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Just a heads-up that #Snikket #Android has been pulled by #Google from the store. We'll work on restoring it once we figure out their (as usual) nonsensical complaints. Apologies to everyone affected. Please look at #FDroid and free yourself.

Today's excuse for delisting yet another #XMPP app?

"Your app is uploading users' Image information without posting a privacy policy link or text within the Play Distributed App."

Funny. What's this then?? 👀

Adminoval jsem novy Google Workspace a vsimnul jsem si dvou zajimavych, ehm, UX vychytavek.

- Google si nikdy nerozumel s nativnim Mac keychainem. Ted se zda dovaril zabu uplne, password pole se s keychainem vubec nebavi a heslo tedy nejde vygenerovat. Tusim, ze budou nabizet vlastni cool keychain.
- Nejde vlozit cislo karty do formulare pri registraci. Pritom jejich zapamatovani karty v pohode funguje. Co dela navic mimo copy & paste?

Tyhle internety lidi jenom otravuji!

#google #it


#Google must destroy $5 billion worth of user data illegally collected in Incognito Mode 💪

Because #privacy matters.

Read more on the court ruling:

Oh, and, BTW, does anyone know what the crash dump logs browsers generate are actually used for? None of the teams involved in helping me troubleshoot my crashes seemed to be interested in them nor did they seem to have any idea what they would do with them. #crash #Chrome #Edge #Google #Microsoft

⚡ Watch out: #Microsoft joins #Google & #Facebook with its focus on ads first. ⚡

When creating a test account, #Outlook informed us of 813 data sharing partners! 🫢

Plus, the "new" Outlook app is quietly storing your data in the cloud, including your passwords.

I think this #xz thing is gonna go down as the day #FLOSS officially lost its innocence.

You know what I hope comes out of this moment of sincere sadness for those who care about this stuff?

A sense that we will no longer be abused by Megacorps who build on the backs of our work but can't be arsed to help fund that work despite the fact that literally THE CONTINUED EXISTENCE OF THEIR BUSINESS depends on it.

Do you think #google, #amazon or #facebook could exist in their current form without oodles of super high quality free software to run their server swarms on?

Because they can't. For those of us old enough to remember, just imagine "the cloud" if every virtual server required a Solaris or SCO license.

If you've given all you can give, walk away. Open source is wonderful and amazing but you are human and your health and well being is more important. I don't care what falls down as a result.

#Google and #Facebook didn't kill #Jabber / #XMPP. They hammered the final nails of its coffin. Big difference. The lesson of the XMPP story is that the community shouldn't get complacent just because a big corp is now backing them, support their own smaller #FOSS developers through any means they can (whether financial or code), put out a unique thing every now and then, and make sure the UX is not horrible for new users. I think #Misskey, #Sharkey, and #Catodon got those lessons right (especially the very latter, UX was really horrible in XMPP back then and I think that's what "killed" it if you can even call it that). Not sure about #Mastodon though. Maybe that's what why almost all of the worry I'm hearing about #Threads comes predominantly from Mastodon and Mastodon-compatible (in the sense they try to be as compatible with Masto as possible in terms of API) instances. :seija_coffee: #fediversemeta

Can someone please explain to me as if I were a child how this answer makes sense.

2+2x2-2÷2=5 is what every calculator app on my Google Pixel 7 phone reads.

#Math #Pixel #Google

Just got registered with a local GP in Ireland¹ and their first email states that all their staff are “formally trained in GDPR procedures and any information you give will be used in the strictest confidence.”

Their email address is


¹ This, in and of itself, is a bloody miracle these days, apparently, and only happened because it’s a new practice that’s just opening up.

#ireland #gp #doctors #gdpr #gmail #google #surveillanceCapitalism #peopleFarming

It's 2024 and #Google is now requiring bulk #email senders to use DMARC, SPF, & DKIM when emailing #Gmail users. 👍


This is a great step, BUT why did they allow bulk senders to send #spam emails without proper #security standards until now? 🤔

I like how #google nowadays cannot even comprehend the concept of being a decent app/service...

People complaining: #Decentralized services are bad because #spam can't be effectively fought against...
My current half a year lasting experience on centralized #google drive service:

Ready to be freaked out? 😲

Here's everything #Google knows about you:

Good news: We also explain how to stop big G from tracking you. Go #private! 💪😎

“I’m a Google Cloud software engineer, and I refuse to build technology that powers genocide [and] apartheid”

Watch the others in the room. The assholes who jeer and manhandle the protestors. These are your peers in the tech industry. These are the “acceptable folks” in tech. Fuck these people.

Look at their faces. They know exactly what they’re complict in. Look at their smug smiles. Dickheads each one.

#tech #google #ai #ProjectNimbus #israel #genocide #palestine

Brave Search is the only free private search engine that can challenge Google when it comes to search results.Brave has its own index that doesn't depend on Google or Microsoft Bing.

#bravesearch #google

* Facebook has AI.
* Google has AI.
* Microsoft has AI.
* Reddit has AI.
* Tumblr has AI.
* WordPress services on their DOT Com has AI.

In 2024, you must assume, any service you cannot download and install yourself, will have AI and will use whatever you write to train an AI.

#Facebook #Reddit #Google #Microsoft #Tumblr #WordPress #AI

Yep, cool feature! Try it out when you get it! #accessibility #andorid #ios #google

4) Last October, Google launched Lens in Maps (formerly Search with Live View). This feature uses AI and augmented reality to help you find information about nearby stores. Now, this feature has been upgraded with screen reader support, so you can point your phone’s camera at your surroundings and have TalkBack read the place’s information out loud.


Today’s find: An amazing listing of existing search engines: those using #Google & Bing’s indexes & many more.

“The 3 dominant English search engines with their own indexes are Google, Bing, & Yandex (GBY). Many alternatives to GBY exist, but almost none of them have their own results; instead, they just source their results from GBY.

“With that in mind, I decided to test & catalog all the different indexing search engines I could find.”


Eine traurige Wahrheit: Bei der Analyse/Überprüfung des Datenverkehrs einer App, lautet die Frage nicht, ob man Datenschutzverstöße findet, sondern wie viele und wie schwerwiegend diese sind. Davon ausgenommen sind Apps aus dem F-Droid-Store. 🧙‍♂️

#app #datenschutz #android #ios #google #apple #mobil #privacy

#Google and #Apple - a plague on both their houses!

Now, this is really cool! 1000000 tokens per context window? Wow! #gemini #llm #ai #google

That's really ridiculous. #Google decided to remove the #xmpp client #Conversations because they think it uploads contact data.

Beside the fact that it doesn't upload any contact data, there are many mainstream messengers which exactly do this, all available on #gplay.

Additionally it seems to be extremly hard or even impossible to get in contact with someone who can explain the decision and revert it.

Such gatekeepers are extremly harmful.


Google has just removed #Conversations_im from the Play Store because they think we are uploading the user’s contact list. We don’t.

Updates regarding the Google Gemini app:
1. Google seems to be fixing the Send button not appearing for TalkBack users. It seems to be server-side as some TalkBack users do have the Send buttons and some don't.
2. While the app itself is available only on the US Play Store, its global rollout has started and, via side-loading, people can use it in many countries.
#Accessibility #Android #TalkBack #Gemini #Google #Assistant

#Conversations_im, die weit verbreitete #XMPP App, wurde aus dem #GooglePlaystore entfernt. Begründung: Conversations würde die Kontaktlisten der Nutzenden hochladen. Das ist natürlich nicht der Fall.

Und jetzt gehen wir mal alle in uns und denken über #WhatsApp und co. nach.

#Google ist einfach nur ein Scheißverein.

Quelle: @daniel 🔗

Google has just removed #Conversations_im from the Play Store because they think we are uploading the user’s contact list. We don’t.

Zoom Layoffs Target DEI Amid a Broader Pullback on Diversity Initiatives 🙁

"Zoom is following in the footsteps of Google, Meta, and other corporate giants that have used layoffs to cut back on diversity, equity, and inclusion programs."

#zoom #google #meta #diversity #DEI

There are TLS servers that don't send the required close_notify alert message in certain conditions. #Google web servers do this if they think the that recipient isn't interested about the message body and no connection keep alive is set. Examples of such connections would be requests that end up with 0 byte message body while:
• HTTP/1.0 without "Connection: keep-alive" header or
• HTTP/1.1 with "Connection: close" header

This can cause some complications since #OpenSSL 3 defaults to erroring out if the close_notify is missing.

SSL_OP_IGNORE_UNEXPECTED_EOF option was added to enable talking to these non-compliant servers. Enabling this option removes truncation attack protection - so this option should really only be used when absolutely necessary. However, unless if you control the servers being talked to, you probably need to enable this option for now.

So why does Google terminate connections without close_notify? Likely it is done to save some resources when tearing down TLS connections. If you have billions of connections going on all the time, even some small savings add up quickly.

New article on Accessible Android: Sorry Google, but Geo-Restricting TalkBack’s Beta Testing Is Not the Right Decision #Android #Google #TalkBack

Hell, yes. This is nothing but good news. :mastodance:

I've been using Unified Push + Element + Fedilab via Nextcloud and NextPush and it's been remarkably simple and reliable while keeping all that sweet, sweet metadata out of the Goog's hungry clutches. Thank you!

Can't wait for Yunohost to support sliding sync so I can shift to ElementX.

#UnifiedPush #Privacy #FOSS #Element #ElementX #Yunohost #Fedilab #Nextcloud #NextPush #Google #Android

New article on Accessible Android: The Trials and Tribulations of Setting Up Android Phones for Non-English Speakers in 2024: Google and Samsung are the Typical Culprits #Android #Google #Samsung #a11y

#Google is turning #GMail from an Email provider into a website.
No more access via standard email protocols such as #IMAP and #POP

The final stage of #enshittification . Locking the users in.

I wonder how they want to get rid of SMTP as stated in the support posting.
I guess this means outgoing SMTP to forward mail to a real email server.

I guess without relaying I won't ever receive any notifications Google services send to me again as I don't use the Gmail website.
I host my own Email server for many years, thank you.

Timeline for transition

Summer of 2024:

If you (or your users) try to connect to a less secure app for the first time, you will not be able to. This restriction includes third-party apps that still use basic authentication, such as CalDAV, CardDAV, IMAP, SMTP, and POP, to access Gmail, Google Calendar, and Contacts. If you’re not trying to connect for the first time, you will be able to continue using the apps until they’re turned off.
In the Google Admin console, you will not be able to access the turn on and off setting for less secure apps.
Users will not be able to turn IMAP on or off in their Gmail settings.