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I'm looking for a super simple text-based #webchat system that can be imbedded into a page with minimal headaches. The plan is to use it for #Q&A when I'm #streaming. Must be #accessible with #screenreader software, preferably free/open source. Doesn't need authentication or anything fancy, it'll only be a handful of people using it at a time. Thanks in advance for any tips!

Content warning: Intro post. Screen reader users, careful, loads of hashtags.

People who use screen readers:

Are those alt text bots on Twitter actually useful?

Have long been suspicious of them since they bury the alt text deep in the thread and out of context, but none of use screen readers.

#Accessibility #ScreenReader #Disability #Blind #SightImpaired

I've thought about doing this for a while now.
#AltText is something I advocate for, as well as some other simple ways to make posts more #accessible and #inclusive. Let's make this #interactive.
Reply with an #image and I'll tell you what my #ScreenReader thinks it shows, as a practical #demonstration of inaccuracies, limitations and why alt text is better.
Edit on request: Not all screen readers can do image recognition. Alt text is the only viable way to be inclusive. #accessibility #blind

I would say now we #screenReader users should step in and try to fill your github sponsors page with suitable amounts as best as we can.

#Storium is built with #accessibility in mind. One of our most active members is blind and (without checking with him beforehand) I'm sure he'll be happy to show you around. But yes, the site works well with a #ScreenReader!

Here's a podcast episode we did about how people with disabilities play on @storium :

#writer #roleplaying #pbp #rpg

Here's my random #screenreader thought of the day:

I wish that people would use a combination of the two finger scrub gesture and tap the "back" button when making #VoiceOver tutorials to demonstrate alternative ways of going back. This doesn't even need to be over-explained unless the tutorial is specifically an intro to VoiceOver tutorial. I know how to perform this gesture. I understand its function. However, I routinely forget about it because I don't always think it can be used interchangeably with the "back" button (if the gesture is indeed supported). Just today, I used it in the Kindle, NYTimes, Overcast, Safari, and Mona apps. I resolve to use this gesture much more often than I currently do. That is all.

The Every Door app looks to be usefull to #screenReader users to an extend. It allows listing near by POIs fetching real data from #OSM and suggest edits. I like this.
Of course for real mapping eye sight is required but for suggesting fixes it's not. e.g. filling in opening and closing hours and similar.

"For the past couple of years, the Firefox accessibility team have been working on a major re-architecture of the Firefox accessibility engine to significantly improve its speed, reliability and maintainability."
#Firefox #Accessibility #Opensource #ScreenReader

I've done this from the web interface, but is there a way in the tweesecake app to toggle the option on the settings for home timeline for hiding boosts? Sometimes I just need to hear what original posters have to say. I have too many folks on my follows and following to change the setting individually. #Mastodon #Tweesecake #Blindness #ScreenReader

Folks, I want to boost your lovely posts, I really do but I won’t if you don’t write image descriptions (alt text) so people who use screen readers can also experience them.

It doesn’t take long to write one.

And if you’re posting an image of text and you have an iPhone, you can select the text from the image with a long press and copy/paste it.

Even Linux has apps that do this (like Frog:

#accessibility #a11y #fediverse #altText #images #screenReader #mastodon

I'd like to help my dad — whose eyes are failing and whose interest/ability in learning new technologies is somewhat limited — to learn how to interact with a #ScreenReader -like app or device. I've tried various approaches like iPad-as-magnifier in the past, but the truth is that, absent physical buttons/dials, the touchscreen is too difficult to use (e.g. double tapping at the right speed, pinching, etc.).

Have any of you found any tools to help with this sort of thing? #accessibility

Dear folks, what do you use for #Matrix? I need a client with #screenReader #accessibility in mind. Better #Windows desktop software, but if not, web is also okayish. Thanks!

To all #blind #ScreenReader users on various platforms who use #Firefox: The project to speed up web page and screen reader interaction, code-named Cache-The-World, is now at a phase where in Nightly 109, it has been enabled for all users. So if you spot anything that is unusual or not working as before, please let the #accessibility team know. Next step is an experiment for 50% roll-out on Windows in the 111 beta.

The page where you can track the progress is here:

Anyone know about the #ScreenReader #accessibility of Codecademy? They are having a cyber week sale and I see them recommended a lot for people wanting to learn to code. Would be good to know whether it's a usable resource or not.

Content warning: Twitter-related

I recently posted about how I prefer to see #hashtags positioned within #Mastodon content, as a #ScreenReader user. That post has picked up some momentum, and my thanks to everyone that has shared, favourited and/or engaged with it via thoughtful discourse.

I'd like to highlight that screen reader users vary widely in their consumption habits and preferences, and my views are nothing but personal predilections. Regardless of the approach you take, you are expressing an interest in making your content as #accessible and #readable as possible to an audience who experience the world differently to how you do. This is heartening and refreshing to many Mastodon newcomers, and extremely appreciated.

Accessibility is not a binary state, and you are not doing it "wrong" if you put your hashtags inline, or at the end, or both! There are many more impactful aspects to #SocialMedia #equity, like #ImageDescriptions (also known as #AltText), which are in abundance on Mastodon and a joy to read.

#a11y #inclusion #InclusiveDesign #ScreenReaders

This however, is a personal preference. As a blind person myself, having the hashtags scattered through out posts is perfectly readable and i actually find it more readable than having hashtags in a block at the end.
I also know plenty of other #ScreenReader users who would agree with me.
But again this is based soully on personal preference and it doesn't matter which way you do it as there's no single answer from us #screenReader users.

Content warning: long post on accessibility advice from a blind screen reader user


I've discovered the emojis, but they don't feel super accessible for folks using screen readers. For example, :blobhaj: is a smiling ikea stuffed shark. It doesn't feel like it's able to actually...convey much. And there doesn't seem to be something like alt text for them. Please let me know if something does exist, I'm trying hard to make everything I do here accessible.

If you use a #ScreenReader how do you feel about all the custom emojis?

Content warning: long post on accessibility advice from a blind screen reader user

Ok, gotta say, been using @tootapp as my #Mastodon cclient of choice, but #Metatext by @metabolist has definitely got my attension. Fully #screenReader #accessible, it's got most, if not all, of the latest Mastodon features, and in general just works! Wish it had a custom notification sound (so too does @Minionslayer) , but overall it's great! I still like both a lot to be clear, but it's good to see there's #competition, and accessible competition at that.

In the next episode of my #podcast, Mosen at Large, I'm devoting an hour to Mastodon from a #blindness perspective. As well as discussing some important cultural issues, I'll provide an audio demonstration of using the #web interface and the Metatext #iOS client with a #ScreenReader. A transcript will be available too, for maximum #accessibility. It will be available everywhere you get podcasts. More details here.

Likely this will not be an open source thing, but I want to mention this service anyway for those you using #screenreader software and have related #a11y #accessibility needs.

Project Naptha looks to be a service that can generate descriptive texts for any image.

It is discussed on Hacker News now at:

If you use a screenreader to access the internet, there's a guide to Mastodon written specifically for you at:

It's written by @changeling and you can support their work by donating to

(For those who don't know, screenreaders are used mainly by blind and partially-sighted people to read aloud what is on the screen. It's important for websites to be accessible so they can be navigated by screenreaders.)

# # # # # # # # # #