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Content warning: Long accessibility-related post

I was working on Tweetormator, a open source self-hosted solution to tweet scheduling, engagement analysis and evergreen♻️ tweets but that feels dead in the water now.

Or perhaps I could convert it to Tootormator? I'll need to look into the Mastodon API.

#opensource #react #javascript #selfhosting

Under the hood:
✅ I replaced #PostgreSQL database storage by more suitable #ElasticSearch. It searches data faster and I have better control over results order
✅ I replaced #REST api by #GraphQL api for frontend - backend communication. This simplyfies a lot both the #React frontend and the #NextJs server implementations.

I'm hiring! Looking for an Senior Fullstack Web Engineer, # and # experience are a plus. We're a # company who makes a cool legislation tracking tool and contributes to # # . Would love to chat via DMs!


Looking for a partner on a # frontend built with #. Has to be a # eventually.

Fair disclosure: I haven't done React in years, and have never made a PWA. You might be answering a lot of questions... but I'm a quick learner and very mobile with things. You can also _just_ point me to definitive and succinct resources.

More fair disclosure: I'm extremely picky about UI/UX.

@ me if interested.

This is a side project and well, expect the things that come with that territory.

I recently wrote a # dashboard for myself, and figured I'll share the experience:

Code dump is at the bottom. The dashboard itself is a fairly straightforward # app in truly awful JS. It's fed by #, which is itself fed by my own collector I wrote in #.

The blog post isn't about the tools, but about the thought process that led me to have my dashboard look and function like it does. More monitoring stuff will follow, as time permits.