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Wow, a lot of nice UI and settings changes in the most recent version of #conversationsim
Thanks @daniel!

#Messaging: #Jabber/​#XMPP, since before the apps you recommend even existed 🙂

#Notes: #orgmode, powered by #Emacs

What a great morning on #fdroid for #XMPP users:

1. #Conversations
A beta version of 2.15 arrived at F-Droid. It looks great and now uses Material 3 theme. Be aware: To install this version you need to explicitly select it in F-Droid.

2. #monocleschat
A new minor version has been released which brings GIF import, compatible stickers and other improvements.

3. #Snikket
A new version has been released bringing fixes and improvements from Conversations to Snikket users.

🎉 Have a nice weekend 🎉

Can anymany tell me how I'm "supposed" to use end-to-end encryption with XMPP?

As far as I can tell there are three totally different ways to do E2EE:

a)OTR : "[](Not intended to be a current standard), or technical specification, as better (albeit, newer and less well tested) methods of end-to-end encryption exist for XMPP. "

b)OpenPGP: There are at least two different XEPs about it. XEP-0027 is obsolete, while XEP-0373 is "experimental" but hasn't been updated in almost three years.

c)OMEMO: "Experimental" and hasn't been updated in over two years.

Is there a way to do E2EE in XMPP which is neither deprecated nor experimental? What's the "Current stable" way to do it?

#XMPP #E2EE #EndToEndEncryption #OMEMO #OpenPGP #OTR

Just a heads-up that #Snikket #Android has been pulled by #Google from the store. We'll work on restoring it once we figure out their (as usual) nonsensical complaints. Apologies to everyone affected. Please look at #FDroid and free yourself.

Today's excuse for delisting yet another #XMPP app?

"Your app is uploading users' Image information without posting a privacy policy link or text within the Play Distributed App."

Funny. What's this then?? 👀

‼️ Comunità XMPP:
📢 Annuncio: Eventi mensili in italiano sulla messaggistica XMPP! 🇮🇹
📆 Quando? Oggi 12 Aprile alle 18:00
🌐 Dove? In diretta su con chat (XMPP naturalmente) per intervenire
✍️ Iscriviti su Mobilizon -
🌟 Unisciti a noi per partecipare alle discussioni, e incontrare altri appassionati di XMPP. 🚀

XMPP Italian happy hour
#XMPP #standards #chat #jabber #federation #interoperability

Monocles, je asi zatím nejlepší #XMPP aplikace pro Android.
Jen těch uživatelů nás moc není 😃😃

:ynh: :jabberxmpp:

#YunoHost devs are testing #Prosody as #xmpp #jabber replacement for metronome to get better integration with the system and better compliance with jabber standards. Also new default features as A/V calls.

It's on early development, without ETA!!

great news IMO 👌

thank you 🙏 🧙

First blog post about the work I've done so far on the #moxxy UI! I'd like to do one every month if possible, like Thunderbird does with K-9 Mail. Please feel free to send me feedback! #xmpp

The #XMPP Newsletter for March 2024 is out!

It's the 50th publication of the XMPP Newsletter! Let's #celebrate and say thanks to all the contributors & readers! Join the community effort!

Enjoy reading! 📰 ☕

#jabber #decentralization #federation #chat

I was about to start a poll asking if #Conversations_im should add a fallback STUN server ( for the ~40% of #XMPP servers that don’t offer one via XEP-0215 External Service Discovery.

And then the network of our hosting provider went out for ~5 minutes acting as a good reminder of why the app doesn’t rely on centralized infrastructure…

I don’t use the tablet UI in #Conversations_im. To be honest I hardly think about the fact that Conversations even has one.
However if you are using Conversations on a tablet and have suggestions for low hanging fruit / quality of life improvements I’m happy to implement them.
Recently someone suggested using the chat title as the activity title. (Apparently the highlighted chat is not enough of an indication of what chat you are currently in.)

#XMPP #android

Our iOS app got banned from the Chinese appstore because it is able to influence public opinion or is "Capable of Social Mobilization".

See our blog post for details:

#xmpp #ios #china

Ich hoste mit #Yunohost meine eigenen Dienste. Darunter z.b. #invidious #searxng und #xmpp. Nun wollte ich gerne mal nachfragen, wie sicher das ganze ist, wenn ich z.b. Die Suchmaschine und auch XMPP öffentlich ins Netz stellen würde; was muss beachtet werden? Oder sollte ich davon ganz absehen?

#selfhosting #sicherheit #datenschutz #FediHilfe

#Google and #Facebook didn't kill #Jabber / #XMPP. They hammered the final nails of its coffin. Big difference. The lesson of the XMPP story is that the community shouldn't get complacent just because a big corp is now backing them, support their own smaller #FOSS developers through any means they can (whether financial or code), put out a unique thing every now and then, and make sure the UX is not horrible for new users. I think #Misskey, #Sharkey, and #Catodon got those lessons right (especially the very latter, UX was really horrible in XMPP back then and I think that's what "killed" it if you can even call it that). Not sure about #Mastodon though. Maybe that's what why almost all of the worry I'm hearing about #Threads comes predominantly from Mastodon and Mastodon-compatible (in the sense they try to be as compatible with Masto as possible in terms of API) instances. :seija_coffee: #fediversemeta

Gerade gesehen:
Die #XMPP App #monocleschat ist über das Osterwochenende im Play Store zum reduzierten Preis von 0,99€ (anstatt 3,99€) erhältlich.


Zur Vollständigkeit: Bei #fdroid und #codeberg ist sie weiterhin kostenfrei erhältlich.

Hintergrund: Die App monocles chat ist ein Fork von #Conversations und setzt einen Schwerpunkt auf intuitiver Bedienung. Sie ähnelt vom Aufbau noch stärker den typischen Messengern.

Featurevergleich, siehe:

The monocles chat update is available on the Playstore with a Easter special offer 🎉 .

There are several new fixes and features like:

* Initial GIFs picker
* Animated Avatars (up to 100kb and 480px)
* Initial status image preview
* Better image quoting
* Little battery usage reduction
* Updated translations
and much more

A good weekend to everyone!

#playstore #encryption #xmpp #chat #messenger #monocles #monocleschat

Hey, I'm currently doing a little research on the cost of modern social media and messaging, given that cost is an everlasting discussion when trying to move people to more free alternatives.

I am still looking for data for messaging, such as #XMPP and #Matrix. So if you have or know someone who operates a somewhat sizable instance for either XMPP or Matrix and would potentially share some details about operational cost with me I would love to hear about it! :)

Thank you so much! 💙



@snikket_im just started their new federated instant messaging hosting service (based on #XMPP) for everyone.

This can really be a gamechanger for instant messaging.

You can bring your own domain name if you want to.

This means: for about 5.50€ (6$) a month (according to the website) you get ten instant messaging accounts for you and your family/friends using your personal domain name (not included).

And you are able to talk to every other XMPP user out there.

I actually already do something like this based on the #app SMS to URL forwarder ( The URL corresponds to a very simple endpoint (a CGI written in Bash!) that receives the SMS details and resends it to a #XMPP MUC.

My use case is that I have a mobile phone with an overseas SIM card that I keep at home while I want to know when it receives a SMS.

So having this functionality as part of #Conversations_im would be great.

Anyone's using XMPP? Want to give it another try.

#xmpp #messenger

I just read a review of Beeper¹ and I’m now thinking about SMS integration into #Conversations_im in the form of forwarding (mirroring) your SMS to your other #XMPP clients. (For example your desktop client or a tablet that runs Conversations but doesn’t have a SIM card.)

Obviously this would need buy in from at least one desktop client to display forwarded messages (@gajim, @dino).

Do you think this is something you would use?


  • Yes (48%, 59 votes)
  • No (I don’t use SMS) (41%, 51 votes)
  • No (other reasons. see reply) (9%, 12 votes)
122 voters. Poll end: 3 weeks ago

XEP-xxxx: Message Displayed Synchronization

With Message Displayed Synchronization Conversations is now able to synchronize the read state (displayed) state of public conferences across multiple devices.

Wenn du Lust hast kannst du es ja auch mal mit #Conversations_im als Distributor (und einem ejabberd 24.02 auf der Serverseite) versuchen. Ich bin ja der Meinung das #XMPP Batterieeffizient und zuverlässig Nachrichten zustellen schon ganz gut kann. Eventuell sogar besser als #ntfy. Aber da wäre ich tatsächlich mal auf einen Vergleich gespannt.

We have an XMPP booth at the Chemnitzer Linux Tage. Join us for discussions about federated instant messaging and for stickers. #xmpp #dino #conversations_im #clt2024

We are at Chemnitzer Linux Tage. Come say hi! We have stickers.
#XMPP #Conversations_im #CLT2024

Leute initiieren noch OTR Sessions in XMPP Chats. WTF. Aus welchem Jahr kommt ihr? 2005? XD

Welcher Client kann das denn überhaupt noch?



Google had accepted a version of #Conversations_im with address book integration that explicitly asks the user for consent to process the contact list locally on their device before requesting contacts permission. Our privacy policy included explicit wording w.r.t. local processing of the contact list.

However it’s unthinkable for Google that someone would request contacts permission and then not upload them. A few days later they changed their mind and threatened to remove the app again.

monocles chat just arrived on the Playstore with awesome updates and on a great new level:

* Improve restore Backup
* No swiping anymore for commands and webxdc viewpager fixes several webxdc problems
* Initial stickers picker
* Bigger stickers
* Fix flashing emoji picker
* Fix commands view
And many more

Try it out with a WebXDC app of your choice:

#monocleschat #monocles #chat #messenger #privacy #xmpp #webxdc

What would be the essential features that you would expect in a #team #chat? I mean features that you actually use at work or in association, or you would very much like to see.

I'm asking to check how far we are in common #XMPP clients, but don't hesitate to quote features event if they are already present in some clients.

#XMPP / #Jabber picks of the day:

➡️ @joinjabber - Helping ordinary people get started on XMPP instant messaging & calling through

➡️ @xmpp - Foundation maintaining the XMPP standard for instant messaging/calling

➡️ @xmpp_providers - Maintaining curated list of XMPP servers organised by quality

➡️ @snikket_im - Making XMPP easier to use & set up through consistent software/branding

➡️ @gajim - Free open source XMPP desktop app for Linux, Mac, Windows

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