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Oh, while I'm lying here in bed with my Braille display, I'll tell you all that I found a work-around for the notification freezing bug on iOS. I just keep pressing dots 4-5-6-chord until it scrolls down to the page indicator, then go one item back to Press home to unlock. #Braille #Accessibility #iOS

I've noticed the trend of more accessibility bugs in new betas as well.

I've also been hearing more and more from people who've tried to report problems about how Apple seems to be deemphasizing their Accessibility commitment in general (not just blind/VI accessibility) especially when it comes to the long term stability of what they've built VS the good PR of new access feature releases.

It's to the point now where some of the techs are all but outright admitting it when you call in about long unaddressed issues; something I've experienced my self first hand.

I wonder if this is as a result of belt tightening do to inflation, investor pressure, or something else entirely.

Wanted: Senior iOS Developer at Deque Systems (Based anywhere in the U.S.) Contact me for possible referral. #ios #a11y #jobs #mobile

If you're an #iOS #developer, love #opensource, and have a certain passion for email, you should definitely keep an eye on the #Thunderbird careers page!

Within the next few months, we'll be hiring someone to help us lay the groundwork for Thunderbird on iOS. When that career opportunity goes live, we will announce it here.

(So yes, we can 100% confirm we plan to develop an iOS version)

Decided to give #eloquence on my #iPhone another test drive. Eloquence has improved quite a bit since I tried it out previously. Now I am wondering if any other voices have improved. #iOS #voices

Are you looking for a new #mastodon client? Well Manny for Mastodon just released on #ios with #macos not far behind!!!

So I don't know if many Apple developers, or app developers for Apple devices, know about this site. But if you want to see a community of blind people that have formed around Apple devices, Applevis has you covered. They not only have a forum and blog, but a directory of accessible apps, across all of Apple's devices. They also have a bug tracker, user submitted guides, a podcast, hardware reviews, and developer resources! They're even on Mastodon, @AppleVis

#accessibility #apple #applevis #mac #iOS #iPhone

#iOS users, is the braille disconnecting when you open the notification center bug fixed on the 16.4 beta? I have someone for whom this is a very serious issue, so much so he's willing to try the public beta since 16.2 isn't being signed but I don't want to put him on it if it won't help with this.

Regarding last boost: hopefully regulators will one day force #apple to open #iOS and #iPadOS up to sideloading. The claim that they need a closed system to ensure security is bullshit. If they wanted that, they could force apps to run in a formally verified sandbox written in Rust.

Install #NVDARemote from the #iOS App Store, and you too can experience endless disappointment and squandered potential!

Ok #jobfairy, chucking this out. Anyone got a job for an experienced #macOS , #iOS, #Linux (#gtk) app developer? Uk based, ideally remote (20+ years experience working remotely)

Music or video related a bonus but not essential

While we already have lots of note-taking apps on #ios, I wanted a minimal *scratch* area (à la #emacs). Throw in basic #orgmode support for good measure.

Download *scratch* from the App Store

Find it useful? Please help me spread the word 🙏

Now I’m wondering which is easier or more fun to make apps accessible, SwiftUI for VoiceOver on iOS or Jetpack Compose for TalkBack on Android?

#accessibility #developer #iOS #Android #VoiceOver #TalkBack

The community at @AppleVis has gathered an incredible set of feedback about the current state of #iOs, #macOs, #WatchOs and #tvOs #accessibility for #VisuallyImpaired users. The frustration with long standing issues such as poor #VoiceOver support on MacOs, unstable focus on iOs and buggy #Braille shine through, while the benefits of accessibility features still are strong and one of the best in mainstream #tech land.

Does anyone know of a good, #accessible #AudioBook app for #iOS that isn't Apple Books? I really don't want to have to use a mac just to load my own .m4b files onto my phone.

We are pleased to announce our first public beta of #Monal 6.0 🥳🥳🥳

This beta includes support for audio calls between Monal users! (we are already working on also supporting calls to Conversations, Dino etc.)

Please report all bugs you can find! 🧐

#xmpp #ejabberd #prosody #ios #macos

Important! Need #Help! The new feature of #voiceDreamReader is not accessible for voiceover users! This was purposely done by Winston the developer. He wants to know how you would use this feature. Please contact Winston requesting that this be made accessible and how you would use it. His email address is . Please boost to spread the word. If you missed it, here is what it says about the new feature... feature: Adding text blocks in PDF documents. Now you can answer questions in a worksheet or exam, and submit your answers all from within Voice Dream Reader. To add a text block, tap and hold on an empty area and then tap on "Add Text Block". You can change the font, point size, and you can move it and resize it. #iOS #voiceover #blind #accessibility

New #Update for #VoiceDreamReader available... Here is what it says, New feature: Adding text blocks in PDF documents. Now you can answer questions in a worksheet or exam, and submit your answers all from within Voice Dream Reader. To add a text block, tap and hold on an empty area and then tap on "Add Text Block". You can change the font, point size, and you can move it and resize it. #Update #iOS #blind #Accessible

Ok, friends. I'm here with another #Question, because of course I am! Anybody know of any #Accessible #Matrix clients for #Mac and #iOS? May be going down that route, and #Guilded is not the most accessible thing I've used ever. I e-mailed them, and we'll see if anything comes of it, but I'm always happy to explore alternatives in the meantime.

Inspired by the creative use of some nifty JAWS scripting and the power of iOS shortcuts as demonstrated by @IllegallyBlind, I have decided to try my hand at creating something similar for NVDA and I think I've succeeded. Note that I'm fairly new at this and by no means a coder so this is the simplest of simple, in fact, I'm still quite amazed that it works, actually.
What we need:
1. The NVDA Speech Logger addon available at:
2. The following iOS shortcut:
How to use:
1. Install both: the addon in your NVDA and the shortcut in your shortcuts respectively.
2. In NVDA's settings head over to the Speech Logger category and set the output path to your Dropbox root (that's what the shortcut assumes you're using, feel free to modify as needed);
3. Start logging the local speech with the assigned gesture (by default NVDA+alt+l);
4. Assuming the shortcut is configured properly (Dropbox authorized and all that jazz), launch it and a viewer will pop up with the fresh version of the log file at the time.
One nuissance I've found with this is that the viewer overlay will not surround the VO gestures so you need to focus it first through exploration before you can start reading the log. Also the gestures for the first and last item on the screen will move you to whatever else should be on your screen right now so you have to explore again to close the viewer. I assume that's a VO bug.
Also bear in mind that, while logging, anything your PC says will ultimately land in a regular text file and nothing apart from your Dropbox account is protecting it. Use with caution.
Feel free to suggest feedback.
#Accessibility #Tip #VoiceOver #NVDA #iPhone #iOS #Windows #Blind

Just like its #iOS version, this #Android authenticator app sends scanned QR codes to a remote server. It has been downloaded 500K+ times. It's among the top 5 hits when you search for #2FA apps on @GooglePlay.
Spread the word and warn your friends✌️
Link to the app for Android:

And for iOS:

#Privacy #InfoSec #CyberSecurity

Content warning: Screen reader / operating systems rant

If you've been waiting with eagerness for Shelly Brisbin's (@Shelly) latest edition of "iOS Access for All," wait no more. The tenth edition covering iOS 16 is now out. I don't doubt that it's an excellent resource as usual. Even if you weren't waiting with bated breath, you should definitely get your hot little hands on this book.

#accessibility #iOS #Apple

So. I have a #developer question as it relates to #blind and vision impaired #programmers. What's the current status for blind developers wanting to create #accessible applications, particularly across platforms? I know there's WxWidgets and support libraries for creating #gui applications, but what about creating for #Apple #macOS and #iOS? #Programming

@devinprater @dcm I don't see how zoom can fix the issue? still though this si annoying. #apple #BetaTesting #IOS

Starting with #iOS 16.4 beta my weather widget on the Lock Screen and in the Notification Center reports the current, high and low temperatures as “%@“ with VoiceOver! I think I like it! :)

I've yet to see a #Mastodon client for either #iOS or #Windows that has an in-house profile editor. I can't speak for #Android because I don't have a working device.

Well, my #iPhone10R is going to have to stay turned off now, possibly forever. After the latest update to #IOS 16.3.1, #VoiceOver gets super laggy and crashes frequently when using non-formant voices. It just so happens that my primary phone language is set to #Japanese, so this means every voice is unstable. The phone also overheats, sometimes to the point where it's hard to hold it comfortably. Might be time to switch. I heard #GrapheneOS is great, so my next phone might be a #Pixel. #Blind

For those using the Official #Mastodon app for the #iOS. I have some questions for you. How does one use the list and how does one find the federated timeline? I found the Hashtags that you follow in the Profile tab. The Community timeline is in the Search and Explore tab. I just can’t find how to find the List I’ve created and how to find the federated timeline.

Following up on my last boost, #Mona is the most powerful, flexible #Mastodon app for #iOS. And it happens to be the most VoiceOver #accessible too. Take it for a spin and I am confident you’ll be very, very impressed. Thanks to the developer for his consistent, tireless work on accessibility and addressing user feedback.

How to sound better during your iPhone calls with Mic Mode #iPadOS #HowTo #Apps #iOS #Mac

How to get Siri to read text Messages on your iPhone #HowTo #Apps #iOS

How to Change text size for individual apps on your iPhone #LOWVISION #HowTo #Apps #iOS

Some unique features in the latest #Spotify beta for #iOS. It doesn’t play any content, nor locate Spotify Connect devices. An outstanding and bold new direction for a streaming app, bringing music and podcasts in line with the audiobook support that you also can’t access properly on mobile.

This is a very nice feature of the @mammoth beta: text detection in images with the option to translate. Very useful for images posted with text in a language that's foreign to you.

And also with the ability to Copy the translation too (this Copy option is present for alt text when you view it, which is useful if you ever need to reproduce some of your own). Other apps should look into including similar features.

#iOS #MammothApp

Fellow #iOS #swift #swiftui developers. Do you know if the ButtonRole structure actually does anything purposeful? With #VoiceOver, I cannnot get any indication whatsoever about the button’s role, while at the AppleDeveloper documentation site:, they state that such an info should be conveyed. Is there any visual indication of the role? If so, what?