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Hi I'm Jay! I'm a writer, editor & developer who works in comics, games & books. I love #scifi, #fantasy & especially #StarTrek, #StarWars, #WheelofTime, #TheWitcher and way too many more to tag. BIG #BioWare fan, so expect to see loads of #MassEffect and #DragonAge here. I'm also a cosplayer with 120+ costumes. I stream video games, comics discussions, #TTRPG, art & cooking. I LOVE talking #comics, #cosplay & #games, so feel free to hit me up! Boosts appreciated ❤️
a smiling dark-skinned Black woman holding several comic books including Nubia, Queen of the Amazons, Nubia: Real One, Niobe She Is Life, Living Heroes, and Marvel Voices. Text on image reads 'Comics Chat' 'Indies, Big2, Self Published & Webtoons' 'Jay Justice'

Hey, I'm Bex! I'm new here and I make comics about autism, ADHD and mental health! I'm super excited to learn how the heck to use this platform 🙈 #autism #adhd #comics

✨ ¡Acabo de hacer algo! 🎉

Revisa mi nuevo comic web: "Contra Chrome":


Subtítulo: Cómo el navegador de #Google se convirtió en una amenaza para la #privacidad y para la #democracia.

Con las apariciones de Shoshana Zuboff, pirañas veganas, y todo lo que siempre quisiste saber sobre #Chrome pero tuviste miedo de preguntar.

Léelo y descargalo gratis - ¡Espero que te guste! 😊

Y si te gusta, ¡Por favor difúndelo! :boost_ok:

#cómic #cómics #novellagrafica
Portada de mi cómic "Contra Chrome".
Se puede ver al narrador en medio de tres paneles, dispuestos como el logotipo del navegador Chrome. Dentro de estos paneles hay motivos del cómic: pestañas del navegador, iconos y páginas web con pies diminutos que se arrastran como insectos. Dibujo cómico satírico de una piraña que parece el logotipo del navegador Google Chrome. Con los ojos semicerrados, emite un globo de diálogo que contiene el sonido "¡burp!".
Un personaje de cómic que se parece un poco a la socióloga Shoshana Zuboff.

Ooh, look what just arrived… this lovely book of War and Peas comics by Elizabeth and Jonathan Pich (@warandpeas).

They also included a lovely little print :)


# # #
My silly face holding up a small comic book titled War and Peas: funny comics for dirty lovers by Jonathan Kunz and Elizabeth Pich. On the cover is an illustration of a witch with red hair and the grim reaper posing in front of a house.
Yours truly (average white-passing guy with short dark brown hair in a black t-shirt) holding up a small blue ink on white paper sketch of a robot sitting in a chair reading a book titled Natural Intelligence.

My #:

I did two years of engineering school and two years of journalism. I'm a geek who loves to tell a story.

I make #, # & #. I do a lot of # work, kids books (#), and speculative #.

I've spent about 15 years in the world of # (thank you, day job!) and I do a lot of writing and podcasting in this field. I'm not an expert but I am a nerd for # and #.

Links are all in my profile if you want to learn more. I'm not gonna spam you.

This is not my first time on Mastodon but I'm trying to consolidate a bunch of my older profiles right here.

✨️ I made a thing! 🎉️

Check out my brandnew webcomic, "Contra Chrome":


Subtitle: How #‘s browser became a threat to # and #.

Featuring Shoshana Zuboff, vegan Piranhas, and everything you ever wanted to know about # but were afraid to ask!

Read and download for free – hope you like it! 😊

And if you do, please spread the word! :boost_ok:

# #
A comic character looking a bit like sociologist Shoshana Zuboff. Satirical comic drawing of a piranha looking like the logo of the Google Chrome browser. Eyes half closed, he emits a speech bubble saying "burp!".
Cover of my Comic "Contra Chrome".
You can see the narrator in the middle of three panels, arranged like the logo of the Chrome browser. Inside these panels are motives from the comic: browser tabs, icons, and webpages on little feet crawling like insects.