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The fediverse is totally missing this. I have a # instance and a # instance that are not working right - it's not just developers but end-users who need this debugging tooling. something like qualys' SSL server tester but for # stuff would be incredible.

Content warning: GoToSocial news, fundraising post, OpenCollective launch

Looking for a partner on a # frontend built with #. Has to be a # eventually.

Fair disclosure: I haven't done React in years, and have never made a PWA. You might be answering a lot of questions... but I'm a quick learner and very mobile with things. You can also _just_ point me to definitive and succinct resources.

More fair disclosure: I'm extremely picky about UI/UX.

@ me if interested.

This is a side project and well, expect the things that come with that territory.

# v0.3.2 Suspicious Sloth is out now!

"This release brings some serious database performance improvements thanks to some new indexes and other optimizations we made to queries. If your GtS instance was feeling sluggish this will likely make it feel new and fresh again.

We've also introduced worker pools and queuing to media processing, which should ensure that your instance doesn't get overwhelmed when doing lots of remote dereferencing.

Another neat thing: you can properly edit your profile now without getting spammed with html, phew.

Oh yes, and self-boosting!"

# is an ActivityPub/fediverse server written in Golang, currently in Alpha development (

Check out for most known AP projects.

Lightweight for self-hosting is # but it is also still quite new and developing fast. Also # is lighter than mastodon, and around for a longer time.