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Ok wtf. So you're telling me that #Google #Chrome's #V8 #JavaScript engine was more #insecure than #Mozilla's #Spidermonkey after all these years? Because I'm pretty sure SM has been already doing plenty of the things mentioned in this article (I've touched on SM code plenty of times, so much more than I wanted because I worked on separating Spidermonkey from the monolithic #libxul, it's still hurting my brain...), even before the #Quantum rewrite. So even #PaleMoon which has been commonly trashed for being "old and insecure" is apparently more secure than Chrome, but most crucially it also disproves the long-standing blind belief by security freaks out there that Chrome is "more secure" than #Firefox when it's the other way around on many fronts...

#web #webbrowser #browser #browsers #openweb

@WestphalDenn @Talon I don't think it's that catastrophic as this sounds any more. I can't say this is not happening but it's very rare. I am on @GNOME . If I get an unresponsive experience I can press alt+F2, type in orca --replace and the screen reader comes back. I can even bind this to a global keyboard shortcut.
When I am leaving my office I am often closing some 15 browser windows, some 10 terminal windows, about 5 different files open in the text editor.
Most used apps on my desktop include #Firefox #Thunderbird file manager (pcmanfm or nautilus), Gedit, VLC media player, electron based apps such as teamsforlinux, losslesscut and gnome-terminal.
Next I'm using @LibreOffice, I am also using #Emacs with #speechd-el a little and finally some other less frequently used apps.
As for the #TTS or the #audio setup I am using #RHVoice, speech-dispatcher and @PipeWire Project .
Finally with @Matt Campbell and @Lukáš Tyrychtr we do have tallented visually disabled developers dogfooding or partially dog fooding so let me finish this post by saying it really is gold era of a linux #a11y and we are looking forward for what it brings us in the future.

We're often asked "When can I use Thunderbird in my browser?" It's a logical question! After all, Thunderbird was built on top of Firefox technologies, right?

Let's have a quick chat about it:



#Thunderbird #Firefox #Webmail

Achievement unlocked: actually getting to write some #Rust for a #Firefox project, and not a side-project!

I learnt something important about Linux audio last night.

I noticed that I had no sound in X-Plane 12 (a flight simulator) while also being in a Discord call in Firefox. Apparently, certain FMOD applications check if PulseAudio is installed and fall back to ALSA if it isn't. Now, I have PipeWire installed to fix the mess that is Linux audio once and for all. So TECHNICALLY PulseAudio is not installed. And that's exactly what X-Plane detected, which then tried to gain complete control over the sound hardware through ALSA, which it couldn't.

The "fix" was to symlink `/bin/pulseaudio` to `/bin/true` to make it look like PulseAudio is available which tricked X-Plane into going through PulseAudio (and therefore through PipeWire) instead.

That was one of the weirdest problems I've ever encountered.

#linux #audio #xplane #xplane12 #discord #firefox #alsa #pulseaudio #pipewire #fmod #flightsim

I still adore this screenshot.

Also, some interesting @thunderbird trivia: In 2004, internet access wasn't nearly as widespread as it is now, so Mozilla offered to send installation CD-ROMs to users for $5.95.

#WindowsXP #Firefox #Thunderbird #History

The fork of Firefox, Floorp, is going closed-source. Because the lead dev was annoyed that some people were forking it. :blob_nervous:

Edit: It seems they've backtracked, and instead (re)released their code under a "CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Deed (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International)" license.
Thanks @blobcat for letting me know

#Floorp #Firefox

New bookmark: Firefox bug 1886557: Make JIT Spraying implausible.

This could be the biggest leap forward in years when it comes to SpiderMonkey catching up to V8 and JSC’s JIT hardening. So far, I’ve been telling security-conscious Firefox users to disable the JIT compiler, and to use Chromium when JIT is necessary; maybe I won’t have to in a few years’ time.

Originally posted on See Original (POSSE). #browsers #firefox #security

At 2:33 am today I fixed the last bug in EGL transparency for X11 code. This means #Firefox and #GTK will be able to use it and stop calling GLX to figure out transparent visuals.
More than 4 years after the first attempt was made.
Approx. 1 year after we (Erico, @rmader , and I) started digging into it. Good night!

@meatbag I'm on linux and the best I have found working for me is #ocrmypdf
It uses #tesseract under the hood and for static text it's okay. For tables and other material that is difficult to parse it's not usefull.
When PDF has a text then the tools I am using for reading these include #firefox and #evince

Use #Librewolf instead of #firefox because it is firefox without the mozilla bloat like pocket

I just discovered, that #Slack does not support calls in #Firefox... 😠
What's the problem? In my previous job I implemented video calling feature and it worked even in Firefox and that's few years back...

Im not using #friendica, but #DarkReader on #firefox, cool to read, that other one use DarkReader.

So thats not totally nerdy, to use DarkReader.

!Friendica Support Anyone out there using Friendica with mobile #Firefox on #Android? Tried it again for a while this weekend but eventually gave up (again) because, in the web UI on my device, Friendica / frio became almost unusable while trying to "@" - mention some user. Either loading or displaying suggestions / completions seems incredibly slow here. Is this just me? Any other experiences?

Občas se člověk nemůže divit, že má #Firefox tak nízký podíl na trhu. Teď třeba koukám na 23 let starý bug 106400, který navrhoval integrovat klíčenku na macOS, tedy nativního správce hesel. Před 6 roky byl uzavřen jako WONTFIX s tím, že by to bylo moc práce pro jednu platformu. To je pěkný, ale bez té funkce pro mě vůbec nemá smysl Firefox na macOS zkoušet 😞

I wish @thunderbird also had a download icon like #Firefox so that when you save attachments you can quickly open the folder where you saved them

it's time to fork #Firefox and turn it into a cooperative-owned project.

cooperative membership is the element missing from FLOSS.

fuck the non-profit's faux neutrality when in truth it's just a broke doppelganger of the top-down structure of the corporatist kleptocracy.

make the project a cooperative where members --users and developers-- get to vote on the future of the project with their paid memberships and contributed labor.

Today is the #ILoveFreeSoftwareDay ! I would like to thank the free softwares I use and that I found on the Fediverse.

The main #FreeSoftware I use is my OS. Thanks to #Manjaro and to @archlinux on which Manjaro is based. And to the @linuxfoundation , @gnome and the #Linux ecosystem.

Thanks @mozilla especially for #Firefox and @thunderbird !

Thanks @zaclys which give me access to @nextcloud , which I thank too.

Thanks also (without order) @keepassxc , @lutris , @Mastodon , @voyagerapp , @Tusky , @fdroidorg , @libreoffice , @GIMP , @lagrange , @termux , @element , @matrix , and others I forgot.

All these projects are wonderful projects maintained by wonderful people. Without you, my everyday life would be harder and less interesting. Love you ❤️!


Sooo #Mozilla is laying off the people working on #Firefox to do more "AI".

Which is something exactly how many of the users want, current or potential?

Fuck this timeline run by hype. Nuke it right down to the continuum.

Some cool #Firefox add-ons for improving #Mastodon:

Simplified Federation:
Automatically take you to your home instance when you try to follow people from a page on another instance.

Automatically discovers mastodon accounts on any web page you visit. Keeps a list so you can browse accounts at your convenience.

Fill in missing replies, boost/favorite counts, profile pages.

Nazrál čas dát Firefoxu druhou šanci

Sepsal jsem důvody, proč si myslím, že by měl Firefox dostal zase šanci. Ať už od těch, kteří ho v minulosti opustili, nebo od těch, kteří ho nikdy ani nezkusili.

#Chrome #Firefox #FirefoxRelay #Mozilla #Opera #prohlížeč #Safari #Vivaldi #webovéTechnologie

I highly recommend this article written by my colleagues Serge Guelton and Yannis Juglaret about a truly hard-to-parse issue that affected #Firefox users on old Ubuntu installations.

It's a cautionary tale about how complex builds can be affected by subtle compiler/linker flags. Also, C++ is hard and making modern C++ work on older platforms is painful and full of pitfalls.

Now all major browsers #Chrome, #Safari, #Edge and #Firefox support #AVIF #image format, that's the format to use. #PNG, #JPEG and #WebP are basically out.

I *think* I've just made the move from Chrome to Firefox on both phone and PC. It was way easier than I expected.

I downloaded Firefox and it asked me if I wanted it to be my default browser and if it should bring everything over from Chrome.

I said yes.

It did.

Was that really it all it took?!
#chrome #firefox

I am trying to switch to #Firefox, but omg! 👎
Why it doesn't sync the search providers?
I am used to search shortcuts in address bar. Just start typing "gm prague" and it will search Prague in google maps.
I discovered there are three possible ways of adding the search function:

I have been using #Firefox since 2004 and do not intend to stop anytime soon. You need to take it out of my dead hands. What about you? #chrome #opensource #linux #unix #macos

Any of my #firefox peoples want to try this extension? Same guy that made it for Chrome with my sounds in. This apparently works without fuss, but I don't use firefox so can't prove it.

Edit: This is now a signed firefox addon and works when clicking the below link without any fuss at all. I have now tested this myself:

Na obranu blokování reklamy

Poté, co se Youtube pustil do ostrého boje s blokátory reklamy, rozhořela se opět diskuse o tom, zda je v pořádku reklamy blokovat. Dlouho jsem byl na straně odmítačů blokování reklamy. Během svého života jsem napsal řadu článků pro různé časopisy a servery a vím, že obsah se zadarmo neudělá. Nicméně odvětví internetové reklamy zmorfovalo […]

#bezpečnost #blokování #cookies #DuckDuckGo #Firefox #reklama #soukromí #ublock #Vivaldi

Guten Morgen. Wer sie noch nicht kennt, sollte unbedingt einen Blick in die Empfehlungsecke werfen. Diese enthält meine aktuellen Empfehlungen zu verschiedenen Themen wie Messenger, Werbeblocker, werbefreies YouTube, Passwort-Manager, Suchmaschinen und Co. 👇

#empfehlung #tracking #security #datenschutz #adblocker #android #youtube #messenger #linux #firefox #dns #unifiedpush #email #frankgehtran #thunderbird #passwortmanager #videokonferenz #vpn #suchmaschine

Content warning: Donating to my employer for #firefox development. Repeat post.

Mozilla '23 Ann. Report: CEO pay skyrockets while Firefox Marketshare nosedives


#firefox #mozilla

This December, if there’s one tech New Year’s resolution I’d encourage you to have, it’s switching to the only remaining ethical web browser, Firefox. According to recent posts on social media, Firefox’s market share is slipping. We should not let that happen. There are two main reasons why switching is important.
A red panda (firefox) resting on a tree branch.Red Panda” by Mathias Appel is marked with CC0 1.0.

1. Privacy

Firefox is the only major browser not built by a company that makes money from advertising and/or selling your personal data. There’s been a lot of talk about websites tracking users using cookies, fingerprinting and other nefarious technologies that hurt your privacy. But owning the browser puts Google, Apple and Microsoft in a position where they don’t even need those tricks. We need to use browsers that are independent, and right now that means Firefox.

2. Browser engine monopoly

Wikipedia lists four browser engines as being “active”. Browser engines are the bits that take a web page’s code and display it on your screen. Ideally, they conform to the official W3C standards, and display all elements as it describes. If that’s the case, web developers can easily write sites that work on all browsers. No proprietary vendor lock-in nonsense, just glorious open standards at work.

It’s happened before

In the early 2000’s, Internet Explorer had a massive 95% market share. This meant that many sites were only developed for use with IE. They’d use experimental features that IE supported, in favor of things from the official HTML standard. This was a very bad situation, which hindered the development of the World Wide Web.

Currenty, Chrome, Safari and Edge all use variations of the closely related Webkit and Blink engines. If we want to avoid another browser engine monopoly, we need to support Firefox, and its “Gecko” engine.

Firefox is actually really good

If Firefox would be a bad browser, I would not recommend you to switch. It’s fast, has a nice user interface, and feels every bit as modern and elegant as its competition. I’ve been using it as my main browser for a couple of years now, on Linux, Windows, MacOS and Android. As a web developer, I usually have at least three browsers open, but when I go look something up on the web, I pick Firefox.

So please, help save the web by using the best browser out there. It’s an easy thing to do, and it makes a big difference.

#Firefox #privacy

#firefox 121.0 comes with the new option to always underline links. __always__. It's a great UX improvement for me at least.

switched back to #Firefox Beta 1.5 years ago and never looked back ... since all on this list seem to be based on Firefox anyway, why not stick with the Original?

Or if you want / need something Chromium based (e.g. for the Dev Environment), Vivaldi is a very good / mostly Google Free alternative, too

Firefox survey II

For those of you who block Google Analytics, which of the below do you use?

This is a follow up to last week's survey:

Feel free to boost for visibility, comment for specific tool recommendations

#Firefox #InternetPrivacy #WebPrivacy #DigitalPrivacy #GoogleAnalytics

Edit: bah, survey fail, forgot to make multi-select

  • use ad block add on to block Google Analytics (5 votes)
  • use JavaScript and cookie blockers to block Google (3 votes)
  • use a privacy add on to block Google Analytics (3 votes)
  • Pepper&Carrot ( see results w/o participating ) (1 vote)
Poll end: 4 months ago

Firefox survey

Edit: follow up survey on what people use to block Google Analytics -

When using Firefox which of the following do you do?

See Esther's post for article about Firefox being at only 2.2% use per Google Analytics for US government sites:

Feel free to boost for visibility

#Firefox #InternetPrivacy #WebPrivacy #DigitalPrivacy #GoogleAnalytics #InherentlyBoostable

Firefox survey

Edit: follow up survey on what people use to block Google Analytics -

When using Firefox which of the following do you do?

See Esther's post for article about Firefox being at only 2.2% use per Google Analytics for US government sites:

Feel free to boost for visibility

#Firefox #InternetPrivacy #WebPrivacy #DigitalPrivacy #GoogleAnalytics #InherentlyBoostable

  • use a DNS blackhole to block Google Analytics (36%, 152 votes)
  • use browser add on to block Google Analytics, ad b (80%, 330 votes)
  • don't block Google Analytics in any way (4%, 19 votes)
  • Pepper&Carrot ( see results w/o participating ) (5%, 23 votes)
412 voters. Poll end: 4 months ago

Firefox survey II

For those of you who block Google Analytics, which of the below do you use?

This is a follow up to last week's survey:

Feel free to boost for visibility, comment for specific tool recommendations

#Firefox #InternetPrivacy #WebPrivacy #DigitalPrivacy #GoogleAnalytics

Edit: bah, survey fail, forgot to make multi-select

: I use #NextDNS for DNS-level tracker-blocking.

Browser with #uBlockOrigin.
(Prefer #Firefox)

And use the direct website for email providers, instead of using Outlook client. 😁