельности.
✅ Напишите что-нибудь: приветствие, пост о себе (тут используют тег #introduction
✅ Листайте ваши локальные и глобальные ленты, и подписывайтесь на тех, кто интересен - тут нет алгоритма, который будет подсовывать вам контент. Набрать свою ленту нужно будет самостоятельно. Также возможно вам будет полезно зайти в настройки и установить языки контента, которые вы хотите видеть в ленте.
✅ Общайтесь с людьми.
✅ Не бросайте как только Twitter опять даст заднюю - дайте свободным соцсетям шанс, они могут вас удивить.

Эти простые советы могут помочь вам не заскучать и заинтересовать других людей подписаться на вас.

Если будет интересно почитать про Mastodon и Федивёрс в целом - список статей и постов по этой теме есть внизу на нашем проекте-лендинге Fediland:

Добро пожаловать и удачи!

#Mastodon #Fediverse #twitter #migration #TwitterMigration #log #новичкам #newbies


Hi! The Moment is a #Podcast about #DoctorWho.

On each episode of The Moment, I speak with a different guest about an individual moment in an episode of Doctor Who that they have a lot to say about.

The show is currently on hiatus, but it will be back soon! I hope to have more info for you in May 2023.

In the mean time, why not listen to an episode from our archive? They're all good!

We're spreading the news! Check out our latest blog, "Follow Freedom Scientific on Mastodon:"

#FreedomScientific #Fediverse #Introduction #Introductions #FreedomScientificTraining

New to Mastodon. Thought id give an #introduction!

My name is Dillon. I am a biologist and Science communicator mainly active on the instagram. If im not hyperfixating on my R code, I am creating online courses and educational material, being opinionated about conservation, or out looking for frogs!

Anyone mind giving me a primer for how Mastodon works? Im still very new to it all

Picture is of my favorite salamander! (Bolitoglossa mexicana)

Quick #introduction & #firstpost.

Twitter is doing my head in with
- Algorithm changes
- Limiting external links to #substack etc

Through reading a blog I ended up here looking for change and the future of social DEX platforms.

I welcome your TIPS in being here.

- CC

Thanks Paweł, and greetings everyone. Please follow us for everything related to Android and accessibility. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, whether you're just getting started or have more complex questions. #Introduction

Ostatnio na #Mastodon wprowadziło się sporo osób niewidomych. Powodem jest odcięcie przez Twittera dostępu do API co efektywnie unieruchomiło dedykowane nam wygodne nieoficjalne klienty. Teraz szukają tu społeczności, która odpowiadałaby ich zainteresowaniom czy to sportowym, muzycznym czy też Fantasy, Fanfiction itp. Powitajcie ich ciepło i opisujcie obrazki.
Nowoprzybyli: dopisujcie się w odpowiedzi pod tym tweetem to będzie Was łatwiej znaleźć. Sami też możecie się przedstawić pod hashtagami na końcu mojego wpisu.
Jedna polecajka ode mnie leci dla wszystkich, którzy chcą lepiej poznać #Dostępność Androida. Fantastyczną robotę robi ekipa serwisu @accessibleandroid, dostarczając poradniki, recenzje aplikacji, podcast, forum dyskusyjne, a nawet własną, dedykowaną aplikację, wszystko z myślą o niewidomych użytkownikach robocika.
#Introduction #Powitanie

Hey folks, new to the server and thought an #introduction was in order.

I'm Nolan, A.K.A.. Lights Out Games, a blind game developer making audio-focused games. Check out my profile link for examples of what these sound like.

I also do lots of open source work, much of which currently involves game accessibility in some form. Notably, recently I helped integrate the #Bevy engine with platform accessibility APIs via AccessKit.

Look forward to meeting you all.


:gnome: You asked, so here we are! This is an account for GNOME Boxes, a virtual machine manager designed to make your life easier when working with VMs on Linux.

In this account we will share development updates, ask for opinions, and help you with issues.


#introduction #Introductions is a free and open #XMPP provider located in Canada. Our goal is to provide secure and encrypted communication to anybody who might need it. Check us out at 👍 :xmpp:

So this is it: I am starting a new adventure on Mastodon with Kilobyte Magazine. This is a free PDF-Zine about computers and consoles from the 1970s, 80s and 90s, fokussing on #8bit machines. Newer projects around these computers and consoles are also very welcome. For starters, I will probably post some older articles on here. You can find back issues as PDF easily for free online (like e.g. on See you arond here!
#introduction #retrogaming

#introduction radio free fedi is a small web, consent driven, artist populated, non-commercial, attribution promoting, community radio

we are now ready to accept more submissions, and are here to promote sound and music artists, their support links, desired license and fedi presence if they wish in an eclectic and fun radio format

24/7 music from the fedi with "theNews" at the top of each hour

keep fedi weird

#radio #community #fedimusic #fediart #music #art

I love actors! #Introduction

If you’re an actor (or agent, casting director, &c), reply with something like “I’m an actor!” and tag me and I’ll add you to my list of actors.

Let your actor-followers know by boosting this post.

Here’s my current list of actors:

#Actor #Actriz #ActorsOfMastodon #Acting #ActorsLife #Theatre #Film #Movies #TV #VoiceActor #BlackActor #BipocActor #AsianActor
 #SagAftra #bafta #sag #equity #meaa

🪴#introduction 🪴

I'm Ivan, a transmasculine #GameDev and artist from rural Spain 🌱

Currently making games as part of the Brainwash Gang (Laika:Aged Through Blood, Grotto), concept art at Deconstructeam (Essays On Empathy) & posting small games and zines sometimes on my 🌵💖

Hello! We are a new instance for #artists and #creators, both amateur and professional. We serve the creative community and want to provide them a place to promote their work and build an audience on #Mastodon and the #Fediverse. Your fans can follow your accounts from other servers, but this is exclusively for artists and creators for now.

We're just starting out, but applications are open for artists and creators, come see us at


So I understand that the bird site has started blocking links to common/known Mastodon instances, and that doesn't seem like free speech to me. So... I did a thing.

If you go to it is now a URL shortener that blocks the twitter user agent. That means you can share that link that will redirect to your Mastodon account without the pouty baby stopping you. If you find this helpful can you boost so others can find it? #TwitterMigration #Mastodon #Musk #introduction

I suppose I should make a proper #introduction post for this place - hello everyone!

I'm Andrea. I'm a trans woman, a communist, and a tech/VFX artist, currently doing effects for #valheim at Iron Gate.

I have previously worked on a bunch of cool games like The Stanley Parable, What the Golf?, The Gunk, Wavetale, and... about 10 more.

Here's some random pictures of some personal work!

Our #introduction to #bookstodon!

Hello, we are Canongate Books, an independent #publisher of an eclectic mix of #authors for an eclectic and discerning audience of readers. You might know us from the spines of:

Life of Pi by Yann Martel
Lanark by Alasdair Gray
The Book of Form and Emptiness by Ruth Ozeki
The Midnight Library by Matt Haig
Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat by Samin Nosrat
The Outrun by Amy Liptrot
& many, many more.

We're based in Edinburgh and London, and next year we'll be 50. Hello!

Time for an #introduction now that my account is finally on my own instance where I intend it to stay.

I'm a techie and a writer. I first started programming on a Vic20 when I was about 5 years old. I started writing some years later but put it aside for many years.

The last few years I picked it up again, and have published two #scifi novels so far, which you can read more about at

#scifi #reading #amwriting #bookstodon #twittermigration

#introduction #catsofthefediverse #fluffydemonsupremacy

Hello world, I am Luna Beelzebub. I'm a 4 year old demon of the feline variety, entirely indifferent to humans unless either I'm hunting them for sport or they are dispensing food.

My favorite hobby is hiding in dark rooms and scaring the shit out of people. I only bite if I like you.

Let’s do a proper #introduction. I am Slothdude, a hobbyist #sloth #artist. I used to draw sloths on an app called #DrawQuest until it shut down, and then for a while drew sloth portraits of people on another app called French Girls until that shut down, too. Now I draw sloths wherever I can, usually with an iPad app #Procreate. I do slothified versions of fine #art as well as cartoons and #fanart. I am also a #lego enthusiast.
I can be found under the handle @dqslothdude on the bird site.

I'm Artist Marcia X, one of the og's of the fedi. Helped mod the only Blk instance onhere before it was chased off.

I longboard, I'm a visual artist, scholar, I do as much DIY content/art stuffs as possible. I write, sell prints & started ur favorite tag on here 😎

Afro-Indigenous Puerto Rican Peruvian hard femme w the tea on the fediverse. Elephant memory :Fire_BlackTrans:

I also have a GFM bc I'm in need of assistance

Hello y'all 👋 A quick #introduction

@h3r2tic and I are making this tiny chill building game 🏰🌱 with some audio magic from @OdaTilset and @lydmartin 🎶 More to come soon ✨

Hello! I'm duck. I've been on the fediverse one one instance or another for a while now, but I've never used it very actively. I figure to introduce myself, I'll post a #screenshot of my hobby #osdev project ~5 years in the making, duckOS! #introduction

You might have seen me before on your TL if you receive posts from, but I might aswell do another #introduction

I'm Denise, a 20yo trans girl into #sysadmin and #DevOps, running my own libre hoster over at, with #typescript experience, currently learning #C.

Since I'm in a baby, barely federated instance, reboosts would be appreciated so that I can increase the diversity in my stream :)

Have a nice day <3