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The more I learn about Glidance, a system that purports to replace the cane, the more it seems to have taken all the criticisms of "smart canes" into account. It might be the first genuine high-tech navigation aid that could be beneficial, replacing the cane in most circumstances. I'm usually highly skeptical about these things because people just havent thought through the implications including ergonomics, weather conditions, etc

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Content warning: Night trains in Europe are coming back

Cycling is now the single largest mode of travel during peak times in the City of London, according to a new report.

Cyclists represent 40% of traffic during peak hours and 27% of traffic throughout the day.

Since 1999, the number of motorists has dropped 64% and the number of cyclists has increased 386%.

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Content warning: The accessibility for the blind advent calendar: day 18 - Czech Republic

Google Maps is expanding its “Accessible Places” feature, which helps people know when a place is wheelchair accessible and/or stair-free. The feature was originally launched in 2020, but it was limited to just Australia, Japan, the U.K., and the U.S. Now, the feature is available worldwide on Android and iOS.

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In France, TIER Mobility is piloting wheelchair-accessible electric scooters in partnership with Omni, a French startup that has developed an electric scooter attachment compatible with most wheelchairs.

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