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After an afternoon + evening debugging yesterday, we could tackle many issues with the #libervia #XMPP <=> #ActivityPub gateway with @linkmauve .

Thanks a lot to @Claire for her help.

The gateway is confirmed working with native PEP service of #Prosody. And @linkmauve is actually an XMPP account on AP through the gateway.

There are still several issues to fix here and there, but we're on the right way.

And I need feedback to stabilise the gateway!

@Owner_of_donky No, you cannot, through #ActivityPub . But if the instance provides a #RSS feed, you can try that one.

Meta: Fediverse

Yes #itWorksLikeEmail but still I really don't understand how #friendica works. For example on this thread the original post was sent to 103 remote servers, my friend commented on it. My response to his comment was sent to 24 servers, but my response to my own comment was sent to 105 servers. I suspect him being on Diaspora* and most of my contacts being on platforms like #Mastodon than only support #ActivityPub has an influence here.

If I try to reference the same post from my Masto account, I thought it would look super weird, like I was talking to myself in a way that didn't make any sense, but I actually only see the OP while when I search for my later comment I see it and the comment of my own I was replying to, but not the OP !Friendica Support

The #Mastodon server and #Matrix homeserver don't have to be colocated. E.g. you could be on and hook it up to your matrix a/c on The larger #ActivityPub instances could use a small Matrix homeserver for it users without a declared matrix address, and automatically create a matrix a/c for them for the sole purpose of DMing.

The architectural possibilities are quite wide, I suspect.

There's a serious opportunity for #Mastodon and other #ActivityPub systems to implement properly secure DMs by integrating #Matrix from .

this is a mitigating factor for #Matrix - the Matrix open standard. That's the real innovation. I've noticed other messaging systems starting to adopt it, like Rocket.Chat... As the Matrix standard achieves support, like the Network Effect, it'll compel more and more to join it, even proprietary players (as we've recently seen with #ActivityPub!)

#XMPP summit is finished, it was nice as usual.

Tomorrow is #FOSDEM, if you want to talk about #Libervia, #ActivityPub <=> XMPP gateway or whatever, just look for me, I'll be wearing a jumper with "Libervia" written on the back, and I should be often around the Realtime Lounge in K building level 1 (group A).

I'll also attend some talks and walk around, so just ping me here if you you wanna meet.

On my way to #Brussels for #XMPP summit then #FOSDEM. If anybody wants to meet to talk about #Libervia, XMPP<=> #ActivityPub gateway or whatever, just ping me. I'll arrive tomorrow morning.

Looking forward for, well, Belgium beers and fries.

@Shelenn Ayres @Cătălin Petrescu It should be a practical discussion and not an ideological or emotional, like "feelings of person X" is hurt by the dislike button". That's to much emotional about it. Remember when #Youtube took down the dislike feature? Some people didn't like it that they got so much dislikes on their view. This practically means they cannot take negative critics and don't want to improve themselves. MrPetovan has deleted my comment there where I have pointed this out, that only softies will cry about receiving/seeing dislike features. Real people won't do that, they just deactivate it (and that change was introduced already by him) or ignore it. I ignore the dislike button as long as I don't want to click it. Ripping out features from a software is bad for the software, plus it is part of #ActivityPub .

Not only software developers and software are needed.

We need people who develop and improve the #ActivityPub standard!

Those interested in such work should join the Social Web Incubator Community Group:

At the end of last year I was loosing faith somewhat in the Go #ActivityPub libraries I created for #FedBOX.

But today, in attempt to debug some Mastodon compatibility issues, I ended up creating a single user fediverse application totaling under 1K lines of code (of which webfinger functionality is about one third).

Caveat, the server to server to follow tomorrow. I only worked a couple of hours on it.

Closely related but not quite the same as the last boost: Suppose you have a statically generated website that offers one or more #RSS feeds. Is it possible to generate additional static files that render the site subscribable via #ActivityPub as well? If it's not possible using only static files, what is the absolute minimum amount of server-side dynamism required?

Has someone here managed to convert an #RSS feed into an #ActivityPub instance and join it to the #fediverse ?

Plz boost 🙏

Here's a new and hopefully useful crate for #Rustlang #ActivityPub implementors:

OK, well this is getting far more interesting for me! 😎
Given the open nature of the #ActivityPub protocol, it is possible to pull in the Instagram alternative, Pixelfed, into your Mastodon Home Timeline.
This is great for those looking for an alternative to Instagram, but not wanting to use yet another app.

Here is another short video on how this works and how you can use it yourself!
#twittermigration #twitterexodus #Instagram #Pixelfed #feditips

XMPP End of the Year Talk 2022!

Let's have a good time with the #XMPP Community folks!

Short talks:
- On #ActivityPub, #Movim, #Prosody development, XMPP + #QUIC

When: 6th Dec 2022, 19:00 CET (tomorrow!)
Join via this instance:

(technical issues as always)

#jabber #standards

4 years using and championing the #fediverse full time and I've never written a #introductions toot. Well, or I have and can't find it.

I'm a #blind guy from 🇬🇧 with a passion for #technology and #programming, particularly #lowLevel #systemsProgramming in #C, #C++, #Rust, etc.

I've been a huge #freeSoftware / #openSource advocate for the majority of my life. I run #Linux and I love open, #decentralised technologies like #ActivityPub, #Matrix, #bitTorrent etc.

In my view, technology is built to make our lives easier, and in many ways, it isn't these days. It is truly my opinion that the only way #tech can be sustainable is if it's built using #FOSS, and does not give ultimate control to any 1 entity, individual or corporate. If technology is to help the people, it must be built *for* the people.

Currently working on, various projects with the rest of the Lower Elements gang at, and a Computing Science BSC at the #University of #stirling

CoSchedule is a great tool for small teams. Unfortunately it doesn't support #Mastodon #ActivityPub. Go vote for this feature to be added, please.

And if you know of any proper #OpenSource tool that does what CoSchedule does, please let me know 😀

@mike Wow. I was just telling my team this morning that I'd read the #ActivityPub spec last week and said "It's possibly the best written, easiest-to-follow, technical spec I've ever read.". Thank you for writing something so easy to follow and well thought out.

Today I discovered another “single process baked by SQLite” implementation of ActivityPub:

I really like that open protocols enable experimentation on the server side as well as on the client side

#ActivityPub #ktistec

Michał Dziwisz jest szybki:) Wczoraj nagrywaliśmy podcast, a dzisiaj już jest opublikowany. Ja tak nie umiem.
Tematami są #Mastodon, #fediverse, #activitypub i możliwości, jakie dają osobom niewidomym. Daję link, ale nie wiem, czy polecać. #Tyflopodcast ma strasznie długie audycje i nie każdy przebrnie przez całość. Ale jeżeli jednak, to poproszę o komentarz.

Content warning: Mastodon & ActivityPub backstory

There's a #ActivityPub plugin for #WordPress, you should give it a try so people can follow your blog here.

this has to be one of the most under-stated introductions I have seen here!

So let me offer a better one: Evan is one of the reasons we are all here. He is credited as one of the creators of the #ActivityPub protocol:

Back in the day (a decade ago), he also used to run the biggest instance of #StatusNet, My old account is still there, even though I have lost access to it:

StatusNet was the precursor of fedi.

Welcome, Evan!

Matt Mullenweg (founder of Wordpress and current owner of Tumblr) wants to know how you want Tumblr integrated into the #fediverse (or #bluesky). Those of you who have Twitter accounts should go voice your ideas directly cause this will probably happen in the not so distant future (they already had a job posting listed last year where they were looking for #ActivityPub people)

Me, keeping an eye on my task queue as a conversation starts on my latest post 👀

#sidekiq #mastodon #scale #activityPub
Screenshot of Sidekiq showing 5,444 queued tasks.

@ericbuijs We have to be very careful about setting privacy expectations: there is no #privacy in the #ActivityPub protocol/#mastodon/the #fediverse.

And here we have someone calling for kids to give up (the sense of) #privacy for global age verification... Look, kids are curious and need social status, hence they will get on #socialmedia sooner or later, so will age requirements make them understand what they're getting into? But I do agree on building a platform better suited for kids... Maybe have supervised clubs at schools running #ActivityPub instances in closed federations (connecting nearby schools)? is a lightweight self-hosted single user Fediverse server which can be followed from Mastodon etc.

You can find out more info at:

The official account disappeared for a while but it's now back at:


As the account notes, it's just been rewritten with version 2.0 of the software, so you may need to unfollow and then refollow.

(Having said that, I haven't been able to actually follow the account, it seems to work at first but then gives a "follow request" message? Have you managed to get this to work?)

#MicroBlog #MicroBlogPub #Fediverse #ActivityPub