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Have you met Guppe Groups

Groups are different from #hashtags in an important way: you will only see posts with hashtags your instance knows about — it's essentially a search feature. With groups it's different: if a remote account from the other side of the #fediverse posts to a group you follow, you will get it!
Anyone can create a group just by following it.
#DigitalInnovation #MastodonTips


One thing I’m loving here is the #introduction posts. That, along with the ability to follow hashtags means we get a snapshot of many interesting people on our feeds, curated by us, not the algorithm.
Thanks to all the long-timers who have welcomed us into their spaces. We’ll try to keep the place positive.
#NoAlgorithm #MeetPeople #Snapshots #Hashtags #TwitterMigration

Everything is working great so far. Very excited about being able to follow #hashtags without going on desktop. Thanks #tusky team.

Did you know that #Mastodon supports #RSS feeds?

That means you can follow your favorite people and topics right inside of Thunderbird!

→ Just add ".rss" to the URL ←

For example, our Mastodon URL ""



What about #hashtags? YEP!

Let's look at #OpenSource. From our instance, it is: ""

So, we just append .rss and it works!


REALLY useful if you don't want to miss a thing!

I recently posted about how I prefer to see #hashtags positioned within #Mastodon content, as a #ScreenReader user. That post has picked up some momentum, and my thanks to everyone that has shared, favourited and/or engaged with it via thoughtful discourse.

I'd like to highlight that screen reader users vary widely in their consumption habits and preferences, and my views are nothing but personal predilections. Regardless of the approach you take, you are expressing an interest in making your content as #accessible and #readable as possible to an audience who experience the world differently to how you do. This is heartening and refreshing to many Mastodon newcomers, and extremely appreciated.

Accessibility is not a binary state, and you are not doing it "wrong" if you put your hashtags inline, or at the end, or both! There are many more impactful aspects to #SocialMedia #equity, like #ImageDescriptions (also known as #AltText), which are in abundance on Mastodon and a joy to read.

#a11y #inclusion #InclusiveDesign #ScreenReaders

I'm about to leave Mastodon for a few months. Not because I had a bad time, or couldn't find interesting people, or don't think the concept of a fediverse is dumb. On the contrary, I think it's great.

I just have other stuff to do. But before I go, I want to share some thoughts as an ex-Twitter designer and someone who's been on Mastodon since 2018.

#mastodon #twitter #ux #design #critique #hashtags #introduction


Try reading the following out loud:

Hashtag screenreaders for the hashtag blind and hashtag VisuallyImpaired read every hashtag HashTags out loud and so it's hard for people with hashtag VisualImpairment to get the sense of the post because it's being constantly interrupted by well-meaning hashtag accessibility hashtag allies.

Easier to read with a block of hashtags at the bottom:
#screenreaders #VisuallyImpaired #blind #allies #Hashtags #accessibility

As someone who regularly uses screen readers and works with blind colleagues who rely on screen readers to access the internet, please let me assure you that using #hashtags within the body of a post is not a problem.

You don’t need to move them to the end!

It is helpful to use #CamelCase to avoid gibberish for many word combos, but the extra # is so minimal as to disappear given how much else screen readers say & how fast they speak to experienced users.

Content warning: meta Some useful tips and tricks for Mastodon

Okay, now that I'm catching on to the customs, it's clearly time for a new #introduction! (hashtags, Chaz, #hashtags...)

So, here I am, fresh from the #TwitterMigration, looking to find friends and like minds.

Professionally I've been a #writer all my working life: #novels and #ShortStories, across many genres but mostly fantasy, science fiction, horror, crime, romance.

Away from the keyboard I #cook obsessively, read likewise, and care for my disabled wife.

#SFF #Writing #WritingCommunity

KEEP IN MIND! #Mastodon doesn't work like #Twitter!

Have you just made the #Twexit or the #TwitterMigration?

Favorites ⭐ - they're not "likes". They don't "elevate" posts, they just the poster know you liked their post.

Boosts 🔁 - these push someone's post into your friends feeds (and help discovery).

So if you ⭐ my posts, that's great (and I love you too)!

But if you 🔁 posts, then more people see them!

OH! - #Hashtags are how you search!

#mastodon #MastodonTips

A very warm welcome to those of you migrating from Twitter, or those curious about the other side!

#Hashtags are important here. There's no algorithm dictating what you see or when you see it. Finding who to follow or what topics to track is completely up to you.

Which is refreshing.

On our web view, we like to follow stuff like #Linux and #OpenSource. Use your search bar and look around!

To get a BUNCH of great tips on using Mastodon, follow #Mastotips.

Have fun!

@Ji Fu Yes, the post owner need to add #hashtags . Then you can very easily search for them by entering them (including #) in the search form above. But I guess you look for some mention- or participation-search? I guess that's not available.

@Rokosun @Tio Do you follow #Hashtags ? If your administrator has added some hubs, you might see posts from people because of the hashtag. You can check this by going with your mouse over a small icon next to when it has been posted. Here I can see your post because I follow the same forum and that icon tells me "Reshared by Friendica Support" why I see it.

Uhm, # kannst du einfach mit reinschreiben.

Die tag liste erstellt friendica dann automagisch, dazu musst du sie nicht über add tag hinzufügen ggf..

Realy is that so? in @Tusky it still does :thaenkin: if I start typing a # it chooses the small caps version if it is the suggested way to type it


Do you want your posts to be seen by as many people as possible on here?

If so, it's important to use hashtags. Hashtag searches are the main way people find posts on the Fediverse. If a post doesn't have hashtags, people probably won't see it in search results.

Don't worry about using too many tags! As long as they are relevant, it is fine to have lots of tags. Many put a long list of them at the end of the post.

Also, if you are using tags, it's important to set the post's visibility to "Public" so that the post appears in search results.

On Mastodon you can set a post's visibility by clicking the visibility icon at the bottom of the post when you're writing it (the icon looks like a globe 🌐 , lock 🔒 or @ sign).

You can set your default post visibility by logging in through the website and going to Preferences > Other > Posting Privacy, select the default you want and click "Save Changes".

# # # # # # #