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#Introductions #Introduction #Mastodon #Newbies #Accessibility #Blind I'm going to keep reminding people to add alt text to those graphics! A few years back I was helping out on a server set up to help the blind. It made me so aware especially after accidentally hearing a screen reader a few times. Those things make an auctioneer sound slow.

Please add the alt text it's easy. After you upload your graphic you'll find an Edit button. Use it and up pops a window for you to fill in. Sometimes you can use the built in OCR to add the text.

Hello! So here's my #introduction in this instance. I'm Alex, a long time FLOSS lover, early adopter and contributor since my teens in the early to mid 90's, back when I was all in on demoscene stuff and discovered DJGPP and later Linux. Probably the most well known project I've been heavily involved with is aMule a long time ago.

I had run my own Mastodon instance for personal reasons and contributed a couple fixes upstream, but otherwise hadn't been active in this account. Hope to fix that!

A belated #introduction:

I'm James (he/him).

If you knew me prior to appearing over here on Mastodon, it was probably because of something related to #Python and #Django. I've served in a lot of roles within the Django project, though a couple years ago I stepped down from everything except the security team, where I still occasionally can weigh in with some institutional knowledge or bits of Unicode arcana.

A quick biographical sketch:

For a variety of mostly-economic reasons, I didn't have reliable access to the internet or even a PC until I went to college. I did a degree in philosophy, and have never taken a formal Computer Science or Software Engineering (or other "related field") course in my life. I got into web dev sort of by accident in the early 2000s, and almost didn't make it -- I was struggling to make ends meet freelancing, and only managed to stick around because I effectively won the lottery: I got interested in Django pretty quickly after it was open-sourced, and about six months later I was hired by the little newspaper company in Kansas where it was originally developed. I owe my entire subsequent career and success to a combination of privilege (I'm a white dude who could pass for middle-class, so a lot of doors opened, or opened more easily, for me) and that lucky break.

I believe tech hiring and interviewing are awful, and have worked to improve them both indirectly through writing/speaking about them, and directly at various employers over the years. I have no patience for gatekeepers, "your language/library/framework sucks" zealots, "brilliant assholes" and other assorted malefactors.

My politics are progressive but NOT populist, and that is an important distinction, because a lot of allegedly "progressive" causes and people... aren't.

I like baseball. I'm pretty bad at chess but enjoy it anyway. I read a lot, sometimes new things, sometimes old favorites. I like to cook.

I'm still figuring out what parts of myself I want to put into this account and what I want to get out of it.

Howdy folks!

I'm Drew. I'm married to Deirdre and am a dad to 6 great kids.

By day, I help engineering teams do their best work and have their best careers, focusing on HTTP APIs, distributed systems, and developer tools & experiences. I work at Warner Bros. Discovery now and in the past at Microsoft, GitHub, Auth0, and others

On nights and weekends, I enjoy cooking, sailing, reading, tabletop and video games, and exploring wild places.

That's my #introduction.

Hey all, this is the very first post from myself on our new instance, The Loading Bar. @ryan and I are happy to join the Fediverse adding another great Mastodon server into the wild.

For an #introduction ,

My name is Sean, I'm a software developer by day and an amateur hobbyist after-hours ranging from music, servers, code, custom keyboards, and gaming just to name a few!

I primarily code in:

Looking forward to the future!

Podobno #introduction a więc przedstawiam się. Dzień dobry, jestem Paulina, jak łatwo wywnioskować z mojej nazwy użytkownika jestem zainteresowana technologią, dużo radości sprawia mi obserwowanie rozwoju otwartych rozwiązań, uczę się wielu różnych rzeczy. Ogólnie na punkcie wszelkich nowości i rozwoju mam bzika i pewnie mnie to kiedyś zgubi, ale to jeszcze nie teraz. Teraz spokojnie wchodzę w programowanie, sztuczną inteligencję, czytam najróżniejsze książki, a tak poza tym to lubię chipsy. :)

Our #introduction to #bookstodon!

Hello, we are Canongate Books, an independent #publisher of an eclectic mix of #authors for an eclectic and discerning audience of readers. You might know us from the spines of:

Life of Pi by Yann Martel
Lanark by Alasdair Gray
The Book of Form and Emptiness by Ruth Ozeki
The Midnight Library by Matt Haig
Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat by Samin Nosrat
The Outrun by Amy Liptrot
& many, many more.

We're based in Edinburgh and London, and next year we'll be 50. Hello!
A pile of some of the books we publish. They are pictured in a corner against a light background seemingly floating off each other. There are 9 books in the pile, hardbacks and papaerbacks, each more desirable than the last.
The books The Fire People and More Fiya – both poetry collections featuring exceptional work by Black British poets – pictured against a white background (also seeming to float).
A recent book that we have published in hardback: Faith, Hope and Carnage by Nick Cave and Seán O’Hagan. Photographed, again, floating on a white background. It looks *chef's kiss*.
A pile of our books (again floating in front of a white background). They include work by Val McDermid, Travis Alabanza, Rebecca Donner, Ambrose Parry and more. There are 8 books in the pile, hardback and paperback.

Greetings! Having poked around here for a few days, I see I need to write an #introduction post. I work with #freesoftware folks at #GNOME and enjoy #knitting and doing #crosswords. As a self-proclaimed #wordnerd, I believe #puns are underrated and I hope to see new ones here.

Never did a proper #introduction, so here goes.

Hi, I'm Nolan, #blind #accessibility advocate, #game/#web/#mobile developer, #cooperative enthusiast, and animal-lover from Austin, TX. Other interests include #gaming, smoking meat, and occasionally dabbling in music creation/sound design.

Getting back into social media after staying away from Facebook/Twitter for reasons which hopefully go without saying. :) Look forward to meeting and connecting with cool folks.

I’m a queer disabled former healing arts practitioner. I’ve lived in all of the Pacific States except Alaska. I resided in Panamá during the Noriega years. I’ve stayed at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Center, stood beside live lava flow, lived off grid in the mountains, & met Allen Ginsberg and Timothy Leary at a political action in Seattle.

I teach free meditation & self care classes to folks with chronic illness & disability as spoons allow.

I’m fortunate to be alive.

I've been here for 5 days. Seems like a good time for an #introduction post.

I'm a software developer. My preferred language is JS, but I often code in C#, Php, Python, SQL, etc.

I sometimes play puzzle games (Riven, Portal, The Witness) and builders (Pharaoh, Anno, and even Minecraft).

I have 4 kids- 9, 15, 24, & 28. From Lubbock, I now live in North DFW area.

Hobbies these days include reading banned books and trying to keep up with news/politics (an unnatural and painful interest for me).

#introduction to anyone in the fediverse!

I am an #SRE/#DevOps consultant and a polyglot Software Developer. I enjoy making complicated things simple and messy services reliable.

Currently working on some cool things with #AWS Outposts. I also dig #infosec and #serverless. First programming language was Delphi.

I grew up and live in the magnificent West #Auckland, #NewZealand 🇳🇿

Cat person 🐱‍. Father 👪. Cyclist 🚲. I stand with Ukraine 🇺🇦.

Making an #introduction post. Am an R using, Brisbane based bioinformatician with an interest in single cell analysis. Very easy to distract with a cool technology or visualisation!

(Might follow some unrelated accounts while I'm here, gotta get outside this corner of the internet!)

#bioinformatics #rstats #omics #singlecell #spatialomics #sustainability #brisbane

Time for an #introduction now that my account is finally on my own instance where I intend it to stay.

I'm a techie and a writer. I first started programming on a Vic20 when I was about 5 years old. I started writing some years later but put it aside for many years.

The last few years I picked it up again, and have published two #scifi novels so far, which you can read more about at

#scifi #reading #amwriting #bookstodon #twittermigration
Vidar in front of a Vic-20 with a CRT displaying an American flag, from about 1980 or 1981

#introduction #catsofthefediverse #fluffydemonsupremacy

Hello world, I am Luna Beelzebub. I'm a 4 year old demon of the feline variety, entirely indifferent to humans unless either I'm hunting them for sport or they are dispensing food.

My favorite hobby is hiding in dark rooms and scaring the shit out of people. I only bite if I like you.
A fluffy black cat sitting by a window. The light streams in, turning the fur brown and reddish in places. Eyes are wide and yellow, whiskers long, ears perky, snack incoming.

Let’s do a proper #introduction. I am Slothdude, a hobbyist #sloth #artist. I used to draw sloths on an app called #DrawQuest until it shut down, and then for a while drew sloth portraits of people on another app called French Girls until that shut down, too. Now I draw sloths wherever I can, usually with an iPad app #Procreate. I do slothified versions of fine #art as well as cartoons and #fanart. I am also a #lego enthusiast.
I can be found under the handle @dqslothdude on the bird site.
Sloth version of Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci
Sloth version of Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer
Sloth version of Zodiac by Alphonse Mucha
Sloth version of Dance by Alphonse Mucha


Hi! I just joined this new community that I would like to support. I've been running my own server for a couple of weeks but it can be a bit lonely -- my Local feed is just me! And posts don't federate like I wish they would.

I'm CTO at Center for Digital Resilience (CDR), focused on #humanrights, #digitalsecurity, and #opensource tech. But! I'm also the dad of 3 kids, I like to run, and I write and play #music.

Gonna see how things go here before doing a full migration.

I'm Artist Marcia X, one of the og's of the fedi. Helped mod the only Blk instance onhere before it was chased off.

I longboard, I'm a visual artist, scholar, I do as much DIY content/art stuffs as possible. I write, sell prints & started ur favorite tag on here 😎

Afro-Indigenous Puerto Rican Peruvian hard femme w the tea on the fediverse. Elephant memory :Fire_BlackTrans:

I also have a GFM bc I'm in need of assistance

I guess moving to a new instance means it's time for an #introduction.

Hello, I’m cketti, an open source developer living in Berlin, Germany.

For the past 8 years I've been the maintainer of K-9 Mail, an open source email client for Android. In June of this year I joined the Thunderbird project to turn K-9 Mail into Thunderbird on Android. Follow @thunderbird to see how that is coming along.

I don't post a lot. When I do, it's most likely about #OpenSource, #AndroidDev, or #Email.

Hi All! Guess it's time for my #introduction.

Currently a Linux SysOp who spends a lot of time thinking about/playing D&D, as well as an assortment of old/obscure/nonstandard technology.

Lots of half started projects currently, but what I'm doing right now is getting together a #openbsd laptop. After that, hopefully gonna do some hacking on #uxn, possibly something with WASM? Haven't put a lot of thought into it, but it sounds fun.

Ok, so a new introduction since I've moved:

I'm a GNOME developer at Purism. Currently mainly maintaining libadwaita.

I'm autistic (self-ID), possibly also ADHD/Kinetic.

I'm probably not cis and while I'm figuring myself out I go by they/them online and he/him IRL.

I support 🇺🇦🇦🇲🇵🇸.

Otherwise I'm into video games. Currently playing through Touhou games and trying osu! even though I'm absolutely terrible at it, previously Zelda, Metroid, Castlevania, Crypt of the NecroDancer/Cadence of Hyrule, etc. I usually CW game-related posts with the name of the series.

I also listen to a lot of video game music and their covers, and should probably be posting more about it than I did previously.

I can also talk about languages, though I almost never post about them.

#introduction #introductions #GNOME #ActuallyAutistic #neurodivergent #VideoGames #touhou #TheLegendOfZelda #zelda #metroid #nintendo #CryptOfTheNecrodancer #CadenceOfHyrule #vgm #VideoGameMusic

Hello, I wanted to post an #introduction, I am a computer science student working on developing my skills. I currently live in Colorado, but my husband and I are hoping to move to the US virgin islands in the next few months.

Many thanks to @nova and the #hachyderm community. I am looking forward to getting to know you all.

One thing I’m loving here is the #introduction posts. That, along with the ability to follow hashtags means we get a snapshot of many interesting people on our feeds, curated by us, not the algorithm.
Thanks to all the long-timers who have welcomed us into their spaces. We’ll try to keep the place positive.
#NoAlgorithm #MeetPeople #Snapshots #Hashtags #TwitterMigration

Welcome to the weekend! Don't forget to post your #introduction post so that everyone can meet you :)

still hasn't posted an intro

Hello! Re-posting my introduction since I moved accounts:

I'm Violet (she/they) non-binary woman, ADHD, Autistic, Chronic pain haver, (very) gay polyamorous tech nerd who just wants to make the world better.

Welcome new people, hello followers, and have a beautiful day!

#introductions #introduction

#introduction: Hi! I'm Tangela, a #visuallyImpaired fan of #tableTopGames, #assistiveTechnology, #narrativeDesign and more. I work on writing #interactiveFiction and #webNovels in my spair time. Mostly write #fantasy and #spaceOpera. I play a variety of instruments ′mostly badly′ including #ukulele and #tinwhistle. I have a variety of instruments you might see at a ren fair, including a few smaller travel harps.

I suppose I should do an actual #introduction post instead of just saying hello 😅

I'm based out of Alberta, Canada 🇨🇦 as a @matrix Spec Core Team (SCT) member, help keep a local makerspace open, run, and build completely unnecessary A/V racks for events I volunteer at (which I'll probably end up posting about).

With the spare time I have left (none), I collect/play #magicthegathering and start software projects I'll definitely maybe finish one day, probably.

I'm about to leave Mastodon for a few months. Not because I had a bad time, or couldn't find interesting people, or don't think the concept of a fediverse is dumb. On the contrary, I think it's great.

I just have other stuff to do. But before I go, I want to share some thoughts as an ex-Twitter designer and someone who's been on Mastodon since 2018.

#mastodon #twitter #ux #design #critique #hashtags #introduction


#Introduction : I’m a #literaryagent based in #NYC representing authors of quality #narrative #nonfiction, #fiction, and #illustrated books to the global #publishing #film and #tv fields since 1992. I’m especially interested in discovering and nurturing authors whose works deepen and expand our understanding and appreciation of the world. On social media I share stories of interest as an #agent, #father, #buddhist, and #abolitionist.

So I’ve been here a week & it looks like this place is my new favourite way to waste time! Here goes my #introduction I’m a reader who’s blind & often uses a wheelchair. I teach Braille & firmly believe whatever format you read in, do what’s right for you. Always looking for book recs, especially 20th century literature & contemporary reads with good disability rep. When not reading I can be found absorbed in a podcast or making the tea ☕️ Top hashtags… #blind #ChronicPain #Disability #Braille #audiobooks #podcast #a11y #Books #bookstodon #Literature #Libraries #CatsOfMastodon

Hello Mastodon! 👋🏻
My name is Ashley and I’m a #gc #publicservant working in #realproperty. I’m a #workplacestrategist and #changemanagement practitioner with a background in #interiordesign and #arthistory.
Hoping to have some great conversations around the #futureofwork !

Hello, Fediverse! We’re the Endless OS Foundation, a non-profit bridging the digital divide with technology designed to make computing and learning accessible, fun, and safe for all.

We make the Linux-based Endless OS as well as the open source Endless Key app.

You may know us from the GNOME community, from running into us at education-focused events, or just from being around the Linux community for years. :)


Hello! I'm duck. I've been on the fediverse one one instance or another for a while now, but I've never used it very actively. I figure to introduce myself, I'll post a #screenshot of my hobby #osdev project ~5 years in the making, duckOS! #introduction
Screenshot of a hobby operating system with a few application windows open.

You might have seen me before on your TL if you receive posts from, but I might aswell do another #introduction

I'm Denise, a 20yo trans girl into #sysadmin and #DevOps, running my own libre hoster over at, with #typescript experience, currently learning #C.

Since I'm in a baby, barely federated instance, reboosts would be appreciated so that I can increase the diversity in my stream :)

Have a nice day <3

#Introduction post, even though most of this is in my bio:

My pronouns are she/her.

I am #blind. I have a #GuideDog who is semi-retired at this point, Macie.

I love #books and #podcasts of almost any kind. I have extensive lists of both that are ridiculously long, but I’d rather have too much of something than not enough, in a lot of cases.

I love #music! My favorite genre would have to be #RAndB #R&B (whichever works better as a hashtag) and #soul, with #HipHop being a close second. I also like a little bit of nearly every other genre of music too. My music collection is very eclectic. My favorite hiphop artists are #BigKRIT, #KendrickLamar, and #Eminem. I have too many favorite R&B and soul singers and bands to name.

I like some #technology things. I love my #iPhone, and I collect #headphones and #speakers to a possibly unhealthy extent. I’m a #Braille enthusiast. I like some other tech stuff too, but it’s a little spotty compared to lots of people here.

I’m interested in #science and #psychology. I’m also somewhat interested in #medicine and #medical things. Throw in a little #philosophy too.

I have #depression and #anxiety. There are lots of #MentalHealth issues in my family.

I’m not a religious person, but recently I found a #UnitarianUniversalist church which is kind of a perfect place for nonreligious and religious people alike to come together, care for each other, and discuss life. I feel very at home there.

I love things in life that bring comfort, such as #tea, #blankets, #love, and #conversation.

I have the best #family in the world, including my 2 little nephews who are the cutest, best kids ever!

If you want to know more about me, please ask.

If you want to find me on #Twitter, I’m @Miss_A_94.

I'm a 17-year-old #blind teenager. Mostly in to #technology, #Linux, #Unix, and #MacOS / #iOS hacking.
I'm a big #JDilla fan. I even uploaded a huge collection of his unreleased beats to the #InternetArchive.
Speaking of which, I'm a huge archivist. Saving data and data hording are some of my all-time favorite hobbies, but unfortunately I haven't got enough money to buy harddrives ATM. At least I can upload to, so this is what I do.
#introductions #introduction #intro

#Introduction I'm Dani (she/her) and I'm a visually impaired writer and advocate. I enjoy talking about mental health, disability, accessibility, gaming, and other nerdery.

I'm working to break into the game accessibility field little by little. I stream on Twitch a few days a week and make the occasional YouTube video (hopefully more coming soon). I run a small Discord community that I love called LAG (Let's All Game).

I recently learned to crochet.

I also go on fun TTRPG adventures on a regular basis.

#Introduction Recently our customers have requested we have a company presence here and of course we are glad to do it. Hartgen Consultancy was established with a mission to provide accessible training and usable software tools to individuals with vision loss and to the deaf Blind community. Our product offerings have and continue to significantly contribute to the employability and productivity of these communities. We create products and training courses for use with the JAWS for Windows screen-reader. We're delighted that the developers of the Tweesecake application have not only provided a useful server here, but are doing their very best to create high quality and equal access to the platform for blind people to use.