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Does anyone know of a good alternative to sway notification center? The notifications list has become annoying to use recently, and the dev doesn't know how to fix the accessibility issue. I know about ednc-mode in emacs, but that's not exactly ideal. I'd like something I can open with a binding and view a list of notifications. I've tried to use xfce4-notifyd which does work, but because the notification is a window, focus keeps getting jumped to it every time there's a new notification, which also isn't ideal. #Linux #accessibility

Loving this new #computer so far! It took a little setup and help from my mom, but now that it's set up, it's working great! It really flies with 32 gb #RAM. For now I've decided to keep #Windows11 on it because I'm applying to take an digital #accessibility analyst course where they seem to want you using either #Windows or a #Mac. I was also more productive with Windows in some ways because of #JAWS features like split Braille. I do miss the #commandLine though. Windows and Windows #screenReaders have so many keyboard shortcuts that I struggle to remember them, and I found the #commandLine a lot easier. Also, my mom panicked when I talked about putting #Linux on this computer. She said every time I've put Linux on a computer, it broke, and I didn't have an argument against that. She also pretty much said I'd be on my own if I put Linux on this one and it broke. I am thinking about dual booting if that can be done #accessibly or creating an #ArchLinux #virtualMachine.
It's about 1:30 AM here, and I have a procedure for injections in my head and neck to help with headaches and neck pain around noon, so I should really be getting to bed, but I find new #tech so hard to walk away from. Can anyone relate?
#accessibility #technology #blind

i'm getting a new #computer today and I'm so excited! It's got a 13th generation I7 processor, 32 gb RAM, and 512 gb storage. It comes with #Windows11 on it, but I'm debating about putting #archLinux on it. I think I will. With a computer with these specs, I can get Wine so I can use #windows programs. I'll miss some #JAWS features, but there are a lot of things I like about #linux. My computer should be here within the next couple hours, and I can't wait!!!

Please take this survey about AI/ML and Fedora. We know that this is a sensitive subject, so the Fedora Council spent time putting a survey together to understand what our community thinks about this area of technology.

Last day to take the survey is July 31.


#Fedora #Linux #OpenSource

Man. I wish there would be some sort of blog or site or mastodon account which tells you things about #linux normal people would never tell you.
I got this server, and 1 week later, people just came up with, oh yeah, change your ssh port, disable the root user, add this to this group and do this and na you can't store files in /home...
Okay dude, tell me how to do it different. I hate it. I wish there would be actually readable, good tutorials how to setup a server so it is and stays stable. And does not ends up in a mess.

So at work, we use Salesforce. The customized version we have uses Tabs across the page to change screens, a lot like an app. Right now, Orca can't navigate directly between those tabs.

So, last night, at around 5:26, I sent a message to the Orca mailing list about it. Today, at 4:12 AM, the Orca developer emailed back saying that she has pushed a new feature, where the tab group is treated as a list, and the tabs are list items. So, in Orca 47, or on the main branch, it works!

This is the kind of thing I mean when I say we just need to reach out and talk to these people. Yes, we'll get people that will tell us to do things ourselves. Yes, we'll get people that don't care. And yes, we'll get people that are actively ableist. But we'll also get people like the orca developer, who just needs to know what we need.

#foss #linux #accessibility #Orca #blind

I would love to encourage y'all #GUADEC attendees to use the "Download" button from the event's Indico platform (that button is in each event's details page) to use it directly in #GNOMECalendar, but… it turns out that you'd run into this silly timezones bug where the event importer dialog considers UTC times to be the local time 🤦

So… can I motivate someone to send a merge request for… ? This would be timely for #GNOME's main conference next week 😉

#Linux #OpenSource

How do I debug libinput --list-devices not recognizing touchpad and touch screen on a laptop?

#Linux #freedesktop

Okay, I think I fixed the link.

So, this is like, one of the first times I've done this, but I wanted to show a bit of installing Fedora Linux on my laptop. I'd already started the installation, but it shows most of it, and a bit of setup afterwards. I recorded this on my iPhone, so it won't sound the best. A few things I forgot to mention:

* You cannot buy IBM Viavoice (Eloquence) for Linux anymore, but it's of course still floating around.
* We also have DecTalk on Linux, obvious from the BTSpeak using it.
* You can also get Vocalizer voices.
* There's also Piper of course.…

#Linux #foss #Fedora #accessibility #blind

Oh, and I love these colorful wallpapers (amazing work from @jimmac yet again!). They pair so nicely! I didn’t have to download anything to change up the look—each screenshot was just two or three clicks.

#GNOME #GNOMEDesign #GNOME47 #Linux #OpenSource

My favorite new thing by far is accent colors. It’s so nice and refreshing to be able to really change the feel of your computer with just a few well-defined options—all while not introducing a massive burden to third-party app developers.

I’m most excited to see more apps incorporate the accent color in interesting ways, as it’s a great way to pull the user’s preferences into the app.

#GNOME #GNOMEDesign #OpenSource #Linux

I’m really loving what’s coming in GNOME 47! It’s shaping up to be such a good polish release, and it keeps getting better. Huge props to all the folks who’ve been plugging away at the design and entire stack this cycle.

I'm looking forward to meeting up with folks next week in Denver for them to share more about their work this cycle and to hack on any last touches—plus planning what’s next. Join us in-person or remotely!

#GNOME #GNOMEDesign #OpenSource #Linux #GUADEC

For those who don't know about it yet, here is a tool, called Audio Game Manager, that lets you play lots of Windows audio games on Linux. This might be useful to be put on the BT Speak, connected to a USB keyboard or Gamepad of course.…

#linux #foss #audioGames #blind #accessibility

#GNOME 46.3 Desktop Environment Released with Various Improvements…

@gnome #Linux #OpenSource

Now that the storm has passed — I can share an update on screen reader support under Wayland.

As part of STF; GNOME has been working since the end of last year on resolving the matter.

The main issue is that we currently lack a way to “snoop on” or “grab” key events from the compositor.

We now have a draft protocol and implementation in Orca and Mutter thanks to @matt

We are doing our best to get it ready for GNOME 47.

#GNOME #a11y #Linux #freedesktop #Wayland

So, I worked on a lot today. I got Ellama, LLM, Company-mode (I hope), and Nov-mode installed and set up. So, I can talk to AI, read EPub books (with formatting!) get autocomplete when writing (in a form a lot more like the Mac than Windows annoying bullcrap.) I still am amazed at how responsive Orca is. I feel like I'm flying around when using it. The closest I can come to that feeling on Windows is JAWS, when it's being good. Emacs and Emacspeak are that way for me too, but I've also had Emacs commands wired into me since I was like 15; I don't know why I'm so attached to that. Maybe it was my first look at Fss. Anyway, I'm gonna see tomorrow if I can back up my home directory to Dropbox or something, so when I install Fedora on my old laptop, I won't have to do things all over again.

Overall, so far, if you're techie and don't mind learning and breaking things and learning more, and aren't currently stressed out a lot, I'd definitely give Linux a try. Maybe start with Debian, and move up to Ubuntu, then Fedora. Read docs, all that. But it's definitely gotten better over the past year or so. And with Audiogame manager, which I forgot about, we can still play a lot of the games we have on Windows. Oh, and I've not had to pull out my Windows laptop all day.

#Linux #foss #accessibility #blind #Emacs #emacspeak #Mate #fedora

It's finally time! Registration & Call for Proposals are now open for #XDC2024 in Montréal, Canada! If you plan on attending, please make sure to register as early
as possible! #Mesa #Wayland #Linux #Graphics #OpenSource

Until I learn #emacspeak I'd suggest #nano or #vi for any form of text editing in a #linux system.

So um, I feel like installing Fedora, or um, no not Arch, no way, I'll brick it. Anyway, Fedora, on my older laptop. AMD 5500U with 32 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD. It's a little beat up, but it definitely still works. Just, some loose USB ports and the bottom part of the casing is kinda bent a little. What do y'all think? Could use is as a kind of home server, maybe?

#linux #foss #laptops #Fedora #blind

Years ago I came across a question about what language does your brain think in as a multilingual speaker - I wondered about it and self-answered my question by thinking about it in English.

Today I realised there's another unexpected layer to that. I saw the word cat, which is paint in Malay and the animal, cat, in English. The first thing that came to my mind however was the #Linux command, cat (short for concatenate). With that limited data, I guess my brain's preferred language is #Bash > English > Malay.

VR game streaming tool ALVR adds PipeWire support on Linux…

#VR #Linux #Gaming

Very happy to share another collaboration with @codethink 🤝

A new way to develop on Linux ✨…

#Linux #systemd #GNOME

Thanks soooo much to @flyingpenguinMwauthzyx for helping me setting up my #linux vps. Its amazing. Like, seriously. I look forward to all the new shit I can learn, to experiment, and to all the abillitys!

You can now get three kinds of #PureOS subscription from @purism!

Each of them:

- Helps maintaining releases and bug fixes
- Helps pushing code to other projects

Free and Open Source Software (#FOSS) developers also need an #income!

Consider subscribing if you want to advance #Linux #privacy friendly computing or if you are using #MobileLinux.…

#opensource #phone #librem5 #pinephone #chatty #mobian #linux

TIL if you’re using Wayland gnome you can use an iPad Pro as a second display
Had to enable the extended desktop feature via the terminal emulator, but it works great!
#linux #debian #gnome

KDE Plasma is great. GNOME is awesome. Window managers are wonderful. Everything has quirks but I love all these options we have. I can't wait to see where we take them.


Me, naively: "I think I'll spend some time troubleshooting this minor Linux sound problem. Surely Linux sound support has improved over the last few years."


Me, several hours later, wearing torn and filthy rags and screaming on a street corner: "AND THE LIVING SHALL ENVY THE DEAF!"

Onlooker: "'Deaf?' Don't you mean 'dead'?"


#linux #yearoflinuxonthedesktop

The stage is yours at #AS2024! Submit your talk, workshop, or panel proposal during our open call for participation. Join us in shaping the future of #Linux apps: #LinuxAppSummit #KDE #GNOME #opensource

So, I ended up having to create a brand new container in #Crostini on the ChromeBook. I upgraded it to Debian 12.6, installed TDSR, but also installed too many Speech-dispatcher modules, and now it's using Festival as its TTS, and I don't feel like braving the config file to fix it back to Espeak-ng. Anyway, I got Emacs, Voxin, Emacspeak, tcl, tcl-dev, build-essential, tcl-dev, SOX, and libasound-dev installed, and Emacspeak, with Outloud, works! The only bad thing is that sound icons are sluggish. That may be an Emacspeak issue, or a Pipewire issue. Not sure yet. But it does work, and speech is very, very responsive! #Emacs #Emacspeak #blind #accessibility #FOSS #Linux #Debian

#Linux #UX bugs like this are frustrating: starting a drag action pops the window forward, obscuring the target window. I'm using latest #Fedora but apparently this happens on nearly all DEs.

The smaller your display is (and the more nontechnical you are) the more likely you'll hit this. Apparently this has been known for a long time and no one cares to fix it? I'm just curious why.

"Not enough programmers" isn't a good excuse, this is a fairly easy fix. @cassidy Devs only use Terminal?

The Fedora Accessibility Working Group presented to our highest decision-making committee on the state of accessibility in our distro. It's packed with information, context, and perspective for where we are today and how we can change things for the better.

If you would like to contribute after learning more about this priority, please join the matrix room!


Accessibility WG Matrix room:…

#Fedora #Accessibility #a11y #Linux

What are you using as a #mastodon client under #linux?

As a #multiplyDisabled person, I'm always thinking of ways things could be more #accessible, and one just occurred to me. I'm sitting here doing some things on my computer and needed to install a couple packages. When I tried to install them, I was asked if I wanted to proceed and to type y or n. I have some coordination issues and my hands don't always do what I want them to do. I meant to press y, but I accidentally pressed h, and the installation terminated and had to be restarted. It would be nice if programs could be made, maybe through configuration settings, a little more forgiving with things like this. I wouldn't want to be asked over and over, but if I enter something that's neither y or n, I'd like to be prompted again rather than the program just exiting. This time was on #Linux, but I'm sure I've seen other examples of this on other platforms. What do you all think? Can you think of small ways you might like your #technology to be more #accessible?
#tech #accessibility #disability #disabilities #disabled

✅ Achievement unlocked - Got a minor credit in a CVE.

mcphail wrote:

"I recently found a bug in Snap, a package manager for Ubuntu and other Linux distributions, which allows the snap to escape the sandbox and run arbitrary code (as the user) if the home permission is set. This exploit could be run on a vanilla install of Ubuntu and was patched in commit aa191f9 on 13th March 2024."……

#cve #snapcraft #linux

This post will be more about #Tech, school, and hobbies. I've been using a computer running #ArchLinux for a while now. I had a computer with #Windows10, but it wasn't running so great so I tried to put #Linux on it. Something went wrong and it wouldn't boot.
My mom had another computer she let me put Linux on. It's not as good as the other and only has 4 gb of RAM and 64 gb storage, but I can't afford anything better. I tried #Ubuntu and #LinuxMint, but I didn't like how out of date software was. Now I'm on #Arch and like a lot of things about it. My biggest issues are that I wish #Braille support was better and there are one or two apps I haven't been able to find equivalents for, or what I've found isn't as good. I love the customizability though, and the way you can put just what you want on the computer and no more. I also like the #commandLine. On #Windows, I was a #JAWS user, and there are some features I miss from that, particularly #PictureSmart, #SplitBraille, and being able to configure profiles for websites. The one Windows app I haven't found a good equivalent for is one called Perky Duck. It's an editor that lets you create Braille files using six keys on your computer keyboard. There's a Linux app called BrailleZephyr, but it has far fewer features and isn't as easy to use. This is needed for the #BrailleTranscription course I'm taking. I'm using BrailleZephyr now because it's my only choice unless I want to write my lessons with a Braillewriter and mail them in. I'm also trying to find an #accessible #Telegram client. I tried the web and desktop apps and they were both inaccessible.
I also tried some #gardening a while back. We were doing it inside but it had to be moved outside and my mom wound up caring for the #plants because it's usually too hot for me out there, but a couple nights ago, she took me out there to pick a #cucumber. I got to pick it, she cut it up, and we ate it. It was so much better than storebought cucumber! There are more growing, too, so that won't be the last one we pick. Helping grow and then picking that cucumber was really satisfying.
#accessibility #technology #gardening

Booting Linux off of Google Drive

On the brink of insanity, my tattered mind unable to comprehend the twisted interplay of millennia of arcane programmer-time and the ragged screech of madness, I reached into the Mass and steeled myself to the ground lest I be pulled in, and found my magnum opus.

Booting Linux off of a Google Drive root.
↫ Ersei

That's not... You shouldn't... Why would...…


Not sure if I've talked about this here, but there are like, tons of stuff here. I'm gonna try that Linux distro through Crostini on my old ChromeBook that I don't do anything else with anymore. The VM's over the Internet are really cool too! The AT Museum is cool. And I'm curious to see if the Windows 2000/XP on **Android** works. That'd be trippy.

#accessibility #blind #AssistiveTechnology #Linux #gaming #TTS #VirtalMachine #foss #Android