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Hi guys, my name's Grace, and I'm new here. I decided I've had enough, needing a change so I closed up my home on Twitter to move to a different platform, and start over. Lots of new faces! Finding myself getting lost but excited to explore. I know it would all become familiar soon enough. Looking forward to meeting all of you and building some new connections!


Hello! It's time for an #introduction !

I'm the #fediverse embodiment of the #FOSS Governance Collection.

Ever need examples of how other FOSS projects or non-profits do things like voting, privacy policies, codes of conduct, and stuff like that? Then we're the project for you!

The collection is fully catalogued and searchable, thanks to the excellent @zotero #FreeSoftware project.

Follow us to stay up to date on news about the project!

Účet pro ankety na různá téma.

Díky za boost, s tím budou ankety o trochu víc vypovídající.


#introduction Hello 👋, I just moved instances again so I figured it's time for another intro post. I'm Micah, a super coffee nerd and lover of icons. Married to the wonderful @kimilbery and father to one amazing little kiddo. Designer at @thunderbird by day #coffeeroaster by night. I love everything #coffee , #espresso , and #coffeeroasting .

Oh one thing I didn’t quite make clear in my #introduction post for #BlackMastodon, is where I lie politically. Well let me make this very clear: I am a #PanAfrican Socialist, whose thought is very much in alignment with the likes of #ThomasSankara, #PatriceLumumba and #KwameNkrumah.

My politics of #BlackLiberation are concerned with the global African Diaspora; as Black People, none of us are truly free until we are ALL free.

To sign off one last thing I want to say to everyone, is that…

#Introduction This is my first toot! I enjoy learning about #accessibility and sharing that knowledge with others. Hobbies include listening to music and reading.

I’m Ewan, a #British college student who does #Programming in #Python and #Poetry as a #Hobby.
I’m #Atheist, #Socialist, #Disabled and #GenZ. I am very experienced with the #Fediverse.
I have many interests, some of which are:

- #Coding
- #Poetry
- #Language / #Linguistics
- #Gaming on #PlayStation and #Nintendo
- #Dogs! I have 5!

I don’t really know what I’m doing with my life lol.

Oh hold on, when I transferred my account I had to redo my #introduction post

I’m C. L. Polk. I’m a #writer: usually #fantasy, often a #novelist. I have five books out. Witchmark won the #WorldFantasyAward and #TheMidnightBargain was a #CanadaReads finalist.

I am black. I am #queer. I am #disabled. I am #neurodivergent. I’m also trying to get a very expensive therapy treatment funded that involves psychedelic assisted methods. (Link in bio.)

Thank you for reading.

I just migrated here from, and this is my #Introduction! I'm a PhD student studying Computational Chemistry, a mythology/religion nerd (and nerdy about lots of other stuff as well), plant witch, amateur seamstress, Linux user, and rabble rouser. I'm happy to be a member of this community! 💜

New to Mastodon (following the cool crowd after the third-party app debacle over there).

Mainly a lurker everywhere I go, but I'm going to make an effort to interact with people more on here since I've not got much real-world interaction going on at the minute for various depressing reasons.

Big #ProWrestling fan, huge #Pratchett fan, #LotR, #guitar, #photography (mainly #FilmPhotography ), #MarvelComics... There's probably loads more.

And that's about it!

#introduction / #introductions

I can’t remember if I did an #introduction post: anyway, Bethany Black, 5’9” tall 112KG, can reverse park like a demon, she/her pronouns, loves cats, PC building, Comics, Lego, #Economics, and the #MCU are my #Autistic special interests. #ADHD crew. I’m a #Comedian, #Writer, #Actor. Was the first out #trans actor in a lead role on UK TV and the first out trans actor in #doctorwho and the first out trans actor playing a cis character on UK TV. I’m a really difficult pub quiz answer.

Hey everyone my name is Violet I’m a 21 year old trans girl on the autism spectrum and I want to come on here and introduce myself and say hi. I’m visually impaired and some of my interests are watching Netflix science as well as physics and chemistry. I also love fashion and clothes. I hope everyone is having a good day or night. #introduction’s

With the Fediverse growing, another #introduction seems to makes sense: I'm Monique, #blind from birth, living in Limburg in the Netherlands. Volunteer Radio Presenter on Ultimate Radio hosting the #TulipGardenShow, hobbies and interests are #cooking, #reading, #writing, #StarTrek, #SciFi, #Lego, listening to #music, #singing, #Eurovision, and chatting with friends, and probably more that I forgot about. Most of my posts are in English but I speak and understand Dutch and German.

In 2 months I made more progress through Mastodon in reaching people with my art than 11 years on Facebook, 9 years on Instagram and 1 year on TikTok. Wow. Y'all are awesome.


Etsy (handmade jewellery):

#art #music #musicians #artist #introduction #Wednesday #Mastodon #tiktok #Instagram

Thought it was a good time to update my #introduction post.

I'm Cait, mid-50s, GenX, hard left, and a trans elder. I do YouTube, where I play #FootballManager23 and board #wargames.

I was raised #atheist. I prefer Marx to Jesus (much better class analysis, and a gnarly beard).

I am #trans. I transitioned in late 1992, and began HRT about 2 years later. I believe in informed consent as the sole model for trans self-ID. The Harry Benjamin standards were cis-centred bullshit. Today, I live as the public trans person in my community - voluntarily conceding my passing privilege to instead be visible to trans kids as a role model.

I'm physically and mentally #disabled, with severe depression and a spine made of cracked billiard balls. I live with #ChronicPain from a car accident when I was 21. I use a cane for mobility.

I have #ADHD. I am wordy af. I support myself by teaching cishet people about the queer community.

I strive to be #antiRacist every day. #BLM #HireBlackWomen

I live according to the Marxist principle, "From each according to their ability, to each according to their need." If you need something, ask: if I have it to spare, it's yours.

I use many parentheses, unusual words, and generally the Oxford comma.

Lastly, I'm a polyglot. As noted in my profile, I retired from a career as a translator of 🇫🇷 🇷🇺 🇩🇪 -> 🇬🇧, and I also speak 🇪🇸 and 🇯🇵. I can understand a fair bit of 🇳🇱, 🇳🇴, 🇸🇪, and 🇵🇹.

Oh, yeah, and I can be a little fucking sweary sometimes.

Hey #newhere people, there are now more of you arriving here and I would like to find out why.

What made you come here now, why didn’t you come earlier?

#introduction #neuhier #Twitter

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  • Elon’s Twitter shenanigans (87%, 162 votes)
  • Something else (comment) (9%, 17 votes)
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Here’s an #introduction. My name is Jay, and I am a black African American, disabled non-binary lesbian living on the streets in Canada - currently taking shelter at a coffee shop. I am a dual citizen, born in America but live in Canada. I am passionate about racial justice, lgbt+ and disability issue s. I’d love if you boosted this post. 💗

New instance, new #introduction, hopefully for the last time.

I'm Chelsea, a 30s #lesbian #writer of #poetry somewhere on the #asexual spectrum, sharing my house with 3 #cats and a roommate named Elijah. I'm totally blind and use a screen reader, so image descriptions are mandatory for me to follow you.

I have a soft spot for #FolkMusic and #podcasts, I'm a huge fan of #FairyTales and #folklore, and I want to learn #knitting and #baking and #rollerskating. I'm an aspiring #library worker of some kind.

I post about #books, #horror, bad #gardening, and occasional #disability things and #leftist politics. I also boost a lot of #nature #photography, but I don't post much myself since taking photos is hard with no vision.

Cis but a supporter of trans rights, white but a supporter of BLM. This is not a space for TERFs or nazis or any other alt right/conservative/fascist types.

Trying to follow all the #wlw #sapphic #queer women.

Happy to be in such a welcoming space for both my queerness and my disability and looking forward to connecting with even more new friends.

Hello everyone, just moved the account to this new instance!

I think it’s time for a new #introduction then!

Ice Cubes is available on the App Store for iOS, iPadOS and macOS, it’s a fast, customisable, easy to use client.

- Pin any local timeline from any instance!
- Quote toot!
- Easy access to your lists and followed tags!
- Proper direct messages interface.
- It's 100% free and Open source!

Feel free to boost so the whole Fediverse can know about it!

#intro #introduction

I'm a statistician or data scientist, my scholarly stuff is I'm in tech working as a data scientist. I've been on mastodon for a while and I've been on the site that this mastodon instance represents for a very long time.

Right now I play chess a lot, run or ride bikes indoors, and work. I'm trying to get back up to speed on my French and Esperanto.

Politically, I'm a frequentist. Religiously, Russian Orthodox, but interested in human rights and anti-fascism.

An #introduction to Codethink: we're a systems software consultancy based in #Manchester, UK.

We work for clients around the world, mainly in automotive, enterprises and embedded devices.

We're passionate about #OpenSource and #FreeSoftware and we'll be posting here about interesting things we're working on in the open.

It's come to my attention that it's Mastodon tradition to make an #introduction post.

I'm an #artist, #writer, and #crafter. I enjoy:

#ttrpg (#dimension20 is my current fav show)

#crochet and #bookbinding

Many genres including #horror #fantasy #history #romance #mystery #folklore

I'm #nonbinary and part of the #LGBTQ community.

Here's some of my work:
A haunted mariner faces the viewer, his gaze staring into the middle distance. Swarms of skeletal faces hover around him. One such spirit places a bony hand on the mariner's shoulder, leaning over to whisper in the man's ear. Wuvvy from Dimension 20's show "A Court of Fey and Flowers". Wuvvy is a faun with curling goat horns. She faces the viewer, holding up a letter as it burns. She looks devastated, tears wetting the fur on one side of her face.
Three gorgon sisters work together in a warm and sunlit kitchen to make cookies for a Gorgon Scout Bake Sale. The eldest holds a tray fresh from the oven. The snakes in the hair of the eldest are all fashionistas wearing many different outfits. The youngest has her snakes out in sloppy pigtails (which fail to prevent them from trying to steal a cookie off the tray near them). She is wearing overalls and stirring cooking batter with TOO MUCH ENTHUSIASM. The middle sister wears a Gorgon Scout sash and is going through recipes. Her snakes are all business, holding ingredient lists, recipe cards, and calculating weights with a calculator. A collection of six hand-bound books. The covers use satellite photographs of different locations on earth, from frozen fields and glaciers to deserts to bright pink chemical spills. The spines of the books are bound with cloth. Each notebook has a ribbon.

Hi Mastodon denizens! On to a new instance, so time for an #introduction

I'm Jean. I do #devops and #sre with a background in #physics and #ComputerScience. I try to spend my evenings in the #workshop learning and making. I'm interested in #gps, #cnc, #3DPrinting and #programming.

Currently I'm diving into #rustlang for #EmbeddedSystems and continuing to upgrade my #cars

I've known for a while that posting an #introduction is the done thing.. it's just that I'm too much of an #introvert for that ever to seem like a good idea. Nevertheless I'll try to be a good citizen:
Hi, I'm charis. I work in #nhs #research governance in the north west uk. I like #maths, #science, #CriticalThinking, #nature, #books, quirky humor and a nice cup of #tea. Oh, and there will be pictures of cats - it appears inevitable.

We are a little late to the party. How about we do an #introduction?

Hi Fediverse, we are SpiderMonkey, @mozilla’s #opensource engine for #JavaScript and #WebAssembly.
SpiderMonkey is used in Firefox, Servo and various other projects.

This account is run by our engineers, and none of us know how social media works. We were told to use hashtags.
#firefox #opensource #compilers #wasm #foss #privacy #security #performance #community

Nice to meet you!

This is my first post on a Mastodon server of any kind. I am the blind writer, blogger, social critic and various other things around the blindness world. I am currently the publisher of the news and information site World Blind herald ( blind and will probably post a fair amount about that project. I’m also interested in a lot of other things and, as I find more people to follow, my posts will likely vary in subject matter more over time. #blind #blindness #introduction

well i had to move from so #introduction?

i'm a mom. have #ChronicFatigue, which limits the energy i have for hobbies. longtime #gentoo #linux user. been #programming for a 25ish years but it's my day job so unappealing as a hobby. novice #HomeLabber, #SelfHosting #Nextcloud and #Funkwhale instances on a #raspberrypi 4 (regret this now; #HomeLabAdvice welcome). i like gaming; trying to play #EldenRing as stress-free as possible. watching life from the sidelines

#introduction #Introductions is a free and open #XMPP provider located in Canada. Our goal is to provide secure and encrypted communication to anybody who might need it. Check us out at 👍 :xmpp:

I've been totally blind since birth. Currently living in Toronto. I work as an Assistive Technology Specialist for one of the large Canadian banks. When I'm not working, I love tinkering with new technology. I'm co-founder of the Toronto Get Together with Technology (GTT) group. I'm one of the developers of the Talking Flight Monitor open source accessibility add-on for mainstream flight simulators. Other interests include home automation and reading Sci-fi. #introduction

now that i've merged all of my prior mastodon accounts under this one -- one last #Introduction post!

my name is ashlee and i am a third year PhD candidate at a school of #PublicHealth. my research is around #Employment and policies as determinants of #ReproductiveHealth and decision-making.

i am a proud union steward and one of the happiest days of my life was being able to sign a membership card. i love #unions

i welcome learning from new folks and establishing new friendships!

redoing my #introduction post.

HI! I'm dings (she/her), an artist on the internet. I generally draw furry art, but also like to step out of that comfort zone from time to time.
In my art I'm generally hoping to capture the tender moments of day-to-day life. However, these may or may not involve space-travel.
I hope you enjoy my art!!

#mastoArt #furryArt #artistsOnMastodon #furry #spaceArt
Self portrait of me (with red long hair and a red flannel shirt) looking back through a mirror while sitting at my desk, drawing the exact same image Drawing of my Fursona, a female Lemur, wearing a red swimsuit while sitting on a pier, legs dangling
Drawing of two male presenting anthropomorphic deer kissing, while sitting on the floor in a bedroom Drawing of two characters inside a gemini-space-capsule-cockpit

So this is it: I am starting a new adventure on Mastodon with Kilobyte Magazine. This is a free PDF-Zine about computers and consoles from the 1970s, 80s and 90s, fokussing on #8bit machines. Newer projects around these computers and consoles are also very welcome. For starters, I will probably post some older articles on here. You can find back issues as PDF easily for free online (like e.g. on See you arond here!
#introduction #retrogaming

#introduction radio free fedi is a small web, consent driven, artist populated, non-commercial, attribution promoting, community radio

we are now ready to accept more submissions, and are here to promote sound and music artists, their support links, desired license and fedi presence if they wish in an eclectic and fun radio format

24/7 music from the fedi with "theNews" at the top of each hour

keep fedi weird

#radio #community #fedimusic #fediart #music #art

#introduction :
Hi, my name is Wenwei (She/Her) and I am #blind. I will mainly use this account to #write #MicroFiction centering my #disabled experiences. I deeply care about the notion of equitable access, and in order to achieve this, good #accessibility practices is a concept that should be part of the public consciousness. As a blind #ScreenReader user, I am most familiar with good accessibility practices for blind and low vision individuals, but I make it my mission to learn about other marginalized and disabled groups. I am a #ChineseAmerican #feminist #queer #asexual and I believe that I cannot include marginalized voices (including my own) if I advocate for my own position and callously dismiss other perspectives that add an uncomfortable dimension of conflict to my own thinking.

Periodic reminder (?) that people are forgetting to add text descriptions to their graphics.

How to Add Alt Text to Photos:

It depends slightly on the platform you use, but when you're composing a post
and go to attach an image, you'll see a small line superimposed on the bottom
of the image that says: "No description added."

You can then click on that message to add a description of the image that
explains what's in it. Doing so benefits blind people using screen readers.
If you don't add an alt-text expect fewer boosts!

#Introduction #Mastodon #TwitterMigration

#introduction My name is Patrick and I'm the #admin of TheTaoist.Online! I really want this instance to become a location for #Taoists/#zen/and #Buddhists to come together. I created a #Blog post about my background in Taoism and why I wanted to create the instance.

This server aims to be a place to join other #taoist, #zen students, and followers of other eastern religions.

If you'd like to help support me, please visit my Linktree:

An #introduction:

I’m Janis Wong, Postdoctoral Research Associate at The Alan Turing Institute. I have a background in #ComputerScience + #Law, and I was awarded my interdisciplinary Computer Science PhD for my research on co-creating data protection solutions through a commons. I'm interested in #DataProtection, #Ethics & #DataGovernance, where I continue to explore how we can put theory into practice across domains such a children’s rights, health, real estate & fundamental rights + freedoms.

hi, I'm introducing myself as I'm fearly new here 😄. I'm Ibie [eye-bee] and I'm #genderfluid (they/he). I would rather not post about my real name or work here, because I don't feel comfortable in my work environment enough to share things, that I want to share here. I feel free being myself on the internet, without fear of beeing judged or shunned. All I will tell is, I work in microbiological laboratory. #microbiology

I've been lately diagnosed on the #autism spectrum as an adult, and I still struggling with understanding what it means to me. I'm also recovering from #depression and #socialanxiety.

I'm looking for more #autistic people, as I'm not fortunate to be surrounded by them irl a lot 😉.

My interest are #videogames like #minecraft , #stardewvalley , #elderscrolls series, #dragonage , mostly single player #rpg , also #fantasy and #scifi books. I love music, especially #rock , #metal and #jazz .

#actuallyautistic #introduction

#introduction Hi folks! I'm a librarian, technologist, and a big fan of robots and dinosaurs. I work on library futures @MIT, love drawing the natural world, and spend as much time as possible out in the mountains. <3 paleoart <3