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I used to think that #emoji #reactions are for the illiterate.

Then I got addicted to them in Signal and Matrix.

Now I can't wait for #Jabber clients to implement them. Why is this #XEP still experimental after 5 years, @larma ?…

#xmpp #xep444 #emojiReactions


Umfragen im #Mastodon-Stil?

Und wie planst Du, #Emoji-Reaktionen zu föderieren? Oder wäre das ein #Friendica-only-Feature?

@bullerich @skeptiker

Repeated emojis in social media posts are a nightmare for screen reader users.

Here’s why, in a post from Threads, where people are filling the posts with a mass use of emojis.

Apparently, Dunkin sells donuts…

Follow these tips for emoji use if you don't want to infuriate blind and partially sighted people 🤬
- limit them to one or two per post
- don't put them between each word
- don't use them one after the other
- don't use a different emoji for each bullet point

#WorldEmojiDay #emoji

Accessibility vs emojis — 6 great guidelines for usage:… #emoji #a11y #accessibility

:mastodon: :opensource: ICYMI, #Mastodon instances can each have a custom set of #emoji.

Here are the ones we currently have.

Our instances updates #customEmoji every few weeks so send a note if you have suggestions.…

Sadly, the IBus ctrl + . shortcut for inserting emoji also conflicts with GNOME’s ctrl + . shortcut for *drumroll* inserting emoji. So, when GNOME is being used, the distribution should really disable or change the IBus shortcut as GNOME’s graphical emoji picker overlay is far superior to the IBus’s.

Also, I think I’m going to end up changing 1Password’s shortcut as I want to be able to use the GNOME emoji picker popover on web forms too.

#fedora #GNOME #emoji #IBus #usability