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we're moving to #Prague! and we need some friends.
we're moving to #Czechia in August or September and we might be a bit lonely. so if you're #queer, #Jewish, #neurodivergent, in your 20's or all of the above, we'd like to know you!

I'm into #music, #FOSS, #linguistics, #DoctorWho, #TTRPG and #DropoutTV. oh, and I'm #trans.
my girlfriend likes #medicine, British television, #Disney, #Eurovision and #TrueCrime. "I am the bisexual stereotype".


#Praha #Prag #PleaseBoost

Re last: Yes, *that* is a song! but I wonder, why didn't they sing it that way? (I'm talking about this one:…) #Eurovision

Also, on Ireland at #Eurovision. If your one and only argument is that they represent non-binary people *hence* should be voted for, then have a big NO for me. If your reasoning for voting is to support non-binary people (which is totally your right I understand and appreciate), better vote for Switzerland. That's how non-binary people are represented, with a great song and good and spectacular performance.

Just had a little discussion on YouTube where a guy tried to convince me that the Ireland… performance on #Eurovision is a song. When I asked him whether he thinks that a song should be, well, sung, he replied that it is and sung very well. Well… well. I don't understand people's vision of music these days.

Fire ✔️
Gratuitous on-screen graphics ✔️
Gratuitous cleavage ✔️
Front wedgie ✔️
Armenia... (just… Armenia) ✔️

Really fun to spend it in a bar in Copenhagen with about 300 other similar nutters. Top job.

Sad Israel got through. Sad San Marino didn't.

#eurovision #esc2024

Ooh yayayayayay, the Netherlands is in the grand final this Saturday! Along with another favourite of mine, Austria! #Eurovision

Unpopular opinion: Bulgaria and Hungary need to return to #eurovision that's it, that's the post of today. Since I've been watching wayy too many videos. Both had good songs. And I need show in my life, or something of that kind. We can make the best and the worst music at the same time. That's a talent you can't say it isn't. 😂😂

My favorites in the first semifinal are: #Croatia, #Finland (NO RULES!!), #Ukraine, #Luxembourg (thank you for that earworm!), #Moldova and #Australia (bits in the Yankunytjatjara language are very much appreciated, spread and keep your culture!). #Eurovision

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I would like to hear some comment from Linus Torvalds and Bill Gates regarding this:…

#Eurovision #Eurovision2024 #Finland

#Eurovision and #DoctorWho go hand in hand, or at least they will today. Thanks to @spacedragon for pointing this out.…

Today's one might be familiar to some of you as this has received a bit of media attention bacccccccccccccccccback in 2016 when Sweden hosted the Eurovision Song Contest.
To celebrate another win, for the time of the contest's duration, the audible traffic lights at some of Stockholm's locations have been revamped to play Loreen with "Euphoria" (winner of the 2012 ESC) when the lights are red, then when they turn green, they ticked to the beat of Mans Zelmerlow's "Heroes", the song that brought the contest back to Sweden in 2015. What a fun twist on an accessibility feature!…
#Accessibility #Blind #AdventCalendar #Sweden #Eurovision #ESC #UrbanEnvironment #Music #SoundDesign

Today's tune of the day belongs to the band that rocked us all in preparation for yesterday's#WithinTemptation show in Gliwice. Great to hear that the European metalcore scene, if that's the right way to call it, is doing alright. They are also competing in next year's #Melodifestivalen and are thus in the runing for a chance to represent #Sweden at the next year's #Eurovision. Keeping my fingers crossed. ESC needs more metal. - Smash Into Pieces - Running Away From Home -

Kalush Orchestra, the winners of #Eurovision 2022 published the official video for the song "Stefania", which was filmed in #Ukrainian cities affected by #Russian occupiers.