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I'm new to #mastodon trying to make friends so this will be more interesting to use. I hate #facebook #instagram & #twitter. Centralized apps & data collection are really bothering me. Hopefully the interface on #tusky gets a little better to see memes withoutclickingon them. *maybe my settings aren't right*

Thanks, looking forward to this #fediverse experience.

Tusky-Nightly-Users! The current nightly build is release candidate for #Tusky 4! Please tell me about all problems you find! #tuskydev

Tusky - Mastodon client for Android

!Friendica Support Using both #Fedilab and #tusky with Friendica, there seems a vast load of issues that don't work well with both apps. What's the recommended approach to have these addressed? File issues with @Fedilab Apps or @Tusky ? Or file an issue for Friendica?

Petit #tips pour voir l'onglet #dm dans #tusky. Il suffit d'aller dans "préférences du compte / onglets"et d'ajouter l'onglet "Messages directs "


Darf ich hier #featurewünsche äußern?

Ich machs mal....
- ich verfasse einen tröt
- werde gestört und lege das Telefon beiseite
- nach einer halben Stunde will ich weiter schreiben
- Telefon erwacht aus Tiefschlaf
- #tusky lädt neu
- mein angefangener tröt ist weg

Wäre schön, wenn er automatisch in den Entwürfen landen würde.

Geht das?

Content warning: Introduction

Hallo !Friendica Support,
kann mir jemand sagen ob die API (like Mastodon) für das löschen bzw. Löschen und neu erstellen von Post in #friendca schon implementiert würde?
Ich nutze normalerweise #tusky für #friendca, wo das meiste ohne Probleme funktioniert.
Von Posts über Bilder usw. Nur wenn ich einen Post löschen oder löschen und neu erstellen möchte, erhalte ich eine Fehlermeldung.
Der Post selbst wird aber dennoch gelöscht...

Tak aplikace #tusky už také podporuje push notifikace přes #ntfy 👍

Po několika měsících verzí, co nejdou nainstalovat, mi #Fedilab konečně začal běhat a musím říct, že skok je velkej. Plynulý, zatím nepadá a vypadá, že se budu moct zbavit #Tusky , kterej se na Friendicu zase tak moc nehodí

S skvěle fungují push oznámení na #schildichat a #fluffychat , Element zatím nejde. Je to #opensource s možností instalace na svůj server. Měly by jít push oznámení na #tusky.👍

#feditips #tusky Does anybody use the list feature of mastodon? It's quite hidden and very complicated to setup.
Can i only put accounts in lists that i'm following?🧐
(DE/EN response welcome)

Hallo ihr Lieben, ich habe heute mal eine technische Frage.
Wenn ich hier Bilder einstelle bekomme ich in der TL meist nur einen Bildausschnitt zu sehen, kann ich das irgendwie so einstellen dass immer das ganze gezeigt wird? Ich benutze #Tusky.

*bitte schreibt langsam damit ich es dann auch verstehe , Technik ist nicht so mein Metier. 😉🙃

I wish #mastodon or #tusky had a feature to unfollow inactive accounts.

A huge thank you to all beta testers who reported bugs in # 19.0 beta 1! 💙
We just released a new beta that should address all those issues.

What is the difference between Favorites and bookmarks in # #?

is it possible to see the trendy hashtags in #. can't find them. thanks :mastogrin:

I have been testing for the past few days three replacements for #'s # notifications: #, # and #'s Unified Push project. A few observations after a bit of tinkering:

1. The idea behind # is amazing. An open protocol to share push notifications over any asynchronous channel (websocket, Redis, MQTT etc.) is what open-source apps have needed for years. Sure, there will always be those who say "push notifications are a distraction, and I'm happy to ditch them". But individual choices/behaviors shouldn't shape the development of a technology - especially when people want a genuine open alternative to something that they like/need to use.

2. UnifiedPush support from individual apps is still scarce. So far I've only found the NextCloud app itself (which only supports UP-NextPush), # and #. Support on # has allegedly been implemented in the latest release, but I haven't yet managed to make it work. Let's roll up our sleeves and make sure that more and more of the apps that we like support open notification services!

3. The notification providers' client apps themselves are still quite buggy, and documentation still very sparse. I have used UP-Example from F-Droid to test the UP services. Only ntfy managed to deliver notifications end-to-end to my devices. Gotify reported an "unknown error" without many details from the logs. UP-NextPush is still very unstable both on the client and server side and I couldn't manage to deliver any notifications.

4. The protocol (and the apps that implement it) needs to slowly be extended to cover as many as possible of the features that have been implemented in the past decade. Action buttons, icons from URLs, custom background images, updates to existing notifications etc.: a couple of these features have been (partly) implemented by 1-2 providers, but we need open standards (especially for action buttons and gestures) if we want to ensure inter-compatibility.

Is # accounts photos coming through blurry and not loading when tapped a glitch with the # app or is it a feature of pixelfed when it crosses over to # or the # in general?

Irgendwie produziert # immer wieder diese Fehlermeldung. Erst wenn ich die App komplett stoppe und dann neu starte, lässt sich wieder etwas hochladen. Blöd, denn deshalb habe ich schon auf etliche Postings einfach verzichtet. Und das ist ja auch nicht unbedingt förderlich für das #. 🤔

Kennt jemand eine ähnlich entspannt nutzbare App wie Tusky für #, bei der dann auch der Medienupload zuverlässig funktioniert?
Screenshot der App Tusky mit einer Fehlermeldung, das eine Mediendatei nicht hochgeladen werden konnte.

Hello, @Tusky team.
Do you mean nightly release or the blue #?
If so, where can I get it?

Hello !Friendica Support

i have a friendica instance with two accounts.
On my mobile i am using # with # - but i can only integrate one of the two accounts in the app.
One account will be integrated correctly but the other account is not functional an the app says my account is (so no username will be there)

So my question - is there a log file within # where i can see whats happening?

So # support has been in # nightly for a while now, how is it going?

Seit gestern funktioniert mein # nicht mehr. Ich hatte mich dann daran abgemeldet. Wenn ich jetzt auf anmelden gehe, soll ich die Instanz angeben (""), aber damit scheint es nicht zu funktionieren.

Habt ihr eine Idee für mich?


!Friendica Support Have there been any changes recently in how # handles notifications and replies to posts? I've seen an utterly weird situation of a (private?) response not visible in # or friendica web but only in # and apparently somehow linked to my Mastodon account? Hard to even describe this... 😯 @Matthias/E

!Friendica Support Tried to respond to a CWed post in recent # and got an ... interesting outcome. Is this an issue in # or rather a @Tusky display problem...?

Latest version of # in F-Droid seems to be 17.0 (as of 17th April 2022).

Older versions listed: 17.0 beta 1 (8th April 2022), 16.0 (28th Feb. 2022) and 15.1...

Guess, the 18 betas aren't yet available via F-Droid?
Or something different for the development of Tusky 18?

!Friendica Support Maybe a stupid question, but ... is there _any_ way, in Friendica, to set up a timeline that contains posts that have at least one out of several hashtags / keywords _and_ use this timeline with some mobile app? I am a bit unsure here as I know, in example, in # I can create in-app timelines for just that purpose - but that doesn't seem to work as expected with friendica. Example: Setting a timeline to filter tags like "photography,teampixel,fotografie", on Mastodon this would retrieve posts containing "photography" or "teampixel" or "fotografie". With friendica, this timeline apparently only displays posts containing "photography". I am unsure whether this is a friendica limitation in implementing Mastodon API, that's why I would be interested in learning whether there are other solutions to achieve the same effect here...?

I enabled "hide the title of the top toolbar" in the @Tusky preferences and now I don't know how to access the preferences, switch my accounts etc. 🤦‍♂️ Could anyone tell me if I am the problem or if that's a bug? #

@utzer ~Friendica~
ja ich hatte mich da schon mal mit zweien unterhalten - bin aber mit meinen Ideen nicht so wirklich gut angekommen.
Vielleicht probiere ich es noch mal - dazu muss ich mir dann eine Dev Instanz aufsetzen - da ich aktuell eh noch ein Problem habe mit diesem Account hier habe, wo mir keiner weiterhelfen kann.
Auf dieser Instanz hier habe ich zwei Accounts - einer davon lässt sich in # einbinden, während der andere (also dieser hier) sich nicht einbinden lässt.

Das ganze hab ich auch auf zwei Android Geräten ausprobiert mit dem gleichen Ergebnis.

Hello !Friendica Support

on my instance i am running two accounts. But i have on strange thing i cannot declare for myself.
On my mobile (android) i am using # for mobile communication.
But one account can be implemented into # without any problems but the other account can not be integrated.
After login with username and password the account is not integrated correctly - # means my accountname ist (so the name is missing)

the other account @Oberfranke ♋ will be integrated without any problems.

has anybody an idea oder can i log the auth process somewhere in # to find the bug?

# about # # #
Isn't there a way to ad someone to a list from their profiles? I can do that from the web, but apparently not on Tusky. I like the app but lacking this simple feature borders the bizarre

Submitted an improved Italian translation for #!

If you speak Italian, please take a few minutes to review and approve the new strings:

Co je u oficiální aplikace # super, je dobře fungující push oznámení.
Ale stejně zůstávám u #

!Friendica Support Still wrestling with notifications in # and desktop/mobile: At first, notifications on # or any other mobile app includes (a) reposts of my posts, (b) "likes" on my posts, (c) responses to my posts and (d) new posts by people for which I wanted to receive notifications. This is good, this is exactly how I want it. On desktop, notifications apparently in _general_ contain way more, including any kind of interaction with any post I somehow "touched" (and be that just a thumb-up). This is both way too much and useless in most situations. Is there some way to configure these notifications to behave similar to how they do in mobile apps? And, adding to that: At times (not sure why and how), in "mobile", the notification tab is empty all of a sudden, with all previously displayed notifications being removed or lost or hidden or whatever. Haven't found a pattern yet why that happens, but it's a tad annoying as sometimes this way information is lost. Any way to understand what's going on and by chance fix this...? Thanks! 🙂️