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I even went a step further. At an early stage of development, some years ago, I felt uncomfortable to agree to the #playstore #dev #tos and it felt very wrong to tie the release to a #google account and pay for it.

So I publish #feinstaubwidget, #imagepipe and #TinyWeatherForecastGermany on #fdroid only.

You won't find them in the G***le play store.

I hope #fdroid only apps somewhat increase the popularity of #fdroid.

Many of my fellow #llvm contributors were affected by recent layoffs at #google. :(

If you know of anyone hiring for llvm or compiler or toolchain work, please have them contact me or post to:

Please share, more eyes can really help here.

Hang in there friends.

Outside of Europe, #Google's monopoly gets slammed by India too. The ruling says that:

- Google must allow alternative app stores (like F-Droid or ApkPure) on the Play Store. This is really the step zero for fair competition: give everybody the same visibility, and let users pick what they like.

- Google should not force Android providers to install its own apps in order to be a certified Android provider. Step one for fair competition: competition only works if none of the involved party starts from a position of advantage.

- Google should make the Play Store available also on Android forks. Step two for fair competition: if the competitors' stores are available on your store, then your store should also be available on the competitors' forks, and users eventually will pick what they like the most. All the distribution asymmetries should be removed.

This is a good and balanced ruling that aims to create a level playing field by removing all the bumps that, as of now, strongly consolidate Google's position of dominance.

And it's going to hit Google quite badly too: India is the largest global market for Android (arguably on par with China), and Google may be on its way to lose its unfair advantage there.

#Google could give EACH of the 12,000 employees it just laid off a $1,000,000 severance and still have $5 BILLION in profits left over from its last quarter alone (Q4 profits were $17B)

Instead, they just dumped 12,000 people onto the job market, which affects everyone, in a society in which such things as healthcare rely on employment.

When are we going to stop giving corporations that leech off us a free pass on civic responsibility?

#layoffs #googlelayoffs #capitalism #corporations #healthcare

Successfully switched an old #Google #Stadia #controller over to bluetooth mode. The info on the google site was very well done, including button-placement, meaning I could do this without sighted help. Tested #BlindDrive with it. Worked really well. That is the first time I've personally ever used a controller on #windows. Since I got Stadia for free, I'd call that a win.

SUPL-Server nutzen Android-Systeme, um die GPS-Positionsbestimmung zu beschleunigen. Stellt sich heraus, dass die Domain "" nur ein CNAME für "" ist. 🤦

Man meint also, man würde einen etwas datenschutzfreundlicheren SUPL-Server nutzen, aber am anderen Ende hockt dann wieder Google. 😑

#android #supl #google #datenschutz #privacy

**** Trusting Elon's Twitter Is Like Trusting Donald Trump ****

For so many years I've heard so much ranting about #Google ending various products or services with sometimes only a relatively limited amount of warning (like months) and sometimes much longer warnings (like years).

But compare that with #Twitter right now. Major third-party client apps of long standing apparently suddenly targeted for cutoff with ZERO warning or explanation, and only leaks to indicate this was done intentionally. No official word at all to confirm why this occurred.

Another example of why anybody depending on Elon's Twitter for anything of importance is acting beyond foolishness. It's like trusting Donald Trump. Maybe even worse. -L

Dear conference organisers,

If you don’t want to limit your speakers to those who are fine with surveillance capitalism, please don’t make your call for proposals require an account with a surveillance capitalist.

#conference #callForProposal #CFP #google #surveillanceCapitalism #peopleFarming
Screenshot of a Sign in with Google page with the name of the conference redacted in two places.

@gutmunchies @hub

It’s a bit different. #Microsoft was not an online service provider at the IE era. The pre-installation let the websites to only consider IE users.

#Google is not only the developer of #Chrome they are also a big big online service provider, incl maps, email, office, videos. An G service may perform better on Chrome than other browsers

Oh Lovely! This means our #private data could be uploaded to Facebook and Google whether or not we want that data shared.

Shopify President Harley Finkelstein says the company's Audiences marketing tool, which uploads customer data to Meta and Google's ad platforms, is a key focus.

#privacy #advertising #ads #marketing #Google #Facebook

"Large language models do something very different: they are not databases; they are text predictors, turbocharged versions of autocomplete."

This bit by @garymarcus is the crux of why I am not concerned about ChatGPT and their ilk replacing traditional search engines like Google.

The entire piece should be required reading for the sky is falling crowd.

#Google #SEO #Search #ChatGPT #LLM

#Amazon, #Apple, and #Microsoft plan to connect data centers to #heating systems in Europe; Meta began in 2020 in Denmark, and #Google is assessing its opportunities.

Europe Taps Tech’s Power-Hungry Data Centers to #Heat Homes and Offices

I feel like writing a #microblog series about my favourite gripes with #Google products and services. I think we'd be here for weeks! Let's begin with my first one...
If you're in the unfortunate position to have both personal and work Google accounts but only one has paid benefits such as YouTube Premium, you'll only be able to enjoy those premium benefits from the Google account that pays for it. This makes sence in theory, but do you know how jarring it is to have gotten used to no ads on Youtube on your personal account, then switch to your work one, load up a video, and be absolutely spammed with ads? Not fun!

Logged in #Ubisoft Connect and all my games from #Stadia were there, waiting for me.

As time goes by and we approach the real end of Stadia, I still feel like we had lost an opportunity.

I'm not going to sugarcoat it, #Google had serious issues with PRs. Very serious issues, as well not having a real commercial direction. But I think there's to blame a bit #gamers and #press as well, as that platform was received and misunderstood so bad that just planted the last nail in the coffin.

I'm keeping my usual rants about obscure social media's algorithms for another time.

What's your stand about this?

F-Droid: Mehr App-Stores!

#Appstore #fdroid #playstore #google

Greetings. There's a widespread belief that has existed for many years, that #Google gives or sells user data to advertisers. After all, the ads you see on Google seem to be so relevant! But that's not how it works (and frankly, Google hasn't done as good a job at explaining this in simple terms as one might have hoped).

User data is not shared or sold to advertisers. For example, an advertiser running an ad on Google has nothing to personally identify you (unless you click on an ad to go to their site, then how ever their site operates is in control of course).

How does it work? Let's say it's clear you're searching around on Google for a new power screwdriver. An advertiser somewhere has indicated to Google that they sell tools, including power screwdrivers.

So, Google shows you their ad. Now you know about that advertiser, but they still don't know about you, unless you click on the ad and go to their site, just like any other site.

Obviously at large scale this involves a lot of work, but fundamentally It's really that simple. -L

Someone just mentioned the differences between #Twitter and #Google regarding user data. Yes, indeed.

I've worked inside #Google twice. Their explicit rules, approvals, logging and "need to know" requirements for access to user data are most impressive. Anyone even attempting to access user data inappropriately is fired and marched out the door by security. This is part of why I have a great deal of trust in Google, and consider Elon's #Twitter to be utterly untrustworthy and totally beneath contempt.


ich hab den rausgepickt weil der bei @fdroidorg
in der Store ist, und bei @IzzyOnDroid in seiner liste..

und ich brauche einen der #Google + #Thalia format kann,
der aber auch auf SD abspeichert, mir (auf TV u BT-Earbuds) vorliest und der sich auf meinem TV per #SmartView funktioniert usw

suchen tue ich schon gefühlt 5+ jahre oder so, alles aus der #GoogleStore ausprobiert aber alles bisher getestete verworfen u bei #Googleplay #Books bis jetzt klebengeblieben..

Morning Mastodoners. Question for my #Blind followers: I'm in the market for a new TV, so what's currently the most #accessible option out there? Would prefer a #SmartTV with streaming options and #screen-reader built-in, so no Apple TV or Fire Stick. Heard good things about #Google and #Samsung TVs, but are there others out there that'd meet my needs? Also not looking for anything huge, 32-40 in. max. Feel free to boost. Thanks for your help.

Content warning: Android to Apple Upgrade

Content warning: Repost from Twitter

#Android without #Google made easy – with @shiftphones

(the little gap with "Rooting" aka Magisk will be filled soon™)

#noGoogle #googlefree #privacy

Google muss für Ortungs-Schwindel nicht einmal 400 Millionen zahlen

Jahrelang hat Google Aufenthaltsorte von Android-Nutzern für Werbezwecke gespeichert, obwohl die User das abgeschaltet wähnten. 40 US-Staaten geben billig bei.

#google #android #standortdaten #werbung #smartphones
Auf dem Google-Campus

"Currently, the predominant business model for commercial search engines is advertising. But the goals of the advertising business model do not always correspond to providing quality search to users.

We expect that advertising funded search engines will be inherently biased towards the advertisers and away from the needs of the consumers.

Furthermore, advertising income often provides an incentive to provide poor quality search results.

In general, it could be argued from the consumer point of view that the better the search engine is, the fewer advertisements will be needed for the consumer to find what they want".

Quote: Sergey Brin / Larry Page, from the seminal 1998 paper that kickstarted the #PageRank algorithm - and #Google with it (see Appendix A).

Reading the paper that started it all after so many years is a quite interesting experience. 25 years ago they knew *exactly* what a search engine may have become if it chose the path of an ads-based business model. They were very aware of the conflict of interest that arises when you have to provide relevant results to the users, but also boost those that pay your bills.

In other words, were warning us about the risks of the business model that their own company eventually decided to embrace.

Back to #Firefox I go! Multi-Account Containers are a killer #privacy feature that only Firefox (and maybe derivatives) has access to.

There's some helper add-ons to further silo #Facebook, #Twitter, and #Google. (That said, I use my own containers for Google to split my accounts)




It’s 8:30 in the morning, on a Sunday, I had a look at a #google #web #developer tutorial and I wanna go back to bed and get drunk now.

Unfaire Praktiken:
Indien bestraft #Google für Abrechnungszwang im Play Store

Do you spot the trick?

This is a cookie banner shown before using Google search in some countries.

"Reject all" is a straightforward option. It appears in the same size and color as "accept all." It uses bullets, simple and concise language, and visualization. It has links for further info. So far, so good.

But there is a trick. Do you spot what is it?

#privacy #cybersecurity #securityawarenessmonth #google
Screenshot of the Google banner.

Are you serious right now? You do know what Google is, right? You do understand what their business model is? I thought NGI/NLnet was purportedly about finding and supporting *alternatives* to surveillance capitalists like Google, Meta, etc., not trying to improve their PR by perpetuating the myth that they’re generally a force for good who sometimes (often) make silly mistakes.

Do better.

#ngi #nextGenerationInternet #bigTech #google #surveillanceCapitalism #pr #NLnet

✨ ¡Acabo de hacer algo! 🎉

Revisa mi nuevo comic web: "Contra Chrome":


Subtítulo: Cómo el navegador de #Google se convirtió en una amenaza para la #privacidad y para la #democracia.

Con las apariciones de Shoshana Zuboff, pirañas veganas, y todo lo que siempre quisiste saber sobre #Chrome pero tuviste miedo de preguntar.

Léelo y descargalo gratis - ¡Espero que te guste! 😊

Y si te gusta, ¡Por favor difúndelo! :boost_ok:

#cómic #cómics #novellagrafica
Portada de mi cómic "Contra Chrome".
Se puede ver al narrador en medio de tres paneles, dispuestos como el logotipo del navegador Chrome. Dentro de estos paneles hay motivos del cómic: pestañas del navegador, iconos y páginas web con pies diminutos que se arrastran como insectos. Dibujo cómico satírico de una piraña que parece el logotipo del navegador Google Chrome. Con los ojos semicerrados, emite un globo de diálogo que contiene el sonido "¡burp!".
Un personaje de cómic que se parece un poco a la socióloga Shoshana Zuboff.

Absolutely great and easily digestable summary! Thanks!
One important thing about #Firefox:
its development team receives money from Alphabet (Google) since a moment and in return, has decided to remove the button in the URL field where you could easily choose your #searchengine. #Google is now the default and compared to older FF versions it is still possible but cumbersome to change to another search engine, e.g., #duckduckgo. Millions of users will by that decide to use Google. 🤔

Sometimes the internet is really funny - or scary.

The Chrome browser is one example.

While you believe you are browsing the web, Google is browsing you instead.

Check out Leah Elliott's comic on how Google's tracking works:

#google #surveillance #surveillancecapitalism #privacy #Fight4Privacy #tutanota
Comic on how Chrome tracks its users.

“Google employee who became the most visible opponent of a company contract with the Israeli military said on Tuesday that she would resign after claiming Google had tried to retaliate against her for her activism.”

#google #military #israel #activism #BigTech #ai

Over 50% of my YouTube ads are now scams. Very clear scams like "I am Elon Musk and here is my new cryptocurrency" or "Earn 1000 Euro every day by doing nothing". All hosted on temporary fake/hacked domains. At first I was reporting them but now I've given up. It's clear that Google doesn't even pretend to care.

#google #scam
Fake Elon Musk ad

Is it me or is #Google slowly removing accessibility support from #android #aosp apps?
I'm running android 12.1 and included calendar and keyboard are no longer accessible. Keyboard is not a problem for me, as I am using 3rd party braille keyboards either soft braille keyboard or the one included within corvus suite of apps.
However I am unable to find an accessible calendar app.
Etar is partially accessible, only the agenda view is useable with the screen reader.
Simple calendar has accessibility issues.
Have you got some more tips?