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Can anyone recommend a good #accessible #RSS feed reader for #iPhone that does well with both text and audio #RSSFeeds? I recently subscribed to The Old Reader ( and like how it lets you add text RSS feeds, #podcasts, and #YouTube channels, and I'm looking for a good app for it on my phone. I've tried #lire, but it doesn't seem to work well with podcasts.
#TheOldReader #iOS #accessibility #technology #tech @mastoblind

Say what you will about #MacOS but the professional software landscape is unparalleled. Today I have discovered Devon Agent which basically is a software which can search the web, but it can A: Save your searches in so called sets, so you can keep all your research in one place. B: searches many sources. C: Supports cross-source boolean operators, like and/Or. All of that for 50 euros for the pro version, absolutely mind-blowing, and #blind #accessible. Great work guys

To see if any of the widgets can be customized, flick up on each widget to see if edit is one of the choices.

E. if you choose the wrong widget or change your mind about a widget, to delete it, just flick up on the widget, and choose remove from the list.

F. Once you get all of the widgets you want and your all done, just go back up to that add button by the cancel button and double tap it.

6. Now it will put you back in the original place where you first started and hit the add button. The Widget screen you just created should be first in the list, but it will tell you what widgets are included, so just listen to the description to make sure. Just double tap it to add it as your current lock screen.

I hope these instructions has been helpful.

#iphone #tip #LockScreen #Widgets #Create #blind #accessible (2/2)

I like on #Mastodon how you can upload items (with images) on your phone and then edit them (on your laptop).

Makes it much easier to add alt text and make it more #accessible

More conference testing with @Mastodon at #FOSDEM

Wow this is promising, how is their chrome extension and other products right now? Is it screen reader #Accessible

To #blind #techies, does anyone have any suggestions for a pair of noise canceling #headphones purchasable on #Amazon that can connect to my computer running #Windows10, preferrably wirelessly or through Bluetooth. It's even better if they can somehow also connect to a second device and let me hear when my mom calls my #iPhone. This would be something I could use with my computer on days when our dogs are barking a lot so I don't get such bad #SensoryOverLoad. Of course, they need to also either not have software for the computer, or that software needs to be somewhat #accessible. My budget right now is about $80, but I may have up to $120 or so if I wait a day or two.
@mastoblind #ActuallyAutistic #accessibility #iOS #tech #technology #Windows #WindowsTen

Any #accessible #games on #steam you recommend? Something that would work on like, 16 gigs of ram and won't make everything on its way die. I'll be glad to hear your suggestions

Next Wednesday discover how you can make your presentation and meeting slide decks more #accessible and inclusive!

Join #A11yCat @volkswagenchick, she will cover definitions, standards, guidelines, & practical tips & examples.
Wed Jan 17at 12pm ET #a11y

RIMFest Is in Full Force, and There’s Free Admission!
For the next 12 days, Everyone gets a chance to take #RemoteIncidentManager for a spin, absolutely free! Provide remote support to friends, family or anyone else via the world's only fully #accessible remote support program, absolutely free! Download your copy to your PC or Mac today, click the “Provide Help Now” button, register! Easy as one two three!

Thanks so much to everyone who has voted for their top 10 #holiday songs. We have well over 300 tracks voted for now, and we’re going to play the top 100 in a live 10 hour #Christmas party this Saturday, complete with plenty of fun Mastodon interaction using the #MushroomFM hashtag.
I took a sneaky look at the chart as it currently stands, and mate, there’s everything to play for. Things are close enough right now that I wouldn’t guarantee that the song currently at the top of the charts will stay there.
So, if you’ve not voted yet, it’s quick and #accessible.
We’re honoured to have the chance each year to bring a bit of fun and #festive cheer into the world and look forward to many of our Mastodon friends joining us. Ready to vote? I hope so because you only have until 11:59 PM US Eastern time on Thursday. Then the chart closes and we get to work on putting the live show together. Head over to

An old high school PowerPoint

This was an old PowerPoint I created for high school. I wanted to make it as fun and accessible as possible, so I wouldn't have to read off everything right there. We were tasked to do a PowerPoint about a state that we picked and for some reason, I chose Hawaii. I still have no idea why to this day.

A11yTalks tomorrow!!
Have you ever wondered how the A11yTalks team, month after month, delivers #accessible online events?

Tune into: Behind the Stream - How A11yTalks Creates Accessible Virtual Events
November 28th, 12PM (ET)

@Matthias ✔ Ah yes now I understand. Unfortunatelly that part is not yet #screenreaders #accessible thus when using up and down arrow keys to make the choice I don't know what I'm selecting. I'll first try to look into it my-self and if I won't be able to fix it on my own I'll file it as a feature request then.
Thanks for your patience explaining this feature to me.

I've written a #tutorial on how to program #accessible #native #gui #windows applications in #rust using the native-windows-gui library:

Also available in Spanish:

#a11y #programming

@mk360 @Thunderbird: Free Your Inbox 115 #supernova is verry #accessible. Loads of #a11y related issues have been adressed since the new face lift has started within #Thunderbird 111.

I’m a Blind technologist and i’ve built the Dimensions Lab for #accessible tactile graphics and #3d models at New York Public Library. With the right tools, skill-building opps and community support, Blind people can break out of image poverty and excel at spatial thinking + design. This is me waving hello to folks in #Vis #Art #Graphics & #CreativeCoding

A question on behalf of a friend: which appearance theme for the LuCI GUI for #OpenWRT is the most #accessible with screen readers? Any other tips on how to make this experience more accessible?
#OpenSource #Blind #Router

Hey folks, time for the monthly open Q&A. "I'm Perplexed, What's Next"
This meet-up will happen Saturday 24th June, 8PM UK, 3PM Eastern.
This is the session where you can ask Scott and JennyK questions about #REAPER, #OSARA, or pretty much anything around #accessible recording. Newcomers with questions always get top priority, so drop in and tell us about what's tripping you up. We'll spend a couple of hours helping as many as we can.

As long as there is coffee in the JennyK lair and hopefully a shay holding down the fort on YouTube it will be another great Q&A. :D
Read all the details, find tips and tricks to tweak TeamTalk so it behaves, and more at
See ya Saturday.


Hello! I would like to invite everyone to join the #Accessible #Apple community on Discord. This server is dedicated to current and future #blind and/or #VisuallyImpaired users of #iPhone, #Mac, #Apple Watch and other #Apple products who would like to get the most out of their devices. If that's something you are interested in, give us a shot!!
Now to some FAQ that I guess will be asked over and over.
Q: There's only one administrator and that's you.
A: Yeah, but there's no point as there's literally noone else there, yet.
Q: Where are the rules?
A: They are not existent yet. Just please be a human.
Q: What's the point if there's AppleVis?
A: AppleVis was, and still is a great resource if it comes to stuff like APp directories, curated list of resources, podcasts ETC, however the forum features are suboptimal, especially for mobile usage. I have spoken to many people who are newcomers to the #Apple ecosystem and using the AppleVis website turned out to be harder than using their shiny new device itself.

Please keep in mind that the server is in a test stage, many things can happen, including channel deletions/additions, moderation appointments or server deletion in case there's no real interest. If you have any suggestions how could I improve it or if you would like to help me moderate, please reach out.
I kindly ask everyone to boost it to gauge interest. #accessibility #a11y #blind

My new favorite way of doing the whole #RSS thing is a combination of and lire on iOS set to sync mode. A great, #accessible combination that covers desktop and mobile consumption, and it's worked so well that I've finally fallen squarely into the habit of leveraging RSS feeds for news and events primarily.
For some good lists of RSS feeds to add, check out:
And don't forget Mastodon and YouTube have builtin RSS, too!

This actually runs in fairly #accessible #Juce anyway, so you don't *need* Komplete Kontrol to use it.

It's that time again. :)

This months #Reaper made easy Meet-up will happen on Saturday 27th May, 8PM UK, 3PM Eastern.
Join us for May's edition of "I'm Perplexed, What's Next", an open Q&A session where you can ask anything about REAPER, OSARA or #accessible recording. Questions big or small are welcome from anyone with any amount of experience. We'll be online for a couple of hours, helping as many people with as much as we can.
Details on this Q&A and other goodies can be found on
See you there. :)
Scott and JennyK

Here's one of, if not *the* most #accessible #drum #library for #Kontakt from a #blind #producer point of view. Using #KompleteKontrol (or Kontakt directly if preferred), every aspect of the kit is usable, from kit-piece selection, to all the microphone adjustments you could wish to make.
Kit demo:

Sun Drums NKS Walkthrough:

Aiko iOS app, totally free, Hi quality transcription, all performed on your device for privacy. This app was mentioned in the latest AppleVis Newsletter, so it is totally accessible. Just know that the app is kind of large, it is 2 GB in size. Probably because it does everything on the device, and all of the languages it supports.

Description from the app store followed by the link.
High-quality on-device transcription. Easily convert speech to text from meetings, lectures, and more.
The transcription is powered by OpenAI's Whisper running locally on your device. The audio never leaves your device. You can export the transcription as subtitles too. Aiko favors accuracy over speed.
Supports 100 different languages.
The app was made possible thanks to Whisper by OpenAI and whisper.cpp by Georgi Gerganov.
■ FAQ ‣ Can I edit the text in the app? I don't plan to support any editing. Export the transcription and edit it in a proper text editor.
‣ Why is the app so large? The app delivers the highest quality transcription on the market for 100 different languages. Rather than asking why it's so large, the real question is how is it so small.
‣ Why is the transcription so slow? The favors accuracy over speed. However, performance is expected to improve in the coming months.
‣ Can I delete some of the languages to save space? This is unfortunately not possible. The model has all the languages stored together in a way that makes it impossible to remove just some languages. More FAQs on the website.
■ Technical details The app uses the Whisper medium or small model depending on available memory.
■ Support You can contact me through the feedback button in the app or at

#Aiko #iOS #Quality #Transcription #Free #Blind #Accessible

OK, this is great. Just found an #iOS equivalent of #MacWhisper and it’s free. Not sure if it always is, but it certainly is right now.
It’s #Accessible and works well with #VoiceOver.

#Aiko by Sindre Sorhus

I know it takes time to really gain traction on a new platform, but sometimes I seriously miss the reach I had on 'tother side.' If you haven't shared this before, if you're a blind/VI music maker, if you use iOS or know people that do, please do boost the post I'm replying to. It's not necessarily a game-changer in terms of #accessible music apps, but it is fun, it's inexpensive (not free) and it could bring someone some joy. That's all I set out to do here. Not a fan of asking for boosts, so definitely won't do it often.
Thank you.

Did you enjoy our CSUN wrap-up last In-process, and our coverage of David Cane's Task Aware Browsing Proposal? Or are you more into games? What did you think of Guy Barker's #accessible #sudoku game, Grid Game? How have you found it? Or, what is YOUR favourite game? Let us know! Otherwise, read all the details in last week's In-Process blog here: #CSUNATC23

February is Free and Open-Source Software month - #FOSSFeb! As the your #FOSS screen reader, we want to encourage everyone to explore the world of free, open-source software - especially #accessible software of course! Here are a couple of links on #FOSSFeb to get you started:

How are you celebrating #FOSSFeb?

So interesting how this happens. We have a #blind character in this game, a blind accessibility consultant was consulted to get the #representation right .... but the blind can't play the game they're supposedly properly represented in because it's not #accessible to them. Curious how that meeting went :)
From birdsite:
It is done. Here is my post on Hogwarts Legacy. For those interested, please read. This is the best I can offer everyone. Thank you again all.

Hello world!

Introducing Semaphore an accessible, simple and fast web client for Mastodon.

Semaphore continues the work of @nolan 's @pinafore, and will prioritise accessibility, continuing Pinafore's track record of integrating improvements from disabled contributors.

Follow this account if you'd like to keep up-to-date with releases and news.

#mastodon #accessible #a11y #client #app #web #semaphore #pinafore

My feature article on "Visualization for the Blind" was just published in the new Jan/Feb 2023 issue of @ACM Interactions. This is a high-level overview of making #visualizations #accessible for #blind individuals, sprinkled with my own personal experiences from beginning in the #a11y space. I even squeezed two Latin quotes in! And thanks to my close collaborator Jonathan Lazar for his mentorship. DOI: 10.1145/3571737 Read the fulltext here (no paywall):

Content warning: Programming

Each week I’ve been catching up with Sidney Imbun founder of Out and Seek, an accessible & inclusive events platform. As a care worker Sidney struggled to find accessible and inclusive events and venues, so he built a platform which launched in Melbourne. He’s now adding Sydney venues and events, If you can help please reach out 🙏 #accessible #inclusive #diversity #impact

So far, the mushroom crowd have voted for 199 holiday songs to be played on our #countdown. Only trouble is, we're just going to play the top 100. That means your vote could make all the difference to what people hear. Be sure to vote for your top 10 holidays songs. Want a particular song to rank highly? That's fine! Go ahead and tell your friends, colleagues, family and even enemies to vote. Voting is simple and #accessible. #MushroomFM

This morning, a kind comment about my narration reminded me of the beautifully relaxing vibe of this video. Check out the work the Social #AudioDescription Collective did as part of the #accessible Parks #Canada project.

An interesting experiment in turning 💯 data and 📈📊📉 graphs into 🔊 audio.

“… one aim is to make our data journalism more #Accessible for vision-impaired people.”

#Accessibility / #A11Y