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# on the Android seems like a possible replacement for #-9, available on #-Droid and all. Going to test it out for a while, if it doesn't work out and I don't find a decent FOSS Android client I'll just go all in and do # and Webmail.

Rebranding K-9 as #...

Another of my favorites, eaten by the big companies to boost their own lineup. Please just leave the things I love alone OK?

Don't use # for android, consider using #.

Don't use # for android, consider using #.

Don't use "Thunderbird for Android", AKA. K-9... Maybe use FairEmail? We'll see.

very sad news today my favorite mobile email app is being discontinued # thanks to Google's malicious behavior. I liked the ability to block tracking links and photos. I'm keeping the app for now in hopes that someone takes on the project. Does anyone have a good recommended email app for Android?

I don't use a computer to check my email anymore. Since Thunderbird is not on mobile I use # instead. It's the closest to Thunderbird for mobile. I use # on my phone for my RSS.

I am totally for buying apps.
But I don't have a google account.
Other than #, I haven't seen a way to pay.

I'm switching from #Android to #iPhone for the practical reason of having a supported phone that just works. But I'm very sad because I'll miss a bunch of awesome #FOSS apps that I use from #FDroid regularly and love - #AntennaPod, #SimpleMobileTools family of apps, #FairEmail, #Greentooth, #Insular for work profile apps, #KDEConnect, #NewPipe 💔, #OpenScan, #TelegramFOSS, #Tusky, #Twidere and more. But the good news is that I'll be using my current phone as a secondary device indefinitely! 🤞🏼

Did you know there is very #accessible #email app for #android called #FairEmail. Version 1.1677 released today includes quick #accessibility fix where reply button within an email is easier to locate when using screen reader swipe navigation. If you are looking for nice email app give FairEmail a spin.
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