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Senza voler apparire pedante vorrei affermare che la doc reference delle #gtk è un cumulo di merda.

Non vedevo tanta confusione dai dei in cui usavo le api di #windows.

ich habe früher ein spezialisiertes Windows XP installiert abgesehen von #Windows nur Open Source Anwendungen.
Ich habe jedes Icon neu benannt-und zwar danach, was mit dem Programm gemacht werden konnte. ("Texte schreiben", "Tabellen", " E-Mail" usw)
Die Kunden, meistens Senioren, waren sehr glücklich-und jetzt nutzen viele davon #Linux...

Seriously considering jumping the train and install # on my # (gamish PC). 🕹

How well does Linux work with modern GeForce cards and Games/Steam? 👾🕹

# # # #

We just released # 22.05 🌻

The new major release for #, # & # includes:

🐘 Jumbo spreadsheets with 16k columns
📈 Sparklines in Calc
⏱️ Performance improvements across all modules

Find out more in the announcement 📢

- Enable #
- Disable # Blocker


- Turn on your webcam for facial recognition, holding your social security number
- Speak your full name
- Turn on Location services
- Open this website on # or #, # is not supported
- Use # only

[ # # # ]

Выглядит супер! Но будет ли оаботать на # ? 🤔

I tried to make a research and there is no better #xmpp client for #windows apart from web clients.

You were right, the #Windows fork works nicely. I hope patches will be merged back to #dino upstream.

For basic users the GTK file dialog can be a bit distracting as it is different from what they are used to. The rest GTK design should be ok for them by my opinion.
Screenshot of Windows desktop with running video call using Dino xmpp client

I know #Windows 7 is no longer supported. @nextcloud desktop 3.3.6 can still run on windows 7. Has anyone tryed version 4.x on windows 7?