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Leute, wenn ihr eure Privatsphäre wenigstens ein bisschen schützen wollt, dann benutzt Werbe- und Trackingblocker [3]. Gegen solche Szenarien wie »Databroker Files« [2] kann man sich schon relativ einfach schützen. [1] 👇


#tracking #dsgvo #advertisingid #google #apple #android #ios

»Firma verschleudert 3,6 Milliarden Standorte von Menschen in Deutschland«. Seit Jahren erwähne ich in fast jedem Artikel, in dem es um Tracking und Android-Apps geht, dass die Google Advertising-ID ein personenbeziehbares Datum ist. Dies wurde nun erneut eindrucksvoll bewiesen. 👇

Weg aus der Misere: Verwendet googlefreie Systeme wie #GrapheneOS und nutzt Werbe- und Trackingblocker.……

#tracking #dsgvo #advertisingid #google #apple #android #ios

On #iOS you can now pay for Tuta Mail in #USD, #GPD and more currencies.

Join the #privacy #revolution! 💪

Next up: Preview of subject lines in app notifications. 🤩

Check out our latest update:

It seems than in #iOS, #macOS, #watchOS and other Apple operating systems from #Apple, it is finally possible to use the Chinese #eloquence. This synthesizer is different than the one used in Zhengdu, as it reads English in a very funny way, yet this is a fully functional Eloquence for Mandarin. I screamed out loud from happiness when I discovered it.

#AudioMo: A quick demo of the #ElevenLabs Reader app on #iOS. I'm not yet sure if this is available on Android. Link on the App Store: ElevenLabs Reader: AI Audio by ElevenLabs, Inc.…

Edit: Here is the Android signup form. Add your email to be notified when this goes live:

I have indie developed a Matrix iOS client called Nil.

It not only comes with basic features like encryption, rich notifications. But also with:
🐈‍⬛ Tenor GIF
🗂️ Message room folders
☕️ Customizable reaction emojis
⌚️Upcoming WatchOS, MacOS, VisionOS app

App Store:…


Short update for everyone: So far we have only managed to collect EUR 202.45 for the new development iPhone. ~ About EUR 150 is still missing.

#Monal #xmpp #ios

In light of the iOS 18 improvements to Braille Screen Input, I tried getting back into it on my iPhone 15 Pro that still runs iOS 17.5.1 release. The problem I have always had with BSI is that my fingers and it somehow never went together well. I normally have no trouble using touch screens, but BSI somehow always alluded me. And it all starts with the fact that the calibration gesture itself seems to fail me more often than it works. And it doesn’t seem to remember well the last way I used BSI, judging from the many dots that get mis-interpreted by my touches once it gets re-engaged. So, is there something I may be missing? Or a special trick to get the finger calibration to work?

#blind #VoiceOver #iOS #Braille #BSI #BrailleScreenInput

Some time ago I have written an article about interesting way to use Strings in #Swift. If you wish, feel free to take a look and tell me what I did wrong.…

#programming #apple #iOS #macOS

I'm still waiting for a reason why I should use a dedicated password manager if I'm already using #Firefox for it - I have it on all my devices irregardless of platform, it autofills my password perfectly on the web, and even in-apps such as on my phone on #iOS. I always felt a bit _FOMO_ not using a dedicated password manager, whichever people often use/rave about, but so far I don't see the advantage of using them over what comes with Firefox.

Anybody else running #iOS 18 beta with VoiceOver experiencing a crash as soon as opening VoiceOver settings>speech? I was thinking it was because I use ESpeak, but uninstalling it didn't seem to fix it. #Apple #VoiceOver #Accessibility

As usual, I'll be doing #iOS and #iPadOS #accessibility testing with the new operating systems that Apple is about to release. I'll post the findings in this thread.

Considering the rumers, I suspect more instability. If you can, wait till people have at least given things a go before installing new beta operating systems on your primary devices. It won't be fun.

#WWDC24 #Apple

If you're one of those who is considering taking the plunge into #iOS18, if you've already done it, or even if you're just curious and want to track reported issues, I've created a forum topic over on @AppleVis to have a centralized place to talk bugs/issues.…
#iOS #Accessibility #Apple #Beta

Do not forget that you can watch the Apple Event, WWDC, right in the TV app on your phone. No need to go to any website. Lately they have had audio description. It starts at 10 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 1 PM Eastern Daylight Time. In the TV app, just go to the Home tab, and its the second heading down on the screen. They will be introducing what to expect with iOS 18. #Apple #WWDC #TvApp #iOS

Okay y'all, Retroarch is now accessible on iOS! You *will* need a keyboard or gamepad to play and use the user interface. PSP games work great though! Just download all the core updates and needed core files for PPSSPP, if you plan on playing PSP games, and you're good! #accessibility #RetroArch #blind #blindGaming #emulation #emulators #gaming #iOS Link to the App Store page:…

I just want to educate y'all about this specific "scary" warning (that you may see in the Pixelfed app)

Apple Bonjour is a feature that enables seamless connection between your Apple devices

You can safely tap "Don't Allow" without any impact, however, that may limit Handoff support and other Apple features we're planning to implement.

Regardless, you can audit our app code yourself to verify we aren't doing anything sketchy…

#pixelfed #iOS #mobileApp

Psst 👋 Email Preview for push notifications is coming soon!

Now you can know who is sending you an email before opening your mailbox! 🎉

Here's a sneak peek 🤫
#teaser #ios #android #sneakpeek #privacy #security #linux #macos #windows

Sonos is considered a recommended speaker brand in the blind community.

Both because many blind people are audiophiles, and because their app is screen reader accessible.

However, Sonos is about to release a new version of their app and at the moment it looks like it will be practically unusable for the blind.

Screen reader users that will not prevent their devices from updating will lose access to the expensive hardware they have purchased.

#accessibility #blind #sonos #IOS #android

Re about the #iOS bug, thanks @pitermach. It affects only multilingual people who have different apps in different languages. I'll boost Piotr's reply next.

Dear blind #iOS users! Please note: in latest iOS betas there is an extremely nasty bug where several apps turn your phone into totally unusable state. You cannot reload VoiceOver, you cannot do anything at all besides restarting the phone. Be super mega careful! I know so far one German app (very important, it's PhotoTan app from #DeutscheBank which basically is needed for authorization of every significant bank operation), and one Russian app. I even don't know what to suggest if you have no sighted help and no spare device where you can run BeMyEyes or so. Anyway, if you encounter such an app, do the volume up — volume down — side button dance to force restart, I have no other idea. Again, be super careful! I'd like to CC @JonathanMosen because it might need to be spread for a wider audience, and @lynnskyi because I know you use only your phone, so again, be extremely careful, you'll never know what app will cause it to behave like this. Thanks.

I am playing with the NaturalLanguage framework in #Swift and I am having some interesting results. Here are the most similar words to the word „Dictatorship”. The left column are the words, the right is the distance. The more distant, the less similar the word is.

dictator 0.7791867852210999
autocracy 0.7871801853179932
dictatorial 0.7904724478721619
regime 0.7980139851570129
democracy 0.8397299647331238
totalitarian 0.845069408416748
repressive 0.8523193001747131
oligarchy 0.8619794845581055
despotism 0.8681145310401917
despot 0.8691430687904358
Here is the code I used.
import NaturalLanguage
guard let embedding = NLEmbedding.wordEmbedding(for: .english) else {
print("Nic z tego nie będzie.")
let words = embedding.neighbors(for: "dictatorship", maximumCount: 10)
for word in words {
#apple #swift #programming #CodingFun #iOS #macOS

You know, one thing I really do like about Android, Pixel works but IDK about others. When you turn off the stupid, awful, frustrating bullcrap where you have to tell your phone to "stop", shouting over the alarm to be heard... You can then double tap with two fingers, with TalkBack, to immediately stop the alarm. No need to swipe to the stop button and double tap.

Of course, just like a lot of things in Android, the Double Tap with two fingers just sends the "play/pause" signal, so it's not really a Magic Tap that apps can really make do interesting things, like how in DiceWorld on iOS, you can Magic Tap (double tap with two fingers), to roll the dice without needing to find that button each time. Stuff like that, in apps, is really nice.

Another issue with Android is the way apps handle speech; they almost always just send output of ongoing things, like live OCR results and such, to the system TTS engine instead of TalkBack. This is mainly because that's how it's always been done, but now that Braille is an option, I really hope developers start just sending announcements directly to TalkBack. On iOS, for example, I can play DiceWorld completely in Braille because it sends all announcements to VoiceOver, and not the TTS engine. See, Android has been all about speech at all cost, coming from the days of the Eyes-free shell since TalkBack couldn't use the touch screen yet. iOS, I think, has always let apps send content to VoiceOver, so it can read whatever the dev needs it to, and thus also shows up in Braille, can easily be interupted, all that.

Just some early morning thoughts, don't come at me.

#accessibility #blind #android #iOS #TTS #VoiceOver #TalkBack

@prav is looking for an #iOS developer to build Prav App on iOS. So far we have raised 500+ USD for this work via If you are an iOS developer and interested in this work, contact us or knows someone who will be interested, share this with them. If you or any contacts use iPhone donate now to make joining #XMPP easier. #FreeSoftware We need more coordinated effort to break monopoly of #WhatsApp in messaging. Your support is crucial in this challenging task.

It’s been about two months since I was laid off from Mozilla, and I’m still on the job hunt! I’m looking for an #iOS role, open to other #Apple platforms. 10+ YoE total across a few industries, exclusively iOS for the last 7+. Happy in both #Swift and #ObjC environments. #Remote / Chicagoland. #fedihired

Neue Zeile in der Messenger-Matrix ergänzt: »Unterstützte Push-Benachrichtigungsdienste«. Ich habe nicht zu jedem Messenger ausreichend Informationen gefunden, daher wäre es lieb ❤️ , wenn ihr dazu Feedback abgebt. Korrekturen nehme ich gerne vor. 👇…

#push #google #apple #android #ios #fcm #apn #websocket #unifiedpush #ntfy

Having gone to cancel my #VoiceDream subscription in the #iOS #AppStore while it is still a free trial, they sure do have an interesting list of plans. The monthly subscription options range from £4.99 to £19.99, and the annual options from £49.99 to £119.99. There is also an option labelled "Premium", which is also annually billed, at £79.99.

Can anyone recommend a good #accessible #RSS feed reader for #iPhone that does well with both text and audio #RSSFeeds? I recently subscribed to The Old Reader ( and like how it lets you add text RSS feeds, #podcasts, and #YouTube channels, and I'm looking for a good app for it on my phone. I've tried #lire, but it doesn't seem to work well with podcasts.
#TheOldReader #iOS #accessibility #technology #tech @mastoblind

How secure is your #iPhone? 🛡️

Our security experts examine the threats to #iOS devices ranging from browser hijacking, to #Pegasus & #GoFetch.

Learn more & stay safe:…

Are you a fan of iOS or do you prefer #Android? Let us know in the comments!

Our iOS app got banned from the Chinese appstore because it is able to influence public opinion or is "Capable of Social Mobilization".

See our blog post for details:…

#xmpp #ios #china

checking #deltachat #iOS 1.44.1 before starting a testflight. no good camera left to take the photo :)

the update comes with quite some long awaited UI fixes - and PUSH notifications got a preview now

#deltachat #iOS 1.44.1 is now available on… - including PUSH notifications showing previews

nb: the preview is generated on the device, using normal message fetch from your server. everything's still end-to-end-encrypted 🔒

I‘ve recently switched to #iOS and was sad that I couldn‘t use #streetcomplete for #osm anymore. But they‘ll soon release an iOS version as well 💕…

Once upon ...

While #DeltaChat #Android paved the way for reactions, #iOS and #Desktop did not stand back with awe!
But ran ahead!
Adding tons more possible reactions than poor #Android that could react with 👍👎❤️😂 or 🙁 only! Mostly with 🙁 :)

... but now #DeltaChat #Android catches up, allowing all the things as well :)

Yep, cool feature! Try it out when you get it! #accessibility #andorid #ios #google…

4) Last October, Google launched Lens in Maps (formerly Search with Live View). This feature uses AI and augmented reality to help you find information about nearby stores. Now, this feature has been upgraded with screen reader support, so you can point your phone’s camera at your surroundings and have TalkBack read the place’s information out loud.