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Just used my #python skills to do a simple die roll from memory for some RP we are doing! Yes!

Jupyter notebooks in 2024 is still not accessible.

In his #PyCascades talk, Venkatesh Potluri (who is blind) noted that popular Python libraries like matplotlib etc still can't embed alt text.

He made a patch for it, but the notebooks still don't pick up alt text.

#accessibility #Python #jupyter

Malicious code in Python packages hits Discord bot platform with 170,000 users, among others:
#Python #PyPI #SupplyChain

Workbench 46 is out! 🛠️

Actually it was a couple of hours ago before GNOME 46 but I didn't want to steal the show 😎

Here are the highlights 💡

Inline diagnostics for #Rust :rust: and #Python :python:

New Library demos: 📚

"Snapshot" to demonstrate one of GTK4 coolest feature.

"Dialog" and "Message Dialogs" to demonstrate libadwaita 1.5 new responsive dialogs.

26 demos ported to Python
5 demos ported to Vala

#GNOME #GTK #development #Linux #Python #Rust

Hi !

My company is looking for new #RustLang & #Python devs 😋

We are building an open-source e2e encrypted file sharing software:

More info:

🌎 France in full remote
⏰ Full-time
💲 36k-63k€

Retoot appreciated 🙏

#hiring #job #remotework

After my birthday passed, I'm working on a Banner Previewer and, honestly, despite being simple, it's one of the coolest things I've ever done.

It's still WIP:

#GTK #GNOME #Python #Libadwaita

@dangerzone is an open source app that uses container sandboxes to create a "virtual photocopy" of a document.

This is to protect journalists and others from malware & trackers that might be implanted in documents sent to them by someone pretending to be a confidential source.

We (@freedomofpress) are hiring a software developer on a 6 month contract to work on the project. Remote, $70/hour, >=3 years of Python dev experience.

More info here:

#GetFediHired #Python

Is this Python diagnostics coming to Workbench 46 ? :python: :gnome:

Why yes it is!

Collaborative effort with @janvhs and @capypara 🙌

We are using pylsp and Ruff.

I'm also very excited to share that all 100+ demos have been ported to Python. Thanks to all contributors!

#Python #gtk #pygobject #development #GNOME

Other than the fresh new default, 46 will come with a fresh set of wallpapers to pick from. Ready for some new pixels?

#gnome #gnome46 #release #inkscape #blender3d #python

Teach your developers about #HTTP and #curl (and probably #Python). Otherwise they will end up using "tools" such as "post man" and "thunder client"

Get started writing that #app in your favourite programming language!

Then start working on those features, with tutorials for #Blueprint, #JavaScript, #Python, #Rust and #Vala 🚀

#GNOME #Workbench #Opensource #FOSS

New Changeset newsletter is out:

Guides on #opensource project management, caregiving and persuasion, arguing responsibly, and asking more effective questions. And: celebrating Beautiful Soup's 20th anniversary.

#Python #maintainership #FLOSS #burnout #sustainability #management

pymcurl is a new #python #libcurl binding

This year will be the 20th anniversary of @leonardr's #Python screen-scraping tool Beautiful Soup.

Please contact me if you'd like to contribute to the celebration by any of:

* contributing to a "how Beautiful Soup was important to my life or career" anthology
* helping edit and publish that anthology
* funding printing the book
* throwing or speaking at a party on or around May 19th, 2024
* helping upgrade Leonard's PyCon travel so it's not just economy/coach

Sneak peek into the first episode of Hidden Figures of Python!

Meet Joanna Jablonski!

She's written lots of great articles for RealPython, blogged for the Python Language Summit, and recently authored a PEP!

Subscribe to not miss the episode release!

#Python #HiddenFiguresOfPython #thePSF #DiversityAndInclusion

#Workbench has been added to the showcase on, the #GJS documentation site!

We want newcomers to know there's over 100 API demos in JavaScript, alongside implementations in Python, Rust and Vala.

Get started with #GNOME in #JavaScript or #Python, and you'll have an expressive platform to learn #Vala and #Rust!

Any (non-corporate) open source Python projects out there that could use help with technical documentation?

I have time on my hands and would love to help. But I feel it's difficult to contribute docs to projects because I don't want to go and tell someone their docs could use some love.

#opensource #python

Happy 30th to #Python 1.0.0, announced by Guido van Rossum on 27 Jan 1994 in comp.lang.misc! 🎂 🎈 3️⃣0️⃣ 🍾 🎉


Python 1.0.0 is out!

Guido van Rossum
27 Jan 1994

--> Tired of decyphering the Perl code you wrote last week?

--> Frustrated with Bourne shell syntax?

--> Spent too much time staring at core dumps lately?

Maybe you should try Python, the next generation object-oriented
scripting and prototyping language, with a *readable* syntax.


Read in full:

The #Kivy UI framework for #Python has been completely inaccessible to screen reader users for many years. But my colleague Arnold Loubriat is working on fixing that, using #AccessKit, particularly the Python bindings that he developed. There's still a long way to go on this project, but he has posted his work in progress here: And here's the tracking issue:

Workbench 45.4 is out 🛠️

• Restore on-disk projects on start
• Restore scroll and cursor positions on format and Run
• Add "Copy" and "Select All" to Console
• Add Vala formatter support
• Add WebP image format support
• Library: Add "Context Menu" demo
• Library: Add "HTTP Server" demo
• Library: 12 demos ported to Python, 4 to Vala and 2 to Rust

Happy hacking / learning / prototyping

#Linux #development #GTK #GNOME #libadwaita #Rust #JavaScript #Python #Vala

On December 1st, due to community involvement, the Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) passed with much better language for open source communities, read all about it! #python #CyberResilience

I was laid-off a few weeks ago and am looking for a new role. If anyone is looking for an experienced backend engineer who loves to build products & teams then please reach out or connect!

I have experience with #Python, Rust, lots of networking background, and more. Open to remote or hybrid roles in near Boston.


New #python-dbusmock release with lots of great contributions from @3v1n0 and @whot !

There's auto-generated API docs on as well now.

#qa #testing #dbus #mock #release

My curl commands were working.

But my equivalent ones using Python requests library were not.

I found this useful tool very useful!

#python #curl #coding

So I've been working with GTK4/Libadwaita in Python (in Flatpak), and I'm trying to get notifications to work.

I keep getting this error: "gi.repository.GLib.GError: g-io-error-quark: Error calling StartServiceByName for org.freedesktop.Notifications: Timeout was reached (24)"

Am I missing Flatpak overrides? (Docs seem to say no )

Am I doing this wrong? (Code at )

#AskFedi #GTK4 #Python #LibAdwaita #gnome #Programming

I'm banned for life from advertising on Meta. Because I teach Python.



My task was to wrote a custom import module in #python that can read data from an excel xlsx document. I had end up implementing it by using #xlrd module initially and later on I discovered it no longer handles xlsx files thus I converted it to use #openpyxl instead.

I'm looking for a new job, or contract work, for the first time in a while - boosts appreciated!

I'm a polyglot programmer, with a wide range of experience behind me, from developing firmware that runs on 8-bit AVR, to highly distributed systems across hundreds of nodes, I covered pretty much the whole landscape.

I had my fair share of Ops experience too, and worked in (technical) Customer Service aswell.

I speak many languages (#C, #Rust, #Lua, #Python, #JavaScript, some #Go among them), but I pride myself in being able to pick up a new language at a decent level between signing a contract and starting on the job.

I'm a #Linux guy through and through, and have very little experience (or desire) to work with anything else, save maybe for the BSDs. I worked with containers, databases (relational and otherwise); in the cloud and on premises. I can debug, I can mentor, I can teach, and build, and integrate (continuously, even!). I'm not afraid of git rebase, nor of a crowd to speak in front of.

I live in Hungary, and am seeking remote work. I cannot relocate.

If you are someone looking for something like that, or know someone who is, please get in touch. My CV - with contacts - is available here.


I am pleased to announce that we released version 1.8.4 of the slixmpp #python #xmpp (#jabber) library on sunday!

It includes:
- Compatibility with python 3.11
- Fixes and updates for existing XEP plugins
- New XEP plugins (mostly thanks to @nicoco)

My thanks go to all those who contributed or tested the new code!

See the complete release notes at

Hey, so #Netflix is hiring for our #Python Platform team. This is an awesome opportunity to help build out the Python ecosystem here and work on some *really* cool stuff.

My PMs are open so hit me up with referrals and/or crypto spam.

Happy Monday! I am looking for work.

I am looking for a role related to compilers ideally, but I'm also capable in numerical computing and back-end roles. I have experience with #Rust 🦀 and #Python 🐍 .

I have a deep knowledge of Python from working on #mypy and CPython itself. The quantum compiler I worked on was a mixed Python/Rust codebase.

I'm looking for remote/hybrid near SF Bay Area.


(boosts appreciated)

#fedijobs #getfedihired #fedihired #jobseeker

We have 2 openings in my team to work on #OpenSource full time #sunet #python #Linux #debian #sweden

I can vouch for the team & the management, and your work will directly affect research & higher education sector across the globe. Oh, also the identity developer role also means you will work on projects touching every EU residence's life.

Si tu fais de l'informatique, et que tu comprends pas toujours ce qui se passe dans ta babasse, parceque tu ne programmes qu'en #java, #javascript,#python je t'encourage vivement perdre quelques heures de ta vie pour regarder cette série de vidéo.

“Hello, world” from scratch on a 6502 —

#6502 #8bits #retrocomputing

Hello #Fediverse! #Pinetta is a decentralized FOSS social pinboard in the style of Pinterest. After a month of planning, we've settled on a basic game plan and are opening up our @Codeberg repo for contributions from devs and designers!

We'll be working on a prototype that uses #Python and #Django to get the basic functionality working. We'll also be hosting weekly sharing sessions on #CommunityBuilding principles to develop our Code of Conduct and a larger framework for community wellness. 🥳