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Some of us Internet Weirdos are doing a survey on Neurodivergence and Education.

If you are in school, college, university or whatnot, or have been in the last five years, could you spend a few minutes filling in this out for us?

We're writing guides for educators and learners and the more input we have, the better we'll be.

Appreciated folx!

#ND #neurodiverse #education #school #college #university #neurodivergent #autism #actuallyAutistic #ptsd #survey #surveys

For years, we used to explain to folks that we experienced a phonological delay in processing speech or sounds, and that it was likely linked to us being autistic.

We only later worked out that we're actually AuDHD (inattentive ADHD and autistic) and that there's an actual medical term for this: auditory processing disorder.

If you're some flavour of neurospicy, you might have it too without realising. Common signs and symptoms include:

  • speaking louder or softer than is situationally appropriate;
  • difficulty remembering lists or sequences;
  • needing words or sentences to be repeated;
  • impaired ability to memorize information learned by listening;
  • interpreting words too literally;
  • needing assistance to hear clearly in noisy environments;
  • relying on accommodation and modification strategies;
  • finding or requesting a quiet work space away from others;
  • requesting written material when attending oral presentations; and
  • asking for directions to be given one step at a time.

It heavily overlaps with ADHD and autism :ADHD_Butterfly::AutismSymbol:

Hope this is helpful to someone :NeurodiversitySymbol:

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we're moving to #Prague! and we need some friends.
we're moving to #Czechia in August or September and we might be a bit lonely. so if you're #queer, #Jewish, #neurodivergent, in your 20's or all of the above, we'd like to know you!

I'm into #music, #FOSS, #linguistics, #DoctorWho, #TTRPG and #DropoutTV. oh, and I'm #trans.
my girlfriend likes #medicine, British television, #Disney, #Eurovision and #TrueCrime. "I am the bisexual stereotype".


#Praha #Prag #PleaseBoost

I am doing a survey about yoga and neurodivergent folk and your boosts would be appreciated.

If you are neurodivergent (self-realized or Dx'd, it's all good here), and fall under the vast ND umbrella, I'd love to hear from you. Quick 6-7 question survey and you can remain anon if you want.

Thank you!

#ActuallyAutistic #AuDHD #ADHD #neurodivergent @actuallyautistic @neurodiversity @disability #yoga #accessibility #Anxiety #Depression #OCD #TBI

On one hand, it’s nice to see that we can have noice-canceling headphones, selective earplugs and other kinds of solutions to help #autistic and other #neurodivergent folks to reduce sensory overload in public places, but I can’t help but think that we should address the problem from the other side: to not create that overload to begin with.
Ok, I get the need for bright light in a shop: you really want to see what you’re buying, you want to choose a fruit/veggie without signs of spoiling, be able to read the label clearly etc.
But all that loud music? Is there really any value in it for the stores? Why do they keep playing it? Were there some actual real studies that have shown that putting on music increases sales?
Like, I have seen many times(and was myself) people leaving store sooner, even without the things they went for, because they couldn’t stand that loud music anymore, but I haven’t seen anyone actually staying in a shopping mall longer because they liked music or something.
So, is there any actual profit for stores in it, or are they just doing that because everyone is used to it?
Does also anyone know if there have been any studies/works on the sensory overload modern cities put on people and ways to reduce it without making things harder for other members of society?

I find myself reaching out for #MutualAid once again. I thought I had 11 days to renew my phone number for the month, but I only have 9. I have to pay £9.49 by January 26th. Please support me with whatever you can!


#blind #disabled #neurodivergent @mutualaid

We’re a disabled-led #transcription and #ClosedCaptioning company, dedicated to creating work for #disabled, #ChronicallyIll and #neurodivergent freelancers.

By offering discounts for junior, under-funded, independent, & marginalized #researchers & #ContentCreators, we make our services accessible so you can make your content more accessible.

Thanks @SusanJonesArts!

Get a quote today at….

#DisabilityPrideMonth #a11y #accessibility


My queer platonic partner Luke and I are both trans, neurodivergent, and disabled. We are currently homeless and living out of our van with our two cats.

We are in need of mutual aid donations to help us be able to afford food, gas, and other necessities, along with our phone bill on the 4th of $100.

My CashApp and Venmo links (handles:$magicalgrrrl/@magicalgrrrl respectively) and Luke's PayPal (@LouieSJ) are in my linktree:

Please help a couple of homeless queers survive during #Pride month

#MutualAid #disabled #trans #autistic #neurodivergent #queer #homeless


If you’re in or around Dublin and are #ActuallyAutistic, #ActuallyADHD, otherwise #Neurodivergent in any way, or just an ally, Neuro Pride Ireland are holding Neuro Pride @ Dublin Pride this Saturday

Wishing everyone who takes part a fantastic day! ♾🏳️‍🌈

I’m a bit far away to make it along myself sadly

For anyone like me who wouldn’t want to take part in an indoor event anyway, NPI also have an outdoor quiet zone in the #Pride Village the following Saturday 😊