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Oh, while I'm lying here in bed with my Braille display, I'll tell you all that I found a work-around for the notification freezing bug on iOS. I just keep pressing dots 4-5-6-chord until it scrolls down to the page indicator, then go one item back to Press home to unlock. #Braille #Accessibility #iOS

I'm getting back into reading my books in Braille. In doing so, I'm starting to download more BRF files instead of just DAISY (cause that's all the EReader/Chemelion can do). My reason? Formatting. Headings actually in the center of the line. Bold and italic. Paragraphs indented. I know, I have to search for a page marker line thing to find the start of the actual book, but my goodness sometimes beauty is worth it. With Daisy and all other files, the software just barfs out plain text, doesn't format the Braille output at all cause that's not possible! Oh freaking no! The BrailleNote MPower and Apex were just a dream right? Right? They couldn't possible do all that fansy formatting stuff!

#Braille #accessibility #BRF

Content warning: Braille display geeky question

Okay, not gonna lie. This sounds amazing! It is basically a Braille laptop! #Braille #Technology #Accessibility

Just done an audit of my hardcopy #Braille books. There were 12 in the cupboard and they were taking up so much space! Now just need to add the 5 I don’t want to keep to the email swap list and hopefully send them on to a good home

Content warning: another rant, Braille appropriation

Anyone who uses a #QBraille #Braille #Display know how to exit pairing mode and return to the main menu of the unit? I can't seem to figure it out and I hate having to soft reset it every time I want to go back to the main menu because I can't figure out how to do it if I just want to read my book and not use my phone as a source for my display.

The community at @AppleVis has gathered an incredible set of feedback about the current state of #iOs, #macOs, #WatchOs and #tvOs #accessibility for #VisuallyImpaired users. The frustration with long standing issues such as poor #VoiceOver support on MacOs, unstable focus on iOs and buggy #Braille shine through, while the benefits of accessibility features still are strong and one of the best in mainstream #tech land.

Making my first attempt to completely reframe a narrative:

#Blindness or #VisualImpairment is not a #disability. Rather, it is a #disperception. Imagine yourself blindfolded, put on an airplane and dropped off in a foreign land where no one speaks your #language and all the signs are in an #alphabet you have never seen. . You of course would not be able to #experience the world around you in any meaningful way without an #interpreter or a #translator. You have no disability, only a disperception, as you cannot perceive the language or the printed alphabet they are using in a meaningful way. By the same definition and the same experiences, #accessibility as it relates to blindness or vision impairment is not an #accommodation for a disability; it is instead a #translation into the #perception we can experience.

What is a #screenReader? It is simply an interpreter that takes what it finds on a device screen that we cannot see and translates it to speech, a sound that we can hear, or braille, an alphabet pattern that we can feel.

What is #Braille? Why it's nothing more than a translated alphabet that we feel rather than seeing.

What is accessibility? It's nothing more than being sure that your app, website, device, building, whatever, can reliably interpret or translate its visual cues that we cannot perceive into auditory, tactile and haptic cues that we can perceive, usually using a translation matrix that we already have available, although providing such a translation matrix can help in some cases as well.

Another aspect is navigation, where we use various methods of translation to take what would normally be visual cues from vehicles, buildings, etc and translate them to sensations that we can perceive. Still, this is simply translation, it in no way affects our ability to navigate in an environment; it is simply a translation matrix similar to a screen reader, even if it's low-tech like the staff we carry. Yes, I call it my staff, because a new friend and coworker called it that and I love it. I've got everyone at work calling it that now. Although I don't mind cane or stick or whatever, staff is my favorite word for this handy translation tool that has saved my life on more than one occasion, although it still doesn't protect my head, which I actually find more important than protecting me from the waste down. GPS is another handy translation tool, as it generally uses voice cues, and can be helped along with the aid of the screen reader, to tell us where we are, and in many cases, what is around us. The point is that these things are all translation tools, nothing more, nothing less. They translate visual cues into audible and/or tactile cues that we are able to perceive meaningfully, with or without instruction from others.

Once again, for the people in the back, I do not have a disability, which is defined as an inability to perform actions. I have a disperception, meaning that I have different experiences based on the fact that I cannot perceive visual cues, and need a translator that will take those visual cues and translate them into the #auditory and #tactile perceptions I do have.

Hey y'all, did you know CUPS, the Linux printing system, supports Braille embossers? Yep. Did you know you can even send your embosser images, and it'll emboss that? Yep. No expensive image to Braille program needed. We just need a good GUI lol, and Linux would have a lot of what we need, built into just about any distro. BRLTTY supports Braille displays, even the Canute 360 and HID displays. Such a good base to work on!

#accessibility #foss #linux #braille #blind

The @AppleVis Apple Vision Accessibility Report Card will only be as meaningful and constructive as the feedback we receive from our community. If you use #VoiceOver, #braille, or low vision features on Apple products, please take our survey and share your thoughts: #Apple #accessibility

[Blog Post] AppleVis Launches Apple Vision Accessibility Report Card; Participate in Our' Survey That Will Determine the Report Card Ratings

confirmed at least by me. Something broke Braille in the latest beta version of iOS. I'm too tired right now but tomorrow I will leave some feedback on this. all usual troubleshooting steps have been taken (bar unpairing and re-pairing the display, my next move), and it's not just a Mona thing. It also happens in Notes, so this suggests to me that whatever is going on is system-wide. That's all for now. #iPhone #Braille #voiceover #accessibility#blind #BetaVersion

Do you use #VoiceOver, #Braille support, or low vision settings on an Apple device? Your opinion matters! Participate in the @AppleVis survey to rate Apple's accessibility features and user experience: #Apple #accessibility

[Blog Post] AppleVis Launches Apple Vision Accessibility Report Card; Participate in Our' Survey That Will Determine the Report Card Ratings

Here is Touch and Feel Mazes, published by DK Braille this and the next one are board books, but they’re both the most grownup board books I’ve ever seen. I got this on Amazon. It’s very tactile; it has a maze on the front cover. It’s definitely mazes: there are several paths, and they have dead-ends. Labyrinths are meditative tools that only have one path. So this book is challenging. I love mazes, but I’m not good at them. I think I’ve only solved two out of the 10. It’s a wonderful fidget-book. #TactileBooks #Braille #accessibility

I have accumulated some delightful touchable books over the last few years. Most of them come from the same source, so I’ll just say that I do not work for the National Braille Press. #TactileBooks #Braille #Accessibility

I also asked this person what screen readers and input devices he uses: NVDA on the desktop and VoiceOver on the iPhone. Mostly Braille typing mode. #a11y #braille #voiceover

Inspo for today: I was just helped by an Apple Store employee that was totally blind. He did the entire checkout process with VoiceOver and Braille typing mode. #a11y #apple #braille

Content warning: Not safe for Apple users

Content warning: Not safe for Apple users

#iPhone #Tip, Using #Braille Screen Input to enter your #passcode. When normally entering numbers in Braille, you have to the number sign, dots 3, 4, 5, 6. But in this case, you would exclude the number sign. For example, if your passcode is 1, 2, 3, 4. Then you would just type, dot 1, dot 2, dot 3, dot 4. And vala your phone will be unlocked. This comes in handy when around others and you want to keep that passcone #private.

Can anyone help with a #workaround for #editing #text with a #braille #display running the latest #iOS 16 update? my cursor shows at one place, but text in inserted or deleted in another. As a result, editing is extremely frustrating, not good when I have essay to #write. Any help MUCH appreciated. I have 3 essays due next week, so must get this sorted!

Part 2 of desperate for help post: Does anyone know of an app that does not lose focus when using #voiceover with a #braille display and an #iPad pro? I have tried #Microsoft word #byword, #IAWRITER and #googleDoc. All lose focus quite a lot, or the braille display will show the cursor at one point, but it is actually at a different place in the text. It is making writing very difficult for my #studies.

Actors Inside – 2023 Edition – World Blind Herald #braille #literacy##

Currently Co-op are the only supermarket I know of that put Braille on their own brand items and it would be brilliant to see other retailers following their lead. Please share/sign this petition from Sight Scotland to include more #Braille labelling on food packaging. #JoinTheDots #WorldBrailleDay #WorldBrailleDay2023

Morning Mastodoners! Today is #WorldBrailleDay, the day on which we celebrate the birth of Louis Braille and six little dots that have brought literacy and opportunity to #Blind people around the world for nearly 200 years. There's a direct line from a clever blind teenager in 1820's France developing the alphabet that now bears his name, to me, sitting in an office typing these words on a #Braille display using technology he never could've imagined.

Hoy es el día mundial del #braille, el sistema de lectoescritura (o lectura-escritura) que utilizamos las personas ciegas. El braille no es un idioma, sino una forma de representar los caracteres de tal manera que podamos percibirlos con el tacto. Con sólo 6 puntos (ampliables a 8 en braille computerizado) se pueden representar todos los caracteres del abecedario, y muchos más. ¿Y tú? ¿Sabes leer y escribir en braille? Si tus ojos funcionan, no necesitas el tacto para entenderlo.

I’m looking forward to seeing what this is like and, you never know, I might even be tempted to submit an article! | Launching on Louis Braille’s birthday, 4 Jan, “The mission of World Blind Herald is to inform and entertain readers by publishing articles on a wide array of topics regarding blindness and blind people from the entire English speaking world.”
#Braille #PartiallySighted #LowVision #DeafBlind #blind #blindness #writing #OpenForSubmissions

#Free #Braille courses. Here is a great resource for anyone who needs to brush up on their Braille, wanting to switch to #UEB, or want to learn Braille from the beginning. Only requires a computer... UEB Online | UEB Literacy & Mathematics Braille Training

#Braille readers are encouraged to “follow the shape” as they uncover verses of Lorenzo’s 1947 novel “La terra e l’uomo” (“The Land and the Man”).

Android 13 will get built in Braille support # # # #