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Que es ​:fediverse:​ y cual es su 'magia', información necesaria, posibilidades que brinda, enlaces de consulta, servidores para hacer una cuenta... #feditips

Al #fediverso se le llama así por su estructura, "#Fedi" por ser descentralizado (#descentralizacion) con la idea de formar parte de una misma red (una #federacion, #abierta porque de ahi viene #federar, que se puede hacer o no, eliges con quien hacerlo) y "#Diverso" porque la red se conforma de diferentes redes, cada red funciona mediante servidores con software (implementaciones de software / mismas #plataformas o #diferentes, etc.#diversidad) que se puede conectar con otros servidores con software que usan (hablan) el mismo protocolo, hay servidores que tienen implementaciones de software que hablan diferentes #protocolos, es decir, forman parte de diferentes redes (la red se puede definir por dos o más tipos, principalmente es por su protocolo o por la implementación de software que usa los servidores, un ejemplo de un tipo es la red de #activitypub o la red de #ostatus y un ejemplo de otro tipo es la red de #mastodon o la red de #friendica).

Así que al pertenecer a la #red del #fediverse puedes escoger a que #redes del #fediverso pertenecer, por medio del #protocolo y el #software que usarás (o elijas usar) según también en el #servidor (#instancia , #nodo) en el que escojas registrar una #cuenta (administrado por alguien, #publico o tuyo propio). También tienes la posibilidad de preferir entre las #opciones que hay, como ver el espacio donde interactuarás, por medio de que #plataforma decidas usar, también por la #interfaz (#interfaces) que te guste más y la #app (#apps y por el sistema operativo #web#apk#pwa#linux#gnulinux#ios#windows) que te venga mejor. Mucha #libertad de uso, por eso al Fediverso se le suele llamar la red de redes, ya que es una analogía a #internet pero para la comunicación social.

¿Quieres registrarte una cuenta o saber más? En estos enlaces puedes encontrar #servidores#instancias#nodos (todos los días hay nuevos, que se mantienen y otros que desaparecen, así que hay muchos le veas por donde le veas), #protocolos, #software (implementaciones de software, plataformas,etc.) del Fediverso, información, etc.:
Vídeo de ¿qué es el #fedi verso?, explicativo con subtitulos:

If you post in Irish, Brits won't be able to reply as they will immediately get distracted by trying to report a bomb threat.

Mar shampla, is fuath liom an beanrí agus tá súil agam go titfidh Droichead an Londain (mar chuir duine buamáil isteach é) 🙂​

#FediTips #MastoTips #Fediverse #Mastodon

Content warning: mastodon post visibility explained for twitter users

You can now create #RSS #feeds (with replies and announces/boosts!) for your favourite #ActivityPub accounts (including #Mastodon, #Pleroma and #MissKey) using RSS-Bridge! Try it out today:


#MastoTips #FediTips #fediverse

disappear into the woods and never be found to prevent government officials from asking you to pay taxes
(inspired by @helene )

Are you mentioned in a conversation that you don't want to take part in any more?

On Mastodon, you can mute a conversation so that you don't receive notifications about it. (It only mutes that conversation, it doesn't mute any accounts.)

To do this, go to the conversation thread, find one of your own posts and click on the "...", then select "Mute conversation".

#MastoTips #Mastodon #FediTips

My simple principles of making your time online a bit happier.

Read the whole post or thread.
Ask questions kindly.
Remember that not every post is for you.
You don't need to reply.
Don't worry what others think.
Write your own posts.
Speak with good motivation.
Let go of seeking praise.
Let go of avoiding blame.
Don't let others decide your worth.

#feditips #happiness

Has someone asked you to "caption your image" or "add a text description" or "use alt text" and you're not sure what that is, or how?

This page is here to help!

Covers most (all?) Android apps, web interfaces, and TUI/CLIs that I know about.

(I know that not everyone can describe things, and that's ok! This page is here to help people who want to but don't know how, or want some tips.)

Deep links should work, e.g. for @Tusky


For those joining #Mastodon from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. things might seem quiet at times and not as active when you first join.

Remember that no on here is collecting your data, building a profile of you, algorithms trying to keep your attention to sell ads, and you are not a product.

In a way the more time you spend looking for people to communicate with, replying to toots, and boosting toots will connect you with more people.

Also remember use a couple hashtags once in a while for things you're interested and excited about.

#FediTips #Introduction

#feditips #tusky Does anybody use the list feature of mastodon? It's quite hidden and very complicated to setup.
Can i only put accounts in lists that i'm following?🧐
(DE/EN response welcome)

Our lawyer has informed us to state we are not liable for any harm/trauma/natural disaster/religious awakening/sexual awakening/political extremism/computer virus/corona virus/hay fever or disco fever that come as a result of our #FediTips

While we are the most 110% real and canon source of #fediverse tips, tricks, and history. You too can help educate fedizens on the wonders of decentralized #tech🖱️
We all make up the fediverse. There is no one software, instance or developer. We all contribute to this community 🌐. Tag your own tips with #FediTips and we'll help spread the word.

Viva la #fedi📣

If you're using Mastodon, you can put your new posts under maximum privacy by doing both of these:

1. Log in through your server's website, go to Edit Profile > Require follow requests, save changes. This means only people you approve can follow you.

2. Set your posts' privacy to "Followers only" when you post them (the setting with the lock 🔒 logo). You can make "followers only" default by going to Preferences > Other > Posting Privacy > Followers only.

However, only do this if you are okay with greatly restricting your audience by default. These settings will completely prevent non-followers seeing your new posts (unless you manually select a more public privacy setting when you write them).

Non-followers will not be able to search for followers-only posts, or see them in shares.

Also, bear in mind this privacy setting only applies to your new posts. If you've already posted something as public, that old post will remain public.

#MastoTips #Mastodon #FediTips #Privacy

Content warning: Apologies for drama

More upcoming Mastodon features:
- web3 integration, we'll soon be able to set hexagonal avatars with verified NFTs
- florps - Mastodon's name for snapchat-like messages
- voice chat
- webp support for all images


You know that thing where people make fun of a terrible opinion by writing it in a mixture of upper and lower case? It's probably not a good idea.

Screenreader software used by blind or partially-sighted people interprets capital letters as the beginning of a word.

This means that a phrase written as "FiNe PEopLe oN BoTh siDeS" will sound like gibberish.

If accessibility matters to you, try to avoid doing this.

# # #

If you have an independently hosted WordPress blog, you can turn it into a Fediverse server by installing the WordPress ActivityPub plugin. This means people can follow your blog from Mastodon etc.

Here's how to do it:

1. Go to your WordPress dashboard's Plugins section, click "add new" and search for "ActivityPub" . Click "install now" on the plugin, and when it has finished installing, click "activate".

2. On the WordPress dashboard, go to the "Users" section. Click on your username and scroll to the bottom to find your Fediverse address. Share this address with whoever wants to follow your blog on Mastodon etc.

3. To alter the plugin's settings, on your WordPress dashboard go to Settings > ActivityPub

If you want to switch off or remove the plugin, go to "plugins", then "deactivate" or "delete".

NOTE: This plugin only works with independently hosted WordPress sites. It doesn't work with free accounts on

# # # #

Because the Fediverse uses chronological timelines, and because it has a worldwide audience, it is totally fine to boost your own post later so it can reach people in different time zones.

There's no algorithm deciding what people see in their main Fediverse timeline, so they just see whatever happens to be there when they are online.

# #

The free open source livestreaming platform OwnCast has set up a demo server at:

It currently runs a loop of videos by people who self-host their livestreams using OwnCast, along with short videos promoting other libre projects.

If you run a free open project and have a short video (under 1 minute), you can have it added to this loop by contacting @owncast.

OwnCast servers include Fediverse compatibility, so you can follow them from Mastodon etc. When a stream you follow goes live, you'll see a message telling you about it in your timeline.

# # # # # # # #

OwnCast is a sort of Fediverse alternative to Twitch. It lets people host their own video livestream with a chat window at the side, and OwnCast accounts can be followed from Mastodon etc.

You can find out more about @owncast at, and they have a directory of streamers at

If you follow an OwnCast account from Mastodon, you will see a post from them in your timeline telling you when the account has gone live.

Also, if you follow an OwnCast account or boost its posts, this will appear in the livestream's chat window (see the attached picture).

Some OwnCast accounts you can try following right now include:

@live (soulful house music shows)

@hatnix (Linux gaming streams)

@Hamish - (retro gaming streams)

(Note that some OwnCast accounts do not have Fediverse switched on yet, so they won't be visible on Mastodon etc)

# # # # # #
Screenshot of an OwnCast stream, with a main window filled with a retro text game and a camera view of the streamer themselves. In a side bar on the right is a chat window, and highlighted in the chat window is a message saying FediVideos shared this stream with their followers.

Do you want your posts to be seen by as many people as possible on here?

If so, it's important to use hashtags. Hashtag searches are the main way people find posts on the Fediverse. If a post doesn't have hashtags, people probably won't see it in search results.

Don't worry about using too many tags! As long as they are relevant, it is fine to have lots of tags. Many put a long list of them at the end of the post.

Also, if you are using tags, it's important to set the post's visibility to "Public" so that the post appears in search results.

On Mastodon you can set a post's visibility by clicking the visibility icon at the bottom of the post when you're writing it (the icon looks like a globe 🌐 , lock 🔒 or @ sign).

You can set your default post visibility by logging in through the website and going to Preferences > Other > Posting Privacy, select the default you want and click "Save Changes".

# # # # # # #

RSS fans!

You can follow any Mastodon account via RSS by just adding ".rss" to the end of the account's public profile URL.

To find a user's public profile URL, click on their profile image within Mastodon.

For example, if you click on FediTips' profile image you get this page in a new tab:

So, to follow FediTips through RSS, use this address:

This will only show that account's public posts. Other posts will not be visible on the RSS feed.

# # # #

Because the Fedi doesn't have an algorithm, it's helpful to boost your own posts. Not everybody on Fedi is in the same timezone as you are or even log on frequently, which means some of your posts won't be read by all your followers. They want to see your posts, so boosting your own posts helps those that didn't log on in a week get a chance to see what you shared. # Tips # # #

You can create your own Mastodon server even without technical knowledge 🐘

There are companies that provide Managed Hosting, where you pay a monthly fee and they do all the technical stuff including hosting, installation and updates.

You own and run the server, they do the tech stuff behind the scenes.

The best managed hosting companies for Mastodon are probably and

It's not just Mastodon either, there are lots of Fediverse platforms and other online services available through managed hosting. Try visiting for more options (or follow them at @homegrown).

# # # # #

If you're currently on a massive server like, you might want to consider moving your account to a smaller server.

You can keep your followers when you change servers, here's how to do it:

You can find reliable servers at (all the servers listed there agree to the covenant at Try to pick one with fewer people.

There are lots of good things about smaller servers:

-Better moderation, because there are more staff per member.

-Smaller servers tend to have more personality, with a village feel.

-The local timeline on smaller servers is much more readable.

-Smaller servers protect the Fediverse as a whole from being taken over, because lots of smaller servers are harder to buy than a few big servers.

-It's easier to make a difference on smaller servers. It's easier to discuss things with the admin and other members.

# # # #

# Honestly, don't use a crossposter.

It doesn't really work, it causes you to treat one side as the "real" one and the other as a backup.

But whatever you do, please don't crosspost retweets. I think I'm just gonna start unfollowing people if I see "RT"

Profiles and posts on Mastodon and the Fediverse have public versions you can share with people who aren't on the Fediverse.

To see the public version of a profile, click on the profile picture. This will open the public version of the profile in a new tab.

To see the public version of a post, click on the datestamp below the post. This will open the public version of the post in a new tab.

These "public pages" are handy for sharing with friends, because they don't require logging in to see them.

Public pages are also very useful for something else:

If you paste the URL address of a public page into the search box on Mastodon, and then search for it, the post or profile will appear within your server. This is handy if you cannot find a post or person by searching, but you know they exist on another server.

Searching for a URL like this forces your server to "notice" the profile or post.

It also works with URLs from PeerTube, PixelFed etc.

# # #

Content warning: Tips for Making Threads

Content warning: Tip on replying

# newcomers: Welcome to your first collective outrage/sorrow experience! There's some etiquette here for the occasion: the ✨ content warning ✨

If you drop your takes and commiserations under a CW, people can choose to engage with the doomscroll or skip it entirely.

It's not censorship; it's empathy.

# #

I've updated my Mastodon guide for readers and writers to include more links and more sources like the Trunk # # # # # # # # # #

If you use a screenreader to access the internet, there's a guide to Mastodon written specifically for you at:

It's written by @changeling and you can support their work by donating to

(For those who don't know, screenreaders are used mainly by blind and partially-sighted people to read aloud what is on the screen. It's important for websites to be accessible so they can be navigated by screenreaders.)

# # # # # # # # # #

ℹ️ # is a major concern for us here on as well as many other # servers.

After joining, please check your profile (link below) to enable or disable:

1. Require follow requests
Manually control who can follow you by requiring your approval

2. Suggest account to others
Allow your account to be discovered by strangers

3. Hide your social graph
Don't let others see who follows you, and who you follow.



fediverse software is mostly open source, meaning you can pop the hood and break things to your liking. mastodon has many forks with interesting features, such as hometown, glitch-soc, and fedibird. there are also other instance implementations including pleroma and misskey. if you know a thing or two about software, play around and see what you like. this is still a very malleable space and your efforts can have a big impact!


the fediverse has a long history of mutual aid. need help? want to raise funds for a cause? pass the hat by posting to #, or monitor that tag to help folks in need. everything is easier when we work together, and together we are strong! ✊️


say goodbye to celebrity, except for @TommyWiseau . no one here is famous enough that you have heard of them unless you are a nerd. you cannot bully the government on fedi, unless it is @Nicolas_Maduro . those cringe takes you want so bad to dunk on? forget them. they are meaningless. mute, block, report, move on. use # to report bad behavior widely


say goodbye to using targeted ads as a form of tarot. i know that discussing what computers think of you has become a common icebreaker, so this may be a difficult adjustment. instead, try sharing what you think of computers!

NO: the algorithm thinks i’m a chaser with hormonal acne ha ha

YES: it is cruel that we have forced sand to think. why would we do that

As an alternative to FediTips, you might want to also check out @noelle's "Increasingly Less-Brief Guide to Mastodon":

It's got slightly different takes on many issues, but hopefully seeing a different perspective will give you a fuller understanding of how Mastodon works.

# # # #