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So yeah, I sorta followed, like 800 ppl in a few weeks. Then, every time I saw a #followFriday I thought pfft I need a #whoDahFukAmIFollowing day. Or it turns out, a week.

I've been trying something.

Turned the reblog off on a bunch of accounts. Took me 4 days, but it also meant hundreds of profiles I stopped and looked at as I changed a setting, a nice refresher.

But man! Once I did it what a change....

#followfriday #ff
Za nedlouho všichni budeme potřebovat "ředit tajmlajnu" tak vám představuju dva automatizované účty pro slunce v duši:

Prvním je @hourlycosmos - každou hodinu snímek z vesmíru

A druhým je @TinyForests - každou hodinu malý lesík nakreslený z emoji

Heute stelle ich mal ein paar Dienste im #Fediverse am #FollowFriday / #FF vor, vielleicht kennt ihr einige schon aber es gibt noch einige mehr:

✒️ @OCRbot
📌 @mobilizon
📆 @gancio
📼 @peertube
🎙️ @funkwhale
📻 @Castopod
📺 @owncast
🎶 @feedbeat
📚 @bookwyrm
👀 @read_as
👨‍💼 @flockingbird
🔥 @bonfire

No es norma pero se va convirtiendo en convención: nuestros fediversantes ciegos no suelen personalizar su avatar, les queda el predeterminado (imagen adjunta).

Tiene lógica y está chido porque nos permite identificar de un vistazo cuando conversamos con quien tiene esa discapacidad.

Les invito a que, si no son ciegos, personalicen su avatar tan pronto como puedan.

#EsViernesDeSeguirA @blindscribe @jaguarunileiro
#FF #FollowFriday

#FediTips #Accesibilidad #Accessibility #Blind #Ceguera
Cara de Mastodonte caricaturizada, avatar predeterminado en Mastodon.

If you are looking for accounts to follow cross-instances, check this search tool:

Not the prettiest, but easy to find more accounts that match your interest.

If you want to be listed there, you have to enable "profile view" on your settings page.


I'm bringing back #FollowFriday #ff Here's a bunch of people you should follow and why. Do this for your own feed as well! #noxp

@cult is the local overlord and the person that I am putting into debt with my shitposting. He's worth a follow!

@apg is a former coworker of mine and implementor of cursed things like serving HTTP with SQLite.

@nova is the fearless admin of and writes amazing blogposts.

@fasterthanlime is the author of posts and the Keeper of Cool Bear.

@tomasino is a Gopher protocol advocate and one of the last holdouts from the old internet.

@iliana is a fellow nerd blogger friend that I really need to meet up with in meat flesh so that the planet can meow at xer.

@commaok is another former coworker of mine working on climate benefits for companies and went through an increasingly desperate bout of trying to hack the Go linker to shave off a megabyte of binary size only for the limit to be increased by more than 3x.

@SilverEagle is a birb nerd that works on online radio software that powers hundreds of small community radio stations.

All of these people are worth a follow!