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The @IceCubesApp it’s so close to being fully accessible with voiceover. Just a few more fixes, and I think it can be my daily driver! #Blind #Accessible #IceCubesApp

Meanwhile, even in the uptake of #accessible #gaming over the last few years, the fully blind, #gamersWithoutSight if you will, so those who would play #audioGames, are still seemingly at the bottom of the list where inclusion and adaptation is concerned. #colorcontrast and button remapping, sure, but no TTS for important game text or audio cues for important events. This target audience is often excluded from inclusion efforts, which I find rather #eyeRonic.

Android developers and enthusiasts! Have you ever wanted to learn and communicate about accessibility with a group of blind people that use Android? Are you curious about how blind people use your app, or if your app is #accessible? Join the Blind Android Users group.


For that one person I saw earlier today asking about an #Accessible #Camera for the #Blind.

Does anyone know of a good, #accessible #AudioBook app for #iOS that isn't Apple Books? I really don't want to have to use a mac just to load my own .m4b files onto my phone.

New #Update for #VoiceDreamReader available... Here is what it says, New feature: Adding text blocks in PDF documents. Now you can answer questions in a worksheet or exam, and submit your answers all from within Voice Dream Reader. To add a text block, tap and hold on an empty area and then tap on "Add Text Block". You can change the font, point size, and you can move it and resize it. #Update #iOS #blind #Accessible

Ok, friends. I'm here with another #Question, because of course I am! Anybody know of any #Accessible #Matrix clients for #Mac and #iOS? May be going down that route, and #Guilded is not the most accessible thing I've used ever. I e-mailed them, and we'll see if anything comes of it, but I'm always happy to explore alternatives in the meantime.

So. I have a #developer question as it relates to #blind and vision impaired #programmers. What's the current status for blind developers wanting to create #accessible applications, particularly across platforms? I know there's WxWidgets and support libraries for creating #gui applications, but what about creating for #Apple #macOS and #iOS? #Programming

Following up on my last boost, #Mona is the most powerful, flexible #Mastodon app for #iOS. And it happens to be the most VoiceOver #accessible too. Take it for a spin and I am confident you’ll be very, very impressed. Thanks to the developer for his consistent, tireless work on accessibility and addressing user feedback.

February is Free and Open-Source Software month - #FOSSFeb! As the your #FOSS screen reader, we want to encourage everyone to explore the world of free, open-source software - especially #accessible software of course! Here are a couple of links on #FOSSFeb to get you started:

How are you celebrating #FOSSFeb?
The hashtag #FOSSFeb in purple, in Saltash grunge font, on a white background which gradiates to turquoise in the bottom left corner and orange in the top right, with a white border set inside from the edge.

An exciting 90 minute presentation on #teaching #coding to #blind and #VisuallyImpaired young people this afternoon. I get to talk about #Micropython, SBCs and sensors, #MOO and virtual text-based worldbuilding, #Javascript and #HTML and #Swift, of course. SO many fully #accessible alternatives to the visually-challenging content filling #classrooms across the #UK.

So interesting how this happens. We have a #blind character in this game, a blind accessibility consultant was consulted to get the #representation right .... but the blind can't play the game they're supposedly properly represented in because it's not #accessible to them. Curious how that meeting went :)
From birdsite:
It is done. Here is my post on Hogwarts Legacy. For those interested, please read. This is the best I can offer everyone. Thank you again all.

We've added a new section to the #pandoc #manual, where we list the available options for the creation of #accessible #PDF​s.
In brief: Use #ConTeXt, #WeasyPrint, Prince XML, #LibreOffice, or MS Word (hashtags mark FOSS).

I'm looking for a super simple text-based #webchat system that can be imbedded into a page with minimal headaches. The plan is to use it for #Q&A when I'm #streaming. Must be #accessible with #screenreader software, preferably free/open source. Doesn't need authentication or anything fancy, it'll only be a handful of people using it at a time. Thanks in advance for any tips!

It has happened!! @nickcolley has released @semaphore, the successor to #Pinafore, an #Accessible #Mastodon client.

For more information, check:

#Accessibility #A11y #Semaphore

Hello world!

Introducing Semaphore an accessible, simple and fast web client for Mastodon.

Semaphore continues the work of @nolan 's @pinafore, and will prioritise accessibility, continuing Pinafore's track record of integrating improvements from disabled contributors.

Follow this account if you'd like to keep up-to-date with releases and news.

#mastodon #accessible #a11y #client #app #web #semaphore #pinafore

Hello world!

Introducing Semaphore an accessible, simple and fast web client for Mastodon.

Semaphore continues the work of @nolan 's @pinafore, and will prioritise accessibility, continuing Pinafore's track record of integrating improvements from disabled contributors.

Follow this account if you'd like to keep up-to-date with releases and news.

#mastodon #accessible #a11y #client #app #web #semaphore #pinafore

My feature article on "Visualization for the Blind" was just published in the new Jan/Feb 2023 issue of @ACM Interactions. This is a high-level overview of making #visualizations #accessible for #blind individuals, sprinkled with my own personal experiences from beginning in the #a11y space. I even squeezed two Latin quotes in! And thanks to my close collaborator Jonathan Lazar for his mentorship. DOI: 10.1145/3571737 Read the fulltext here (no paywall):
Graphical abstract showing the first page of the feature article on "Visualization for the Blind". Full text here:

Content warning: Programming

Can anyone recommend an #iOS #Email client that is able to sort messages by size? Apple mail on the mac can, but not iOS. Of course it has to be #accessible with #Voiceover. ,

I've thought about doing this for a while now.
#AltText is something I advocate for, as well as some other simple ways to make posts more #accessible and #inclusive. Let's make this #interactive.
Reply with an #image and I'll tell you what my #ScreenReader thinks it shows, as a practical #demonstration of inaccuracies, limitations and why alt text is better.
Edit on request: Not all screen readers can do image recognition. Alt text is the only viable way to be inclusive. #accessibility #blind

I sent my blood pressure sky high.

I keep hoping to see #Publishers post accessibility guidelines for submission.

Several post the should be shunned Shunn as the perfect example.

First major issue - size 12 point font. I think I was 15 the last time I could read anything in size 12 of any font. At least 35 years ago!

Then he says to choose an easily readable font, and proceeds to list the two least readable fonts ever created!

Times New Roman and Courier are both like writing something in pencil, and erasing it half way out. And in size 12 point font - the rubbed out lines dance on he screen. In fact, ChalkDuster font is easier to read.

A readable font is Arial Rounded MT Bold six 18. Even then, it is sometimes too small to see.

I keep hoping #Publishers will begin to accept #Accessible written content.

Allow #Authors to use a font they can see.


#Accessibility matters.

Allow #Disabled, #Blind, and #DeafBlind writers to publish in your magazines.

It only takes a minute for you to reduce the size of the font, if you don't enjoy reading in a readable font. However, authors may not be able to read your notes and edits, if they are in an #InAccessible font and font size.

Which means they can't correct mistakes.

Oh, and nix the phone numbers. If I wanted to do a talky, I wouldn't be publishing.

#Writing, #Writing Tips, #Publishing, #PublishingTips

Oh, my glob! Coming to you from #Mona for #Mastodon. I found my new love, and this is my go-to Mastodon app of choice for the iOS. Thank you #Mona for making this so #accessible to use for #VoiceOver users. Move over Toot!, Tusker, Ivory and Mammoth here comes Mona. #Accessibility #A11y

People, please start using CamelCase (aka PascalCase) to break apart words in #HashTags.

It makes it easier to read and more #accessible. Single words are OK to keep lowercase, unless they are proper nouns 😉

As an instance moderator, it makes it easier to review if you're a #MastoAdmin.


#Mastodon #HashTag #accessibilty

@jamesbritt also shared you can #Use_The_Underbar!

Please #boost this for visibility and to help improve the lives of many people.

Each week I’ve been catching up with Sidney Imbun founder of Out and Seek, an accessible & inclusive events platform. As a care worker Sidney struggled to find accessible and inclusive events and venues, so he built a platform which launched in Melbourne. He’s now adding Sydney venues and events, If you can help please reach out 🙏 #accessible #inclusive #diversity #impact
Two people smiling, a female on the left and a male on the right

So far, the mushroom crowd have voted for 199 holiday songs to be played on our #countdown. Only trouble is, we're just going to play the top 100. That means your vote could make all the difference to what people hear. Be sure to vote for your top 10 holidays songs. Want a particular song to rank highly? That's fine! Go ahead and tell your friends, colleagues, family and even enemies to vote. Voting is simple and #accessible. #MushroomFM

Holiday Countdown and Christmas Party 2022 | Mushroom FM

This morning, a kind comment about my narration reminded me of the beautifully relaxing vibe of this video. Check out the work the Social #AudioDescription Collective did as part of the #accessible Parks #Canada project.

An interesting experiment in turning 💯 data and 📈📊📉 graphs into 🔊 audio.

“… one aim is to make our data journalism more #Accessible for vision-impaired people.”

#Accessibility / #A11Y

Totally tooting my own Horn Bet, but if anyone enjoys the game of #Craps, I coded an #accessible version of it with #Python called Oh Craps! along with the 3 other casino mother games that can be played in #Terminal or your command line of choice. Couldn't find any accurate nor accessible casino games out there so I just built my own! I also created and maintain a compendium of Craps strategies for fellow #Dice nerds:

Content warning: Long accessibility-related post

How’s everyone spending their Sunday? If you care about an #accessible and #inclusive #NewZealand and haven’t yet done so, consider making a submission on the #Accessibility for New Zealanders Bill. It’s do nothing legislation that could set accessibility back for a generation. Disabled people deserve better. Submissions close tomorrow. You can read my submission here.

For all the #Accessible #Games fans, see the quest related to the Kikiriki Games upcoming title at

Congrats @gnome #Amberol is very #accessible music player! Player controls including volume and skip sliders, playlist view, playlist selection all these features can be used with keyboard alone and screen reader turned on. If GTK issues like inaccessible shortcuts window, role names part of the controls labels will get fixed in the future it would really become fully complete in terms of #a11y.

There's also a wider question about implementation, because codeberg isn't the only site that needs to implement some form of control mechanism in their sign up to stop them from being overwhelmed by bots signing up.

Our projects are small and often just 1 to a couple of folk. We all have our small fields of expertise and energy levels. How do we help each other to fix this?

How do we ensure that sites are #accessible for everyone? How easy are they to install and support? #a11y

Oh. What a discovery. Slovenská sporiteľňa is stopping SMS authentication of in app payments. However their MToken app is not #Accessible to screen reader users on android. Have you seen it else where with your Erste / Modernste bank account too?

Did you know there is very #accessible #email app for #android called #FairEmail. Version 1.1677 released today includes quick #accessibility fix where reply button within an email is easier to locate when using screen reader swipe navigation. If you are looking for nice email app give FairEmail a spin.
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