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I am saddened that both Discovery and Lower Decks are ending, and wondering about the fate of #StarTrek shows going forward. And I think we have to deal with the reality of the 10-episode season format.

We want two big things from a season of a Trek show: good stories and character development. And I think we have seen that in a 10-episode season, there is only enough time for one of those things. In 10 episodes you can tell a story of how the crew saves the galaxy from a Big Bad. Or you can spend time getting to know the characters and watch them grow. But if you want both, you need more like 20 episodes. You know, like TOS and DS9 and VOY, which were able to tell big stories *and* take the time to develop characters.

ST:Picard had 10-episode seasons, and was spread too thin in seasons 1 & 2 to have both good stories and good character development. Season 3 worked much better because they could re-use known characters so they could spend enough time on the story.

Plots and characters need time to breathe. I don't know why we are stuck with 10-episode seasons now, but I think if we want good Star Trek shows in the future, we need to bring back longer seasons.

Please boost. I wanted to see just how much Star Trek was a part of the fediverse, so I left this very general on purpose. Do you like Star Trek at all? Note, "no" also includes "haven't seen it". #Poll #Polls #StarTrek

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Sad news that John Trimble has died today. He and his wife Bjo organized the grassroots letter writing campaign that saved #StarTrekTOS. That led to a third season and enough episodes for the show to be syndicated.

Without their efforts, we wouldn’t have all of the amazing #StarTrek we’ve gotten ever since and that we continue to enjoy and be inspired by. RIP…

South Park's Evil Cartman - If you know, you know #easteregg #startrek

🚨 R.I.P Discovery's Kenneth Mitchell!

Sadly, Kenneth’s family have released the news that the actor has passed away at the age of just 49. He had been battling ALS for the past few years. Kenneth portrayed the Klingons Kol, Kol-Sha, and Tenavik, as well as Aurellio, in #StarTrekDiscovery!

25 Nov 1974 - 24 Feb 2024

Nové díly #StarTrek Discovery už od 4.dubna, ještě musím zjistit kde to budou u nás streamovat. Těším se 🖖

TIL that in 1990, the BBC censored a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode because Data talks about the “reunification of Ireland in 2024”, discussing how terrorism is successful form of political influence.

We are 7 days away from 2024 & that episode has never aired in full in Ireland.


ST:TNG Banned Clip from 'The High Ground'

Star Trek: The Next Generation predicted Ireland would be united by 2024…

#startrek #tng

Hey folks, have you taken my #StarTrek survey yet? I'm planning to close it to responses in January, so there's only a few weeks left to take it and share it.

You don't need to be a huge fan to take the survey! And you can skip any question you don't like. Trying to spread this to as many diverse corners of the internet as possible. So please share it today! Many thanks.…

#LowerDecks #DS9

Patrick Stewart Boldly Explores His Own Final Frontier

Everyone’s favorite #starship captain is back in the hot seat—this time as the author of a revealing, open-hearted memoir, Making It So.…

CC: @Ranger1138 #Startrek

While I'll miss Hemmer, I'm equally excited about Carol Kane joining the crew of the Enterprise on #StarTrek #StrangeNewWorlds as Chief Engineer Pelia. Can't wait for the new season to start.

I interviewed Michelle Yeoh a few years ago about #StarTrekDiscovery and I mentioned offhand that I'd written an article about what seeing her use her accent on the bridge of a starship meant to me.

She stopped and said "Wait, that was YOU?"

And then proceeded to talk about how much that article had meant to HER and how it contributed to the success of the show.

I can't think about it without crying.

(The original article:…)

#MichelleYeoh #StarTrek #Oscars

FYI, I just found this out and maybe it will interest others -

You can get "A Christmas Carol" narrated by LeVar Burton for free on Apple Books at the moment. :blobhajTinyHeart: He does an excellent job! 🎄…

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I do not know who made this meme, bit it's my favourite.

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Hi I'm Jay! I'm a writer, editor & developer who works in comics, games & books. I love #scifi, #fantasy & especially #StarTrek, #StarWars, #WheelofTime, #TheWitcher and way too many more to tag. BIG #BioWare fan, so expect to see loads of #MassEffect and #DragonAge here. I'm also a cosplayer with 120+ costumes. I stream video games, comics discussions, #TTRPG, art & cooking. I LOVE talking #comics, #cosplay & #games, so feel free to hit me up! Boosts appreciated ❤️

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Openbox: Borg Cube is 16th part of Tux Series Openbox Ricing and Ergonomic Keybindings. CZ. (En will follow)