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We're celebrating the release of GNOME 46 at @offline with hacking, talks, and food! Join us from 15:00 onwards :)

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What I really like about #GNOME46 is that it turned out to be a great release for old and low-end devices. One of my test devices is Thinkpad T400. That hardware is over 15 years old and actually got faster over the last few years - especially this release.

One of my favorite improvements here, headed by Christian Hergert, was the boost to VTE. Terminals using #gtk4 are now much faster and responsive. I mean, damn, even switching tabs doesn't trigger a full redraw!


GNOME 46 už je v Arch Linuxu 👍

Kromě rozšíření Dash to Dock, které jsem musel přeinstalovat přímo ze zdroje, funguje vše bez problémů.

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This is kinda a technology preview in order to see if we can ship features like this enabled by default in a lot more apps in the ecosystem.

Thus I'd be very super happy if you'll try it on lots of hardware - be Intel/AMD laptops or ARM64 devices (with V4L2 stateless decoders, such as most #LinuxMobile devices).

Chances that you really hit a zero-copy path are highest with a recent #Wayland compositor - i.e. if you are using #GNOME46, #kde6 or a recent version of #sway, #weston, #cosmic etc.

By popular demand we're moving the GNOME 46 Berlin release party by one week, to Saturday April 6th and Sunday 7th.

Everything else remains the same, we're still going to do hacking, cooking, and talks at @offline on Saturday and more focused hacking on Sunday :)

#gnome #gnome46 #berlin

Here's bonus video of URI handlers in the works:

Video description (there is no audio):

The video begins with a window of links over top of #Fractal. A link is clicked changing the channel to one with more links and one is clicked opening #GNOMEMaps zooming in on the #GNOMEFoundation's address. Another in the window opens the #GNOME46 release video in #FreeTube, and final one opens a #Jitsi meeting in the desktop application.


Vielen Dank und ich freue mich auf diese Fedora Version wo #GNOME 46 der Standard ist. Aber seien wir ehrlich. Welche der mitgelieferten Apps sind brauchbar und was fehlt? Was ist mit Card/Cal DAV Support? .


We're excited to announce the release of #GNOME46! This release brings many updates and improvements thanks to the hard work of #GNOME contributors. 🎉

Read all the details in our release notes:
and in our official announcement:

Announcing the program for the GNOME release party on March 30+31 🥳️

On Saturday we're trying something different from previous editions with cooking, talks, etc. It will be a bit of an experiment, but I think it's going to be a lot of fun 🧑‍🍳️🍲️🥕️

To make up for it we're meeting on Sunday specifically for hacking though :)

If you already know you're coming please add your name to the list on the Hedgedoc:

Edit: The event has been moved to April 6+7

#gnome #gnome46 #berlin

Other than the fresh new default, 46 will come with a fresh set of wallpapers to pick from. Ready for some new pixels?

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The GNOME 46 release is coming up, and so is our Berlin release party!

Come join us on March 30th at @offline in Neukölln for hacking, talks, and all-around celebration of the new release 🥳

More details coming soon!

#gnome #gnome46 #berlin

GNOME 46.alpha is released! 🎉

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My hope is that we can ship some initial support for all of this in #gnome46 - if possible with the default video player. Be it Totem, ported to #gtk4, or some alternative. The goal is of course that as many apps as possible can make use of it without much hassle - be it video streaming apps, video chat apps like @dino or Fractal, #fediverse clients like Tuba or camera apps like #gnomecamera / Snapshot (for a battery friendly viewfinder - important on #linuxmobile). And of course browsers.