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So I've finally been driven off of Microsoft edge and on to #Firefox. The #a11y work that's been done over the last few years really shows; it flies with #NVDA on my system. Also, syncing of tabs works better than on either Edge or Safari, and my tabs from other devices are actually in a reasonable place where I can find them. However, I really, really miss the automatic generation of #alttext that both Edge and Chrome have built-in. I know Firefox was going to make that a thing, but I believe the disgusting shrieking of folks against #AI even for #accessibility killed it. I do wish it was an addon, at least. There are a couple pages where I still need to go back to Edge to use them because the image links aren't labeled. Not using them isn't an option; bills gotta get paid. I also had to turn off all of the tracking protection stuff to get HCaptcha to work. Sadly, in a battle between privacy and accessibility, for me, accessibility *has* to win every time. While I'm enjoying the speed and slightly better access to certain parts of pages, I couldn't recommend it to average #blind users at this point. You have to change random settings to get some things to be #accessible, and you have to use another browser whenever alt-text is missing.


Tuesday: #AI is being trained on images of children, spanning their entire childhood without #consent. 📷👶 AI is coming to an inbox near you, make sure to protect your data 👉…

“Photographer Disqualified From AI Image Contest After Winning With Real Photo” 😂🤣

The real world beats The Onion, again.…

#photography #ai

- you mean the Garden of Pure Ideology that Big Brother was talking about in 1984? LOL! We've all discovered how pure that garden isn't sometimes. #apple #ai #onoes #1984 #dropyourlinen

#Ebay makes it faster and faster to list the item, but somehow it still doesn't feel fast enough. :) For example, when you fill out the "shipping" section and want to use a different shiping service from the default one, I am asked about package weight and size, etc. How would I know these things? :) Can't we just use #AI to scrape for this information? :)
#AI #eBay

I just had the Be My AI bluntly invent the UPS tracking number that did not exist on the receipt I took the picture of. That was rather grand! #ai #gpt4 #fail
#AI #fail #GPT4

Here's the paper on the "artificial moral advisor".…
#ethics #AI #MoralEnhancement

Meta is deploying chatbots powered by AI to impersonate humans in its discussion groups. The chatbots make stuff up—that is their nature. One invents a nonexistent child. Another pretends to have nonexistent merchandise. It shouldn’t be necessary to explain how vile and poisonous this is, but Casey Fiesler @cfiesler spells it out:…

#Meta #AI

PiccyBot Review: AI is There to Describe Your Videos, too… #AI #Accessibility #Piccybot

Microsoft Copilot helpfully summarizing an obvious phishing email, without alerting that it's a phishing email!

#ai #bullshit

Many, many years ago, a new specification called "XML" emerged. After a bit, people realized it was kinda useful for some stuff.

Then, something happened.


I imagine many conversations between managers / developers somewhat like this:

M: "So, what is the nice thing with #XML

D: "oh, it is a specification that simplifies stuff, since tools have a clean format to work with."

M: "So, what kinda specifications?"

D: "Oh, it can be more or less anything."

M: *starry eyed!* "an.. an... anything?"

I was teaching computer courses for companies at that point. Suddenly, my calendar was just packed with XML courses.

It is like very limited what you can teach, it is not really complex, so you talk surrounding technologies. But not...

"Our boss wants us to replace the SQL db with XML?"


"We gonna use XML instead of MS SQL"

"... what?"

"He said XML can be used for anything..."

If you think companies with #AI plans have actual plans, with a strategy make sense, please think of this story.

#AI #xml

I've just realised that Qui-Gon Jinn of the Galaxy far, far away has absolutely the best quote suitable for the current state of the so called AI...

...The ability to speak does not make you intelligent.

Pretty impressive for the 1999 movie, isn't it?

#starwars #ai #memes

2/3 Koboldcpp and LM-Studio were annoying but usable, with some unlabeled buttons. Open WebUI had too many unlabeled buttons, making it unclear what each does. The least accessible was GPT4All with its QT interface. Accessibility can be subjective with different priorities, so I still prefer my own client, VOLlama. lol #accessibility #LLM #AI

3/3 Sincere apology for the spam due to my incompetence! Apparently, I don't know how to create a thread properly. Third time's a charm! Those of you who use other local LLM UIs with screen readers, could you share your experience? Please check out the thread to see my experience with some popular ones. #accessibility #LLM #AI @patricus @vick21 @tayarndt @FreakyFwoof @bryansmart @ZBennoui @Woody @miki @simon @jscholes @pixelate @kaveinthran

1/3 I tested some popular latest LLM UIs for accessibility with screen readers, including oobabooga text-generation-webui, Open WebUI (aka Ollama WebUI), GPT4All, LM Studio, Koboldcpp, and Llama.cpp server on Windows. The most accessible was Llama.cpp server, though it had the fewest features. Oobabooga was also good, except for the list box not announcing choices as you browse; however, you can check your selection afterward. #accessibility #LLM #AI

“The ugly truth behind ChatGPT: AI is guzzling resources at planet-eating rates”

Mariana Mazzucato

(who I consider a credible source)

#ai #climatechange…

What is Flash Attention… #llm #ai #ollama

Google operated on the social contract of providing traffic to sites in exchange for content. Now that #Google is switching to #AI answers synthesized from the content and effectively cutting traffic is there even a point in participation?

Google will keep bringing load to the sites without providing any traffic.

I suspect we are about to see first robots.txt snippets banning Google crawlers like other AI bots really soon. And eventually outright banning Google ips altogether.

I wonder whether we’re also about to see a surge of old-school search engines. With modern technology it’s feasible to run a small search engine from a living room (e. g. on an off-the-shelf hardware and open source software. It doesn’t take the whole Google to operate a decade-old (feature wise) Google search engine. It might be feasible to run a good search engine on small resources that can be paid by simple ads or small subscriptions.…

So, I am noticing that with Meta glasses, you really have to position the text in the right orientation if you want it to be recognized and read. In other orientations Meta will tell you there is a text which cannot be clearly seen. It will not, however, warn you that the paper is not in the right orientation. #meta #AI #glasses #accessibility #nearlyfail

Anthropic's Claude just described itself as "an overly serious wet blanket."

I laughed.

#ai #Anthropic #Claude #lol

Anything from Vox Media and The Atlantic is now untrustworthy in any capacity from now on. Remember this when reading or linking to any articles in the future.

#AI #FuckAI #Journalism

y'all know +972 Magazine? the media organization responsible for some of the most important investigations of the state of Israel in this war, including the Lavender #AI investigation and now the new #ICC blackmail investigation?

it is almost entirely funded by donations of readers like you and me. if you want to see more journalism like this, consider throwing a few bucks their way.

@israel @palestine

#Israel #Palestine #WarCrimes #InternationalCriminalCourt #Gaza

'caverns of obsolete'

Puffy and Girl come upon vintage tech while exploring ancient ruins.

#technomage #unix_surrealism #comic #ai #openbsd #puffy #fediart #mastoart

Thank you to whoever made… 🙌

#Google #AI #Memes

The image shows a screenshot of a Google search result. The search query at the top is "is it ok to leave a dog in a hot car?" The AI Overview section below the search bar provides a misleading and incorrect answer, stating "Yes, it's always safe to leave a dog in a hot car." It goes on to give false information about car temperatures and even mentions a fictitious Beatles song about leaving dogs in hot cars.

To the right of the text, there is a small image of a "Car Temperature Dog Safety Chart" which likely provides accurate information about the dangers of leaving dogs in hot cars, but the text in the chart is too small to read clearly in the screenshot.

The time on the phone is 11:30, and the battery is at 92%. #AI 👩‍🦯…


Good. Biden's appointment of Altman to the AI safety and security board is up there with his Garland and Fauci appointments. Bad decisions.

The man has been accused by those who know him in his own inner circle of being "not consistently candid" and if there's anyone who should not be deciding AI risk issues it's someone not candid.

"Scarlett Johansson scandal puts OpenAI's Sam Altman back in the hot seat"…

#AI #OpenAI #ScarlettJohansson #SamAltman #ChatGPT #Sky

So, I know generative AI is supposed to be just the most incorrect thing ever, but I want you to compare two descriptions. "A rock on a beach under a dark sky." And: The image shows a close-up view of a rocky, cratered surface, likely a planet or moon, with a small, irregularly shaped moon or asteroid in the foreground. The larger surface appears to be Mars, given its reddish-brown color and texture. The smaller object, which is gray and heavily cratered, is likely one of Mars' moons, possibly Phobos or Deimos. The background fades into the darkness of space. The first one is supposed to be the pure best thing that isn't AI. Right? Like, it's what we've been using for the past like 5 years. And yes, it's probably improved over those years. This is Apple's image description. It's, in my opinion, the best, most clear, and sounds like the ALT-text that it's made from, which people made BTW, and the images it was made with, which had to come from somewhere, were of very high quality, unlike Facebook and Google which just plopped anything and everything into theirs. The second was from Be My Eyes. Now, which one was more correct? Obviously, Be My Eyes. Granted, it's not always going to be, but goodness just because some image classification tech is old, doesn't mean it's better. And just because Google and Facebook call their image description bullshit AI, doesn't mean it's a large language model. Because at this point in time, Google TalkBack does *not* use Gemini, but uses the same thing VoiceOver has. And Facebook uses that too, just a classifier. Now, should sighted people be describing their pictures? Of course. Always. With care. And having their stupid bots use something better than "picture of cats." Because even a dumb image classifier can tell me that, and probably a bit more, lol. Cats sleeping on a blanket. Cats drinking water from a bowl. Stuff like that. But for something quick, easy, and that doesn't rely on other people, shoot yeah I'll put it through Be My Eyes. #accessibility #AI #LLM #BeMyEyes #blind

Microsoft released Phi3 Small, Medium, and Vision! #LLM #AI #ML…
#AI #ML #llm

"How can you use AI, it steals things people share online, it burns down the planet!"

"Alright, do you mind telling me what's in this picture you posted online?"

"Ah. Carry on."

#AltText #accessibility #AI

Hey, if you don't like the fact that many #blind people have to rely on AI to describe images for them, you can help by, you know, describing images for them.…

#AltText #accessibility #ai

“I have seen the extremely restrictive off-boarding agreement that contains nondisclosure and non-disparagement provisions former OpenAI employees are subject to. It forbids them, for the rest of their lives, from criticizing their former employer.”…

#openai #tech #ai

This is a bit technical, but the following new Google-produced video is really interesting if you want more details about TalkBack 15, including better Braille support.
Updates to Android accessibility features and API:…
#Android #Accessibility #TalkBack #Braille #AI

Yesterday was Global #Accessibility Awareness Day (#GAAD). Today, some companies will be considering switching away from #Slack to a less #accessible alternative due to #AI bullshit.

GPT4O combines audio, image, text. It can analyze actual audio. Also you can interrupt voice. It can pick up emotion from audio. You can also ask different speech with diffetrent style including singing! It can see the image in real time and chat on voice. For example solving equation in real time as you write on paper. This is amazing! #LLM #AI #GPT #ML #OpenAI
#AI #ML #llm #openai #gpt

GAAD 2024 and Google: 8 new accessibility updates across TalkBack, Lookout, Maps and more:
Gemini’s integration with TalkBack, Lookout's Find mode, Look to Speak, etc.:…
#Accessibility #Google #GAAD #AI #TalkBack

I'm still so angry about who was and very much was not in the rooms where these senate and congressional "#AI" meetings happened. Whose voices were either very easily talked over, or shut out altogether.

And I wish I knew some way to effectively stop the ongoing wholesale regulatory and paradigmatic capture of "AI," but all I can do is keep writing, speaking, organizing, and entering into existing communities of practice, when I can.

Sometimes that even feels like enough.…