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I have it formatted as #exFAT for cross-platform compatibility between my #Windows and #Mac machines, and writing to it from a 2012 Windows 10 machine, I get around 300-350 MB/S. Reading from it I topped out at 402 MB/S. That didn't happen under win7 on the same machine, so #UASP really is a great feature. Obviously machine's too old for USB-C ports, so that's just standard USB 3. Gotta say I'm impressed. Nobody cares, but I'm micro-blogging ain't I? haha.

Y'all, I hate Git. I have 2 accounts, a personal one, and a work one. On the Mac, it just works cause I have no idea how I set it up. I guess it uses keychain there. But on Windows? Oh no I can't push to that work branch, the key doesn't work! Ugh if I can get that working, especially with VS Code, I think I'd be happy.

#git #Windows #mac

Trying out this RDP based desktop sharing to see if I can use #gnome @gnome for remote work.

It's clunky compared to XForward. An entire desktop required and the shared computer is basically useless to anyone else since it won't share a desktop that's not showing on the monitor in the physical space.

Bit of a leap backwards if I'm being honest. Every time #linux copies #Windows or #MacOS I get this sinking feeling that we've just given up being great and are settling for good enough.

Inspired by the creative use of some nifty JAWS scripting and the power of iOS shortcuts as demonstrated by @IllegallyBlind, I have decided to try my hand at creating something similar for NVDA and I think I've succeeded. Note that I'm fairly new at this and by no means a coder so this is the simplest of simple, in fact, I'm still quite amazed that it works, actually.
What we need:
1. The NVDA Speech Logger addon available at:
2. The following iOS shortcut:
How to use:
1. Install both: the addon in your NVDA and the shortcut in your shortcuts respectively.
2. In NVDA's settings head over to the Speech Logger category and set the output path to your Dropbox root (that's what the shortcut assumes you're using, feel free to modify as needed);
3. Start logging the local speech with the assigned gesture (by default NVDA+alt+l);
4. Assuming the shortcut is configured properly (Dropbox authorized and all that jazz), launch it and a viewer will pop up with the fresh version of the log file at the time.
One nuissance I've found with this is that the viewer overlay will not surround the VO gestures so you need to focus it first through exploration before you can start reading the log. Also the gestures for the first and last item on the screen will move you to whatever else should be on your screen right now so you have to explore again to close the viewer. I assume that's a VO bug.
Also bear in mind that, while logging, anything your PC says will ultimately land in a regular text file and nothing apart from your Dropbox account is protecting it. Use with caution.
Feel free to suggest feedback.
#Accessibility #Tip #VoiceOver #NVDA #iPhone #iOS #Windows #Blind

Portmaster, eine Art Firewall zur Kontrolle des ausgehenden Datenverkehrs, ist nicht mehr Alpha, sondern in der Version 1.0.7 für Windows, Debian/Ubuntu und Fedora verfügbar. Gerade für Windows-Nutzer interessant, die Microsofts Schnüffelei eindämmen wollen.

#security #privacy #firewall #sicherheit #datenschutz #windows

Content warning: Screen reader / operating systems rant

As #Linux users, or even as #Windows users, we often hear a lot of preconceived notions, like "Linux is faster", or "Windows has better battery life".

Well, I decided to quantify all of it in a complete benchmark between Windows 11 and #ubuntu

CPU and GPU benchmarks, disk speeds, thermals, internet speeds, gaming benchmarks, battery life, I looked at everything on the same device, and the conclusions were... surprising:
THumbnail of a youtube video, split in 2 by a white cutout.
On the left, the folowing text: CPU+GPU, Gaming, disk speed, internet, battery".

on the right, a windows logo, a linux logo, and a "versus" symbol between the two

For blind Windows users. When you press Windows + E to open File Explorer, do you have to wait while your folders load? Like, a good 20 seconds before you can navigate around your folders list? I do, on both my work and home PC. Work is an Intel NUC, home is an AMD 5500 HP laptop.

#accessibility #blind #Windows

What operating system do you use on your computer(s)/laptop(s)?

Select all that apply.

Please BOOST for maximum exposure across the #Fediverse

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> #Marketing prevails over #engineering
> Even though its roots go back to the 1970's, the #Windows NT product line is a big improvement over Microsoft's DOS-based products. Unfortunately that doesn't automatically mean that it's a well-designed operating system.

Hearing of #OnBullshit, and the difference between #Bullshit and #Lies, gave me a coherent framework to help understand business success...
/HT @lightweight

I've yet to see a #Mastodon client for either #iOS or #Windows that has an in-house profile editor. I can't speak for #Android because I don't have a working device.

I am incredibly stressed out since it has been two weeks now and I keep having trouble with my new #ThinkPad #X1 Carbon Gen 10.

I made the impulsive and definitely wrong decision of immediately removing #Windows and installing only @vanillaos.

There are several problems, that I cannot figure out if they are there because of #Linux #compatibility limits and absent #drivers, or rather if it is an hardware problem.

Above all, the webcam is not recognized. Like it does not even show up in /dev

Furthermore, the 2.8K screen has the PERFECT resolution for a 14" laptop, but it is OLED and it looks TERRIBLE. I hope it is only a calibration problem, but, again, I do not know how to test it…

Since #VanillaOS still has an outdated Linux #kernel, I installed #Manjaro, but upon opening #Cheese I always get “no device found”.

To increase my stress, my request to subscribe to got rejected since I signed up using a #VPN. I am losing it 😭

Please convince me not to get back to my #MacBook. I thought ThinkPads were the most Linux-ready devices!

#help #mastoaiuto #troubleshoot #Debian #Lenovo #Arch

Question: Is there a free to use chat/instant messaging server that supports #XMPP ? Alternately, Is there any kind of chat/IM softeate that runs on both the #Windows and #MacOS desktop and that DOES NOT require entering a phone number or using a mobile phone for setup (so, no WhatsApp/Telegram/Signal - if it requires a phone or phone number for setup or use then it is off the table).

Additional info: I already know that you can run #prosody on a server you control but the problem is that you then have to know how to secure it, and there is one user in particular that seems to have an ever-changing IP address (he uses T-Mobile's home internet service - if you know about that then you understand the problem). So you can't just set up iptables and allow his address because that address may be different from session to session, and since the start of February it seems it may be different for each application he uses, or each web site he visits (for example he can go to one of those sites that shows the IP address you're coming from and it will show a different address on each such site he visits). It's almost as though #T-Mobile is suddenly forcing all connections to go through something like the #Tor network. Which on the one hand is probably great for #privacy but not great if you are trying to get into a server that is configured to let you in based on your IP address.

We used to use Google Chat/Talk until they started requiring oAuth authentication (which most XMPP Clients don't support) and really would kind of prefer not to use Google for this purpose anyway. So, just wondering what alternatives might exist.

(And before anyone suggests direct messaging in #Mastodon, the issue there is whenever you send a private toot it throws you into the "Direct messages" section and then you lose your place in your home timeline. Mastodon REALLY needs to figure out how to save your current place in the timeline so you can easily get back to it, though that may in part be because the instance I use is running Mastodon v3.2.1 which I guess is rather old).

Yesterday @guilevi visited us, and told me about a new #rhythm-based #game called #RhythmQuest. There's a free demo to download at if anyone's interested to try it. Has #screenReader support on both #Mac and #Windows. Very enjoyable.

And this week's #Linux and #opensource news video is finally here!

In this one, we have confirmation that #Windows 11 sends data to third parties after a fresh install, without user consent, we have @fedora moving to Flathub in their next release, an AI tool that violates #FOSS licenses, @thunderbird sharing a roadmap and some interesting history, and @gnome Software getting some nice performance improvements:
Thumbnail of a youtube video with the text "Linux open source news" on the left, and a windows logo, a voice waveform, and a fedora logo on the right, over a white cutout

CTRL+T for a new tab. Type. Enter. 3 a few times. enter again. #NVDA, #firefox #Windows.

You know, I wish #apple would at least make it possible to write third-party screen readers for their platform if they don't want to fund core #voiceover improvements, which they clearly do not want to do. For all the complaining I do about #windows, at least we have quite good developer freedom on it, allowing the use of high-quality third-party screen readers. #a11y

Is there a #Windows #xmpp client which supports #OMEMO #encryption and voice calls?

Just got home to find that, ah yes the Windows PC has restarted yet again, and oh hey lookie just a few steps and I can use my PC again! Windows Hello, which was already set up with a PIN, and are you sure you don't wanna switch back to Microsoft Edge? Huh? What? You don't? Well you have to click the skip button cause the other one is dimmed and hope it won't choose something without you knowing haha. And did you know your PC is better with Microsoft 365? You did? You know you have it already? Oh good. Well you're ready to go! Enjoy!

Thanks Microsoft, I hate it. I wish I could be like all the sighted techies out there that can just pop in a flash drive with Fedora Linux on it, set it up, and not even have to learn that much of a new interface and how to do things. Or one of the less techie people out there that open up a MacBook and click the Internet icon and when you ask them how it is they strug and go "Well I mean it's just a computer."

#accessibility #windows #linux #mac #blind #a11y

Wow, so the other day I shared what #Microsoft does when you search to download #Firefox from #Edge* but they go one step further for #Chrome.

(I have zero love for either surveillance capitalist but, my goodness, what absolute asshattery. Having spent more time than I’d like testing in #Windows these past two days, I constantly feel like some malevolent entity is trying to exploit me at every turn. Because one is. This OS is a case study in hostile #design.)



Microsoft folks: we’re not evil.

Also Microsoft folks: …

(Hey @EU_Commission, mind forwarding this to @EC_Commissioner_Vestager for me? She doesn’t seem to be active here but something tells me this might interest her.)

#competition #antitrust #eu #microsoft #edge #bing #mozilla #firefox
Result of searching for "download firefox" on the browser that's installed with Microsoft Windows (Edge): Above the Download Firefox for Desktop -- From Mozilla link is a "Promoted by Microsoft" message on Microsoft's default search engine (Bing): "There's no need to download a new web browser.
Microsoft recommends using Microsoft Edge for a fast, secure, and modern web experience that can help save you time and money."

Screenshot of the Download Chrome page on in the Microsoft Edge web browser. Edge has popped up a dialogue box over the page that reads: “Microsoft Edge runs on the same technology as Chrome, with the added trust of Microsoft.” There is a button on it that reads “Browse securely now”

If you’re used to typing with a Macintosh keyboard layout and enjoy being able to enter typographical quotes anywhere using alt-[, alt-shift-] for “…” and alt-shift-[ and alt-shift-] for ‘…’ and alt-; to enter a proper ellipsis (…), etc., download and install the file from and then choose it from Settings > Time & Language > Language > Keyboard.

(Because I’m testing on Windows at the moment and I don’t want to lose my sanity…)

#mac #keyboard #windows

Okay am I just going crazy, or has MacOS gotten a little better over the past like 3 months? Like I’ve been using it for just about everything besides heavy web browsing, and it's been pretty good. Makes me almost want to get back into the Apple ecosystem, whenever iOS’ bugs upon bugs are a bit more exterminated. Shoot maybe I’m just crazy. But Windows just, ugh the way when a lot of notifications come in, focus is just stolen out from wherever you were and put into a blank space, like that infuriates me. Oh and the Mac Mail app being a lot nicer than Gmail’s web app. Like it's totally first-world problems, and I could live on Windows, but my goodness it gets on my nerves a lot. Lol meanwhile Android gets even more smooth with every TalkBack update. Tech companies’ attention to accessibility waxes and wanes, I guess. All this was typed on the new, more quick, TalkBack Braille Keyboard. Although I still can't type smiley faces though.

#a11y #apple #accessibility #android #windows

#Linux on the #desktop is becoming more #popular in my home town, but for the wrong reasons.

It's #poverty: many people have no money for a new #laptop or desktop. Their old #computers still work fine, but can't run the latest versions of #Windows.

We backup their data, install #LinuxMint, restore their data, install some extra programs, show them around and they're good to go.

Interestingly no one had problems making the switch so far. All quiet on the support front.
Linux Mint, Cinnamon desktop.

Successfully switched an old #Google #Stadia #controller over to bluetooth mode. The info on the google site was very well done, including button-placement, meaning I could do this without sighted help. Tested #BlindDrive with it. Worked really well. That is the first time I've personally ever used a controller on #windows. Since I got Stadia for free, I'd call that a win.

@blender yeah, but I think making your tech more appealing and approachable to "#TechIlliterates" and "#Normies" should have a higher priority than following a trend and fad [aka. #VR]...

Regardless of that I do think that #JS and #Tracking / #Cookies are bad #ghettohacks of a technology and lazy #WebApps should've never seen mass adoption, but there's far worse staff like #MicrosoftOffice and espechally #Windows.

I just can't stand the latter...

Content warning: Repost from Twitter

Are you sure it's a #windows thing? #NVDASR has an option called Use screen layout within its browse mode settings section. Perhaps toggling it will help with the Windows 10 computer as well. It's on by default meaning the virtual document content is displayed the way it's arranged on the screen rather than wrapped at link boundaries.

Got #FluffyChat builds on Windows working with #libolm bundled for encryption support. I hope we can officially ship Windows builds with the next release 🎉!

#matrix #flutter #dart #windows #olm

OK so imagine right, a user interface that adds everything onto the screen in such a way that you can't find what you're looking for, because there are all these collapsed and expanded panes, and you have to expand/collapse every single one of them in order to find what you may be looking for in a settings area, only to discover that what you're looking for is totally not where you thought it was, so ha ha, joke's on you, now you have to figure out how to get back to the main navigation list, which may be a tab or 20 or 100, whoever even knows anymore, and then look for another place it may be. I hate it. Utterly hate. Despise. Get it out. #Windows 10's settings app was at least tolerable. This is not.

Super post from @SaraSoueidan on how to set up a screen reader testing environment.

Sara, do you or anyone else know of a way test VoiceOver on Mac if we don't have access to a Mac? One of the perennial frustrations in the web industry is the assumption we're all on Macs. For many, Macs are well out of our budget ranges, but we still want to do the best we can with the tools at hand. Any advice?

#accessibility #a11y #inclusion #mac #macos #windows #testing

Dear folks, what do you use for #Matrix? I need a client with #screenReader #accessibility in mind. Better #Windows desktop software, but if not, web is also okayish. Thanks!

Our @zbus Windows CI jobs fails 60-80% of the time (almost guaranteed on the first run) with an "Unable to open shared memory" error. Would anyone with some Windows dev xp happen to know or can take a look what happens?

I've noticed that typically it's the doc tests that fail.

#Windows #rustlang #zbus

One of the things I do for a living is reviewing gadgets. Right now I've reviewed the Xiaomi Notebook Pro 120G, which is a powerful compact laptop with a pro-grade screen and a couple of suprises up its sleeve. Do have a look in case you're in the market for a laptop. And I'd be grateful if you could Boost for reach!

#MastIndia #Technology #Review #Windows #Intel

Mate radsej #Ubuntu, ale z rozlicnych dovodov ste nuteni pouzivat #Windows 10 alebo 11? Mozete oslavovat. #WSL2 (Windows Subsystem for Linux 2) bolo oficialne vydane a vdaka tomu mozete pracovat s Ubuntu aplikaciami a nastrojmi ako doma.