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Morning Mastodoners. Question for my #Blind followers: I'm in the market for a new TV, so what's currently the most #accessible option out there? Would prefer a #SmartTV with streaming options and #screen-reader built-in, so no Apple TV or Fire Stick. Heard good things about #Google and #Samsung TVs, but are there others out there that'd meet my needs? Also not looking for anything huge, 32-40 in. max. Feel free to boost. Thanks for your help.

Sharing a few thoughts on #blind #accessible Mastodon clients for #iOS.

While the official Mastodon client is making some progress, with limited Actions Rotor support now implemented, I think for now at least there are better options.

Metatext is now under active development again, it’s quite Twitterrific-like so it will help those coming over from Twitter. Excellent Actions Rotor support, multiple accounts. If there’s a downside, it is #VoiceOver focus problems. Composing or loading more toots can cause you to lose your place. Hopefully this can be fixed.

Toot! is not free, and it may be considered a bit more geeky. Again, the Actions Rotor is well-implemented, but you have to do a bit more hunting for some options. What’s outstanding about Toot! is the good support for administrative functions if you’re an admin or moderator, and the way you can connect to the public timelines of as many instances as you want without having an account on that instance. No VO focus issues, but you don’t hear if a toot has replies or how many time’s it’s been boosted as you do in Metatext. I like the way you can hear current poll results right from the timeline even without voting. As I become more confident with Mastodon, I am gravitating more to Toot! Again, after a break, this is under active development.

In Mercury, you can customise the order of items on the Actions Rotor. But it hasn’t seen any love for over a year, so newer features aren’t supported, and like Toot! you don’t hear if there are any replies to a toot you are reading.

My recommendation? Despite the yucky focus issues which hopefully can be addressed, I think Metatext will suit most people. If you don’t mind geeking out a bit more, if you like to browse local timelines or do some admin things, give Toot! a look, and let’s hope we can get at least verbalisation of whether a toot has replies.

Wonderful that we have these accessible choices here.

Doing a test toot on #Pinafore using my Mac on the Safari browser. Pretty cool so far. I'm liking how #accessible everything is.
Question for those who use it... any way of viewing keyboard shortcuts for this sight? Also, is there a way to quickly move to the field where you compose a toot?

Thanks so much.

An interesting experiment in turning 💯 data and 📈📊📉 graphs into 🔊 audio.

“… one aim is to make our data journalism more #Accessible for vision-impaired people.”

#Accessibility / #A11Y

Good on you for calling this out. When it first started being used, Twitter had only 140 characters, and we were told it was necessary. When tweets became 280 characters, it was still used. I have a background in both #accessibility technology and comms. What people don’t understand is that if we want the world to be more #accessible, we have to communicate clearly with people outside the bubble. Since people have to be told what that hashtag, which I refuse to type, is, it’s exclusionary, it harms our cause, and therefore its use is an accessibility barrier. Many of the people who initially promoted it are not disabled, and there has been a groundswell against it since its use started.

Playing with yet another #accessible Mastodon client, the TestFlight build of Tusker for iOS. This one has good use of the actions rotor, and it looks like you can filter out emojis from usernames, which is a definite win. Still playing though.

Totally tooting my own Horn Bet, but if anyone enjoys the game of #Craps, I coded an #accessible version of it with #Python called Oh Craps! along with the 3 other casino mother games that can be played in #Terminal or your command line of choice. Couldn't find any accurate nor accessible casino games out there so I just built my own! I also created and maintain a compendium of Craps strategies for fellow #Dice nerds:

a baseline definition for #AudioDescription: The act of making visual elements of film, theater, television, and other media #accessible to #blind and #LowVision audiences. It takes the form of an audio track narrated by a voice actor, based on a professionally written script. Through objective language, AD depicts settings, costumes, facial expressions, body language, and other visual content that is not conveyed by the soundtrack. Ideally, AD does not interfere with dialog

By the way, a funny #accessibility aspect.

You know the button to add image descriptions on the web?

It's not really #accessible if you use #JAWS as #ScreenReader.

I have to tell JAWS to simulate a mouse click at a certain spot, which works, but isn't what I'd call intuitive - simulating a mouse is advanced screen reader usage. #a11y #windows #mastodon #WebClient

Content warning: Twitter-related

I recently posted about how I prefer to see #hashtags positioned within #Mastodon content, as a #ScreenReader user. That post has picked up some momentum, and my thanks to everyone that has shared, favourited and/or engaged with it via thoughtful discourse.

I'd like to highlight that screen reader users vary widely in their consumption habits and preferences, and my views are nothing but personal predilections. Regardless of the approach you take, you are expressing an interest in making your content as #accessible and #readable as possible to an audience who experience the world differently to how you do. This is heartening and refreshing to many Mastodon newcomers, and extremely appreciated.

Accessibility is not a binary state, and you are not doing it "wrong" if you put your hashtags inline, or at the end, or both! There are many more impactful aspects to #SocialMedia #equity, like #ImageDescriptions (also known as #AltText), which are in abundance on Mastodon and a joy to read.

#a11y #inclusion #InclusiveDesign #ScreenReaders

Content warning: Long accessibility-related post

Ok, gotta say, been using @tootapp as my #Mastodon cclient of choice, but #Metatext by @metabolist has definitely got my attension. Fully #screenReader #accessible, it's got most, if not all, of the latest Mastodon features, and in general just works! Wish it had a custom notification sound (so too does @Minionslayer) , but overall it's great! I still like both a lot to be clear, but it's good to see there's #competition, and accessible competition at that.

Hi all. Can any other #blind people recommend an #accessible #mastodon app for #iOS? I'm trying to find a good one that works well with VoiceOver.

I am currently using #Tusky for #Android which looks really accessible and supports #Talkback actions. But I am interested if more #accessible #Mastodon clients for #Android are available.

How’s everyone spending their Sunday? If you care about an #accessible and #inclusive #NewZealand and haven’t yet done so, consider making a submission on the #Accessibility for New Zealanders Bill. It’s do nothing legislation that could set accessibility back for a generation. Disabled people deserve better. Submissions close tomorrow. You can read my submission here.

I’m researching #accessible Mastodon stand-alone clients for a forthcoming podcast episode. There are several truly excellent choices out there for iOS including Metatext, Toot and Mercury. Great that we have choices like everyone else.

I want to get back into #writing long form content, but I would like to do it somewhere on the #fediverse. Any suggestions for #accessible writing platforms would be appreciated! (preferably supporting markdown/html/both.)

For all the #Accessible #Games fans, see the quest related to the Kikiriki Games upcoming title at

I need help! In my new informatic class are two nearly blind kids.

Do any of you know something like a digital notepad/whiteboard combination that works kind of like etherpad where I can share a URL and that is fully #accessible ?

Maybe you know other tools that might be helpful?

#FediLZ #informatik #education

Congrats @gnome #Amberol is very #accessible music player! Player controls including volume and skip sliders, playlist view, playlist selection all these features can be used with keyboard alone and screen reader turned on. If GTK issues like inaccessible shortcuts window, role names part of the controls labels will get fixed in the future it would really become fully complete in terms of #a11y.

There's also a wider question about implementation, because codeberg isn't the only site that needs to implement some form of control mechanism in their sign up to stop them from being overwhelmed by bots signing up.

Our projects are small and often just 1 to a couple of folk. We all have our small fields of expertise and energy levels. How do we help each other to fix this?

How do we ensure that sites are #accessible for everyone? How easy are they to install and support? #a11y

Oh. What a discovery. Slovenská sporiteľňa is stopping SMS authentication of in app payments. However their MToken app is not #Accessible to screen reader users on android. Have you seen it else where with your Erste / Modernste bank account too?

Did you know there is very #accessible #email app for #android called #FairEmail. Version 1.1677 released today includes quick #accessibility fix where reply button within an email is easier to locate when using screen reader swipe navigation. If you are looking for nice email app give FairEmail a spin.
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