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Přiznám se #tox jsem neznal, ale je to hodně zajímavý projekt 👍
@filip2cz Jo jsem koukal, taky hodně zajímavá a bezpečná aplikace.👍
Ja mám rád #matrix a #XMPP, ale posledne som objavil, že aj #jami kedysi #ring je zaujímavý....
@pvagner @filip2cz Jo Na Jami jsem už dříve koukal. Vypadá taky hodně dobře. Možná si něco nechám jako alternativu, ale taky mám nejraději XMPP a Matrix
@peterkotrcka To věřím. I bezpečnost hodně dobrá, jen je problém přemluvit lidi, aby takové aplikace používali. @filip2cz @pvagner
@filip2cz @pvagner to je problem vzdy, ludia su ovce, hlavne nech je to zadarmo a ma to animovane smajliky.
@peterkotrcka Proto jsem udělal Matrix server s mosty na ostatní sítě. Stokrát lepší, než když rodina používá Messenger @filip2cz @pvagner

Violet didn't know that Debian releases are named after Toy Story, did you know this?


  • Yes (54%, 387 votes)
  • No (46%, 330 votes)
717 voters. Poll end: in 13 hours

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Security is the major reason why software updates are important. The LastPass breach demonstrates this dramatically.

If you search the web for why software updates are important, you will get loads of results that say there are "3 or 5 reasons why software updates are important". While this may be correct, there is only one major reason why you must keep your software up to date: Security.

Stay secure, update your systems! 😎💪🔒

#LastPass #Security
The question is, if I pay for a personal account, is it possible to speed up the account approval process? Thanks!
@sharan Yes, paid accounts are usually approved instantly.
Without security many people will stop using the internet for many of the tasks They use it now.
If You think the source of a message is is uncertain why would You act on it.

Just a reminder: You can fork #FluffyChat at any time.
But this does **not** mean that:

- You can violate the license (AGPLv3) and make a closed source app out of it
- You can demand that I give you free support in my free time
- You can skip the US export compliance in PlayStore/AppStore

Keep in mind: FluffyChat is a lot of ongoing work and this is not just click the fork button and you are done if you want to have it working with push notifications in an app store.

I was hoping that updates for the iOS version of @ivory would be a bit more frequent. Mostly, I want to be able to access a list of my followed hashtags & be able to see custom emoji.

That said, #Ivory is still my primary Mastodon client because the built in filters are far better than the native Mastodon filters. Learning a bit about RegEx makes these filters extremely versatile.


#Nature is amazing - a naked mole rat can live without oxygen.
In an oxygen-deprived state, it falls into a coma, and when it receives oxygen, it wakes up again without any damage. 😮
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Když pes s dítětem snídááá....

Áááá ÁáÁáÁáááá... 🎶

Musíš, Karle, musíš!

Děti maji se psem oblíbenou hru: "Zkoumáme, co pes žere a co nežere."

Všechny zúčastněné to náramně baví.

Jenom to má maličkou nevýhodu. Máme zlatého retrívra.

Takže odpověď je v zásadě neustálé: "Žere!"


@archos S věkem hlad roste :D
Oni jsou fakt jak bezedná žumpa 😀

You’re invited to a webinar regarding the future of the Mosen at Large podcast

Greetings everyone was wondering if others here are using the Microsoft authenticator or the Google authenticator and if so, what do you think of these apps? I actually used one the other day to authenticate with my Microsoft account and it is actually an interesting experience. As long as you listen to the code that is given to you the codes change every 30 seconds. I really like the Authenticator because it backs up to iCloud and you don’t have to rely on the less secure text method verification. I would be interested in others comments on the Authenticator apps thank you. I also appreciate the fact that these apps work with PayPal dropbox Facebook and even Gmail.
I like the authenticators because they’re more secure. They’re more challenging for me, because I’m hearing-impaired, but I just hang in there till another one comes around if I can’t get the first one fast enough.

Úřady práce jako součást boje vlivových oligarchů a jejich dobře placených politiků

"Lhali jsme ráno, lhali jsme večer. Bylo úplně jasné, že to, co říkáme, není pravda. Přitom jsme čtyři roky nedělali vůbec nic. Nic. Nedokážete mi říci jediné podstatné vládní opatření, na které bychom mohli být hrdí." (Bývalý maďarský premié...

25% der Wahlberechtigten müssen zustimmen, damit Berlin 2030 klimaneutral wird. Deshalb heute ins Wahllokal.

Alle Infos auf 👉 #Berlin2030 #DuMachstDasGesetz
Für Berlin Ja! Zum Volksentscheid. Es ist eine bewachsene grüne Stadt zu sehen.

The bay area is weird because the guy driving the decade old cheap japanese car in front of you is probably some senior engineer making more money than you've ever seen in your entire life, while the guy driving the brand new sports car to your left is probably some junior engineer who's 2 bad crypto decisions away from losing that car
You can also see unhoused people on the street begging for money near offices where startups are blowing trillions in VC money on frankly stupid shit that either ruins entire industries or will never result in anything

In light of the Propublica article going around — if you or your patient have a legitimate and supposedly covered treatment, medication, or procedure denied by your insurance, ask for the name, license number, and state of licensure of the physician who denied your claim. Then report that person to the respective state Board of Medicine, and any specialty society that certifies that physician. Make it bad business to be the insurance company’s ethical shield.

Liberal police would be like "Now I'm not racist, BUUUUT I know a lot of your... type... in this area... have been carrying marijuana. That's a dangerous gateway drug!"

I really like the idea of #XMPP for #chat, but how does one go about finding people who actually use it? Seems like convincing others to move away from Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc. in favor of XMPP would be an impossible task...
tangentially related, you can host gateways to the the infamous popular walled gardens, for instance with
This is not exactly "chatting via XMPP", but it has been a gateway drug for me ;-)

People with no idea what they’re talking about will dream up fantasy horror scenarios like “AI will kill us all and make our bones into paper clips” or “If you don’t worship the future AI god today, it will definitely torture an imaginary version of you for eternity”

But when you criticize existing “AI” system for their embedded politics and how those demonstrably lean towards authoritarianism, discrimination, and violence, they say you’re “being dramatic”.


System change is now a matter of survival.

"Millionaires will burn through two-thirds of the world’s carbon budget by 2050, scientists warn"

To limit global warming to below 1.5°C, we can only burn a certain amount of carbon.

But millionaire emissions alone will deplete 72% of this allowance before 2050, according to a new scientific paper.

“Continued growth in emissions at the top makes a low-carbon transition less likely, as the acceleration of energy consumption by the wealthiest is likely beyond the system's capacity to decarbonize,” the scientists warn.

The research coincides with the release of the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, which warns that a ‘liveable future’ requires urgent emissions cuts.


#Environment #Climate #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateAction #ClimateEmergency #CO2 #Emissions #Anticapitalism
Two photos, side by side. The first shows a factory seen at a distance, spewing smoky pollution (likely including CO2) into the air. Second photo shows a well-dressed woman walking across the tarmac toward a private jet, with three uniformed crew members waiting to greet her.

I got a cat hairbrush and I can't wait until Monty comes over so I can brush his hair! :)
don’t be surprised if he’s much less thrilled than you…
@nellie_m Awww he's always meowing about something. Nnnnngaaa, mmrrrrrraaaa, rrrrrr... But yeah he may not like it much. He's not into being pet a lot. Just a little and he's good.

...I could swear that there used to be advice out there for creating magic systems OTHER THAN just the vague "hard vs. soft", "be internally consistent", and "Brandon Sanderson", but I'm at a loss for where to find it. DuckDuckGo is failing me. Any suggestions?
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I was remembering that I’d read a small collection of Manly wade Wellman’s John the Balladeer stories and wanted to read more. These stories are about a man with a silver-stringed guitar who meets some pretty scary creatures in the hollers of Appalachia, published in the 30’s-60’s. I found the book I originally read, which has stories by Eric Flint, David drake, and Ryk Spoor . I found another one and put it on my wishlist. #horror #folklore #AppalachianFolklore
Well, as far as I know, there isn’t a digital edition of John the Balladeer. Ah, well. That one supposedly has a complete story collection.

Fun in C: searching for C solutions to X problem shows C# or C++ solutions.
We should ban single-character programming language names
We have not used every char yet, so why waste perfectly fine letters?
it's honestly worse how clang is both an ordinary English word and now the name of a compiler
Yes, but the worse crime here is the two (TWO!) other languages named identically to the first, except for added punctuation.

Put another way, if history had gone differently, you'd be upset at finding Pascal++ and Pascal# solutions
to be fair, you can't search for a javascript solution today without finding node examples, not browser javascript. It's pretty much impossible to untangle now.
Anything really. If you are choosing a project name, please consider making it possible to do a websearch on it. Looking at you, /e/OS 🤨 @murena
I C what you did there
or somehow fix search engines? I never understood why they can't deal with special characters.

se asi chystal jít vodvolat premiéra🤪 😜
@hnojomet Jo to je možný, je to důležitá osobnost 😂

Oh dear. I just saw NVDA lock up when an app went unresponsive and had the time to inspect it in a debugger. It seems some of the hooks we use for watchdog just aren't getting called any more, at least in some cases. That's... irritating.

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That would certainly explain some things. I don't remember the last time I saw NVDA restart when it got locked, seems that used to happen and now it just doesn't.
@BorrisInABox Watchdog only restarts NVDA if the process actually crashes. If NVDA freezes, watchdog will try to recover by killing off unresponsive calls. It depends on hooking some MSAA and UIA functions to do that, since Microsoft don't provide a proper mechanism for cancelling hung calls. Some of those hooks don't seem to be working any more.

Would love to hear stories from #mozilla people who were involved in implementing the layout tree / render tree. I'm doing that for librsvg and woah, it's a lot of work.
@gnomon Looks like @jrmuizel is already on the scene, and there's nobody better for that.
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16,200 Ukrainian children are known to have been deported by Russia.

Their abduction is a horrible reminder of the darkest time of our history, war crimes.

With #Ukraine and #Poland, we want to help find them by:

- Holding a conference to take all measures needed to establish their whereabouts

- Assisting UN bodies and international organisations in collecting information, including on children adopted by Russian foster families

These children must return to Ukraine.

‘We will not forget’ by Yuliia Honchar / Creatives for Ukraine

The digital art shows a fading image of a woman - seen from behind - holding a baby with a child walking at her side.

Oh yeah, got my Thunderbird email hooked up to my iCloud mail. Yep, this is good.

I recently noticed a post from a non-profit that said

"We need a few more followers over here on Mastodon or it's going to be hard to argue against going back to the bird site."

I probably would've followed them; they're specific to my regional area and are a cause with which I would easily sympathize.

But I don't care for being coerced into a one-sided transactional relationship on the threat of the other party resuming activity on a website owned by a fascist-enabling, nazi-sympathizing sociopath that they supposedly left "on principle", simply because they lack any meaningful strategy for performing perfunctory interaction on a decentralized, freedom-focused platform.

Obviously their principles weren't too strong to begin with.


Rád bych vyzval uživatele, kteří píšou česky a nemají nastavený jazyk příspěvků na češtinu.

Ostatní uživatelé si mohou filtrovat příspěvky na federované ose podle jazyka příspěvků, a podle toho sbírat a poznávat nové uživatele. Pokud budou mít nastavený filtr na češtinu, a vy nebudete mít jazyk příspěvků nastavený na češtinu, vaše příspěvky tak neuvidí. :)

Jazyk příspěvku můžete dočasně měnit i u políčka pro přidávání příspěvků. Je to čtvrtá ikonka se zkratkou jazyka (EN/CS/...)

Děkuji. :)
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Having a "no, let me tell you what I really think about X" with a friend. Thankfully I know it will be received well... but I'll generally do it anyway, because it's important that people know that not everyone is with the status quo

Tuba is a Magnificent New Mastodon App for #Linux - #opensource #gtk #fediverse
tuba linux fediverse client
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Congressman: Yes or no, has the TickyTok got demons?

TikTok Exec: with all due respect that is a “git daemon,” it’s a standard—

Congressman: Yes or no, sir

TikTok Exec: … no, I suppo—

Congressman: sir, if I look at a TickyTok on my phone can the demon infest my hearing aide

Poco a poco se ve más gente en bici por la ciudad. Ojalá. #Xalapa
que tal sientes de agresivas las calles de Xalapa para andar en bici?
@ja_nube pues no me ha tocado gente agresiva más que un taxi. Es más bien que no hay ciclovías (hay una en toda la ciudad, en una sola calle).

Anyone else have an issue where NVDA says pane dragging when trying to tab to the system tray and taskbar on windows 11?
Yeah, it's a known issue.