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Goodbye #Sonos 2005-2024. You provided me nearly 20 years of audio playback, but this latest update was the last straw...

1. Install PiCorePlayer on a Raspberry Pi connected to speakers, add a DAC/AMP board and/or WiFi dongle as needed:

2. Install LMS on a local server:

3. Install Squeezer on your Android device(s):…

4. Repeat Step 1 for Additional Rooms.

5. Play Your Tunes.

#OpenSource #HomeAudio #Upgrade #Sonos

I've been looking for a #sonos replacement too. But I haven't found anything better yet. Looked like the #denon home line (using the #HEOS system) would be a good contender but it turns out it is even worse. Way less features and a broken local library feature (only supports SMB v1 protocol, which is ancient and insecure) so I stick with sonos for now, using the previous app version with auto updates disabled.

Okay, I grudgingly bought a #Sonos system years ago because it was just convenient.
The latest update is terrible and breaks all local features - no library, no local services, all search goes to their servers. (Even though they explicitly stated ~2 months ago that v1 search would remain.)
Whatever their business model is it doesn't seem to include customers.

Now what do I replace it with?

Oh my, a 1.6 rating on the Google store and dropping. Seems I'm not the only very annoyed customer.
Did they not do any testing prior to rollout?
They had a great product and the only thing they had to do was not break it and the occasional refresh.
Seriously, #Sonos is a study in "How not to tech".

#enshittification, but to what end?

Normally there's at least a business case.

Exciting week ahead Open AI, Google IO, #Sonos Slaughter, and #GAAD we will be in studio to recap it all

The more I think upon it the more infuriated I become. No #Sonos it does not take courage to update your app. You know what takes courage? Telling the truth especially when it costs to do so, facing down the hard things in life daily and then doing it again and again, having to evacuate your homeland and becoming a refugee due to war or famine, emigrating to a new land where you know no one nor the language. That takes courage. #Don’tGetItTwisted

I finally got a response from #Sonos where they're continuing to make the assertion that their new app has "basic support" for screen readers. We need to keep pushing back as this statement is just plainly false and seems to represent a dishonest way of trying to make the issue seem less terrible to the rest of the world while their disabled customers continue to suffer. #accessibility

Attention mainstream tech press, blind #Sonos users would appreciate it if you could report on the effect that the latest app update has had on their ability to use the products they have already purchased. The blog post linked below has a detailed description of what has happened. @9to5Mac, @appleinsider, @macrumors, @TechCrunch, @theverge, @Techmeme…

It has been a difficult couple of days for Sonos users. Now that the inaccessible app is out, I've reworked, and substantially updated, my blog post. I'll continue to add to it if I receive word of further media releases or coverage.
I think Sonos now owes us two thinks, an urgent repair of the app, and a public apology to repair trust.

Sensitive content

Imagináis gastar una pasta gansa en unos altavoces y que por una decisión de la empresa la aplicación para gestionarlos se vuelva inaccesible? Esto les ha ocurrido a todos los clientes ciegos de Sonos.

I encourage everyone to comment on this New #Sonos App and #Accessibility…

@nick #Sonos has replaced its app not because they truly think the app is better. But because they can replace specialised Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS teams with one generic team who know how to use cross-platform tools.

It goes beyond that, though. Look at the ideas behind the new home screen, which essentially can be described as: "put what you want on it". Is that primarily a user-facing improvement? No.

Rather, it's a reason to not rely on designers who can carefully think through information architecture, viewport sizes, user flows, and the best ways to present information. Make it the user's problem so that they can fire the people whose responsibility it used to be, or move them to another team where they won't be able to do their best work and will eventually quit and not be replaced.

This update goes way beyond #accessibility. It's a fundamental shift in how they do business, and it will be shit for everyone. That, more than the lack of #VoiceOver support, is what will probably cause me to move away from their ecosystem.

@x0 @simon @talon

Even if you don't upgrade to the new #Sonos app, or upgrade your speaker firmware, the #accessibility of the old app has now been degraded. Browsing Apple Music this morning, and all of the items are images without alt-text. FYI @podcast

Neue groß angekündigte #Sonos App ist da und sie ist ein Paradebeispiel an #enshittification

Meine lokal angelegten Icecast/HLS-Streams sind in der App nicht mehr zugreifbar (altes TuneIn-Plugin in dem die konfigurierbar waren ist weg). 🤡
Das neue TuneIn-Radiostreaming-Plugin verlangt einen Cloud-Account bei Tunein.

Ich kann auf meine über Navidrome/Bonob angeschlossenen lokalen Musikserver nicht mehr zugreifen. 🤡

@bitsacb I agree, but I feel no sympathy for #Sonos because they brought this problem on themselves by failing to include #accessibility from the very beginning during the ideation and design stages. I hope they pay the consequences and we will be able to find a way to impact their reputation for quality.

If you were wondering whether the new #Sonos app is as bad with #VoiceOver as people said, I can confirm that it is.

The first element that receives focus has no #accessible role or name, i.e. VoiceOver doesn't announce anything for it. The screen is split up into sections, like "Recently Played", "Your Services", and "Sonos Favourites", but none of these have headings. And, as previously noted, explore by touch doesn't work; VO seems to just see that blank element I mentioned as being stretched across the entire screen.

As a result of all this, the "Search" button requires 32 swipes from the top of the screen to reach, at least with my setup. If you have more services and/or more favourites, that number of swipes will be higher. #accessibility

Sonos is considered a recommended speaker brand in the blind community.

Both because many blind people are audiophiles, and because their app is screen reader accessible.

However, Sonos is about to release a new version of their app and at the moment it looks like it will be practically unusable for the blind.

Screen reader users that will not prevent their devices from updating will lose access to the expensive hardware they have purchased.

#accessibility #blind #sonos #IOS #android

And so it begins. Rusc and stingray, two services I use daily on #sonos are unavailable. I assume because the new app will only work with the three major streaming services. Already hearing that adding custom streaming urls will be forbidden after the upgrade. Goodbye to the dozens of those I have.

The address to email for #sonos #accessibility complaints seems to be I doubt the CEO reads these emails himself, but hopefully emails from multiple different folks on the subject of #a11y with voiceover will get some attention.