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Hello there, I am writing because I am in search of work. I have a day job, but I am looking to find additional part-time work in order to supplement my job. That being said, I have 7 years worth of customer service experience in booking orders, working on spreadsheet reports, and sending invoices to customers via email. I can also perform basic answering of inquiries through text chat. I have less experience with actual calls, but I have been an emergency contact when the rest of the team is off during meetings. I have in total, 7 years of Oracle experience on the front end booking orders and working with Microsoft Excel in particular. I can literally start at any time if needed. #GetFediHired #Jobs #Part-time #Work

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Parents are now effectively pressuring me to get a job. Send me what you got, refer me if you can manage that, please!

- Comp sci degree
- 1.5 years as a software test engineer
- Python, JS, Rust
- Seeking full stack, sysadmin, or dev ops
- Remote preferred, Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, USA

DM for a resume and/or take a look at my site!

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Hi there everyone, please boost. I've been sending this around in different places to indevidual people, but I figure, now that the book has been out for a while, its about time I put it up publicly. My dad wrote a book some time ago that is essentially a resource guide that helps people with disabilities find jobs or look to find resources to maximize there benefits. It is a step by step guide on what to do, how to find jobs, how to maximize your SSI/SSDi benefits, and how to get on the job market. its completely free and available for anyone to use. If you follow this guide, I am confident that you will be able to find what you seek job-wise. I know I am a little bit biased because my dad wrote it, but I feel like its worth putting out there anyway. There is no advertising whatsoever, we aren't looking for any sort of things in return, in fact, my dad even put his own personal number in the book for those who follow the steps and read the book to call him so he can help you find a job as well because he's helped many many people find jobs who have disabilities, his most recent success being a person with a High School Diploma and nothing more going from making less than $30000 to now making just over $100000 at his job. here it is: If you read the book, please feel free to reach out to me so I can also get you in contact as he's in Pacific time whereas I am not and its better if I text him first to let him know someone will call him, because he usually doesn't answer random calls especially with his job and his other stuff going on. #Blind #disability #Accessibility #Jobs #Employment #SSI

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The @sovtechfund is looking for talented individuals for three exciting positions:

➡️ Program Manager: Manage the organization's operations and our relations to applicants and projects

➡️ BRP Program Manager: Manage the day to day operations of the Bug Resilience Program and develop it further

➡️ Technologist: Research and study developments in the field, share your knowledge across the organization and beyond and inform our activities

Come work for the Sovereign Tech Fund! The STF is expanding and looking for talented individuals to join our mission!

We're hiring:
- Technologist
- Program Manager
- Bug Resilience Program Manager

Interested? We look forward to your application! Please share this opportunity with your network.

Find more information about these positions here:

#Jobs #FOSS #Hiring

The Rust Foundation is hiring an Infrastructure Engineer to work on... well, shockingly enough, Rust infrastructure.

A fringe benefit is that you get to work closely with @jdno. He's great! (You also get to work less closely with me; YMMV on that one.)

Details: (make sure you click through to the actual vacancy, since it includes a bunch more detail on the specific position)

#Rust #RustFoundation #jobs

Wanted: Staff Manager, Software Engineering, Accessibility at GitHub; remote, US; via LinkedIn #webdev #a11y #jobs #github #dev #mgr

Wanted: Web Document/PDF Accessibility specialist - REMOTE [US?] Make sure your résumé doc is accessible! #a11y #pdf #jobs #docs

My university is looking for a new software developer. It's proving a bit difficult for us, since we are looking for someone with an interest in Nordic cultural heritage, e.g. history and language.

Software developers are hard to find in general (e.g. "you need to know this long list of tech"), but once you add that extra humanities dimension, it's just insanely hard.

#job #jobs #nordic #ucph #nors #culturalheritage #copenhagen #softwaredeveloper #programmer

Bumping this once more, I'm open to work (software engineering)! Both FTE or contract. Remote-friendly, I'm US-based. Rates, work history and more info at

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My company Aperio Software is hiring a Research Software Engineer:

The work is mostly Python, for a variety of Astronomy and Solar Physics related packages and tools.

We are a small company (3 founders and two other people), work fully remote and based in the UK.

#jobs #fedihire #astrodon

Wanted at Deque Systems: Senior Full Stack Developer, based anywhere in the U.S. Contact me for a possible referral. #webdev #jobs #reactJS

JTG necesita a alguien que haga corpus analisis de estos dialectos (Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, y Caribe) para hacer glosarios y otros materiales. Yo he trabajado con ellos y pagan bien. #Linguistics #Jobs @linguistics #Corpus

Wanted: Senior iOS Developer at Deque Systems (Based anywhere in the U.S.) Contact me for possible referral. #ios #a11y #jobs #mobile

Help wanted: Looking for a summer job in Holden Beach, NC? Join our team as a summer sales associate! #HoldenBeach #NorthCarolina #USA #Jobs #BeachMart #helpwanted

Another cool job alert! Demand Generation Marketing Manager wanted at Deque Systems Contact me for possible referral. #marketing #jobs

Wanted: Senior Accessibility Engineer at ServiceNow in San Diego CA #a11y #jobs

Cool job alert! Senior Product Manager - Mobile, wanted at Deque Systems. Based anywhere in the U.S. Let me know if interested. #mobile #jobs #remoteWork #a11y

NSA wooing thousands of laid-off Big Tech workers for spy agency’s hiring spree:

But if you get laid off from Big Tech, you do not have to go from one evil to another. 😉👇

#jobs #hiring #softwaredeveloper

The #FreeBSD Foundation is hiring:

#softwaredevelopment #hiring #jobs #tech

My employer Deque Systems has openings for all types of jobs relating to digital accessibility! #a11y #jobs

Do you like security? Do you like privacy? Cryptography? Do you like working for a public benefit non-profit instead of an investor-beholden corporation?

Let's Encrypt is hiring for someone to join our SRE team and help run the largest Certificate Authority in the world! Come work with me and some of the most wonderful folks in tech, to make the web a better place.

#jobs #sre #webPKI #security #privacy #cryptography

Wanted at Deque Systems: Senior Documentation Accessibility Consultant (based in U.S.) Contact me for referral. #a11y #jobs #ads #pdf

Wanted: Native Mobile Accessibility Consultant/Coach Do let me know if you or someone you know is interested! #a11y #mobile #jobs

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In unserem Jobportal sind derzeit wieder einige aktuelle Ausschreibungen online. Ein Blick auf die ausgeschriebenen Jobs lohnt sich: 🚀

Wir haben sowohl offene Stellen für Studentinnen und Studenten, als auch für Absolventinnen und Absolventen. 🙂 Kommt zu uns ins Team, wir freuen uns auf Eure Bewerbung!


Wanted at Deque Systems: Senior UX Designer. Based anywhere in the U.S.! Contact me for referral. #a11y #jobs #ux #uxDesign #UIDesign #remoteUS

#coop #jobs Open Data Services Co-op is hiring developers for python backend and web visualisation frontend.

We do open data for public good - standards, publishing, data use, tooling - and are worker-owned, fully remote, UK-based with lots of part time and flexible working options, have good benefits and are continually improving our policies to support life-work balance whatever your circumstances.

I've been there for 4.5 years now (really?!). Happy to answer questions!

Skills-based, anonymised application process (no CVs or questions about past experience).

Closing on the 18th of July: