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ich hab den rausgepickt weil der bei @fdroidorg
in der Store ist, und bei @IzzyOnDroid in seiner liste..

und ich brauche einen der #Google + #Thalia format kann,
der aber auch auf SD abspeichert, mir (auf TV u BT-Earbuds) vorliest und der sich auf meinem TV per #SmartView funktioniert usw

suchen tue ich schon gefühlt 5+ jahre oder so, alles aus der #GoogleStore ausprobiert aber alles bisher getestete verworfen u bei #Googleplay #Books bis jetzt klebengeblieben..

Morning Mastodoners. Question for my #Blind followers: I'm in the market for a new TV, so what's currently the most #accessible option out there? Would prefer a #SmartTV with streaming options and #screen-reader built-in, so no Apple TV or Fire Stick. Heard good things about #Google and #Samsung TVs, but are there others out there that'd meet my needs? Also not looking for anything huge, 32-40 in. max. Feel free to boost. Thanks for your help.

Content warning: Android to Apple Upgrade

Content warning: Repost from Twitter

#Android without #Google made easy – with @shiftphones

(the little gap with "Rooting" aka Magisk will be filled soon™)

#noGoogle #googlefree #privacy

Google muss für Ortungs-Schwindel nicht einmal 400 Millionen zahlen

Jahrelang hat Google Aufenthaltsorte von Android-Nutzern für Werbezwecke gespeichert, obwohl die User das abgeschaltet wähnten. 40 US-Staaten geben billig bei.

#google #android #standortdaten #werbung #smartphones
Auf dem Google-Campus

"Currently, the predominant business model for commercial search engines is advertising. But the goals of the advertising business model do not always correspond to providing quality search to users.

We expect that advertising funded search engines will be inherently biased towards the advertisers and away from the needs of the consumers.

Furthermore, advertising income often provides an incentive to provide poor quality search results.

In general, it could be argued from the consumer point of view that the better the search engine is, the fewer advertisements will be needed for the consumer to find what they want".

Quote: Sergey Brin / Larry Page, from the seminal 1998 paper that kickstarted the #PageRank algorithm - and #Google with it (see Appendix A).

Reading the paper that started it all after so many years is a quite interesting experience. 25 years ago they knew *exactly* what a search engine may have become if it chose the path of an ads-based business model. They were very aware of the conflict of interest that arises when you have to provide relevant results to the users, but also boost those that pay your bills.

In other words, were warning us about the risks of the business model that their own company eventually decided to embrace.

I bought a #Google #Pixel specifically because it's ironically the best phone to #degoogled !

Definitely recommend #CalyxOS or #GrapheneOS to help you lean off Google Play Services and let you trust your phone again.

It makes me very grateful that apps like yours have their own push services running and work without play services.

Back to #Firefox I go! Multi-Account Containers are a killer #privacy feature that only Firefox (and maybe derivatives) has access to.

There's some helper add-ons to further silo #Facebook, #Twitter, and #Google. (That said, I use my own containers for Google to split my accounts)




It’s 8:30 in the morning, on a Sunday, I had a look at a #google #web #developer tutorial and I wanna go back to bed and get drunk now.

Unfaire Praktiken:
Indien bestraft #Google für Abrechnungszwang im Play Store

Do you spot the trick?

This is a cookie banner shown before using Google search in some countries.

"Reject all" is a straightforward option. It appears in the same size and color as "accept all." It uses bullets, simple and concise language, and visualization. It has links for further info. So far, so good.

But there is a trick. Do you spot what is it?

#privacy #cybersecurity #securityawarenessmonth #google
Screenshot of the Google banner.

But this omnipresence means a moral responsibility for #google to not obstruct the access to individuals with special needs - one they haven't lived up to yet.

From accessing dating apps to ordering food, from submitting bug reports and feature requests to asking for help, from donating to worthwhile open source projects to interacting on social media - CApTCHAs make many tasks harder, if not impossible, for me.

Are you serious right now? You do know what Google is, right? You do understand what their business model is? I thought NGI/NLnet was purportedly about finding and supporting *alternatives* to surveillance capitalists like Google, Meta, etc., not trying to improve their PR by perpetuating the myth that they’re generally a force for good who sometimes (often) make silly mistakes.

Do better.

#ngi #nextGenerationInternet #bigTech #google #surveillanceCapitalism #pr #NLnet

#Google again... every single bloody time.

We're aware of an issue affecting #Google #calendars and our team is actively working to solve it.

You may have problems syncing or displaying events. (Note that your events still exist on Google's side even if they don't appear in Thunderbird).

We promise to keep you posted, and thank you for understanding.

here's a classic #Google tactic: use "open source" to get devs hooked, then gradually slip in proprietary bits. #AOSP's core apps move ever more towards proprietary, and they also do this with libraries like

✨ ¡Acabo de hacer algo! 🎉

Revisa mi nuevo comic web: "Contra Chrome":


Subtítulo: Cómo el navegador de #Google se convirtió en una amenaza para la #privacidad y para la #democracia.

Con las apariciones de Shoshana Zuboff, pirañas veganas, y todo lo que siempre quisiste saber sobre #Chrome pero tuviste miedo de preguntar.

Léelo y descargalo gratis - ¡Espero que te guste! 😊

Y si te gusta, ¡Por favor difúndelo! :boost_ok:

#cómic #cómics #novellagrafica
Portada de mi cómic "Contra Chrome".
Se puede ver al narrador en medio de tres paneles, dispuestos como el logotipo del navegador Chrome. Dentro de estos paneles hay motivos del cómic: pestañas del navegador, iconos y páginas web con pies diminutos que se arrastran como insectos.
Un personaje de cómic que se parece un poco a la socióloga Shoshana Zuboff.
Dibujo cómico satírico de una piraña que parece el logotipo del navegador Google Chrome. Con los ojos semicerrados, emite un globo de diálogo que contiene el sonido "¡burp!".

Absolutely great and easily digestable summary! Thanks!
One important thing about #Firefox:
its development team receives money from Alphabet (Google) since a moment and in return, has decided to remove the button in the URL field where you could easily choose your #searchengine. #Google is now the default and compared to older FF versions it is still possible but cumbersome to change to another search engine, e.g., #duckduckgo. Millions of users will by that decide to use Google. 🤔

Sometimes the internet is really funny - or scary.

The Chrome browser is one example.

While you believe you are browsing the web, Google is browsing you instead.

Check out Leah Elliott's comic on how Google's tracking works:

#google #surveillance #surveillancecapitalism #privacy #Fight4Privacy #tutanota
Comic on how Chrome tracks its users.

“Google employee who became the most visible opponent of a company contract with the Israeli military said on Tuesday that she would resign after claiming Google had tried to retaliate against her for her activism.”

#google #military #israel #activism #BigTech #ai

Over 50% of my YouTube ads are now scams. Very clear scams like "I am Elon Musk and here is my new cryptocurrency" or "Earn 1000 Euro every day by doing nothing". All hosted on temporary fake/hacked domains. At first I was reporting them but now I've given up. It's clear that Google doesn't even pretend to care.

#google #scam
Fake Elon Musk ad

Is it me or is #Google slowly removing accessibility support from #android #aosp apps?
I'm running android 12.1 and included calendar and keyboard are no longer accessible. Keyboard is not a problem for me, as I am using 3rd party braille keyboards either soft braille keyboard or the one included within corvus suite of apps.
However I am unable to find an accessible calendar app.
Etar is partially accessible, only the agenda view is useable with the screen reader.
Simple calendar has accessibility issues.
Have you got some more tips?

@apps is also a great example. #FediLab is a paid app on the #Google Prey store, and free on the fine #FDroid with a #GPL'ed codebase at #Codeberg ..

Thank you to Google for joining #GUADEC2022 as a Gold sponsor!

Remember, #GUADEC starts next week! Are you registered yet? Let us know you're attending:

#GNOME #Google #supportopensource
GUADEC 2022 thank you to our gold sponsor Google

Google Is Sharing Our Data at an Alarming Rate.
It transmits our locations and browsing habits 70 billion times a day to advertisers 😲


The # Newsletter for June '22 is out!

Read about the # Summer of Code 2022 XMPP projects, client & server updates and of course the latest updates on our #!

Enjoy reading! 📰 ☕

# # # #

Comparing my oldest website with Yahoo and Google on archive .org back in 2003...
Yes, i was creating web directory for # and other # countries similar to # back then, but # started DIRTY game soon after with PR (Page Rank) system and started punishing web directories as they call it "Link Farming" back then. Soon after i realized they want to remove biggest competitors out of game.

Not that i could compete with any of these two, but if that dirty game didn't start, today BiH Link would be really really BIG thing, at list in #.

I was shocked back then that Google crawled only few pages from my domain which had about 200.000 pages back tehn and it was growing to over 800.000 web pages. But i was loosing so much traffic as Google were growing their influence and years after i was so angry and REMOVED whole database, even deleted backups 😥 SAD...

F. U. Google! 🖕
I believe that # and # is future, one way or another, because we are getting fed up with Google playing BIG BROTHER and dictating whole interent, playing US with ever changing algorithms and killing real value of interent...

“[A]s recently as June 23, Google was sharing potentially sensitive user data with a sanctioned Russian ad tech company owned by Russia’s largest state bank, according to a new report provided to ProPublica.”

# # # # #

As interesting as Georg Riekeles' recount of # lobbying in Brussels is, it's very sad to see him paddle the myth of "well-organised citizens' groups" & # orgs allegedly orchestrated by # in the context of the EU # Directive.

I have been testing for the past few days three replacements for #'s # notifications: #, # and #'s Unified Push project. A few observations after a bit of tinkering:

1. The idea behind # is amazing. An open protocol to share push notifications over any asynchronous channel (websocket, Redis, MQTT etc.) is what open-source apps have needed for years. Sure, there will always be those who say "push notifications are a distraction, and I'm happy to ditch them". But individual choices/behaviors shouldn't shape the development of a technology - especially when people want a genuine open alternative to something that they like/need to use.

2. UnifiedPush support from individual apps is still scarce. So far I've only found the NextCloud app itself (which only supports UP-NextPush), # and #. Support on # has allegedly been implemented in the latest release, but I haven't yet managed to make it work. Let's roll up our sleeves and make sure that more and more of the apps that we like support open notification services!

3. The notification providers' client apps themselves are still quite buggy, and documentation still very sparse. I have used UP-Example from F-Droid to test the UP services. Only ntfy managed to deliver notifications end-to-end to my devices. Gotify reported an "unknown error" without many details from the logs. UP-NextPush is still very unstable both on the client and server side and I couldn't manage to deliver any notifications.

4. The protocol (and the apps that implement it) needs to slowly be extended to cover as many as possible of the features that have been implemented in the past decade. Action buttons, icons from URLs, custom background images, updates to existing notifications etc.: a couple of these features have been (partly) implemented by 1-2 providers, but we need open standards (especially for action buttons and gestures) if we want to ensure inter-compatibility.


Normalize using end-to-end # (and ideally, ephemeral) communications.

Normalize not telling # everything you think, do, and say.

Do it now.

# # #

Content warning: Erotophobia of corporate web

Apple tracks you, even if you don't have Apple devices

iOS sends the MAC addresses of nearby devices, e.g. other handsets and the home gateway, to Apple together with their GPS location. Users have no opt out from this and currently there are few, if any, realistic options for preventing this data sharing.

# # # # #