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Fucking hell, as some of you have pointed out in the comments, also, it’s tied to my router. I have the same router I had in Malmö. If this is not a GDPR violation, I have no idea what is.

So Mozilla – Defender of Privacy™ – is storing my location history, tied to my router, without ever having gotten consent from me to do so.

This is a fucking scandal.

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Common Voice estas iniciato de Mozilla por helpi instrui al maŝinoj, kiel homoj parolas.

Por krei parolrekonan sistemon, programistoj bezonas tre grandan kvanton da voĉaj datumoj. La datumoj uzataj de kompanioj ne estas uzeblaj de iu ajn. Common Voice helpas krei voĉrekonon malfermita kaj alirebla por ĉiuj.

Diverseco gravas. Helpu akiri egalajn kvantojn de ĉiuj seksoj, akĉentoj kaj aĝoj en la datumbazo por eviti subprezentojn.

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Donacu vian voĉon 
kaj helpu krei 
parolrekonan sistemon 
en Esperanto!

It's time!

# and hundreds of volunteers are prepping for the biggest # yet.

Join in by hosting your very own session in London: October 21 - 27.

Session proposals are now being accepted and will remain open until August 1.

Come and be part of our 10th anniversary celebrations.

Recently, there has been misinformation about #Mozilla's browser #Firefox claiming that a new feature called #FirefoxSuggest would send any address bar inputs to advertising companies by default.

This is not true.

In reality, all sponsored suggestions are given offline by default, meaning that no additional user data is sent anywhere. Online suggestions are strictly opt-in.

Please do not spread false information.