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What #fedora version / spin should I install for an #accessible experience? Also what key strokes doI use to launch #orca or whatever engine is used for the installer?

As a #multiplyDisabled person, I'm always thinking of ways things could be more #accessible, and one just occurred to me. I'm sitting here doing some things on my computer and needed to install a couple packages. When I tried to install them, I was asked if I wanted to proceed and to type y or n. I have some coordination issues and my hands don't always do what I want them to do. I meant to press y, but I accidentally pressed h, and the installation terminated and had to be restarted. It would be nice if programs could be made, maybe through configuration settings, a little more forgiving with things like this. I wouldn't want to be asked over and over, but if I enter something that's neither y or n, I'd like to be prompted again rather than the program just exiting. This time was on #Linux, but I'm sure I've seen other examples of this on other platforms. What do you all think? Can you think of small ways you might like your #technology to be more #accessible?
#tech #accessibility #disability #disabilities #disabled

This post will be more about #Tech, school, and hobbies. I've been using a computer running #ArchLinux for a while now. I had a computer with #Windows10, but it wasn't running so great so I tried to put #Linux on it. Something went wrong and it wouldn't boot.
My mom had another computer she let me put Linux on. It's not as good as the other and only has 4 gb of RAM and 64 gb storage, but I can't afford anything better. I tried #Ubuntu and #LinuxMint, but I didn't like how out of date software was. Now I'm on #Arch and like a lot of things about it. My biggest issues are that I wish #Braille support was better and there are one or two apps I haven't been able to find equivalents for, or what I've found isn't as good. I love the customizability though, and the way you can put just what you want on the computer and no more. I also like the #commandLine. On #Windows, I was a #JAWS user, and there are some features I miss from that, particularly #PictureSmart, #SplitBraille, and being able to configure profiles for websites. The one Windows app I haven't found a good equivalent for is one called Perky Duck. It's an editor that lets you create Braille files using six keys on your computer keyboard. There's a Linux app called BrailleZephyr, but it has far fewer features and isn't as easy to use. This is needed for the #BrailleTranscription course I'm taking. I'm using BrailleZephyr now because it's my only choice unless I want to write my lessons with a Braillewriter and mail them in. I'm also trying to find an #accessible #Telegram client. I tried the web and desktop apps and they were both inaccessible.
I also tried some #gardening a while back. We were doing it inside but it had to be moved outside and my mom wound up caring for the #plants because it's usually too hot for me out there, but a couple nights ago, she took me out there to pick a #cucumber. I got to pick it, she cut it up, and we ate it. It was so much better than storebought cucumber! There are more growing, too, so that won't be the last one we pick. Helping grow and then picking that cucumber was really satisfying.
#accessibility #technology #gardening

Hab ich Gas-Wasser-******* Folgende?

Die Rezeption meint, das wäre normal so. Ich nicht. In der Stellung kommt 70°C heißes Wasser aus der Leitung. Irgendwie ist das für mich falsch herum.

Gibt es in Frankreich andere Einbau Normen?

Ich würde hier bei Hahn nach rechts gedreht in Richtung blau immer kalt erwarten.

Es gibt in dem Hotel auch anders herum montierte. Wahrscheinlich je nachdem welcher Subunternehmer für welche Etage zuständig war.

Eure Meinung?

#fediPower #gws #accessible

Habe gerade festgestellt, dass das auch ein Accessibility Thema ist. Kein Wunder also, dass darunter viele "Ist mir doch egal" schreiben. Zeigt es doch, wie weit es in der Gesellschaft noch ist, Sachen sicher und benutzbar für alle zu machen.


An interesting byproduct of working in #accessibility while having a #disability yourself, I find, be it in gaming, software, events, even buildings, is that you constantly lament the failures you weren't able to prevent. Outside of actually needing to eat, I do genuinely enjoy helping people make stuff more #accessible. I do. I like the challenges in how to make very visual media, like #videoGames, accessible. I just rarely actually get asked, I can't be everywhere at once, and often when I do get asked, I get asked way too late, at which point the challenges are too daunting for the asker to actually take up. It's basically "the one that got away" times a thousand, and I would not be surprised if its a huge contributor to #burnout in this industry

Glad I bought Stardew Valley via #Steam over a year ago... Makes it easy as heck to reinstall the game when configuring a new or freshly reinstalled system. Need a little help, however... Any #blind #StardewValley players out there willing to share all the #mods that make the latest version #accessible to a #NVDA user? I've always had issues getting everything needed to get going, so if someone out there can help, it'd be much appreciated. #A11Y #Gaming #AccessibleGaming

So I've finally been driven off of Microsoft edge and on to #Firefox. The #a11y work that's been done over the last few years really shows; it flies with #NVDA on my system. Also, syncing of tabs works better than on either Edge or Safari, and my tabs from other devices are actually in a reasonable place where I can find them. However, I really, really miss the automatic generation of #alttext that both Edge and Chrome have built-in. I know Firefox was going to make that a thing, but I believe the disgusting shrieking of folks against #AI even for #accessibility killed it. I do wish it was an addon, at least. There are a couple pages where I still need to go back to Edge to use them because the image links aren't labeled. Not using them isn't an option; bills gotta get paid. I also had to turn off all of the tracking protection stuff to get HCaptcha to work. Sadly, in a battle between privacy and accessibility, for me, accessibility *has* to win every time. While I'm enjoying the speed and slightly better access to certain parts of pages, I couldn't recommend it to average #blind users at this point. You have to change random settings to get some things to be #accessible, and you have to use another browser whenever alt-text is missing.

We've been doing this a while. Let's SWING for the big leagues.
Tomorrow, we're doing a deep dive on #burpSuite from a #screenReader perspective. It will be mostly #blind (as in playthrough) as I've not looked at this program for a few years, and fully blind (as in sight) given ... well ... screenReader user :)

I've learned more, and hey who knows, maybe they've improved ......
If it turns out they haven't, we'll look at @zaproxy next as a more viable, generally more #accessible alternative. See you tomorrow at 3 EST over at #infosec #cybersecurity #zaproxy #portswigger #java #programming

#AccessKit question. I'd like to recommend this to developers so they can make their projects more #accessible. I noticed there's no documentation. Is it easy enough to learn without the need for documentation? If not, I'm hesitant to recommend something that I know developers are going to struggle with. It's tough enough asking them to make their apps accessible when they don't know much about us, let alone asking them to learn a new library with no docs. #Accessibility #Blind #VisuallyImpaired

I'm still open to the idea of dropping this course as someone here suggested, but I'd rather not if I can help it. I'd like to find a workaround instead. I'm going to email the instructor to see if I can use a different database system and modify the assignments accordingly. Another idea, is there some other more #accessible software that can open and modify MS Access database files?

Anyone know if #Roon is #accessible for #blind people? Watched a couple of Videos and read about it. Seriously thinking to buy even a lifetime-license. But I will not compromise on #a11y. Alternatively I'd love to know about accessible solutions that come close.

I wonder if this is any more #Accessible with #Voiceover? It didn't used to be usable at all.…

A few weeks back, I seem to remember reading an article about Youtube cracking down on third party player apps that replace the official one. Did I imagine this? If those are still a thing, can someone suggest an #Accessible one for iOS that allows playing videos with the phone locked?

Yesterday was Global #Accessibility Awareness Day (#GAAD). Today, some companies will be considering switching away from #Slack to a less #accessible alternative due to #AI bullshit.

If you were wondering whether the new #Sonos app is as bad with #VoiceOver as people said, I can confirm that it is.

The first element that receives focus has no #accessible role or name, i.e. VoiceOver doesn't announce anything for it. The screen is split up into sections, like "Recently Played", "Your Services", and "Sonos Favourites", but none of these have headings. And, as previously noted, explore by touch doesn't work; VO seems to just see that blank element I mentioned as being stretched across the entire screen.

As a result of all this, the "Search" button requires 32 swipes from the top of the screen to reach, at least with my setup. If you have more services and/or more favourites, that number of swipes will be higher. #accessibility

Well ...that teaches me to go to sleep right after dropping an announcement like this :-O I did not expect even a tenth of the response this received, thank you all so much for that.
I realize the channel's looking kinda bare at present. The idea to do this os only a day or so old, so 🐻 with me while I set up an initial stream and such. If people are curious, the YouTube channel over at has a number of archived game streams from my gaming channel, where I tackle #accessible #gaming, as well as a playlist on last year's Advent of Cyber on the TryHackMe event where I go through the challenges with a screen reader, critique the accessibility of a lot of them and overall trialed the format I want to pursue on the IC_Null channel. If people need a preview, that's where you go :)

If image generation gets good enough to make me Twitch banners, or blog featured images, or make small video edits for me, or write me CSS that actually looks good, you bet your glutal hemispheres I'm going to make use of it. Purely a matter of efficiency. We haven't had a decent video editor that's #accessible as long as I've been alive, I think i've waited long enough for hoomans to step up. If AI can do it, AI can do it. Screen readers can't tell me if CSS is doing what I want, so if AI can do it that just means I can be more productive as a developer. Again, I've waited for this situation to improve in #screenreaders for my entire professional career, so if what is for all intents and purposes a new tool can enable me to do this, I will happily make use of it. Summarizing articles in between all the newsletter popups, ads, images without alt text and silent videos? Absolutely. Just another #accessibility tool at this point. So yeah. Bad, but not all bad.

Are Microsoft and Adobe really the only ones making software that can create #accessible tagged PDFs?

I would rather not use either of them!

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I can't find any alternatives :(


@FediVerseExplorer @WestphalDenn I am using web version of #element in @Firefox by default however #electron based apps are now accessible on #linux in a similar way as they are #accessible on #windows. So I think you will like it. Also #fractal a #gtk4 #matrix client developed with @GNOME technologies is accessible with #orca.

I have checked on Applevis for a #Accessible #diabetes management app, and I'm surprised there are not many listed there. I think I only found two, and their entries are bery old. I keep a spreadsheet of Ds's glucose levels, insulin dosages, and carb intake, so I don't really need an app, but it would be useful, especially when we are trying to figure out how many net carbs are in a certain food. Perhaps someone on the keto diet knows of an accessible carb counter app, one that has a database of common foods and their carb counts?

Can anyone recommend a good #accessible #RSS feed reader for #iPhone that does well with both text and audio #RSSFeeds? I recently subscribed to The Old Reader ( and like how it lets you add text RSS feeds, #podcasts, and #YouTube channels, and I'm looking for a good app for it on my phone. I've tried #lire, but it doesn't seem to work well with podcasts.
#TheOldReader #iOS #accessibility #technology #tech @mastoblind

Wow this is promising, how is their chrome extension and other products right now? Is it screen reader #Accessible

Next Wednesday discover how you can make your presentation and meeting slide decks more #accessible and inclusive!

Join #A11yCat @volkswagenchick, she will cover definitions, standards, guidelines, & practical tips & examples.
Wed Jan 17at 12pm ET… #a11y

RIMFest Is in Full Force, and There’s Free Admission!
For the next 12 days, Everyone gets a chance to take #RemoteIncidentManager for a spin, absolutely free! Provide remote support to friends, family or anyone else via the world's only fully #accessible remote support program, absolutely free! Download your copy to your PC or Mac today, click the “Provide Help Now” button, register! Easy as one two three!………

Thanks so much to everyone who has voted for their top 10 #holiday songs. We have well over 300 tracks voted for now, and we’re going to play the top 100 in a live 10 hour #Christmas party this Saturday, complete with plenty of fun Mastodon interaction using the #MushroomFM hashtag.
I took a sneaky look at the chart as it currently stands, and mate, there’s everything to play for. Things are close enough right now that I wouldn’t guarantee that the song currently at the top of the charts will stay there.
So, if you’ve not voted yet, it’s quick and #accessible.
We’re honoured to have the chance each year to bring a bit of fun and #festive cheer into the world and look forward to many of our Mastodon friends joining us. Ready to vote? I hope so because you only have until 11:59 PM US Eastern time on Thursday. Then the chart closes and we get to work on putting the live show together. Head over to

An old high school PowerPoint

This was an old PowerPoint I created for high school. I wanted to make it as fun and accessible as possible, so I wouldn't have to read off everything right there. We were tasked to do a PowerPoint about a state that we picked and for some reason, I chose Hawaii. I still have no idea why to this day.

A11yTalks tomorrow!!
Have you ever wondered how the A11yTalks team, month after month, delivers #accessible online events?

Tune into: Behind the Stream - How A11yTalks Creates Accessible Virtual Events
November 28th, 12PM (ET)

@Matthias ✔ Ah yes now I understand. Unfortunatelly that part is not yet #screenreaders #accessible thus when using up and down arrow keys to make the choice I don't know what I'm selecting. I'll first try to look into it my-self and if I won't be able to fix it on my own I'll file it as a feature request then.
Thanks for your patience explaining this feature to me.

I've written a #tutorial on how to program #accessible #native #gui #windows applications in #rust using the native-windows-gui library:

Also available in Spanish:…

#a11y #programming

@mk360 @Thunderbird: Free Your Inbox 115 #supernova is verry #accessible. Loads of #a11y related issues have been adressed since the new face lift has started within #Thunderbird 111.

I’m a Blind technologist and i’ve built the Dimensions Lab for #accessible tactile graphics and #3d models at New York Public Library. With the right tools, skill-building opps and community support, Blind people can break out of image poverty and excel at spatial thinking + design. This is me waving hello to folks in #Vis #Art #Graphics & #CreativeCoding…

A question on behalf of a friend: which appearance theme for the LuCI GUI for #OpenWRT is the most #accessible with screen readers? Any other tips on how to make this experience more accessible?
#OpenSource #Blind #Router

Hey folks, time for the monthly open Q&A. "I'm Perplexed, What's Next"
This meet-up will happen Saturday 24th June, 8PM UK, 3PM Eastern.
This is the session where you can ask Scott and JennyK questions about #REAPER, #OSARA, or pretty much anything around #accessible recording. Newcomers with questions always get top priority, so drop in and tell us about what's tripping you up. We'll spend a couple of hours helping as many as we can.

As long as there is coffee in the JennyK lair and hopefully a shay holding down the fort on YouTube it will be another great Q&A. :D
Read all the details, find tips and tricks to tweak TeamTalk so it behaves, and more at
See ya Saturday.


Hello! I would like to invite everyone to join the #Accessible #Apple community on Discord. This server is dedicated to current and future #blind and/or #VisuallyImpaired users of #iPhone, #Mac, #Apple Watch and other #Apple products who would like to get the most out of their devices. If that's something you are interested in, give us a shot!!
Now to some FAQ that I guess will be asked over and over.
Q: There's only one administrator and that's you.
A: Yeah, but there's no point as there's literally noone else there, yet.
Q: Where are the rules?
A: They are not existent yet. Just please be a human.
Q: What's the point if there's AppleVis?
A: AppleVis was, and still is a great resource if it comes to stuff like APp directories, curated list of resources, podcasts ETC, however the forum features are suboptimal, especially for mobile usage. I have spoken to many people who are newcomers to the #Apple ecosystem and using the AppleVis website turned out to be harder than using their shiny new device itself.

Please keep in mind that the server is in a test stage, many things can happen, including channel deletions/additions, moderation appointments or server deletion in case there's no real interest. If you have any suggestions how could I improve it or if you would like to help me moderate, please reach out.
I kindly ask everyone to boost it to gauge interest. #accessibility #a11y #blind

My new favorite way of doing the whole #RSS thing is a combination of and lire on iOS set to sync mode. A great, #accessible combination that covers desktop and mobile consumption, and it's worked so well that I've finally fallen squarely into the habit of leveraging RSS feeds for news and events primarily.
For some good lists of RSS feeds to add, check out:…
And don't forget Mastodon and YouTube have builtin RSS, too!

This actually runs in fairly #accessible #Juce anyway, so you don't *need* Komplete Kontrol to use it.

It's that time again. :)

This months #Reaper made easy Meet-up will happen on Saturday 27th May, 8PM UK, 3PM Eastern.
Join us for May's edition of "I'm Perplexed, What's Next", an open Q&A session where you can ask anything about REAPER, OSARA or #accessible recording. Questions big or small are welcome from anyone with any amount of experience. We'll be online for a couple of hours, helping as many people with as much as we can.
Details on this Q&A and other goodies can be found on
See you there. :)
Scott and JennyK

Here's one of, if not *the* most #accessible #drum #library for #Kontakt from a #blind #producer point of view. Using #KompleteKontrol (or Kontakt directly if preferred), every aspect of the kit is usable, from kit-piece selection, to all the microphone adjustments you could wish to make.
Kit demo:…

Sun Drums NKS Walkthrough:…