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I wrote an article about how to make hastags accessible. Did some #ScreenReader testing with #JAWS, #NVDA, #VoiceOver and #Narrator, which was fun!

Pretty long one though, contains a bunch of tables for comparison. Enjoy the ride!

#accessibility #a11y #html #JavaScript #WebDev #frontend

in reply to Steve Frenzel

Hi Steve, interesting article! I'm curious about your latter examples. I'd be happy to push for these to be fixed in NVDA (please do write up issues on our tracker here: ) - I must confess, I'm interested what the real world use cases for some of those are (aside from badly written code)?

Also: You don't have (or I missed it, not going to rule that out) any way to contact you or find you on your blog - I was glad to find you here though :)

in reply to NV Access

@NVAccess Thanks for reaching out! I just added my contact info to the blog. 🤗

My examples are very isolated and even I don't think they apply a lot to the real world, to be honest.

Cause most of the time hashtags will be links. @miclgael already pointed me into this direction, so I think I might need to update this article or write a follow up some time soon.

Once I do another screen reader study and find something, I'm happy to open an issue. Keep up the great work, love your product ❤️

in reply to Steve Frenzel

@miclgael Thanks! And we're still happy to accept an issue on unlikely situations - it's just good to know the likely real world impact so we can prioritise the most important things, but still good to have other things documented as well :)