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Google discloses CentOS Linux kernel vulnerabilities citing failure to fix


#linux #google

:blobfoxgooglyconfused:​#UmfrageFrage an alle, die (i.w.S. wissenschaftliche*) Online-Surveys durchführen::blobfoxscience:​​:blobfoxcomputerowo:​ Welche #Software nutzt Ihr dafür? ​:blobfoxcomfycomputer:
Warum bevorzugt Ihr diese? Weitere Empfehlungen/ Erfahrungen ?
Was sind Eure Kriterien für die Auswahl?

*i.w.S. wissenschaftlich = Empirische Forschung, #Evaluation, #Umfragen für Studienarbeiten, Masterarbeiten u.ä.

  • Google-Forms (3 votes)
  • Cryptpad-Formular (5 votes)
  • andere Tools für einfache Umfragen (welche?) (6 votes)
  • empirio (0 votes)
  • Lama-Poll (0 votes)
  • Lime-Survey (14 votes)
  • Sosci-Survey (5 votes)
  • Survey-Monkey (2 votes)
  • Unipark (3 votes)
  • andere Tools für komplexe Befragungen (welche?) (4 votes)
Poll end: in 2 weeks

Holy crap I just randomly ran across the way to disable those annoying "Log In With Google" prompts that appear all over the web.

1. Go go
2. Scroll way down to "Apps and Services"
3. Click on "Third-party apps with account access"
4. Uncheck the "Google Account sign-in prompts" option.

Screenshot of "Google Account sign-in prompts" option.

You have nothing to hide until the government suddenly declares your behaviour illegal. #abortion #usa #meta #facebook #google #e2ee #encryption
Screenshot of a news article describing how Google and Facebook are handing over personal info about women seeking abortion in the US to law enforcement.

XMPP + Google Summer of Code 2023

Project presentation:

Moxxy - #Moxxy is an experimental, modern XMPP client written in #Flutter

#XMPP #GSoC2023 #GSOC, #Google #interoperability #standards #federation #dart

XMPP + Google Summer of Code 2023

Project presentation:

Dino - @dino is a modern open-source Jabber/XMPP chat client for the desktop.

#XMPP #GSoC2023 #GSOC, #Google #interoperability #standards #federation #vala

When #GooglePlay introduced privacy labels, I was very curious to see how they managed to get reliable data about the #privacy properties of Android apps. I know first-hand how difficult and time-consuming privacy audits of #Android apps can be. Now Mozilla has taken a closer look, and it seems #Google doesn't even have reliable data.

Captain Obvious hat mal wieder zugeschlagen: "See No Evil: Loopholes in Google’s Data Safety Labels Keep Companies in the Clear and Consumers in the Dark". Dennoch prima, dass sich die "Märchen-Angaben" im Play Store mal jemand genauer angeschaut hat. 👇

#google #privacy #datenschutz #dsgvo #bullshit

#Google Workspace will increase their prices from April 11, 2023. Flexible, non-contract plans increase in price by 20%. Or you can get better security and privacy for less by upgrading your #Tutanota account 😌

From a discussion on a major #HigherEd forum by a senior campus leader,

"We are a #Google school…"

If the comment was, "We are a Coca-Cola school," I suspect we'd hear concerns: marketing products to students, corporate influence in #HigherEducation, even health & safety/quality (all BTW applicable to Google).

If you believe Google (or #Microsoft, #Adobe) is a "global standard," the same case can be made for Coca-Cola (Pepsi). I doubt stating such an alignment would be so promoted.


⚠️ :google: #Google rolls out a so-called #privacy tool that replaces one form of trackers with another.

🔎 :android: Don't use Google's proprietary and distributions of #Android if you want to avoid #SurveillanceCapitalism.

So I read this comment on Hacker News, where they said that even Microsoft employees are being given #MacBooks. And I started to think about like, if #Microsoft, #IBM, #Google, all these companies are just defaulting to #Apple, then no wonder Windows, Android, ChromeOS and so on are lagging behind. This, shockingly isn’t really about accessibility, where Windows still, for now, rules in simplicity of things like virtual buffers on the web, and utilities for #blind people. But even on #Mac, blind coders are making stuff, like #TweeseCake, and several #Hammerspoon scripts to make things better. I think, as M-series Macs keep doing so well, these tools are only going to grow, VoiceOver may get even faster as speech refactoring continues, and hopefully the #accessibility stack continues to be optimized to take up less RAM or CPU or whatever causes Safari to go unresponsive. Like, I can’t describe what exactly is happening here, with Apple just… Subverting every other company. But even if they just keep the current accessibility at this point, where yeah there are bugs, but leaning on iOS for stuff like audio charts and image descriptions, I think one day they may be able to become the dominant OS even for blind people. They just have to keep pushing forward and making the best of a good 20 years of built-up stuff.
[Mac accessibility Hub](

Meine Analyse des Custom-ROMs #CalyxOS scheint bei einigen Entwicklern einiges in Bewegung zu setzen. Nun verkündet #GrapheneOS ihren eigenen SUPL TLS-Reverse-Proxy zu hosten:

"We'll be replacing our force disable toggle for SUPL with a choice between GrapheneOS, Standard (carrier/fallback) and Disabled."

Das ist natürlich das Optimum!

#android #security #supl #google

Oh, and I will never use #Google's #Bard.

Google = Pure Evil.


@RezzaBuh Měl jsem pocit že mi 5G na 6a funguje, ale nemůžu to teď ověřit - tady moc nejede ani LTE.
Vlastně jediné, co mi na tom telefonu vadí je, že je od Googlu. Ale motivace vyzkoušet #grapheneos byla vzhledem k mým zájmům o #kybez veliká.
Kompenzuju to osvětou o tom, co #google dělá se soukromím uživatelů. Pro pozorovatele je jediný branding zamykací obrazovka (přikládám).
Don't be evil.

The DoJ's lawsuit against Google for illegal monopolization of digital advertising dropped last week. It's a 150-page document :allthethings: #digitaladvertising #dataprivacy #Google #techpolicy

🆕 Here's my first attempt to unpack what is probably one of the most complete antitrust cases in ad tech of the last decade. My focus? 👀 How three ad pricing manipulation schemes described in the suit hurt publishers:

This is amazing.

#Meta, #Google, and #Amazon leadership are conjuring their companies' "scrappy" #startup roots in internal messaging, asking staff to work harder or face layoffs.


Open source implementation of Google's MusicLM in PyTorch



While #Google #Meta #Microsoft #Twitter & #Amazon are laying off tens of thousands of people to satisfy shareholders, #Tutanota continues to grow.

Welcome with us Wren, Johannes & Noah! 🥳

Join us if you are a developer wanting to fight for #privacy!

Google now has a quarterly accessibility newsletter!

#a11y #accessibility #google

The lead attorney for GitHub arguing that #Copilot using #OpenSource is fair use following precedent from #Oracle Vs #Google is the woman who represented Oracle and personally argued against the verdict in public on Twitter.

I even went a step further. At an early stage of development, some years ago, I felt uncomfortable to agree to the #playstore #dev #tos and it felt very wrong to tie the release to a #google account and pay for it.

So I publish #feinstaubwidget, #imagepipe and #TinyWeatherForecastGermany on #fdroid only.

You won't find them in the G***le play store.

I hope #fdroid only apps somewhat increase the popularity of #fdroid.

Outside of Europe, #Google's monopoly gets slammed by India too. The ruling says that:

- Google must allow alternative app stores (like F-Droid or ApkPure) on the Play Store. This is really the step zero for fair competition: give everybody the same visibility, and let users pick what they like.

- Google should not force Android providers to install its own apps in order to be a certified Android provider. Step one for fair competition: competition only works if none of the involved party starts from a position of advantage.

- Google should make the Play Store available also on Android forks. Step two for fair competition: if the competitors' stores are available on your store, then your store should also be available on the competitors' forks, and users eventually will pick what they like the most. All the distribution asymmetries should be removed.

This is a good and balanced ruling that aims to create a level playing field by removing all the bumps that, as of now, strongly consolidate Google's position of dominance.

And it's going to hit Google quite badly too: India is the largest global market for Android (arguably on par with China), and Google may be on its way to lose its unfair advantage there.

#Google could give EACH of the 12,000 employees it just laid off a $1,000,000 severance and still have $5 BILLION in profits left over from its last quarter alone (Q4 profits were $17B)

Instead, they just dumped 12,000 people onto the job market, which affects everyone, in a society in which such things as healthcare rely on employment.

When are we going to stop giving corporations that leech off us a free pass on civic responsibility?

#layoffs #googlelayoffs #capitalism #corporations #healthcare

Successfully switched an old #Google #Stadia #controller over to bluetooth mode. The info on the google site was very well done, including button-placement, meaning I could do this without sighted help. Tested #BlindDrive with it. Worked really well. That is the first time I've personally ever used a controller on #windows. Since I got Stadia for free, I'd call that a win.

SUPL-Server nutzen Android-Systeme, um die GPS-Positionsbestimmung zu beschleunigen. Stellt sich heraus, dass die Domain "" nur ein CNAME für "" ist. 🤦

Man meint also, man würde einen etwas datenschutzfreundlicheren SUPL-Server nutzen, aber am anderen Ende hockt dann wieder Google. 😑

#android #supl #google #datenschutz #privacy

**** Trusting Elon's Twitter Is Like Trusting Donald Trump ****

For so many years I've heard so much ranting about #Google ending various products or services with sometimes only a relatively limited amount of warning (like months) and sometimes much longer warnings (like years).

But compare that with #Twitter right now. Major third-party client apps of long standing apparently suddenly targeted for cutoff with ZERO warning or explanation, and only leaks to indicate this was done intentionally. No official word at all to confirm why this occurred.

Another example of why anybody depending on Elon's Twitter for anything of importance is acting beyond foolishness. It's like trusting Donald Trump. Maybe even worse. -L

Dear conference organisers,

If you don’t want to limit your speakers to those who are fine with surveillance capitalism, please don’t make your call for proposals require an account with a surveillance capitalist.

#conference #callForProposal #CFP #google #surveillanceCapitalism #peopleFarming
Screenshot of a Sign in with Google page with the name of the conference redacted in two places.

@gutmunchies @hub

It’s a bit different. #Microsoft was not an online service provider at the IE era. The pre-installation let the websites to only consider IE users.

#Google is not only the developer of #Chrome they are also a big big online service provider, incl maps, email, office, videos. An G service may perform better on Chrome than other browsers

Oh Lovely! This means our #private data could be uploaded to Facebook and Google whether or not we want that data shared.

Shopify President Harley Finkelstein says the company's Audiences marketing tool, which uploads customer data to Meta and Google's ad platforms, is a key focus.

#privacy #advertising #ads #marketing #Google #Facebook

"Large language models do something very different: they are not databases; they are text predictors, turbocharged versions of autocomplete."

This bit by @garymarcus is the crux of why I am not concerned about ChatGPT and their ilk replacing traditional search engines like Google.

The entire piece should be required reading for the sky is falling crowd.

#Google #SEO #Search #ChatGPT #LLM

#Amazon, #Apple, and #Microsoft plan to connect data centers to #heating systems in Europe; Meta began in 2020 in Denmark, and #Google is assessing its opportunities.

Europe Taps Tech’s Power-Hungry Data Centers to #Heat Homes and Offices