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Put your kettles on and come learn about Cards View and how we tackle visual design! Community Office Hours start in half an hour - get the Zoom link and password in the blog post:

#Thunderbird #OpenSource #UI

Just a friendly reminder to join us tomorrow at 18:00 UTC for our Community Office Hours all about visual design and Cards View with @micah! Find out how to join the call, hang out with the team, and learn how UI changes happen and how to get involved below!

#Thunderbird #OpenSource #UI

If you're like us, you want to be organized happens. But if you want to start the week getting a handle on your virtual clutter, we've found an awesome organization workshop that uses open source and privacy respecting tools! Give it a try - or let us know the organization tips and tricks that work for you.

#Thunderbird #OpenSource #Organization

Remember a few weeks back when I said no one appreciates people that file bugs. Well as we tiptoe closer to the #Thunderbird for #Android release, I look at the visionary that filed the initial bug bringing up the idea 12 years ago when most people floating around #Mozilla wanted a #WindowsPhone version to run on #PDAs. That youn... old hero won't get any credit or acknowledgement, but to someone, somewhere, they matter!

A few weeks ago we shared some of the music we at Team Thunderbird use to get focused. We'd love to know what tunes - songs, playlists, or even genres - help you flow through that Monday morning inbox. ✉️ 🎧

#Thunderbird #OpenSource #Music

I would like to better understand how many users of #Thunderbird use encrypted or signed email. I understand not everyone may be comfortable disclosing it, so even vague statements are interesting. Maybe use an anonymous Mastodon account and say "I know a group of (n) people in an NGO who uses OpenPGP encryption." or "We have (m) users in our business who use S/MIME signatures." or similar? Can you think of other ways I could learn more?

Holy crap, WTF happened to #Thunderbird's UI? I just restarted my computer, and everything in Thunderbird's inbox pane now looks like teeny tiny type, doesn't change when I change the font size in Settings, and also has less margin. #WTF? #UI

@thunderbird, is there something I'm missing in Settings?

#Thunderbird nutze ich schon lange. Und auf dem Smartphone K-9 Mail. Damit bin ich sehr zufrieden ☝️ 😉

When I reply to an e-mail with inline images in #Thunderbird, why does the reply (usually) not include the images now? 🤷🏽‍♂️

Read all about our exciting story and get a sneak peak at the next chapter with @ryanleesipes , Product and Business Development Manager for Thunderbird, who just celebrated his 6th work anniversary! 🎉

Ryan takes us from 2012, when Thunderbird was transitioned to community support, to plans for long, bright future. You'll laugh, cry, and cheer as you read - and maybe even help us bring Thunderbird and e-mail privacy everywhere! 💙

#Thunderbird #OpenSource #Mozilla

Even the great detective Conan Edogawa uses @thunderbird , so why don't you? 🤔 😆

Anime: Detective Conan / Case Closed
Episode Title: The Missing Man's Dream
Season: 31 (current season)
Episode No.: 1095
Filler Case: 400
Subtitle: Arabic

#DetectiveConan #CaseClosed #ConanEdogawa #ShinichiKudo #Beika #Japan #Thunderbird #Mozilla #Firefox #Internet

Wer nicht möchte, dass seine E-Mail-Zugangsdaten inklusive E-Mails an Microsoft abfließen, sollte ein alternatives E-Mail-Programm verwenden. Sofern "Neues Outlook" bereits im Einsatz ist, sollte das Konto gelöscht und anschließend die Zugangsdaten geändert werden. Eine mögliche Alternative: Thunderbird. 👇

#microsoft #thunderbird #datenschutz #sicherheit #outlook

Recently returned to #Thunderbird as my main desktop #email app and opted to go old-school by reading and sending in #plaintext.

Damn, today's emails are ugly when naked.

The next Community Office Hours on Nov. 29 at 10 AM Pacific Standard Time is all about Cards View, and we're inviting @micah to tell all! If you have questions about Thunderbird visual design - and Thunderbird in general - please send them to!

Office Hours are a fun and informal way to get to know the awesome people behind Thunderbird. We'll post soon how to join us live - or to catch the recording. And get those questions in early and often! #Thunderbird #UX

Welches E-Mail Programm unter #Windows10 könnt ihr mir empfehlen? #Thunderbird ist mir zu umständlich und unübersichtlich und #Outlook, ihr wisst schon.

Bitte retröt!

It's Monday, and if you're like us, being online for work and fun can be a literal pain in the neck. @pocket_recommends has a great collection of stretches for the very online, and this week we're giving seated neck stretches a try: 🪑

How do you all remember to stay limber in front of your keyboard, whether it's at your desk or on your keyboard? 📱 ⌨️

#Productivity #Thunderbird #Health

Thanks @davidGoldfield, it might be promising, will test for accessibility. Betterbird, a fork of #Thunderbird made by its former developers.

Avoid missing attachments in Thunderbird with attachment keywords that you can customize!

Go to Thunderbird Menu > Settings > Composition, and scroll to 'Attachments.' Click on 'Keywords' to maintain YOUR custom keyword list. 📎

If you're, ahem, strategically not attaching documents when you say you've attached them, you can turn reminders off across Thunderbird in Attachment Settings - or disable reminders for the current message when the attachment reminder pops up. 😉

#Thunderbird #Email

@Justin Ekis @Alex Hall Oh btw ctrl+shift+f search window has not received major updates in @Thunderbird: Free Your Inbox 115 #supernova at least since #thunderbird 78 if I can remember correctly. So the search experience is verry similar since very long time ago. In the future it will be most likelly updated to the new message list component used in the main window.

Hi K-9 Mail community! This is a reminder that we'll be retiring this account next month, when K-9 Mail transforms into #Thunderbird for #Android.

So please go follow @thunderbird to stay in touch and get future updates. Thanks for being on this journey with us!

(YES, Thunderbird for Android will be on @fdroidorg)

If you missed the news, here's the original announcement:

And here's where to find our monthly development updates:

We want you to have a great experience on Thunderbird, and that means fonts that are the perfect size and density for you. Find out how to go from "too small" or "too big" to just right in our latest blog post - and dig in to the technical details behind any trickier issues in the linked KB article.

#Thunderbird #Supernova #OpenSource

Dnešního rána jsem se rozhodl skoncovat s Outlookem a přejít i na Macu na Thunderbird.

A to potom co mi Outlook udělal v mailech na 2 ze 4 schránek zřejmě nějakou jeho chybou IMAPu paseku viz. screenshot 🙈

@thunderbird #email #IMAP #Outlook #Thunderbird

It's crazy to see how #Thunderbird is improving those past months. After years of inactivity, it's amazing to see it reborn.

An easy way to help is to use the Beta version. There is not enough people providing feedback and metrics.


Really not too happy with the new @thunderbird look, especially the email list pane.

I have new emails appearing at the bottom, each time I delete one the whole list moves, which hides the newest two messages. Not good. 😞

#Thunderbird #email

#K9Mail が #Thunderbird になるのずっと待ってる(なるんだよね? :tony_grinning:

Habe ich schon erwähnt, dass ich #outlook hasse (muss es leider beruflich nutzen)?

Eingespeicherte Adresse findet es gar nicht, wenn ich einfach in die Adresszeile tippe oder nur, wenn ich den genauen Anfang der Mailadresse weiß. Namensteile irgendwo mittendrin - nö.

Wenn ich auf eine von mir geschriebene Mail noch mal antworten will, dann schreibe ich mir selbst (aaahhhh). Was soll das für einen Sinn haben?

#Thunderbird kann das alles 1000 Mal besser!

It's Friday, Friday, gonna post Thunderbird for Android updates on Friday! 🎤 📱

Our September monthly report highlights recent developments, including account setup improvements, pesky bug fixes, and of course, our community contributions. And for an extra Friday feel, there's a bonus Canadian vacay pic! 🇨🇦📸

#Thunderbird #Android #Development #OpenSource

Is it just me, or is the interface for searching in #thunderbird really clunky with #NVDAsr? Seems like it takes a lot of steps just to view the list of results. I find myself resorting to iOS mail if I need to track down a message from a few days ago. Is it better with a different #Screenreader? #accessibility #a11y #Jaws #JFW

@sjb It's a great time to be using #Thunderbird right now, as it's gotten some fresh wind with the UI update and the #Android version (based on K9 Mail) just on the horizon.

I just think it could be a little more modern with an optional conversation-style interface.


Bonjour Thierry,

Au passage, merci pour l'information.

L'éternel souci des extensions et des montées de versions.

Je regrette depuis un bail que #Thunderbird n'ait jamais intégré cette fonctionnalité simple et surtout importante et utile pour ses utilisateurs.

J'imagine que l'extension va être mise à jour.


Perso je ne suis plus utilisateur de l'extension depuis que je suis passé sur #QubesOS et que je gère mes comptes séparément.

Chose que l'on peut aussi faire avec des VMs sans QubesOS.

C'est une contrainte, mais une contrainte qui apporte sécurité et protection de données personnelles.

Du coup, j'aurais du mal à m'en passer, dorénavant. Vu que @QubesOS fait des merveilles. 😎​

🙏​ 🌞​

En réponse à :

There is no Ublock Origin on the Thunderbird store, even though it and also the permissionless version work!

Firefox Translate will be huge, looking forward to that!

But whats also really bad is, that Thunderbird Conversations is broken (afaik) and there is no replacement, so having the thread just display below each other, including your replies

#Development #OpenSource #Thunderbird

- ublock preinstalled with *.zip and *.mov blacklist, as well as malware. Ads are irrelevant as you should just use
- sanitized HTML by default
- no javascript at all
- block all trackers
- install signature checker addon (forgot the name)
- reduce information your browser sends
- deactivate all unnecessary features, its a Mailclient based on a Browser, I am sure thats possible

#Development #OpenSource #Thunderbird

I would nove a "security mode" switch for Thunderbird. Like Arkenfox for Firefox, but with the difference that Thunderbird is not sponsored by Ads:

#Development #OpenSource #Thunderbird

When they heard today that the #Windows #Mail app is being discontinued, my entire office switched to @thunderbird. I am so proud of them. 🥲

#thunderbird #opensouce #foss

@thunderbird I have worked out why I have trouble seeing unread mail in my inbox. When you first open the inbox all unread mail is highlighted in blue. If you leave some of this mail unread to visit another mailbox, when you return the blue highlight has gone. Could you keep it highlighted in blue please? (Thunderbird 115.3.1)


Man the "Conversations" add-on for #Thunderbird is pretty fantastic.

Very Gmail-like threaded conversation view which includes your own replies (something I was really missing from the default conversations view)

@thunderbird is there a timeline or loose roadmap of when #thunderbird will be available for iOS?

I decided I'm in love with my kid's teacher: not only she uses #freesoftware (#thunderbird) as email client, but she also uses #bottomposting for replies! 🤯