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"AstroAccess has been making amazing strides in advancing disability inclusion in human space exploration. ...we are launching a fundraising campaign to help support this project & its goal of advancing disability equity in the aerospace industry. All donations are tax-deductible and made through our 501c3 non-profit, SciAccess. Any amount is greatly appreciated and helps us continue breaking down barriers to space for all." #Space #GivingTuesday #Accessibility

Phew! Thanks to new data from ESO's Very Large #Telescope, we now know that a white dwarf that was set for a close encounter with our Solar System in 29000 years isn't actually headed our way. Turns out that the intense magnetic field of the #star had biased the previous measurements of the approach speed. You're welcome everyone! 😉

We tell you everything in our latest ESO #blog:

#astrodon #astronomy #space #scicomm

We have a new post in our Blog article series illuminating 🪔the #science background 👩🏻‍🔬 👨🏾‍🔬 of ##ESAEuclid 🛰️ and the techniques we'll employ for high-precision #cosmology: "Measuring the Universe with Baryon Acoustic Oscillations?"


#astrodon #astronomy #DarkEnergy #DarkMatter #space

If you were stargazing on Mars, you could watch the dance of the Earth & Moon in your evening sky. ESA's Mars Express just made a little sped-up movie of what you'd see. (Both Earth & Moon would be easily visible to the naked eye.) #science #space #astrodon

Explore the extraordinary eons-old details of the moon’s surface in an astounding 1.3-gigapixel composite #photography #science #space

Mars - #HopeMarsMission spotted an elongated cloud around Ascraeus Mons

Full size image:

North Polar Cap ↖️
Timetag: 2021-07-10
Altitude: 33580 km
Raw Data from: https://sdc.emiratesmarsmission.a
Filters: f635+f546+f437 (f320UV used just to enhance a little bit the cloud around the Ascraeus Mons)

I love also Olympus and Arsia Mons on the Terminator!

#Mars #HopeProbe #Space #Spacetodon #Astrodon #Solarocks #Astronomy

Galactic collisions result in a billion-year gravitational dance, as shown in this captivating supercomputer simulation. The simulation depicts the collision of two spiral galaxies and is complemented by actual images of galactic collisions at various stages captured by Hubble.

Credit: NASA, ESA, and F. Summers
#Astronomy #Space #Universe #AltText4Me

Hello People Making Games! Just moved myself over from another instance, so I figure that warrants an #introduction

Hi! I'm Chase! I'm a web developer that dabbles in making games!
I've had a lot of fun playing around with #Pico8, and lately I've started a new project in #Godot (see attached gif). I made a couple wordle clones -- (for langages) and (for books)

I'm also into #linguistics #space and #dinosaurs but don't know nearly enough about them to be interesting 🙃

I'll try to post game dev related stuff, but honestly I'll mostly probably talk about my kids' wacky antics.

Was the SpaceX Starship’s launch a failure or a success?

Ars Technica says "For those who know a bit more about the launch industry and the iterative design methodology, getting the Super Heavy rocket and Starship upper stage off the launch pad was a huge success." The company's development process is messier, but it's also much faster, says author Eric Berger.

#Space #SpaceX #NASA

NASA has announced the crew for the Artemis II mission, which will take four astronauts around the Moon and deeper into space than any humans before.
  • Reid Wiseman (Commander)
  • Victor Glover (Pilot)
  • Jeremy Hansen (Mission Specialist)
  • Christina Hammock Koch (Mission Specialist)

#NASA #ArtemisII #Artemis #Space #Astronauts #Moon #Lunar #Exploration #Science

45-year old #Voyager1 started sending garbled messages in May, but #NASA engineers were able to determine and employ a fix. We are again receiving data from interstellar space (14.8B miles away!)

The NASA engineers are amazing.

For the #nerds out there, you can find out about Voyager’s current mission status here:


So apparently scientists have found a dwarf planet way out past Pluto (they've called it Quaoar) that has rings! What's even cooler, these rings are far away from Quaoar, way past the Roche limit (the limit past which we didn't think rings could be maintained as rings instead of coalescing into a moon).

#astronomy #space

This is amazing. NASA commissioned a microgravity compatible espresso machine for the International Space Station (to make ISSpresso, obviously), and to stop the astronaut having to drink espresso from a closed container with a straw, a bunch of NASA volunteers designed the Space Cup, so the crema bubbles could be seen and the coffee smelled even in microgravity. And I've just been sent one in the post. That's Samantha Cristoforetti drinking from it in the ISS cupola. #ISS #Space #Coffee

Gorgeous: En route to lunar orbit, South Korea's Danuri spacecraft captured this sequence of the Moon transiting in front of the Earth. #Moon #space #KARI

My daughter asked me, "Have we ever seen a star being born?" Here's part of the answer.
Deep within interstellar cloud CB 130-3, a dense knot of gas and dust teeters on the edge of collapse. When it goes, it will become a new star. #Space #astronomy

The view from NASA's Artemis mission yesterday is just...words fail me.

HT and the brilliant engineers & scientists who made this happen.

#NASA #Artemis #space

There is a certain beauty in when this happens. The geometry of the mutual event, eclipse, conjunction, whatever you want to call it. It's just... 🤷 😭

NASA/JSC/Artemis 1
NASA/JPL-Caltech/SSI/CICLOPS/Kevin M. Gill

#Space #Science

Epic crescent #Neptune and #Triton as seen by #Voyager2

Full Size:
8.988.249 km - 1989-08-31

If you're wondering where are the two Voyagers now click here:

#Icegiants #Space #NASA

Mars - A large storm over the North Polar Cap

Full Size:

Hope Mars Mission latest data release
Orbit 142 - 2021-12-03
Altitude: 28.000 km

#Mars #Space #HopeProbe

What do you call Jupiter in your language? For me this is Giove

Full Size:

NASA's Juno - PJ 31
SSS South Temperate Belt
Altitude: 58426 km
Time: 2020-12-30

#Jupiter #Perijove31 #Space
©NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI /MSSS/AndreaLuck

“The Outer Space Treaty of 1967 created an obligation under international law to avoid the harmful contamination of outer space, the moon and other celestial bodies…”

Meanwhile, Elon Musk: “oi, I’ve got an idea, why don’t I launch my fucking car into space for shits, giggles, and PR?”

Everyone: “ooh, he’s so smart, he will save us all”

#elonMusk #space #junk

When my stuff gets featured by # I feel like an Astronaut in the endless beauty of space time 😂

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Watch and download the Full Size/HQ here:

Juno Spacecraft :jupiter_photo:
Perijove (orbit): 41

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