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I just made a ticket for bringing #Misskey support to the Senaphore platform. I'm highly sure others will be able to explain way better in the comments!


Well, after finding out that #WhaleBird a decent enough accessible MacOS client for use with #Misskey, you'll see me post on here from time to time now as well! Most of the time I'll still be posting on my Mastodon account, though watch this space! Three-Thousand characters is more than i ever would need myself, but I'll take it!

For users of #VoiceOver, the 'J' & 'k' keys currently do not speak under the curssor what the post is, thus nornal VO commands for now are necessary. Definitely a client for #Blind users to check out though!

NB. As noted among the GitHub page, WhaleBird is also available for #Windows and #Linux, though I'll leave those builds to you guys!


I would like to sincerely thank @genewitch , for opening up a ticket for making the #Misskey web interface more accessible to all #Blind & #VisuallyImpaird users.
Comment among the #GitHub thread if anyone has ideas/thoughts, and spread the word!


If ya so desire, you can now follow me among the #misskey side of the #fediverse by visiting

For mobile clients that maybe friendly to the #Blind, check out #MilkTea for Android:
Milktea - Misskey App - Apps on Google Play
, and #Misscat for IOS

Re-inventing the federated wheel because you don't know that wheels exist

I keep seeing lots of people who are totally giddy about the #Fediverse, who are gushing over it, who want to promote it, who want it to spread.

And who want it to advance. To learn new abilities. To grow new features.

That's all fine and dandy.

But almost all of these people are still fully convinced that the Fediverse equals #Mastodon. And nothing else. At least not until Tumblr and P92 join the fray. Okay, maybe the #WordPress plug-in that's the talk of the town now that it has become official. Okay, maybe a few of them have also heard of #Pixelfed and/or #PeerTube because their makers are all over the Fediverse.

When these people are talking about the Fediverse, they mean Mastodon. And when they're thinking about the Fediverse, they're only thinking about Mastodon. Because that's all they know.

So these people want new cool features or even new cool use-cases in the Fediverse, stuff that Mastodon doesn't have. They want Mastodon to have it, or they want new projects to be launched that have these features.

If only they knew.

If only they knew that everything, literally everything they propose has already been done. Yes, in the Fediverse. In projects which are fully federated with Mastodon. Why don't they know? Because they've never heard of any of these projects, much less what they can do.
So they want "quote-tweets" in the Fediverse. Which means they want Mastodon to introduce them.

Tell you what: Mastodon is the only microblogging project in the Fediverse that doesn't have quotes. Not only will Eugen Rochko never introduce them, but all the other projects have them with Mastodon forks #GlitchSoc such as being the exception. #Pleroma has them. #Akkoma has them. #MissKey has them. #CalcKey has them. #FoundKey has them. #GoToSocial has them. The old heavyweights #Friendica and #Hubzilla have them, and so does Hubzilla's youngest decendant, the #Streams project. Et cetera.

You want "quote-tweets"? Switch to something that isn't Mastodon, and you've got "quote-tweets".
Or text formatting in posts like bold type, italics, underline, strikethrough, code blocks etc. Would be great if Mastodon had that, in spite of other people saying they don't want it.

Again: Pleroma already has it. Akkoma already has it. MissKey already has it. CalcKey already has it. FoundKey already hasit. GoToSocial already has it. Friendica already has it. Hubzilla already has it (look at this post at its source in a Web browser and weep). (streams) already has it. And so forth. This time, even Mastodon forks have it.

It has been done. It has been done many times. It has actually been done before Mastodon.
Next, long-form blog posting. We need something like #Medium in the Fediverse that isn't Medium itself. Mastodon's 500 characters are too few, and Twitter-like threads are inconvenient.

Except we already have that, too. #Plume and #WriteFreely are about as close to Medium as Mastodon is to Twitter, including clean and distraction-less layouts. Oh, and Hubzilla can do that, too.

By the way: Again, Mastodon is the only Fediverse project that can do microblogging that has a 500-character limit. Pleroma, Mastodon's oldest direct competitor, raised it to a default of 6,000. MissKey and its forks have 3,000 as a default. Friendica, Hubzilla and (streams) have character limits of "go ahead, drop your short story in one post in its entirety," so virtually none at all. And yes, Hubzilla has long-form writing on top of that.
Speaking of Hubzilla: Most recently, there has been the idea to uncouple one's online identity from a specific instance. Your online self should no longer be firmly tied to any one server exclusively. Now, this sounds so ambitious, it might just as well be science-fiction.

What if I told you that just this very thing already exists as well?

No, really. No, I'm not making this up. But you should know by now that I'm not.

Better yet: It was conceived as early as 2011. By the guy who launched Friendica in 2010. He invented a new principle named #NomadicIdentity and a new protocol named #Zot. In its early stages already, even with no technical implementation yet, Zot was more powerful than ActivityPub is today.

In 2012, Zot became reality as the basis of a Friendica fork which later became known as #RedMatrix and, upon its 1.0 stable release in late 2015, which is still prior to Mastodon's initial release, Hubzilla. Hubzilla is still being developed and improved, and it has a fledgling but growing "successor of a successor" named (streams) which offers nomadic identity, too.

Now, what does this nomadic identity even look like? Well, not only does it let you move your channel(s) around from instance to instance with ease and, unlike on Mastodon, with absolutely everything on it. No, it also lets you have your channel on multiple instances at once. Identical clones, automagically kept in sync in real-time, all with the same identity, the same content, the same connections.

Your identity is no longer strapped down to one instance. Not only that, but your channel, your posts, your content is no longer hosted on only one server. This means that if one instance with one of your clones goes down, you still have spares.
Okay, so how about community groups/forums? That'd be cool.

Well, for one, there's #Guppe. It's basically bolted on Mastodon, and in practice, it's centralised because there's only one instance. But it's impractical to use.

Besides, this is becoming a running gag here, Friendica, Hubzilla and (streams) have exactly this built-in and open for the rest of the Fediverse.

Better yet: There's also #Lemmy which amounts to a federated #Reddit or #HackerNews clone. So not only does Lemmy offer this, it specialises in it.

Hubzilla alone can provide Fediverse feature suggestions with "has been done" for years to come. Not to mention what else the Fediverse has to offer. Even if someone should want a free, non-commercial, decentralised, federated #GoodReads clone in the Fediverse, it has been done: #BookWyrm.

I got tired of forgetting where the #RSS / #Atom #feeds are on various #Fediverse platforms and having to track them down, so I started a list.

Currently covers *deep breath* #Mastodon, #Bookwyrm, #Funkwhale, #GoToSocial, #Lemmy, #Misskey & forks, #Pleroma & forks #PeerTube, #Pixelfed, #Plume, #Snac2, #Takahe, and #WriteFreely


Feel free to let me know what I should add to the list (or any corrections I need to make) in a reply to this post!

I checked some newer #Mastodon clients such as #Kaiteki and #Meowstodon, and I got some quick impressions about them... Day 26 of #100DaysToOffload

#Misskey #Android

Frage zur Funktionalität von Foren für verschiedene Fediverse-Dienste

@Friendica Support
Ich habe ein öffentliches Forum erstellt, also einen Account mit diesen Einstellungen:

Dabei bin ich nach dieser Anleitung vorgegangen:
Hier wird ja erläutert, wie Foren für Friendica-User funktionieren.
Ich frage mich nun, wie es mit anderer Fedi-Software aussieht:

Mastodon-User können mW keine neuen Beiträge erstellen, sie können nur den Foren-Account taggen, der dann als Verteiler diesen Beitrag (automatisch?) teilt. Und sie können dem Account folgen, und erhalten dann die Beiträge des Forum bzw. die von ihm geteilten.
Es verhält sich also ähnlich wie aguppe.
- Ist das soweit richtig?
- Und wie sind die Funktionen für andere User, bspw. von #Misskey #Calckey #Hubzilla #Pleroma #Lemmy ?

There are a bunch of other social apps, but to be honest # for me seems to be the most polished & has the most users (so it's the most social).

If you can think of a good reason to check out the others please let me know why 🙂

Some aren't just microblogging, but do other things too.

These are the other apps available:
# # # # # #

Current statistics of # reported by #:
# 222903 public users on 3551 instances
# 634 users on 1315 instances (only current beta has needed api)
# 277613 channels on 1195 instances
# 23931 users on 402 instances

Hi, Today I found your post when looking for #fedisearch and #SepiaSearch tags

I created a fediverse search app:
It collects feeds from #Mastodon, #PeerTube, #Misskey and partly, #Pleroma

New ideas are welcomed. I still have several improvements in todo list (like better search query specification, instance searching...)

Current crawler statistics:
:mastodon: 3195 #Mastodon nodes with 106173 users
:pleroma: 1100 #Pleroma nodes with 152 users
:peertube: 971 #PeerTube nodes with 217253 users and 228273 channels
:misskey: 316 #Misskey nodes with 15419 users