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It should also be noted, well, not sure if this is a pro, but Tumblr will use #ActivityPub soon, so it will talk to Mastodon and PeerTube and WriteFreely and others.

Tumblr Will Join Mastodon and the Fediverse #Fediverse #Tumblr #ActivityPub

Two years ago, for #APconf, I gave a talk about the #ActivityPub ecosystem that was really a talk about the kind of social software infrastructure I think we we need.

In particular, I talk about software infrastructure under our control that optimizes for rich and fulfilling lives.

It's a real broad vision, but I think it might be interesting for people on the network today to watch.

The ActivityPub ecosystem

We have a big world to build.
In this talk, I’ll discuss some of the cool stuff that’s been built, and cool stuff we still need.

Evan Prodromou

@utzer ~Friendica~ I’m not sure if we can do that with #ActivityPub, I’m not even sure it’s desirable. What’s the need?

CoSchedule is a great tool for small teams. Unfortunately it doesn't support #Mastodon #ActivityPub. Go vote for this feature to be added, please.

And if you know of any proper #OpenSource tool that does what CoSchedule does, please let me know 😀

@mike Wow. I was just telling my team this morning that I'd read the #ActivityPub spec last week and said "It's possibly the best written, easiest-to-follow, technical spec I've ever read.". Thank you for writing something so easy to follow and well thought out.

Would you like to see #ActivityPub on #Flickr? #fediverse (x-post from

  • Yes & already pay. (24%, 111 votes)
  • Yes & would start paying. (21%, 97 votes)
  • Yes, but only for free. (46%, 208 votes)
  • No, work on other stuff. (14%, 63 votes)
446 voters. Poll end: 14 hours ago

Frage | Friendica: 'Nicht mehr teilen' funktioniert nicht immer

Normalerweise kann man Beiträge die man geteilt hat auch 'nicht mehr teilen', zumindest was den ActivityPub Teil des Fediverse betrifft. Jedoch ist mir eben ein Beitrag aufgefallen bei dem ich das nicht kann, sondern nur angeboten bekomme den Beitrag erneut zu teilen oder als Zitat zu teilen.

Nun habe ich keinen Plan warum ich diesen speziellen Beitrag nicht 'nicht mehr teilen' kann und hoffe auf Eure Hilfe.

#Frage #Friebdica #teilen #nicht-mehr-teilen #ActivityPub #Raven #2022-11-27 !Friendica Support

@fireborn it's been an ongoing issue not only with mastodon but with #ActivityPub for some time, hope it'll get fixed soon

Today I discovered another “single process baked by SQLite” implementation of ActivityPub:

I really like that open protocols enable experimentation on the server side as well as on the client side

#ActivityPub #ktistec

Big rumblings in the expansion of the #Fediverse have been happening recently.

#Tumblr has already promised to implement #ActivityPub (the protocol Mastodon uses), which will mean you can follow Tumblr accounts from here and vice versa. And today we a learning that #Flickr is also considering it!

This will be a massive expansion, which obviously carries some uncertainties, but I, for one, welcome our new federation partners.

This is the way the internet is supposed to work.

Michał Dziwisz jest szybki:) Wczoraj nagrywaliśmy podcast, a dzisiaj już jest opublikowany. Ja tak nie umiem.
Tematami są #Mastodon, #fediverse, #activitypub i możliwości, jakie dają osobom niewidomym. Daję link, ale nie wiem, czy polecać. #Tyflopodcast ma strasznie długie audycje i nie każdy przebrnie przez całość. Ale jeżeli jednak, to poproszę o komentarz.

@JeffRome the above have white users and do not have an all white moderation team. The Fediverse can talk to anything hooked into #ActivityPub so connections happen across the whole Fediverse.

It's been less than 24 hours and #mastodon is already extremely fun to use, thanks in large part to the welcoming community out here.

If anyone has a line on an #activitypub <==> #matrix bridge though, I might be interested in hosting it on (or building my own, eventually) 😇

Seeing people with coding ability commenting on features they want in Mastodon, many of them framing their insights as if there is a bug.

Almost all ideas I have seen so far could be implemented in a client or a relay. For ones that can't, there are pull requests. For ones that are declined, downstream forking is feasible.

It's #OpenSource & based on a truly open standard, #ActivityPub. How about we frame ideas positively & look for places to contribute? This is not a walled garden run by VCs.

Content warning: Mastodon & ActivityPub backstory

@didek Wait, are you saying we could make a social media run on top of Matrix? 🤔 How would that function/scale compared to something like #ActivityPub based platforms?

This is all I need for my electronic social life; #ActivityPub for social media, and #Matrix for secure messaging 😎

There's a #ActivityPub plugin for #WordPress, you should give it a try so people can follow your blog here.

See, this is a sensible continuation, don't ya think? Anyway there are also instances with higher character limits, and #ActivityPub isn't limited in any way. It's 500 chars by default because #Mastodon is a microblogging platform, it's specifically made for more spur of the moment thoughts.

@ɟloʍ Fedilab sollte auch mit Friendica sich verbinden koennen, da es Friendica mit #ActivityPub "anspricht". Wie ich sehen kann, ist er wohl mit Bugs ziemlich beschaeftigt:

Having learned my lesson on other platforms, I now try to make sure I can save my own copies of content I create on others' platforms. I found my way to the download links for my mastodon data, and I see that posts are in a JSON file in #ActivityPub format.

My #newbie question: what is the simplest thing I can do to read that downloaded content as something resembling the original posts? Tried searching & found lots of programmer doc for APub. I'd like to use a client not write one. Ideas?

this has to be one of the most under-stated introductions I have seen here!

So let me offer a better one: Evan is one of the reasons we are all here. He is credited as one of the creators of the #ActivityPub protocol:

Back in the day (a decade ago), he also used to run the biggest instance of #StatusNet, My old account is still there, even though I have lost access to it:

StatusNet was the precursor of fedi.

Welcome, Evan!

Matt Mullenweg (founder of Wordpress and current owner of Tumblr) wants to know how you want Tumblr integrated into the #fediverse (or #bluesky). Those of you who have Twitter accounts should go voice your ideas directly cause this will probably happen in the not so distant future (they already had a job posting listed last year where they were looking for #ActivityPub people)

Me, keeping an eye on my task queue as a conversation starts on my latest post 👀

#sidekiq #mastodon #scale #activityPub
Screenshot of Sidekiq showing 5,444 queued tasks.

Dreamwidth is wanting to try adding #ActivityPub for comments! As mentioned, their developers are tired, see last post, but if anyone can assist, feel free! #Fediverse

if I made my own blog software or whatever from scratch in a kinda low-level language like rust, how would I go about implementing #activityPub with no extra libraries involved? is the protocol clear enough? are there many edge cases? does it specify many failsafes or it leaves as much as possible to be either undefined behaviour or implementation specific? Are the operations #mastodon, #friendica and others define standardised, or composed from primitives in whatever way by the implementor?

@ericbuijs We have to be very careful about setting privacy expectations: there is no #privacy in the #ActivityPub protocol/#mastodon/the #fediverse.

I have set up daily docker builds of @ta180m's federated #Gitea, mostly to make it easier for myself to update, but it might be useful for others aswell.

Source (a single .drone.yml) is on my own gitea, build logs are also available, and the daily-built containers are on my test instance.

docker pull, and you're good to go!

#ForgeFederation #ActivityPub

Frage: Wie kann ich von Friendica aus einer Diskussion auf Lemmy folgen?

Ich weiß das ich einen Beitrag auf Lemmy über die URL öffnen kann. Z. B. für folgende:

Nun stellt sich aber die Frage, wie ich die gesamte Diskussion öffnen kann. Den in dem Beitrag habe ich vor zwei Stunden einen Kommentar eingestellt den ich hier auf Friendica nicht sehe. Wenn ich von hier aus einen Kommentar einstelle ist dieser umgekehrt zumindest bisher auch nicht auf Lemmy zu sehen.

#Frage #Friendica #Lemmy #Federation #ActivityPub #Raven #2022-10-23 !Friendica Support

@Hypolite Petovan Ah ok. Wasn't sure / aware whether or not this is part of #activitypub or some other standardized protocol or something special to either of the two platforms.
@Michael Vogel

!Friendica Support Stupid question regarding Friendica post visibility: Should a post sent as restricted for "followers only" also be visible for #mastodon / #activitypub followers? Or is that a different mechanism? Used that feature frequently and wondered whether these posts don't have that much visibility, and just noticed that my Mastodon account that is following my Friendica account (and vice versa) doesn't see a restricted Friendica post...?

@Jakob :friendica: Soweit ich sehen kann, wird in der Methode Friendica\Contact\Introduction\Entity\Introduction::ignore() das Flag ignore auf true gesetzt, hingegen beim "Discard" in der Methode Friendica\Model\Contact\Introduction::discard($intro) zum Schluss die Methode ActivityPub\Transmitter::sendContactReject() aufgerufen wird, aber nur bei #ActivityPub und dann danach delete() aufgerufen wird.

And here we have someone calling for kids to give up (the sense of) #privacy for global age verification... Look, kids are curious and need social status, hence they will get on #socialmedia sooner or later, so will age requirements make them understand what they're getting into? But I do agree on building a platform better suited for kids... Maybe have supervised clubs at schools running #ActivityPub instances in closed federations (connecting nearby schools)? is a lightweight self-hosted single user Fediverse server which can be followed from Mastodon etc.

You can find out more info at:

The official account disappeared for a while but it's now back at:


As the account notes, it's just been rewritten with version 2.0 of the software, so you may need to unfollow and then refollow.

(Having said that, I haven't been able to actually follow the account, it seems to work at first but then gives a "follow request" message? Have you managed to get this to work?)

#MicroBlog #MicroBlogPub #Fediverse #ActivityPub