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I’m not going to use bloody bugzilla, so if anyone from Mozilla sees this, your enterprise flow for adding certificate authorities (CAs) to Firefox on Linux fails on Fedora Silverblue.

Since Fedora Silverblue is seen as the possible future of Fedora/Red Hat, you folks might want to talk to the Fedora folks about it and come up with a solution.

#mozilla #firefox #fedora #fedoraSilverblue #bug #tls #ssl #redHat #linux #enterprise #certificates

Hello !Friendica Support,

When calling /admin/logs/view&level=error this error message appears:

Exception thrown in /src/Module/HTTPException/PageNotFound.php:49
Stack trace:
#0 /src/BaseModule.php(244): Friendica\Module\HTTPException\PageNotFound->content(Array)
#1 /src/Module/HTTPException/PageNotFound.php(80): Friendica\BaseModule->run(Array)
#2 /src/App.php(738): Friendica\Module\HTTPException\PageNotFound->run(Array)
#3 /index.php(44): Friendica\App->runFrontend(Object(Friendica\App\Router), Object(Friendica\Core\PConfig\Type\JitPConfig), Object(Friendica\Security\Authentication), Object(Friendica\App\Page), Object(Friendica\Util\HTTPInputData), 1670609953.9643)
#4 {main}

#2022.12-rc #bug

Hello !Friendica Support,

since the last git pull, the hovercard that should appear when you click on the avatar no longer appears.

Tested with Firefox and Chromium on Linux
Friendica 'Giant Rhubarb' 2022.12-dev - 1490
PHP 8.0.25
Theme: frio


That's it, if "Stay Local" is not selected the menu does not appear, if it is selected everything works as it should.

However, since I didn't change anything in the setting and it was working a few days ago, I think the whole thing is still a #bug.

But for now the workaround works

Hello !Friendica Support

The menu that pops up when you click on the avatar only appears for contacts that are not on Friendica. This menu does not appear for my Friendica contacts.

Here at this Hubzilla contact appears the menu

The menu does not appear for this Friendica contact.

Friendica 'Giant Rhubarb' 2022.12-dev - 1488
PHP 8.1
Theme #frio

#friendica #bug

Hello !Friendica Support

my status stream first shows a post that is not mine, nor has it been shared by me.And this is the post on Mastodon that shows up first in my stream:Friendica 'Giant Rhubarb' 2022.12-dev - 1488
PHP 8.1

#Friendica #bug

OK, mystery solved; the Inkl folks found the problem:

Mastodon strips out the information they need to not show the paywall in its media preview. So if you click the media preview, it doesn’t work. If you click the original link, it does.

They’re working on a fix.

(Screenshot from Navin at Inkl.)

CC @Gargron

# # #
Screenshot showing my toot with arrows pointing to the original link (works) and the media preview (doesn’t work).

Hello !Friendica Support, @Steffen K9 🐰

When I select the "Forums" account type in the Network Stream, the forums from are not displayed to me.

I have also created a user group "Forums" with all the forums I have subscribed to, but the forums from are not displayed here either.

Friendica 'Siberian Iris' 2022.05-rc - 1464
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