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Did you know that #XScreenSaver (yes, the collection of screensavers for X11) is available on Android?

And that #Google requires it to have a privacy policy in order to be available in the Play Store?

And that the maintainer chose to crowd-source a privacy policy where every item starts with "Unlike Google"?

It's become a great list of all the privacy violations Google did and still does. And I thought that it's gonna be long, but it's even longer than I imagined.…

"Google’s DMA compliance plan is a sham. […] If Apple’s proposal was a slap in the face, Google’s is a middle finger — both to the European Commission and to you."…

#Google #DMA #monopoly #gatekeeper

The fastest non-Google controlled web rendering engine Servo is trying to compete with only $1.6k funding a month:…

Yes, they did have an NLNet grant, but that ran out.

If we want an alternative to Blink/Chrome, we need to fund it. This is a project where even a tiny regular amount could yield oversize returns:

#Servo #Rust #Blink #Google #Chrome

The whole #Google #Chrome #Manifestv3 fiasco reminded me...

Is there a good way to run #ublockorigin on #android? Or something like it?

And related, as I happen to prefer the #chromium UX over the one offered by #firefox .. is there a Chromium fork which will retain v2?

Boosts appreciated

Google operated on the social contract of providing traffic to sites in exchange for content. Now that #Google is switching to #AI answers synthesized from the content and effectively cutting traffic is there even a point in participation?

Google will keep bringing load to the sites without providing any traffic.

I suspect we are about to see first robots.txt snippets banning Google crawlers like other AI bots really soon. And eventually outright banning Google ips altogether.

I wonder whether we’re also about to see a surge of old-school search engines. With modern technology it’s feasible to run a small search engine from a living room (e. g. on an off-the-shelf hardware and open source software. It doesn’t take the whole Google to operate a decade-old (feature wise) Google search engine. It might be feasible to run a good search engine on small resources that can be paid by simple ads or small subscriptions.…

I'm being asked how important this apparent leak of ~14,000 #Google Search related parameters really is. My take is that it's interesting, but personally I don't think it's very important. The reason is pretty obvious. The list apparently tells us nothing about which of these factors are really used by Google when ranking sites, or if they were, how they were weighted, when they were used, and ... well you get the idea.

It's completely reasonable to create an extremely exhaustive list like that even if you never end up using most of those factors. That's the way I would do it -- figure out every possible factor and then over time mix and match from various of them as necessary, especially to thwart black hat SEO. So again, I think this leak is intellectually fascinating, but attempts to use it against Google are (again, in my opinion) probably off the mark.

New blog post: Takeaways from the Google Content Warehouse API documentation leak.

A leak of all of Google’s 14,000 ranking factors recently hit the news. I go over some of the ones that people are eyeing more closely, and end with a cold shower to cool down some of the misleading hype from the SEO industry.


We only have API documentation. We don’t know about any hidden knowledge, whether any of these factors have a ranking weight of “zero”, whether any of these conditionally apply, which are only used internally for testing…Serious conclusions drawn from this leak are, to some degree, speculation.

#Google #SearchEngines #Blog

Tak się zastanawiam – skoro #Google tak bardzo nie chce, żeby ludzie mogli korzystać z alternatywnych klientów oraz nie mogli blokować reklam, to czemu nie zrobią tak jak #Netflix czy #Max, że filmy będą zabezpieczone #DRM? 🤔

Hey Fedi! A thought experiment:

How much would it cost in HW and bandwidth to replicate the original Google search? (Just crawl, index, search the index, display results. Only text in v1.)
I suspect it wouldn't be too expensive.
We could implement this, slap some collective QA on top of it, crowdfund the servers.

#search #FOSS #Google #enshittification

Thank you to whoever made… 🙌

#Google #AI #Memes

23.5.2024 - Der Tag an dem offensichtlich wurde, dass Bing praktisch die einzige verbliebene Alternative zu Google ist. Alle anderen "Suchmaschinen" sind Bing mit Schlapphut und Trenchcoat. 🕵️…

#ZerschlagtDieMonopole #microsoft #google #bing #duckduckgo #qwant #ecosia #startpage

Sensitive content

Die #ElsterSecure - sicherer Login #App
wurde laut #Google#Play schon mehr als 1 Mio mal heruntergeladen.

Aber es scheint bisher keine einzige Analyse auf #Exodus#Privacy zu geben...……

#Android is getting an AI-powered #scam call detection feature

Will be powered by Gemini Nano, which #Google says can be run locally and offline to process "fraudulent language and other conversation patterns typically associated with scams" and push real-time alerts during calls where detected red flags are present.

It will be opt-in, but Gemini Nano is currently only supported on Google Pixel 8 Pro and Samsung S24 series devices.

#cybersecurity #security…

Chromebooks already have great screen reading capabilities built in...

Awww Google, how cute of you. Great? Nope. Next time, remember. Nothing about us, **without us**. ChromeVox has barely been updated in *years*, just like VoiceOver for Mac, and Narrator. ChromeVox barely has any options for fine-tuning verbosity, keyboard commands, pronunciation, and some keyboard commands, like Search + Control + A for accessibility actions, aren't even well-documented. I should know. I had to use an Acer Spin 713 for a good 3 months as my primary laptop. So kindly stop talking, then ask, then act before you speak further.

"Updated keyboard shortcuts and first-letters navigation in Google Drive"...

First letters navigation? Come on. Any blind person can *tell* that this wasn't written by anyone who uses these technologies.

And nowhere in this article is anything new for ChromeVox. See? This is the kind of, frankly, bullshit that I hate on GAAD. Just shut your mouth and listen for once.…

#Accessibility #blind #google #ChromeOS #Chromebook #ChromeVox #GAAD

GAAD 2024 and Google: 8 new accessibility updates across TalkBack, Lookout, Maps and more:
Gemini’s integration with TalkBack, Lookout's Find mode, Look to Speak, etc.:…
#Accessibility #Google #GAAD #AI #TalkBack

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Google’s Gemini AI is coming to #Gmail, whether you like it or not. 🤖

Will you use this new feature - at the price of giving #Google all your data?

On the heels of the #OpenAI announcement yesterday, I guess #Google had to do something, right?...

'Subject:Try Gemini Advanced for 2 months, at no charge'

No, you're alright thanks.

Sensitive content

Sh*tf*ck 😳🔥😔

#ChatGPT consumes 25 times more #energy than #Google

"Energy consumption by Artificial Intelligence (#AI) is rising rapidly: AI is predicted to consume twice as much energy as the whole of France by 2030, according to some calculations."…

When #Google says it will save your #chats, does that include chats on the other #apps on your #phone like #Viber, #Tusky, #Slack, #LinkedIn, #Instagram, #email apps, etc?

Or is it just for #SMS and Google apps?

@Tutanota stay strong! don’t shut down because #google is censoring you

It's that time again. I need help from a disability answer desk, #Google this time. It's not strictly an accessibility issue, rather a feature request to reinstate a thing they removed. first I got stupid "read the FAQ" thing, then guess what? "Send us a screen recording of what you are doing". I sent textual explanations like three times, I cannot imagine what is not clear in them, unless the person trying to read them is illiterate. that obsession with videos just pisses me off, really.

The Man Who Killed #Google #Search.

This guy is taking no prisoners. Even though we all have a good intuitive sense as to why Google has gone to shit, there has been something slippery about it. This article makes it all more concrete.…

#enshittification #SmallWeb #web

Thanks to the #DMA, #Google can not get away with their anti-competitive behavior! 💪

Read the full story on Google taking away 90% of Tuta's visibility:

And what Google has to say to this on #Reuters

Hmpf, dass #Android bei der Standard UI (Pixel 6a, Stock Launcher) oben Timer anzeigt ist ja nett, insbesondere da ich sehr viel mit Timern arbeite (ADHS, yay), aber dass diese willkürlich sortiert sind versteh ich nicht.

Dass in 12 Stunden ein Timer ausläuft ist nett, aber mich interessiert gerade der, der in drei Minuten bimmelt. Der sollte zuerst angezeigt werden.

Kann man da bei #Google einen Feature Request einreichen? Müssen effektiv ja nur ein sort() machen 😅

offf, this story about how Google made google search into a pile of seagull shit hits me hard:…
Around the time of this story, I was living through a similar situation in my work life (on a much smaller scope, of course, first, Tumblr later).

Back in 2019, working on WordPress, I started finding myself, almost weekly, arguing against people who wanted to take the product we were working at and made it worse if that mean they could squeeze 0.1% more revenue from it

The 0.1% figure is not even a random number: I remember this speciffic A/B test on that was declared a success and shipped to 100% of the users because it increased the free-to-paid conversion by 0.1%. Soon after it was released, I found out that as a side effect, it increased the churn of free users by 20 something %,so I called for an urgent rollback and removal of the change. So I was promptly explained that we didn't care about free-users churn, because finance had calculated the average long-term value of the free users to be something like $2 per year, and the increase in conversion was bigger than what we could get from them.

Everything became about growth hacking. Everything became thinly-veiled dark patterns. In our private dev slack channels, we joked that since it was impossible to make it smaller or less conspicuous, the next thing the growth team was going to ask us to do was to make the 'free plan' button flee away from the mouse pointer when the user tried to click it. We kept making our product worse, we kept consciously crippling the cheaper versions so we could force people to move to the more expensive options.

Back then I was the lead of one of the two dev divisions working on, so my job was mainly to discuss what we were going to be doing, when and how. And I was getting drained by a constant state of fight against a constant wave of shit they wanted us to build. So much than by the end of 2020, the CEO quietly told me to follow the growth team plans and shut up or step down.

So I requested to move to tumblr, because I thought the pastures were greener over there. But it was all the same: Adding login walls to what we were pretending to be "the last bastion of the free internet", cramping in embarrasingly obvious money-making schemes disguised as features, and making them silently opt-out instead of opt-in so the less people the possible would deactivate them, having to fend off the pressure from the CEO to make everything algorithmic timelines because, you know, tiktok makes a lot of money and why aren't we, etc etc.

I found myself in a place where building something good that people enjoy using was no longer a priority, but tricking people into generating more money for the company was. And when I looked around me, I could see that happening everywhere else, not only in my company. Experiencing the start of the enshittification years from inside wasn't easy.

And, as in the article, the people who decided to turn the shit-metter up to 200%, have a name, in every case. And these people, no matter if they are called Sundar and Prabhakar or Matt and Mark, are destroying the internet. These people are milllionaires, or billionaries, and are destroying our shared, common spaces to squeeze some extra cash from us.

That's why the fediverse and its principles are important. Because that's how we take back internet from their dirty hands. That's how we make internet resilient against them. That's how we build the commons.

#Google went from search engine to apps developer to mobile & cloud tech pioneer to now #MILITARY CONTRACTOR.

the minute they did that, their CEO ceased being a business man and is now a politician.

to demand workers to not speak about politics when THAT'S NOW YOUR BUSINESS MODEL is pathetic at worst, ignorant at best.

one could say Google and every #tech company pivoting to military contracting have deceived their workers into believing they are not military sub-contractors.

Given #Google's unwavering support for #Israel and its genocidal apparatus, I am thinking of starting to transition out of its ecosystem.

It's gonna be challenging, primarily because I use an Android smartphone, and because I have been using a Gmail account for ages.

I welcome your tips!


Google is crushing Tuta via search results.

Intentional or not, as a gatekeeper #Google must offer fair competition for our private email service Tuta Mail - a direct competitor to #Gmail.

Google must stop its abuse of power which is in violation of the EU #DMA.


#sadly you're not getting a similar response here as on #x. I actually put the entire text of your #metatag description into a #google #search...

On top was a link to your #app on #googleplay 🙄

BUT... I scrolled though many results... you're #NOT there... I mean serious, just not there.

Your #Mastodon account comes up well before anything remotely #tuta...

#discrimination comes in so many forms... seems people who speak the #truth are always beat down.

#justsaying #privacy #sad

Neue Zeile in der Messenger-Matrix ergänzt: »Unterstützte Push-Benachrichtigungsdienste«. Ich habe nicht zu jedem Messenger ausreichend Informationen gefunden, daher wäre es lieb ❤️ , wenn ihr dazu Feedback abgebt. Korrekturen nehme ich gerne vor. 👇…

#push #google #apple #android #ios #fcm #apn #websocket #unifiedpush #ntfy

Ok wtf. So you're telling me that #Google #Chrome's #V8 #JavaScript engine was more #insecure than #Mozilla's #Spidermonkey after all these years? Because I'm pretty sure SM has been already doing plenty of the things mentioned in this article (I've touched on SM code plenty of times, so much more than I wanted because I worked on separating Spidermonkey from the monolithic #libxul, it's still hurting my brain...), even before the #Quantum rewrite. So even #PaleMoon which has been commonly trashed for being "old and insecure" is apparently more secure than Chrome, but most crucially it also disproves the long-standing blind belief by security freaks out there that Chrome is "more secure" than #Firefox when it's the other way around on many fronts...…

#web #webbrowser #browser #browsers #openweb

As Snikket is still not available on the #Google Play Store, we've published a longer blog post about the situation, how to work around it using #FDroid, and the long path of stupid Google review responses that led us here.…

Just a heads-up that #Snikket #Android has been pulled by #Google from the store. We'll work on restoring it once we figure out their (as usual) nonsensical complaints. Apologies to everyone affected. Please look at #FDroid and free yourself.

Today's excuse for delisting yet another #XMPP app?

"Your app is uploading users' Image information without posting a privacy policy link or text within the Play Distributed App."

Funny. What's this then?? 👀

Adminoval jsem novy Google Workspace a vsimnul jsem si dvou zajimavych, ehm, UX vychytavek.

- Google si nikdy nerozumel s nativnim Mac keychainem. Ted se zda dovaril zabu uplne, password pole se s keychainem vubec nebavi a heslo tedy nejde vygenerovat. Tusim, ze budou nabizet vlastni cool keychain.
- Nejde vlozit cislo karty do formulare pri registraci. Pritom jejich zapamatovani karty v pohode funguje. Co dela navic mimo copy & paste?

Tyhle internety lidi jenom otravuji!

#google #it