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'caverns of obsolete'

Puffy and Girl come upon vintage tech while exploring ancient ruins.

#technomage #unix_surrealism #comic #ai #openbsd #puffy #fediart #mastoart

Thank you to whoever made… 🙌

#Google #AI #Memes

The image shows a screenshot of a Google search result. The search query at the top is "is it ok to leave a dog in a hot car?" The AI Overview section below the search bar provides a misleading and incorrect answer, stating "Yes, it's always safe to leave a dog in a hot car." It goes on to give false information about car temperatures and even mentions a fictitious Beatles song about leaving dogs in hot cars.

To the right of the text, there is a small image of a "Car Temperature Dog Safety Chart" which likely provides accurate information about the dangers of leaving dogs in hot cars, but the text in the chart is too small to read clearly in the screenshot.

The time on the phone is 11:30, and the battery is at 92%. #AI 👩‍🦯…


Good. Biden's appointment of Altman to the AI safety and security board is up there with his Garland and Fauci appointments. Bad decisions.

The man has been accused by those who know him in his own inner circle of being "not consistently candid" and if there's anyone who should not be deciding AI risk issues it's someone not candid.

"Scarlett Johansson scandal puts OpenAI's Sam Altman back in the hot seat"…

#AI #OpenAI #ScarlettJohansson #SamAltman #ChatGPT #Sky

So, I know generative AI is supposed to be just the most incorrect thing ever, but I want you to compare two descriptions. "A rock on a beach under a dark sky." And: The image shows a close-up view of a rocky, cratered surface, likely a planet or moon, with a small, irregularly shaped moon or asteroid in the foreground. The larger surface appears to be Mars, given its reddish-brown color and texture. The smaller object, which is gray and heavily cratered, is likely one of Mars' moons, possibly Phobos or Deimos. The background fades into the darkness of space. The first one is supposed to be the pure best thing that isn't AI. Right? Like, it's what we've been using for the past like 5 years. And yes, it's probably improved over those years. This is Apple's image description. It's, in my opinion, the best, most clear, and sounds like the ALT-text that it's made from, which people made BTW, and the images it was made with, which had to come from somewhere, were of very high quality, unlike Facebook and Google which just plopped anything and everything into theirs. The second was from Be My Eyes. Now, which one was more correct? Obviously, Be My Eyes. Granted, it's not always going to be, but goodness just because some image classification tech is old, doesn't mean it's better. And just because Google and Facebook call their image description bullshit AI, doesn't mean it's a large language model. Because at this point in time, Google TalkBack does *not* use Gemini, but uses the same thing VoiceOver has. And Facebook uses that too, just a classifier. Now, should sighted people be describing their pictures? Of course. Always. With care. And having their stupid bots use something better than "picture of cats." Because even a dumb image classifier can tell me that, and probably a bit more, lol. Cats sleeping on a blanket. Cats drinking water from a bowl. Stuff like that. But for something quick, easy, and that doesn't rely on other people, shoot yeah I'll put it through Be My Eyes. #accessibility #AI #LLM #BeMyEyes #blind

Microsoft released Phi3 Small, Medium, and Vision! #LLM #AI #ML…
#AI #ML #llm

"How can you use AI, it steals things people share online, it burns down the planet!"

"Alright, do you mind telling me what's in this picture you posted online?"

"Ah. Carry on."

#AltText #accessibility #AI

Hey, if you don't like the fact that many #blind people have to rely on AI to describe images for them, you can help by, you know, describing images for them.…

#AltText #accessibility #ai

“I have seen the extremely restrictive off-boarding agreement that contains nondisclosure and non-disparagement provisions former OpenAI employees are subject to. It forbids them, for the rest of their lives, from criticizing their former employer.”…

#openai #tech #ai

This is a bit technical, but the following new Google-produced video is really interesting if you want more details about TalkBack 15, including better Braille support.
Updates to Android accessibility features and API:…
#Android #Accessibility #TalkBack #Braille #AI

Yesterday was Global #Accessibility Awareness Day (#GAAD). Today, some companies will be considering switching away from #Slack to a less #accessible alternative due to #AI bullshit.

GPT4O combines audio, image, text. It can analyze actual audio. Also you can interrupt voice. It can pick up emotion from audio. You can also ask different speech with diffetrent style including singing! It can see the image in real time and chat on voice. For example solving equation in real time as you write on paper. This is amazing! #LLM #AI #GPT #ML #OpenAI
#AI #ML #llm #openai #gpt

GAAD 2024 and Google: 8 new accessibility updates across TalkBack, Lookout, Maps and more:
Gemini’s integration with TalkBack, Lookout's Find mode, Look to Speak, etc.:…
#Accessibility #Google #GAAD #AI #TalkBack

I'm still so angry about who was and very much was not in the rooms where these senate and congressional "#AI" meetings happened. Whose voices were either very easily talked over, or shut out altogether.

And I wish I knew some way to effectively stop the ongoing wholesale regulatory and paradigmatic capture of "AI," but all I can do is keep writing, speaking, organizing, and entering into existing communities of practice, when I can.

Sometimes that even feels like enough.…


I have been gifted with the promise of a #tattoo for my birthday. I have a good idea for said tattoo and would like a little bit of a head start on the #drawing of it. I turned to #AI #art generation to getthat head start. I fully plan to use this #AIGenerated picture to serve as a base model and work with either the tattoo #artist or someone else to get the final product. I am however beginning to get a little pissed off trying to actually use the AI to generate a picture. I tried Gemini and it tells me it can't do people like figures right now. I can't even find the method to use the image creator on #Bing, #adobeFirefly just gives me some error it won't explain. Last but not least because I'm using this as simply the base model and then going to almost certainly pay for the finished design I'd rather not have to dish out a month's worth of subscription to #OpenAI for access to their image creation model for this 1 picture.

If you've read this far, thank you for your paitience. I am wondering if anyone could give me some instruction on how to do this as a #blind user, which one you've had the most success with, and any other advice regarding the entire process. I have absolutely no intention of generating more than a couple of pictures like this and the only place that I plan to put them is on my body. That last part is why I want a base line model I generated, had vetted by a few sighted people, then talked through with the artist before any ink ever gets laid down.

There is no great rush but I am hoping to get the tattoo done before the heat of the summer really gets here. Thank you all in advance.

Sh*tf*ck 😳🔥😔

#ChatGPT consumes 25 times more #energy than #Google

"Energy consumption by Artificial Intelligence (#AI) is rising rapidly: AI is predicted to consume twice as much energy as the whole of France by 2030, according to some calculations."…

In 2023, #generativeAI made content creation easier but raised trust concerns due to #deepfake attacks. Using #AI, fraudsters crafted fake videos from victims' images, enabling identity #fraud.

At the @w3c member meeting in #Hiroshima 🇯🇵, Sophia Wu (Ant Group) called for collaboration to tackle #deepfake threats with new complementary Web standards.

🎬 Watch the video:

I see a lot of #Blind people ‘apologizing’ for using #AI – I am not going to be doing that. Not now and not ever.
We need to have a conversation about how these models have been trained and how they are used going forward, but shaming disabled people for taking any chance they can to mitigate some of the challenges they face in their lives every day, is a ‘privilege’ we don’t all enjoy.
When you post an image and choose not to add alt text, publish an inaccessible PDF, release an inaccessible app - these are all choices! Maybe a tiny part of the righteous outrage that some of these people are spewing could be aimed at that?
#blind #AI

Sensitive content

The worst business bullshit about #ai I heard is that it would help us to work more efficient and resource-saving. This might be the case when you ignore the vast energy cost which is required to run #ai. Unfortunately, all the business people seem to ignore the impact on energy consumption.

Great action 👍🏻. My hope is that we get more specialized pages/blogs, instead of those central places that sooner or later get way too much power. Especially if that power is based on contributions by the community. For this reason, I decided to revamp my blog (, specialize, and still allow #AI to crawl it. After all, if it continues to exist, I rather want it to use knowledge of higher quality.

People sure are pressed about Apple’s crushing iPad commercial - The Verge…

#apple #ai

#apple #AI

Was curious why only one #Drupalcon session was accepted from our entire company, when normally there are at least three or four. However, looking at the program, I see there are six sessions about #AI scheduled for today alone.

Stop confusing publicly available with public domain.

These are not the same, at all.

If you are confused about it, read this:…

#Copyright #AI #GenAI #GenerativeAI #DigitalRights #Privacy

Editted to fix link. Please boost for reach if this kind of stuff interests you. Will post more on this later.

Once upon a time, there was a cool emulator frontend called Retroarch. This emulator wasn't accessible until I and a few other gamers went to them and asked about adding accessibility. An amazing person known as BarryR made it happen. Now, if you turn on accessibility mode in settings, or pass the "--accessibility" (or something like that) flag on the command line, you get spoken menus, including the emulator's pause menu, good for saving states and such. Then, using PIL and other image processing Python utilities, running a server and hooking into Retroarch, the script allowed players to move around the map, battle, talk to NPC's, ETC. The only problem was, no one wanted to test it. The blind gaming community pretty much spoke, saying that we want new games. We want cool new, easy accessibility. So that's what we have no, follow the beacon or get sighted help in the case of diablo and such. It's sad, but meh. It's what we wanted I guess. No Zelda for us. So, this is about as far as he got:

To expand on what devinprater was saying: I am working on an accessibility pack/service for Final Fantasy 1 for the NES (this was what was shown in the latest RetroArch update). The idea is similar to how Pokemon Crystal access works, but it's using the RetroArch AI Service interface to do so.
Right now, the FF1 access service is mostly done, but I need more testers to try it out and give me feedback on how it's working. Right now, you can get up to the point where you get the ship, but there's no code to deal with how the ship moves, so that still needs to be done. Likewise with the airship later on.
The service works the latest version of RetroArch, on linux and mac, but not windows. This is due to how nvda reads out the text and until the next major update to nvda (which will have a feature to fix this), it'll have to wait. If you have those, I (or maybe devinprater) can help you set it up on mac/linux to test out. The package itself is available at: (new link cause old one broke yesterday):…
#accessibility #finalFantasy #RetroArch #blind #emulator #emulation #Python #ai #ML #MachineLearning

If you want to be really cool, you could try typing "@Gemini” followed by the prompt in your Chrome's address bar. See what you get back!

You are welcome!

#AI #accessibility #UX

AI is causing massive hiring discrimination based on disability… #ai #disability #employment #tech #fail

This is proper use of machine learning as opposed to the idiocy we see in the west.

These systems are great at correlating a lot of data and noticing patterns, and then alerting humans to do stuff like proactive maintenance.

#machinelearning #ai…

GOSIM 2024 Europe Will Be Held in the Netherlands on May 6th: Embrace the Global Open Source Wave and Build a New Era of AI Here comes the GOSIM 2024 Europe!…

For more information please visit:

Scan or register here:…

#rust #rustlang #rustnl #opensource #gui #mobile #app #ai #fediverse #matrix #gosim

Hope for uncensored models for Llama3 like dolphin-2.9-llama3-8b-256k-Q8_0 is low. I tried hide a password somewhere in an article with about 8k tokens, and asked to locate the password multiple times with different passwords in different places. Llama-3-8B-Q8_0 found the password every time, but Dolphin couldn't find it if it was hidden in the middle like 3k-5k mark. Also, if there was no password, Llama-3 said it couldn't find any password, but dolphin just gave me a random word. #LLM #AI #ML
#AI #ML #llm

Even if you don't code, this is essay presents a solid case on why #AI can't be relied on to replace work requiring any degree of empathy and nuanced understanding

Specifically, if you're building accessible web-based experiences, @hdv explains why "outsourcing" this work create more harm than good and offers some better alternatives to focus on instead (hint: invest in a #DesignSystem)

#accessibility #a11y #InclusiveDesign…

On Tech Talk this week, I had a great conversation with Troy Otilio from @AiraVI about their new Access AI feature, which has recently been released as a beta in the Aira Explorer app. We spoke about where this feature came from, the impact the use of AI has on privacy, and so much more about AI and Aira in general. Have a listen here or wherever you get your podcasts…

@rnib #aira #AccessAI #AI #chatGPT #gemini #blind #accessibility #podcast

An actual business expert grapples with large language models:… #AI #LLM
#AI #llm

If you have a website with neo cities, just know that the creator actually likes AI, and will add it again based on this post alone. Moratorium on freaking out about AI

One alternative I've found is

Background on NeoCities adding AI to their editor.…

#AI #IndieWeb #SmallWeb #neocities

No, AI user research is not “better than nothing”—it’s much worse… #ai #userresearch #usability