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Keep the momentum going for free open source projects in this week's Follow Friday by giving your support with contributions, boosts and follows.…

- LΓ–VR @lovr
A framework for rapidly building immersive 3D experiences.
- NV Access @NVAccess
A screen reader.
- BiznisBox @biznisbox
A web app for managing invoices, clients, & payments.
- BookStack @bookstack
Documentation system.

#FollowFriday #fediverse #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #ff #oss #foss #floss

No es norma pero se va convirtiendo en convenciΓ³n: nuestros fediversantes ciegos no suelen personalizar su avatar, les queda el predeterminado (imagen adjunta).

Tiene lΓ³gica y estΓ‘ chido porque nos permite identificar de un vistazo cuando conversamos con quien tiene esa discapacidad.

Les invito a que, si no son ciegos, personalicen su avatar tan pronto como puedan.

#EsViernesDeSeguirA @blindscribe @jaguarunileiro
#FF #FollowFriday

#FediTips #Accesibilidad #Accessibility #Blind #Ceguera

If you are looking for accounts to follow cross-instances, check this search tool:

Not the prettiest, but easy to find more accounts that match your interest.

If you want to be listed there, you have to enable "profile view" on your settings page.