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Shortlist to protect your online life:

Use a VPN, I recommend Mullvad:

Browser = Firefox
Email = Protonmail
SMS = Signal
Messenger = Jami
Social = Mastodon

# # # # # # # #

# : Mise à jour de mon wiki
J'ai mis à jour ma liste d'extensions # (on passe à 38 extensions) :
Et au vu du grand nombre d'extensions, j'ai fait une page « VIP » où je n'ai mis que les meilleures (pour les personnes moins à l'aise en informatique par exemple) :
N'hésitez pas à me faire des retours 😉

Today in User Space
🍂We start a new season!
🍪De-AMP and De-Cookie with # & #
💾Find out where OOMD put our apps
🎧Listen to the @postmarketOS Podcast
🔊Keep it simple with @ebassi’s Amberol
🔎And prep the # history

# #

# Youtube! Usate metodi alternativi per accedere ai # su youtube.
Sul pc col # usate un'istanza di # installando # su # e su # usate #. Facendo questo non solo non vedrete la pubblicità ma non verrete contati come "visualizzazione". Non fate account, non commentate, non mettete like. Togliete i "viveri" ai canali # e sostenete con donazioni le piattaforme alternative come # se potete:

My current policy for "Cookie Consent" dialogues:

1. Fire up uMatrix and globally block cookies for domain.

2. Fire up uBlock Origin to block element on page.

3. Self-Destructing Cookies for edge case motherfuckers.

Remember, boys and girls and all that lieth betwixt and beyond: FIRST pillage THEN burn!

# # # # # #

Wondering how to enhance your privacy with the new container feature in #? You might want to check out the Temporary Containers Add-on. Here's a short article introducing it #

Last night I saw my 10 yrs old son start up his # laptop, see that # # tells him updates are available and then just clicks to install them. After that he opened #, navigated to his school webpage and started doing his #.

Happy as a # and #, when your kid shows # with # is understandable and productively usable by kids. So do not tell them they need some closed source and expensive monster of a operating system.

# #

Материал для пользователей # платформы.
Моя подборка статей с детальной настройкой браузеров, которые использую сам. Хотя они уже и устарели, но большинство параметров не изменилось. Не всем они нужны, потому как требуют времени для копания под капотом, но позволяют в полной мере оценить гибкость и настраивоемость браузера. Можно и сломать что-то …

Подборка скрытых настроек Firefox Browser для комфортного серфинга (от comss, многим подойдёт)

Детальная настройка браузера Firefox

Настройка приватности Firefox

Очень большая статья c habr, я и сам не всё читал

А эти параметры перенёс из одного расширения.

Блокировать активное смешанное содержимое
security.mixed_content.block_active_content >> true

Блокировать отображение смешанного содержимого
security.mixed_content.block_display_content >> true

Отключить кэш дополнений
extensions.getAddons.cache.enabled >> false

Отключить обновление дополнений
extensions.update.enabled >>false

Отключить API батареи
dom.battery.enabled >> false

Отключить историю просмотра и загрузок
places.history.enabled >> false

Отключить кэш (диск)
browser.cache.disk.enable >> false

Отключить кэш (память)
browser.cache.memory.enable >> false

Отключить события буфера обмена
dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled >> false

Отключить события контекстного меню
dom.event.contextmenu.enabled >> false

Отключить датчики устройства
device.sensors.enabled >> false

Отключить предзагрузку DNS
network.dns.disablePrefetch >> true

Отключить хранилище DOM (хранилище для куки и кэша, сломает большинство сайтов) >> false

Отключить DRM
media.eme.enabled >> false

Отключить геолокацию
geo.enabled >> false

Отключить геолокацию 2
geo.wifi.uri >> Leave empty

Отключить поддержку IDN
network.IDN_show_punycode >> true

Отключить оффлайн кэш
browser.cache.offline.enable >> false

Отключить PDF.js
pdfjs.disabled >> true

Отключить Pocket
extensions.pocket.enabled >> false

Отключить API Resource Timing
dom.enable_resource_timing >> false

Отключить поисковые предложения >> false

Отключить обновление поисковых систем >> false

Отключить cпекулятивные предварительные соединения
network.http.speculative-parallel-limit >> 0

Отключить SSL False Start
security.ssl.enable_false_start >> false

Отключить идентификаторы сессии SSL
security.ssl.disable_session_identifiers >> true

Отключить TLS 0-RTT
security.tls.enable_0rtt_data >> false

Отключить TTR (Доверенный Рекурсивный Резолвер)
network.trr.mode >> 5

Отключить WebGL
webgl.disabled >> true

Отключить веб-маяки
beacon.enabled >> false

Очистка оффлайн приложений при выключении
privacy.clearOnShutdown.offlineApps >> true

Включить защиту от отслеживания социальными сетями
privacy.trackingprotection.socialtracking.enabled >> true

Лимит обнаруживаемых шрифтов
browser.display.use_document_fonts >> 0

Ограничить для вкладок макс. число возвратов (вкладок, открываесых снова по Ctrl+Shift+T)
browser.sessionstore.max_tabs_undo >> 0

Отключить передачу данных
plugins.click_to_play >> true

Отключить проверку загрузок сервисом безопасного просмотра
datareporting.policy.dataSubmissionEnabled >> false

Disable safe browsing downloads check
browser.safebrowsing.downloads.enabled >> false

Disable safe browsing downloads check 2
browser.safebrowsing.downloads.remote.block_potentially_unwanted >> false

Disable safe browsing downloads check 3
browser.safebrowsing.downloads.remote.block_uncommon >> false

Disable safe browsing downloads check 4
browser.safebrowsing.downloads.remote.enabled >> false

Disable safe browsing malware check
browser.safebrowsing.malware.enabled >> false

Disable safe browsing phishing check
browser.safebrowsing.phishing.enabled >> false

Disable health report uploads
datareporting.healthreport.uploadEnabled >> false

Disable crash report
browser.tabs.crashReporting.sendReport >> false

Disable telemetry pings
toolkit.telemetry.server >> Оставить пустым

Disable telemetry report
toolkit.telemetry.enabled >> false

Disable telemetry report 2
toolkit.telemetry.unified >> false

Установить уровень конфиденциальности сессии
browser.sessionstore.privacy_level >> 2

I just realized I never made an introduction here oops—

Hi, I'm Nyla. I use she/her pronouns (experimenting with ze/zair, they/them, and he/him), I'm # / #, and I'm also #. My main account is at but I wanted to make an account here because it seems like a pretty neat server!

I'm obsessed with #. I've accepted at this point that Todd Howard basically owns my soul. I also love # and # (FMV dystopian propaganda game where you control the news). I'm a sucker for anything #, #, and/or #. please talk to me about that stuff lmao

I'm also a tech nerd. I've been trying to be more conscious about my # and I've almost completely left #. I've been using # and # instead. I use Windows and Mac but I'm becoming more and more interesting in Linux!

Also please note that I have # so please be patient with replies and stuff!

Sorry for rambling, but I hope I can make some friends here!


# 102.0 released with improved subtitles and captions for Picture-in-Picture, prevent download panel from displaying, improved anti-tracking, and more. Update as soon as possible.

Mastodon – Simplified Federation by @rugk makes remote follows less cumbersome by automatically entering your Mastodon account details and puts that functionality where it should be: in your browser.

You can get it for Firefox from:

# # # # # # #

I managed to successfully replace branches of Google and Microsoft monopolies for personal use: # for mail, # for search, # for browsing (desktop & mobile), and Murena + /e/ + Fairphone for smartphones. These migrations were mostly painless.

I'm still stuck with others though: 🧵

🦹 Dracula for Firefox by Klorax

Please check out my first # theme:

It styles all configurable theme colors, and IMHO is more consistent with Dracula themes for other applications, than the existing Firefox themes. 💾
Dracula for Firefox by Klorax

:hacker_r: :hacker_e: :hacker_t: :hacker_r: :hacker_o: :hacker_f: :hacker_u: :hacker_t: :hacker_u: :hacker_r: :hacker_i: :hacker_s: :hacker_m: for Firefox by Klorax

Dark and #!

Please check out my second # theme

#, #, #, and # inspired. 💾
Retrofuturism for Firefox by Klorax

# on the Android seems like a possible replacement for #-9, available on #-Droid and all. Going to test it out for a while, if it doesn't work out and I don't find a decent FOSS Android client I'll just go all in and do # and Webmail.

Rebranding K-9 as #...

Another of my favorites, eaten by the big companies to boost their own lineup. Please just leave the things I love alone OK?

Don't use # for android, consider using #.

Don't use # for android, consider using #.

Don't use "Thunderbird for Android", AKA. K-9... Maybe use FairEmail? We'll see.

And, just a little bit later, back in # and # I've managed to:

1. Quickly get my email down to under 20 messages in my inbox.

2. Find a tab manager that actually makes more sense than # aldi

⚠️ Avoid #-based browsers: Websites can detect what addons are installed by fetching their web-accessible resources. Try yourself:

This is yet another possible way of # users all across the internet. However, there's a simple solution: Just use #.

Since the IDs of Firefox extensions are unique for every user, it is not possible to know or guess the addresses of their web-accessible resources.

# part 1: I'm Gigantos from Norway, my real name has funny characters and translate to bear. I'm a developer at heart working in Oslo as a researcher in #. In my spare time I love coding in #, building # and solving #.

I do all my business on # with # and # using my own homebrew code editor. I only touch windows and mac when I have to.

At home I spend most of my time with my wife and two kids.

This looks cool: # has released an add-on for # that can do web page # *locally* instead of sending data to the cloud.

Based on Project Bergamot and implemented in WebAssembly

Not sure about why Linux isn't mentioned in the article, but I'm a bit happier about using # today.


Mozilla Introduces Local Machine Translation Tool for Firefox

# # # #

Hey! This is a list of my favorite hashtags (things I'm interested in). I thought it would be cool to have one of these pinned on my profile.

Hashtag tips

On Mastodon, it's easy to search hashtags from the address bar. Just copy the URL format. Hashtags also can be saved to a bookmarks folder for easy access.


I've switched to # couple of months ago. And I'm pretty happy. Feels pretty similar to # with all the annoying bits simply gone. :)

They also push, somewhat aggressively in my opinion, their VPN product.

However, if we leave their marketing and corp strategies aside and focus on the software itself, I believe # is still the best browser for # and security we have today. The default search engine can be changed, experiments and home shortcuts disabled, and tracking settings tightened.

luckily you can turn off experiments and tracking in #, but they are enabled by default - another of those anti-patterns that made me very distrustful towards Mozilla over the past few years.

I have used Firefox as my default browser since its very first release until ~1 year ago.

I have even been donating to Mozilla on a monthly basis, just to make sure that they wouldn't run out of money and start following the example of the surveillance capitalism giants.

And I stopped donating money to them a few months ago, when I realized that they would anyway sell my data to the best buyer, because that brings more revenue than individual donations.

Mozilla used to be a propelling force for the Internet, now their only purpose is to survive as long as possible.

They are cutting all the projects that made them actually useful (see MDN), they are investing in arguably shadier business that can lead to more immediate profits (see Mozilla VPN), and their own web engine is falling more and more behind in a world dominated by Blink/V8. They even missed (multiple times) the train of making Gecko a stand-alone reusable engine.

Right now I prefer # over Firefox. It's not perfect either, all the emphasis it puts on crypto sh*t gives me the itch, BATs are a compromise between privacy and profitability, but it's arguably the best we've got today.

Oh, and whenever I can I use a nightly build of #, but the lack of features such as inter-device synchronization unless you log in with your Google account is still a major blow to usability.

How much do you pay for #?


That’s odd.

Because Mozilla Corporation makes half a billion dollars a year. If they’re not selling you a browser, what (or who) do you think they’re selling to whom?

Hints: you, Google (and anyone else who’ll pay them for access to you).

In people farming, you are the livestock being farmed; you’re the lab rat (heck Mozilla even runs “experiments” on you; they’re not coy about it).

# # # #

If folks have to create a version of your browser that respects privacy by default, perhaps your organisation is not the champion of privacy you say it is.

# #

# with adblock and outhers extensions

The Linux Gamer on Firefox


# # #

# for #, a # extension..

"SponsorBlock is an open-source crowdsourced browser extension to skip sponsor segments in YouTube videos. Users submit when a sponsor happens from the extension, and the extension automatically skips sponsors it knows about. It also supports skipping other categories, such as intros, outros and reminders to subscribe."

(Though I feel that my # is doing a fine job by default 🤔 )

Content warning: Trick for newest version of Firefox on Linux: Prevent scrollbars from automatically hiding

Wondering why so many web apps don't work with audio on #. Would guess it is more related to the web apps instead of Firefox.

I only have Chromium installed for some web apps which I need to use for video / audio calls.

Makes me a bit upset.