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Re last: are they kidding us? That is so good, I can't believe it! #ElevenLabs #Music #AISong

#Suno? #Udio? Who needs those? #ElevenLabs has just blown my actual mind and I am here for it! Cannot wait to get access to this.
I have not been so excited by AI-based music until now.
Don't skip anything, just listen.
Pay attention to the extremely fast Rap section too. It's up there with the best of them.
You've never heard AI music like this, trust me.…

Am I out of a job? Hope not. #ElevenLabs prompt: 'Logo sound for a new generation of streaming company. Should be musical, have some rhythm, and be iconic'

#ElevenLabs is giving us more ridiculous toys to play with. Sound-effects generation, so I asked it to give me the sound of dropping your keys down a huge well with glass at the bottom, and uh...

LOL I forgot how fun it is to run portions of foreign language songs through #ElevenLabs dubbing to try to get an English translation. Here's an example of one I just did.

I'm practicing my #German using #ElevenLabs. OK not really, I dubbed a tutorial I made for the Komplete Kontrol WhatsApp group, in which I demonstrate how to rescan libraries using VOCR. Hearing Kate (the TTS engine I use) speaking German and getting quite excited in-places is quite the amusing experience to say the least.

What happens when you cross my crazy wak ass blind friend group, with state of de art AI technology, with my rediculous, embarrassing laugh, with a video about bad translations?

You get this:…

Fair warning, this is a lightly edited Discord voice chat session, and I apparently had my gain set waaaaaaay to high, so expect clipping and general audio discomfort.

#AI #TheLowerElements #ElevenLabs #Translation #Fail

Never, ever use #elevenlabs dubbing feature to translate ASMR from another language to English. I may never sleep again! Just endless creepy whispery voices telling me "This is Lee Hyuk Young from NBC news", strange demonic moaning, aliens thanking me for watching, and saying sorry. This started as someone whisper reading in another language I don't speak (because I find that relaxing), and I think whatever the heck she was reading just makes it worse somehow. Something about decapitated heads, trains, and raccoons? Then again, I don't think ElevenLabs can translate whispers at all, so this could have been anything.

LOL you should feed that audio into #ElevenLabs for an instant voice clone and see what it comes up with.

So some Music from @FreakyFwoof, a recommendation from Amazon, and the text given to #elevenlabs. Incredible how ... different, a book synopsis can sound.

Please say by bye to Mr Buzzard T Buzzard, radio DJ extraordinaire, who is retiring from radio after 275 years on-air. His last words behind the microphone are here: #ElevenLabs

I love it when #ElevenLabs unexpectedly goes completely off the rails. I tried writing a thing like it was giving a speech at the opening of a hotel and getting stuff wrong. Of course I put in some keyboard mashing to see what it would do, and it just loses it. It’s imotions go all over the place. I suppose having someone called Brian Shitface cutting the ribbon doesn’t exactly help…

I sent my AI Voice to Language School #ElevenLabs…

I had #ChatGPT write a story for a friend of mine who just went through a colonoscopy and it seemed fitting to have it in the style of a Scotsman, although #ElevenLabs didn't change my accent to compensate. Still, it amuses me none the less.

Well since I've not uploaded any #ElevenLabs content in a while, here's the stock Adam voice giving a speech, even though he's crap at writing them. but apparently the reason why people still hire him is because of the demonic noises he finishes with.
Seriously where the hell it's getting those noises from I have no idea.
And he doesn't seem to know what his accent is supposed to be.
Transcript is in the alt text thing.

I purposefully made a voice using a voice-changer with the infected Mushroom Manipulator plugin, wrote an utterly pointless thing in #ElevenLabs and had it use that sample as a basis for this thing:

Can we use that last #ElevenLabs output as a musical instrument? Oh yes, we can! Here's a bit of that last audio playing a portion of Rush E, a MIDI with which some of you are no doubt familiar. Sorry for the strange volume issues, parts of this get very loud, which makes other parts quite soft, so I did some quick and dirty adjustments.

I just wrote up a bunch of nonsense text intended to cause #ElevenLabs to make some stupid noises, and did it ever succeed! Here's the text, and the resulting audio is attached.

Hello! I am a very official sounding radio announcer type of voice. So now, naturally, I'm going to try to make some really stupid noises. Here we go!
Did you like that? I hope so! We're done now, bye bye!

I Out of sheer boredom and curiosity, I asked #ChatGPT to write a little essay about #TrafficLights and how they differ from country-to-country. I then had an #AI version of yours truly read it, courtesy of #ElevenLabs, so here it is. I even learnt a few things I didn't know, assuming of course, that Chat GPT is correct in what it wrote.

Wow! Here's my variant: "Write a story about an intelligent AI assistant learning to speak to dogs. Write it in the style of Arthur C. Clarke." Voiced by #ElevenLabs Adam. #ChatGPT

Write a story about an intelligent AI assistant learning to speak to dogs. Write it in beautiful, flowery prose. Include exciting and dramatic sentences. #ChatGPT #ElevenLabs

Here's a pretty good version of what my wife Kirsten sounds like. Some of the inflection is out, and some of her pronunciation is unusual but it even got the seal of approval from the lady herself. #ElevenLabs

When you throw random characters and strange things into #ElevenLabs, it gets quite... Irate, might be the word? Especially if the first slider is set to 0.