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This is also how the Open Web dies. Trying to read a page on #reddit using an iPhone. I simply closed the page. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
Screenshot of a page on Reddit. No content visible as multiple overlays block access. Cookies. Open this page in the app. Frustrating user experience.

Content warning: rant, Reddit, apps

Was having strange connection issue on @thunderbird
for #office365 accounts via IMAP

Message indicated:
User is authenticated but not connected

Found the solution on #reddit:

switch ` network.dns.disableIPv6` to `true` in the config editor

You can buy an avatar on #reddit for $24.99 ... some are sold out ... "Mints after purchase" ... argh, it's some #NFT bullshit 😒.

They have some integration with #IPFS, which is I guess at least semi-interesting? Is that a thing for NFT's now?
Screenshot of reddit showing a selection of avatars you can spend real money for. Some are sold out, one costs $9.99, another one $24.99.