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#GNOMEAsia2022 is only a few hours away! Reminder that our schedule is in local Malaysian time, but you can view it in the timezone of your choice by using the settings at the top right side of the event website.

Attendees, check your emails for more info on how to join us remotely and check back here or on the event website for links to our YouTube Livestream.

#GNOMEAsia #opensource #GNOME #conference
GNOME Asia Summit 2022, Malaysia. Dec 2-4

Godot Engine 4.0 is approaching release, future plans detailed #GameDev #OpenSource

Mindblowing 🤯

#Whisper is an #openSource #speechRecognition model written in #Python by #OpenAI. I’ve just seen it in action. Extract an #mp3 from a video, run it through Whisper, and it turns every spoken word into text. It even does a very decent job in #Danish. Perfect for subtitling #TV and #video. I am very impressed.

#ai #language #transcription #speechToText

Had a really fun conversation about Mastodon and the Fediverse today with folks at the #Oregon State University #OpenSource Lab, @osuosl.

If you don't know about them (or if you do!) please give them a follow. It's a great program for getting university students hands-on experience with key #FreeSoftware project infrastructure.

Heads up for fans of the #Metatext #Mastodon app

- its lead developer @metabolist has stopped updating it, for health reasons.

:blobcatohno: :ohno:

If someone else would like to help out, please email them at




#feditips #opensource #accessibility

Unfortunately I have to stop actively working on #Metatext for a while due to health issues. I really wish I could implement Mastodon 4 features and squash every bug, but it's not possible for me to do so right now.

I know the app has become important to a lot people, so I'm open to a new maintainer who can carry on its values of privacy and accessibility taking it over if there's interest and a fit. Email if you (or your organization) are interested

Two days to go! Have you registered for #GNOMEAsia2022 yet? It's not too late! Our talks will be available remotely and registration is free. Sign up today:

#GNOMEAsia #GNOME #opensource #conference
GNOME Asia Summit 2022, Malaysia. Dec 2-4, register online

You want to help #OpenSource #FreeSoftware but you are not a developer? And English isn't your first language? Well - that's just perfect! Join us at #codeberg and donate some of your time and knowledge of your language by helping with translations for many open source projects at!
Dashboard of the weblate instance at #codeberg

After 2 years of negotiations with Microsoft, the German Data Protection Conference issued a damning statement: German schools must not use MS365 due to privacy violations.

Fortunately, Linux, LibreOffice & Tutanota are very good alternatives. 💪🔐

#OpenSource #FOSS #privacy #GDPR

@kanvor Delší dobu používám Matrix a jsem spokojený. Nemám důvod přecházet. Rád používám #opensource aplikace a to Telegram není.

CoSchedule is a great tool for small teams. Unfortunately it doesn't support #Mastodon #ActivityPub. Go vote for this feature to be added, please.

And if you know of any proper #OpenSource tool that does what CoSchedule does, please let me know 😀

TIL: less than 1% of Thunderbird users donate to support the @thunderbird project.


I've just changed this 1% a wee bit 😉, by donating a bit of money. Thunderbird is an indispensable tool for me so donating is a no-brainer.

If you are able to donate, please support them. We need to invest in opensource civic software now & for the future!

#OpenSource #Mozilla #Thunderbird #Email #PublicSpaces #Finance #TodayILearned #TIL

Meet the Community Design Team! We are a team of designers who work with upstream open source projects. Check out part 1 of our intro blog post series here:

#fedora #opensource #design

The path to bringing you a great email experience on Android devices begins with K-9 Mail, which joined the Thunderbird family earlier this summer.

As we work towards a modern redesign of desktop Thunderbird, we’re also working to improve K-9 Mail as it begins its transition to Thunderbird mobile in Summer 2023.

Read more about today's new release of K-9 Mail on the Thunderbird blog:

#Android #Thunderbird #K9Mail #Email #FOSS #OpenSource

Keyoxide is a privacy-friendly open source tool to create and verify decentralized online identities using a cryptography-based approach to bidirectional linking

#identity #keyoxide #opensource #technology
Screenshot showing a Keyoxide profile and a verified identity

@jacob Tak u toho jde také 2fa ne? Já jsem dal do článku Bitwarden, že je možnost ho používat, protože ho máme na našem serveru. Kdyby měl někdo zájem. Je to také super #opensource správce hesel.


Hi! I just joined this new community that I would like to support. I've been running my own server for a couple of weeks but it can be a bit lonely -- my Local feed is just me! And posts don't federate like I wish they would.

I'm CTO at Center for Digital Resilience (CDR), focused on #humanrights, #digitalsecurity, and #opensource tech. But! I'm also the dad of 3 kids, I like to run, and I write and play #music.

Gonna see how things go here before doing a full migration.

Lack of filter support in the official Mastodon Android app has me out here dodging spoilers left and right. Exclusively using the web client until I watch the #Andor finale…

But let’s just say: I’m bummed about the state of development of the app; no releases in over four months, and not really accepting of community contributions.

Top-down design and dev is their right, but also, it only really works if you can actually deliver in sync with the service itself.

#meta #OpenSource

One of the coolest tools we use at #1Password has been #opensource ’d!

I present to you Typeshare 2.0! A way to share Rust types across the FFI (supports, Swift, Kotlin, TypeScript, and Go). We use it everyday and I love it, makes things so easy and awesome.

#rust #swift #kotlin #go #golang #rustlang

I guess moving to a new instance means it's time for an #introduction.

Hello, I’m cketti, an open source developer living in Berlin, Germany.

For the past 8 years I've been the maintainer of K-9 Mail, an open source email client for Android. In June of this year I joined the Thunderbird project to turn K-9 Mail into Thunderbird on Android. Follow @thunderbird to see how that is coming along.

I don't post a lot. When I do, it's most likely about #OpenSource, #AndroidDev, or #Email.

:opensource: 👂🏽Do any #OpenSource #audio geeks know of tools for #Android and/or #Linux that can set separate equalization for each ear?

:covid19: Because of #COVID, I have #hearingLoss in my left ear and I would like to boost higher frequencies to get it somewhat equal.

:boost_requested: Thanks for any ideas. Please boost if you have audio-smart followers that might have ideas for me, and please wear a mask so this doesn't happen to you.
Audiological report chart showing increasing hearing loss in left ear starting at 2kHz and dropping to -35dB at 8kHz.

Here's a screenshot of #K9Mail's current message view. And two more showing what the NEW message design will look like! 👀

We've added some comments in the margins explaining some of the new features and UI elements.

Thunderbird for Android is taking shape, and it should be here before Thunderbird Supernova releases next summer!

(Note: This is by no means final, still a lot of polish and work to do)

#OpenSource #FOSS #Email #Android #Thunderbird
An email from Edsger W. Dijkstra to Alan Turing, viewed in the current version of K-9 Mail, an open source mobile email client.
The new message view, redesigned for the upcoming Thunderbird mobile app. The screenshot shows various comments on the new features and updated UI.
The new message view, redesigned for the upcoming Thunderbird mobile app. The screenshot shows various comments on the new features and updated UI.

I can't sign this as I am not a constituent of the EU, but I hope this comes to pass and the EU forces some responsibility into the #tech corporations. Goodness knows the US isn't going to lead the way.

#OpenSource #ConsumerRights #Computers #PlannedObsolescence #FOSS #ElectronicWaste #environmentalism #RightToRepair

Just found out that the open source Python library for converting webpages to PDF, Weasyprint, has recently added experimental support for creating tagged PDFs that conform with PDF/UA:

This is really exciting as there aren’t many open source options for doing this. I’m going to have a play and try creating an @eleventy plugin for this!

#pdf #a11y #opensource

Uživatelé stále přicházejí na Mastodon, ale v posledních dnech je i zájem o náš na kterém jsem byl přes rok aktivní jen já. 🙂
Snad ten zájem o #opensource a #fediverse vydrží.

I have to say I enjoy running MS #Edge on a #ChromeBook using #Linux.

Not sure that most folks would get a kick out of that, but just provides that extra level of flexibility that I enjoy.

How much of this is based on #OpenSource?

Introducing Upscaler, an application that lets you upscale and enhance images. I released 1.0.0 yesterday and it is now available on Flathub!

#linux #gnome #gtk #python #gnu #foss #opensource

Since 2003, part of our mission has been respecting your #privacy and putting YOU in control – not a corporation.

We never show advertisements. We never sell your data.

That’s because #Thunderbird is completely funded by donations from generous people just like you.

YOU keep this great software free. YOU help us develop great new features. YOU keep us thriving!

Please consider giving a gift to help Thunderbird be the best it's ever been in 2023.

#OpenSource #Email

Did you know that #Mastodon supports #RSS feeds?

That means you can follow your favorite people and topics right inside of Thunderbird!

→ Just add ".rss" to the URL ←

For example, our Mastodon URL ""



What about #hashtags? YEP!

Let's look at #OpenSource. From our instance, it is: ""

So, we just append .rss and it works!


REALLY useful if you don't want to miss a thing!

I added a github issue here to request editing alt text after an image has been posted, so give it a thumbs up or provide some comments! Facebook has this feature, so why can't we have it? I'd like this to happen for all media, not just images. #Accessibility #A11y #Mastodon #Fediverse #OpenSource

Why are people joining issue or specific Mastodon servers? I'm interested in many issues, and am curious about ones tied to #OpenSource #Sustainability & #Accessibility, but unsure how or why people choose.

Are certain instances going to be seen as being more legitimate? How will sustainability be managed as numbers grow? What happens if I move & that instance shuts down?

Some info here:

Seeing people with coding ability commenting on features they want in Mastodon, many of them framing their insights as if there is a bug.

Almost all ideas I have seen so far could be implemented in a client or a relay. For ones that can't, there are pull requests. For ones that are declined, downstream forking is feasible.

It's #OpenSource & based on a truly open standard, #ActivityPub. How about we frame ideas positively & look for places to contribute? This is not a walled garden run by VCs.

🤟 Mastodon is #opensource and #nonprofit alternative tool without any investors and not for sale (thank you @Gargron)

If you want to participate in the Mastodon’s success and long-live living, you can - of course!

Can you code? —>

Can you pay? —>

Non of it? Spread the word and boost, please. 🙏

:fdroid: Just finished a very productive (early days!) meeting for the @fdroidorg board. It's great to see the org "growing up" and working hard to strengthen the community.

🤔 What #OpenSource projects have strategic needs that YOU might be able to support this week?

Just in: A Browser Extension to redirect users to their home instance. Instead of only redirecting only on actions (follow, like, etc), user is automatically redirected to the equilevant page on their home instance.

By @raikas #opensource #Mastodon

After the dotcom bust 20 years ago, there was a shift away from attempts to turn the Internet into a portal owned by a single company (AOL, Yahoo, etc) using incompatible and proprietary tech, in favor of open standards.

This spawned a heydey for things like self-hosted blogs, RSS and XMPP powered by Linux. People rejected lock-in and embraced the benefits and freedom open standards brought. Even Big Tech embraced these standards.

#federation #decentralization #OpenSource #FreeSoftware