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Do you follow someone, and you enjoy their posts but they boost too much stuff?

You can mute just their boosts if you want:

1. Open your Mastodon app or log in through your server’s website
2. Go to the profile of the person whose boosts you want to hide
3. Click on the ︙or ⋯ button at the top and select Hide Boosts From... (or Hide Reblogs on some apps)
4. If you change your mind, go back to their profile and select Show Boosts From… (or Show Reblogs)

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Just a small #tip to fellow app makers - fedi instances are not a billion dollar corp that you can just throw whatever at it. Every request your app makes is a little bit of pressure on someone’s instance that they are probably paying for themselves. So when making API requests, you really need your lean hat on - MVP is not good enough, you need to do better!

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Artists, if you're not seeing much boost action on your pieces, make sure to add alt-text.

A lot of folks on Mastodon have a no-boost policy on images without alt-text.

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You can embed Mastodon posts on websites.

Go to the post you want to embed, click on "..." underneath it, then select "embed".

This will give you HTML code you can paste into wherever you want to embed the post.

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#FediTips : When someone follows you with an empty profile and no avatar, if they're on another instance and they've signed up very recently, it's likely that their profile information just hasn't federated to your instance yet. Click the three dots next to 'Follow' on their profile, and click 'open original page', then you can see if you're *really* getting follows from empty profiles. :)

Here’s how you add alternative text (“alt text”) to your images on Mastodon so people who use screen readers can also take part.

1. Add an image to your post.

2. Press the Edit button.

3. Add your alt text.

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Screenshot of Mastodon publishing interface with an image added to an otherwise empty post. Overlayed on the image preview is a Delete and an Edit button. There is also an informational overlay that reads “No description added”. The image preview itself shows a screenshot of a Mastodon post by “@aral Thanks! How can you add ALT text on Mastodo…[image is truncated]”
Screenshot of Mastodon showing the Edit Media dialogue box with a preview (16:9) of an image being added to the post. The instructions in the dialogue read: “Click or drag the circle on the preview to choose the focial point which will always be in view on all thumbnails. Describe for people who are blind or have low vision.” Under the instructions is a text box where a description of the image being added has been included: “A post by @aral Thanks! How can you add ALT text on Mastodon? Does it depend on the instance?” Under that is a link: “Detect text from picture”. There are 1378 characters remaining in the alt text box. Finally, there’s an Apply button.

Mastodon v4.1.0 got released today!
Some awesome additions that people have been after for a while now:
- Add support for importing/exporting server-wide domain blocks
- Ensure exact match is the first result in hashtag searches
- Add support for editing media description and focus point of already-sent posts
- Add listing of followed hashtags

And the list of fixes inbound with this version is monstrous.

This is great to see, but please keep in mind that your particular instance will need to be updated to this version so not all instances will update at the same time.

Some apps may also need to be updated in order to support these new features.

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If you've been waiting for full-text #search on #Mastodon, please go to #TootFinder and sign in. The more the merrier.

Thanks to @buercher for building it.

It's opt-in, not opt-out. It respects Mastodon culture and doesn't index accounts that don't sign in.

That means the index might be small if we don't spread the word.

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If you want, you can move your Mastodon account from one instance (server) to another.

Moving lets you take your followers, follows and some settings with you.

1. Create a new account on the instance you want to move to, but DO NOT delete the old account.

2. Log into your NEW account, go to Edit Profile > Moving From A Different Account, click on "create an account alias" and follow the instructions.

3. Log into your OLD account, go to Edit Profile > Move To A Different Account, click on "configure it here" and follow the instructions.

4. On your OLD account, go to Preferences > Import And Export > Data Export and download the settings and follows lists.

5. On your NEW account, go to Preferences > Import And Export > Import and upload the lists you just downloaded in the previous step.

After doing all these, your old account will redirect to the new one, and your followers will transfer automatically (with a short delay).

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i just saw a moneyreq post with hashtags in CW and i just want to say, folks, don't put hashtags in CW. when you do they are not registered as hashtags but plain text, which renders them useless


If someone self-boosts a toot from a long time ago, and you already favorited it the first time around, the best response is to un-favorite and re-favorite it to affirm to them that yes, it really is still good, and they're right to self-boost it.

#FediTips #FediEtiquette

I am slowly losing it. I beg, I plead: there is no need to do things like "Elno" and "Eloon" or El*n. Just use "Elon" so that those of us who don't want to see that can have actual, workable filters. There is no full-text search, so using "Elon" will not result in trolls being able to find your post just by putting "Elon" in the search. Mastodon searches only on hashtags This isn't Twitter. #FediTips

I love seeing all the new members joining the platform, but this does mean that with more people, you may feel the need to #mute or #block an account on #Mastodon. That is fine, your experience on this platform should be dictated by you and you alone.
So, I made this short guide to help you better navigate how to use this feature.

Please give it a #boost if you can to help spread the knowledge around the Fediverse.:ablobcatrave:

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Direct Messages on Mastodon are probably one of the most confusing things for new users as they aren't really like messages on other platforms.

I have done my best to explain what they are in a few minutes for you all here. Check it out and let me know if it helps.
More tips still to come so stay tuned.

Please give it a #boost if you can to help spread the knowledge around the Fediverse. :ablobcatrave:

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A little known feature of #Mastodon is the ability to create your own personal notes about an account.
This is a great way to potentially remind yourself why you follow particular accounts (or just about any other reason you can think of).

Also, these notes are private. The account does not know what you have written down, nor the fact that you have even made these notes.

Please #boost to help spread the knowledge around your networks. ☺️
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I still haven't run out of tips to share... :ablobcatcoffee:
Lists are a feature many are used to from the Bird Site, but they function differently here. They are a great tool for you to make your own custom timelines.

Check out this short guide video on what lists are as well as how to set them up for yourself.

Yet again, thanks for the #boosts and subs. I love the culture of sharing here. :comfymelt:

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I shared a video earlier in this thread about how to #migrate your account to another server and ensuring your followers come along for the ride, but how do you move other data such as the people you follow, mute or block?
This video walks through this process step by step to make it as seamless for you as possible.

Yet again, thanks for all the boosts and extra thanks to those that subbed to my channel. :success:

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Seeing a little too much #Caturday in your feed? Want to hide #spoilers for a TV Show until you see the episode?
#Filters are easy to set up and customise on #Mastodon. This short video walks through how to use them step by step to make it as easy as possible for you to manage your feeds.

As always, thanks in advance for the boosts, and a sub to my channel would mean a lot, I am aiming for 1000 subs. 😜👍
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Another day, another video.
A lot of us already have a large #Twitter #Network and would love to be able to easily search #Mastodon for them to fill out our network here.
The #Fedifinder site helps make this a reality and it recently got some updates.
This video walks through the steps to #Migrate your network across in minutes.
As always, any boosts are appreciated to spread the word... And a sub would be lovely. 😜 #twittermigration #twitterexodus #youtube #feditips

Yet another short video to add to the list of guides.
This one covers how to make use of the Advanced Web Interface to really tailor your web experience for #Mastodon.

For those that are used to things like #tweetdeck or the app #tweeten on Windows, this will be very familiar to you. And best of all, it is built right into Mastodon natively.

As always, boosts are appreciated to get the message out to all the newcomers.
#twittermigration #twitterexodus #feditips

This seems to be becoming a habit of mine now as I begin to use Mastodon more and continue to learn more about it each day.

This one covers the options available to you when posting content such as Alt Text and Content Warnings but also talks about language settings and using filters to tidy up your timelines.

Any boosts will be greatly appreciated so we can help everyone get the most out of Mastodon.
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OK, well this is getting far more interesting for me! 😎
Given the open nature of the #ActivityPub protocol, it is possible to pull in the Instagram alternative, Pixelfed, into your Mastodon Home Timeline.
This is great for those looking for an alternative to Instagram, but not wanting to use yet another app.

Here is another short video on how this works and how you can use it yourself!
#twittermigration #twitterexodus #Instagram #Pixelfed #feditips

Following on from this Initial Mastodon Guide, I have been seeing a lot of people asking for tips on how to find people and content to fill in their Home Timeline.
I decided to make a follow up video on how to best use search and also cover why sometimes you don't get the results you expect.

Any boosts will be appreciated to help others improve their Mastodon experience.
#TwitterExodus #TwitterMigration #Search #feditips

For those that joined #Mastodon and grabbed the first server they could find, but would prefer to #migrate to a different one, I created a short guide on how to do this quickly and easily.
It also allows you to easily move any followers across to your new profile and leaves a redirection on your old profile for those that find it.😁👍

And be sure to check out the threaded replies for more tips. I will continue to add more. 👍🏼
#twitterexodus #twittermigration #feditips

I've been looking for a good way of describinng comics in alt text and found a nice article about it written by a screen reader user

I thought you might find it interesting!
It made me want to do a pinned post to describe how my recurring characters looks without having to repeat it in all images if it's not relevant, smart and convenient!


Heads up for fans of the #Metatext #Mastodon app

- its lead developer @metabolist has stopped updating it, for health reasons.

:blobcatohno: :ohno:

If someone else would like to help out, please email them at




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If your instance is blocking an instance with folks you'd like to still read, you can add any Mastodon account to your feed reader (I like NetNewsWire myself) by using the following formula:

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I'm not blind or have impaired vision, so take this with a grain of salt (feel free to correct me), but people who put nondescript one sentence alt texts are almost worse than those who put no alt text.

At least if I'm about to boost a picture without, glitch-soc will warn me about it. If a picture has an alt text like "screenshot of my tweet", that's less than useless but it will slip through the alt text detector.

Write good alt text ffs. Describe the picture. Not a title or a TLDR, a proper description. If it's text, copy the text into the image description. If it's selfies, don't write "a selfie of me", describe your selfies. Describe film scenes, descripe paintings, descripe charts and infographics. You have, on this instance at least, 1500 characters to describe your pictures. Do it.

And if 1500 isn't enough, you can add a second picture to keep describing it.

#feditips #accessibility #alttext
A white square that only says "alt text placeholder" on it.


If you want to "close" your DMs on Mastodon, it's really easy to do -- via the web client.

Go to your Preferences, to Accounts, then to Notifications. Put a check next to "Block direct messages from people you don't follow."
Other Notification Settings

* Block notifications from non-followers
* Block notifications from people you don't follow
* Block direct messages from people you don't follow

No es norma pero se va convirtiendo en convención: nuestros fediversantes ciegos no suelen personalizar su avatar, les queda el predeterminado (imagen adjunta).

Tiene lógica y está chido porque nos permite identificar de un vistazo cuando conversamos con quien tiene esa discapacidad.

Les invito a que, si no son ciegos, personalicen su avatar tan pronto como puedan.

#EsViernesDeSeguirA @blindscribe @jaguarunileiro
#FF #FollowFriday

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Cara de Mastodonte caricaturizada, avatar predeterminado en Mastodon.