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Good things come to those who wait... But you can help us to test a preview of our next major update, #LibreOffice 24.8, due in August! We'd especially appreciate testing help from #Windows 7 users:… #foss #opensource

I'm not sure if this is an #NVDA bug, an #NVDAJP bug, or a #Windows bug, but I've noticed something. Anyone have this issue where the home key jumps to the top of the previous line instead of the current line you're positioned on? It happens to me in Notepad and #TWBlue, and it's super annoying. #Blind #Accessibility

didn't know this before, and didn't have to because i haven't installed windows in the past 10 years. but for those who need to do this, this workaround should be known:

Thankfully, there remains another way to install Windows 11 without a Microsoft account. When you’re at the log-in screen, you can hit Shift + F10 and type OOBE/BYPASSNRO, which will let you create a local account instead if you do not have an internet connection (so disconnect the internet for this).

#computer #internet #instgallation #windows #windows11 #linux

Screenshot of Windows 11 installation step of account creation is redundant but Shift + F10 OOBE/BYPASSNRO comes to the rescue.

Um das ganz klar zu sagen: Mir geht es nicht darum, ein System schlecht zu machen. Aber bei uns ist es so, dass der Wechsel zurück eine mit Abstand bessere Nutzererfahrung bietet. Zudem muss ich nicht mehr auf Audiobearbeitung mit #Reaper verzichten. Das gibt es nämlich nur auf #Windows und #MacOS für #Blinde nutzbar. Am Ende dieses experiments muss ich mich fragen: Wie viele Einschränkungen möchte ich zusätzlich mit mir rumtragen, wenn ich ohnehin schon mit Nachteilen zu kämpfen habe?

Ich habe mich bewusst darauf eingelassen, weil mir die großen Hersteller durch die Bank weg zu viele dinge getan haben oder tun wollen, die ich absolut furchtbar finde. Und ich habe mit etwas Anpassung gerechnet. Und es war auch bei weitem nicht alles schlecht. Dennoch muss ich festhalten, dass der Wechsel zurück aufs #iPhone und auf #Windows mir mindestens das Dreifache an Löffeln bei gleichem Nutzungsszenario gebracht hat. Und damit habe ich wirklich nicht gerechnet

Kürzlich den #NUC, der am TV als Medienabspieler dient, von #Linux auf #Windows umgezogen.

* Deutlich besserer Sound (natürlichere Sprachwiedergabe und der sprichwörtliche vorhang ist weg)
* Medienserver und Player auf dem selben Gerät führt nicht mehr zu 80 % Auslastung des Systems
* Barrierefreiheit ist um ein Vielfaches besser. Selbst bei diesem Anwendungsgebiet

* Fragwürdiger Datenschutz
* Kein Open-Source-betriebssystem


It just clicked in my brain. What I haven't been able to articulate about why I'm so anxious about #Windows Recall. I'm sure others have already gotten to where I am.

It's worse than "a system that tracks everything you do" and stores that info in a basic database that could be easily compromised.
It's worse than a nanny surveillance tool for companies to spy on their employees.

It's inescapable.

It doesn't matter if I make a dozen "how to disable recall" tutorials. The second YOUR data shows up on someone ELSE'S screen, it's in THEIR recall database.

It won't matter if you're a master #security expert specialist. You can't account for EVERY other computer you've ever interacted with. If a family member looks up an old email with your personal data in it, your data is now at risk.

If THEIR system is compromised YOUR data is at risk.

I just went from "vague feeling of unease" to "actively writing templates to canvas elected officials, regulators, and attorneys general."

#Windows users running stupid scanners now contact us for support regarding CVE-2023-46218 which the scanners say affects #curl 8.4.0 shipped by Microsoft.

It would, if their version was built to use #iibpsl, a prereq for this CVE, which #Microsoft does not.

Security scanners. A snake oil business.…

ICQ is closing down. It was really at its height in 2000 and that is when we integrated ICQ into Opera. We made a small (5k) client and it worked really well.

AOL had purchased ICQ and they were concerned about MSN taking users from them by connecting to their service, so they stopped supporting 3rd party clients. We contacted them, to see if they would make an exception for us, but they did not.

They said that if we removed our 5k client, we could maybe discuss bundling their client, but it was bigger than Opera, so that was not going to happen.

#Windows #Computers #PC #ICQ #AOL #MSN #Vivaldi

I just bought a #Lenovo #Legion9 and had the opposite experience.

I keep hearing people say things about #Linux v #Windows which aren't true, and in a recent discussion they turned out to be out of date opinions from someone not using it.

Obviously you were, but I take issue that it's only good for basic tasks. I do all sorts and it just gets better while Windows degrades and spys.

W11 cursor was jerky, sending all cicks home. Noticeably faster when I switched to #Ubuntu 24.

Just setup a 2nd hand bought #Lenovo #Thinkpad T480s. Had it running with #Debian. Now runs #Windows 11, #JAWS and #LeaseyLove

The efficiency boost is honestly mind blowing. And that is with so many keystrokes to wrap my head around. Absolutely worth the money and lets me work at least four times as fast as with the previous setups.

Would I have liked to keep on using Linux? Yes but at this point if one is doing more than just browsing the web and reading E-Mails it is very hard to recommend.

Folks who might be looking to move from Windows to Linux: another option, if it’s financially feasible for you and you don’t want to mess with installing Linux, is to sell your Windows machine and buy a Linux one.

Yep, they exist.

Folks like @starlabs in the UK, @tuxedocomputers in the EU, and @system76 in the US sell Linux machines that just work out of the box.

#windows #linux #recall

The best ways to improve opsec against coercion are to:

  • Limit what can be taken (reduce what’s stored on a device).
  • Fake what you do have: use duress passwords or secondary devices.
  • Last resort: use a hardware key that’s deliberately easy to lose or break, so there’s potentially no key to give up in a rubber-hose attack.

There’s overlap between the three. A duress password temporarily limits what’s stored on a device, and losing a decryption key is more or less the same as instantly wiping encrypted data to reduce what you have to offer. All come down to having less data to give when coerced into giving what you have. Operating systems should also obey this principle by storing as little offline data as possible, and providing duress safeguards for what must be stored.

Windows Recall captures an amount of offline telemetry comparable to parental-control apps often used to control human trafficking victims: the data encompass everything potential victims do on their machines, without any duress protections. Presenting such a feature as opt-out seems like it’s almost designed to hurt victims.

The decision-makers behind features like Recall, or invasive child-monitoring spyware, have likely never experienced this type of abuse. Or perhaps they are the abusive party at home.

Originally posted on See original (POSSE). #Windows #Recall. Quoting a post by @evacide:

"...a would-be hacker would need to gain physical access to your device, unlock it and sign in before they could access saved screenshots."

I've got some news for Microsoft about how domestic abuse works.…

I have been working with #NVDA the last couple of weeks and started using #orca on #Linux more and more. Currently using #JAWS with #Leasey. If you work in a #Microsoft driven office environment, you will get stuff done way faster with JAWS and Leasey. On one hand I like that. On the other I wish especially #Linux and #orca would work more efficiently so I can jump off of #Windows for good without loosing out on productivity cause of #blindness. And yes, I am willing to pay for leaps forward!

Got very excited by @matt demo of AccessKit integration in #GTK

AccessKit is a cross-platform abstraction for accessibility infrastructure written in Rust.

His work will bring a11y support for GTK on macOS and Windows as well as for the new accessibility architecture on Linux code-named "Newton".…

#GNOME #rustlang #accessibility #a11y #Linux #Windows #macOS

Psst 👋 Email Preview for push notifications is coming soon!

Now you can know who is sending you an email before opening your mailbox! 🎉

Here's a sneak peek 🤫
#teaser #ios #android #sneakpeek #privacy #security #linux #macos #windows

Wow! German State Ditches #Microsoft for #OpenSource #Software
The end of dominance for #Microsoft in this German state, replacing #Windows with #Linux, and Office with #LibreOffice

OK :) Next IC_Null #twitch stream will at 3 PM eastern on #patchTuesday. VPn issues were sorted (obviously the cuplrit was #windows) so we can start the #tryHackMe content off good and proper this time. Expect #linux #accessibility, #screenReader black magic and other such rantings tomorrow at #selfPromo #streamer #areHashtagsEvenStillCool?

Dear fediverse, what is an adequate freeware (even better, if #openSource) replacement for #Adobe #Photoshop for #Windows? Current needs: take a painting made by hand, make it a vector graphics image and do some other stuff with it. Sorry for being so vague, I'm totally blind, it's for my wife who is not on fediverse (yet). Thank you so much! #Help

Did you know if you're working in the #Windows command line you can use clip to pipe the output of your command to the clipboard? 👀

For example, you can do this in cmd if you want to copy and paste the info somewhere else (rather than manually having to select the output to copy it):

systeminfo | clip

Did you know in #Windows 11 you can press WIN + CTRL + V to open a volume mixer? 👀

@FediVerseExplorer @WestphalDenn I am using web version of #element in @Firefox by default however #electron based apps are now accessible on #linux in a similar way as they are #accessible on #windows. So I think you will like it. Also #fractal a #gtk4 #matrix client developed with @GNOME technologies is accessible with #orca.

After a great week for Linux, with the releases of Fedora 40 and today Ubuntu 24.04, I would be interested to know which operating system the Fediverse in my "bubble" uses? Linux? Windows? Or macOS or even a BSD? More than one?

Please write in the comments which distribution or version! Thanks for participating and SHARING!

#linux #unix #opensource #freesoftware #windows #microsoft #apple #macos #bsd #freebsd #openbsd #netbsd #debian #fedora #ubuntu #linuxmint #archlinux #opensuse #gnome #kde

  • Linux - Which one? (71%, 50 votes)
  • Windows 10/11 (15%, 11 votes)
  • macOS (20%, 14 votes)
  • FreeBSD/NetBSD/OpenBSD (30%, 21 votes)
70 voters. Poll end: 1 month ago

Might as well ask! This is for both tech and non-tech peeps

* If you are on windows, what keeps you on windows? If you wanted to switch, why and what information do you want to help resolve this?

* What is computer literacy to you? Like, you can split this off into different levels as well like basic, intermediate, expert of use a primary-school, high-school framing.

I guess if I was to give a clear constraint here, I'm interested to know what you think adults or someone who is mid-way through high-school should be capable of doing.

Bonus one as well:
* What do you think is currently wrong with computer education programs, these vary wildly but I am curious about this as well!

#linux #windows #microsoft #tech

today I've heard for the first time about the #RigelA open-source screen reader project for #Windows written in #RustLang. Unfortunately only Readme has an English version, all other documents and code comments are in chinese, but the project seems very promising. Use Google Translate or another translator if you, like me, don't speak Chinese.

I love how on #macOS when you intend to move a bunch of files to a folder, and when one file with the same name already exists in the destination, you're only given the option to stop the entire thing, to replace the existing file, or move anyway under a different name. Not a single option that just... idk... skip moving that one (or however many affected) file maybe? The best thing is, that stop option, the dialog that asks you gives you a checkmark option to "Apply to all" (unchecked by default) - bcos of this, a user unfamiliar with #Finder's brilliance might assume that "stop" simply means "skip" commonly found on other OS-es including #Windows and #Linux for file operations such as moving/copying, 'cept not, "stop" literally just stops doing anything.

Oh, also, you can't even enjoy what you have found to be so common such as doing a shift-click selection on Finder... unless you happen to be in the right "view" mode. That simple thing couldn't even just... work. I honestly can go on and on about how slow that piece of shit is at performing searches or copying/moving files, or how modifying all the ridiculous preferences take forever bcos they hide in multiple, nonsensical places when on #Dolphin for example, you get one nice menu with sensible tabs and options where you could do wtv needs doing in ~1 minute. Heck, even setting the default app to be used to open a certain file type requires a hidden shortcut that then opens up a stupid looking window at the edge of your screen with tiny af buttons and GOSH I CAN GO ON FOREVER.

Fuck Finder, honestly. I'd take that ugly ass #FileExplorer anyday of the week if it means I don't have to deal with Finder. Thank god I'm a Linux user, blessed with #KDE's Dolphin. I'm almost certain #Apple only hires interns for anything software over there.

Update: Found a fix! Just use the terminal ❤

Sensitive content

Dnes si dovolím odkázať na veľmi vydarený český hlas pre hlasový výstup #TTS #RHVoice. Sám autor o tom píše tu:… . O použití pre #Windows #Linux a #Android sa dočítate aj na jednoduchej komunitnej stránke . Gro používateľov sú ťažko zrakovo postihnutí používatelia, ktorí si bez kvalitného hlasového výstupu a čítača obrazovky nedokážu svoj digitálny život predstaviť, možno ale aj vám by sa mohol hodiť takýto hlas pre váš počítač či smartfón nezávislí od obrovských korporácií. Mohli by ste ho napr. použiť na čítanie kníh alebo počas navigácii cez GPS.

A Windows user, a Mac user, and a Linux user walk into a bar.

➡️ The #Windows user orders a beer and gets into a fight over how bloated the selection is.

➡️ The #Mac user orders the most expensive single-origin craft cocktail and smugly admires its minimalist design.

➡️ The #Linux user installs a whole brewery in the corner and declares free drinks for everyone, but then spends the rest of the night explaining why their homemade brew is objectively superior.

The third edition of David Kingsbury’s popular free digital book, “The Windows Screen Reader Primer: All the Basics and More,” is coming soon! Author David Kingsbury, an Assistive Technology Instructor here at the Carroll Center, wrote this comprehensive resource to help JAWS, NVDA, and Windows Narrator users work more effectively with the most important PC applications—like Microsoft Office, email clients, and web browsers.

Join author David Kingsbury via Zoom on Thursday, April 4 at 7:30 pm ET to find out what’s new in this edition, hear a few tips and tricks, and ask your questions. Save your seat here:

#Windows #Jaws #NVDA #Narrator #blind

hey y'all. what apps would you suggest for Windows with NVDA for listening to podcasts?

#blind #nvda #windows #accessibility

NLS BARD Express. You can now listen to NLS Audio Books and Magazine's right on your Windows computer using the BARD Express software. So now you can do everything right from BARD Express; search and find the books you want, add them to your wish list or download them, and now play and listen to them! The Tek Talk podcast had two gentlemen from NLS to talk about and demostrate the new BARD Express software. You can check it out and give it a listen here...… #TekTalk #NLS #BARD #BardExpress #Windows #AudioBooks #Blind

@AppleVis I made a post the other day, about using #place-markers in #jaws & @DavidGoldfield surprised me by sharing it on his Twitter page. Can I share it to the new #Windows section of your website, for more exposure?

Watching this with interest: first #AI (ChatGPT) based screen

This could change the screen reader paradigm and I'll try the #Windows version when it's available, but I worry that using it for work and remaining #GDPR compliant will not be possible.

This also heralds a much bigger paradigm change - the UI for everyone will change and the GUI as we know it may well disappear.

Plans on dropping #curl #Windows x86 (32-bit) binaries…

Apparently the #BurgerKing in #Bodø uses an non-activated #Windows 😂

Do you, or have you ever, used a graphical user interface? If you use #Windows, #macOS, or any version of #Linux with a window manager or desktop environment, you can thank Dr. Clarence "Skip" Ellis.

Dr. Ellis worked at Xerox PARC, the research organization that developed the modern GUI. Icons, windows, the mouse, Ethernet-based networking, laser printing - all of these (and more) came out of PARC. Dr. Ellis led the team that created Officetalk, the first program to use icons and the Internet. He got his start at 15 years old showing a local tech company how to reuse punch cards, which was a game-changer back in 1958.

Oh, and he was also the first black man to earn a PhD in Computer Science.

#BlackHistoryMonth #BlackHistory #BlackMastodon #ComputerScience @blackmastodon………

Any #rust developers on #windows interested in a working on #network and #dns code? It’s OSS, this would be if you had a hobby interest or need this software at your work. We’ve had this long standing issue in Hickory Resolver, a big performance issue in the Windows implementation:…