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Content warning: Intro post. Screen reader users, careful, loads of hashtags.

Content warning: Long intro

Hi, I am brand new to Mastodon. As a way of introduction, I live in upper New York State near the Canadian border. RP is what took my sight. I love technology and helping others by sharing what I know. I look forward to getting to know everybody! #Introductions #Blind #NewYork


😽 Hi. I'm Ginny. Before I block you all, here's an intro:

In 2017 I was targeted by the nazi terrorist group Proud Boys. That resulted in things like death threats mailed to my apartment and losing my ability to work. I had to flee the country.

I have no money, can't work (for health reasons, abuse reasons, and visa reasons), no living family, and live alone with multiple chronic illnesses and heaps of PTSD.

Money helps. Thanks.
me: lady with long blonde hair in a mint color dress standing in tall grasses with trees my dog: a black and tan sable cocker spaniel with a harness with a patch that says "FCK NZS" (Fuck Nazis), she is looking up with her lip stuck on one side of her mouth
a large fluffy black and white cat (a stray I feed) with an orange cat (my cat) in a window behind him looking intently a grey and white cat (mine) yawning and looking at camera

I am new hear. I am an aspiring blind developer who is interested in #AppleDevelopment. #introductions

#introductions Wildly overdue #introduction post. I'm Tristan (he/him). I'm a visually impaired software engineer living in Boston, Massachusetts, working across web and native mobile #accessibility for CVS Health, Aetna, and associated brands. My interests include #reading, #music, #programming, #learning new things (currently #Spanish and #HomeAssistant), occasional creative #writing, #gaming, #traveling, #investing, and personal development (#Enneagram). Feel free to follow and say hello!

4 years using and championing the #fediverse full time and I've never written a #introductions toot. Well, or I have and can't find it.

I'm a #blind guy from 🇬🇧 with a passion for #technology and #programming, particularly #lowLevel #systemsProgramming in #C, #C++, #Rust, etc.

I've been a huge #freeSoftware / #openSource advocate for the majority of my life. I run #Linux and I love open, #decentralised technologies like #ActivityPub, #Matrix, #bitTorrent etc.

In my view, technology is built to make our lives easier, and in many ways, it isn't these days. It is truly my opinion that the only way #tech can be sustainable is if it's built using #FOSS, and does not give ultimate control to any 1 entity, individual or corporate. If technology is to help the people, it must be built *for* the people.

Currently working on, various projects with the rest of the Lower Elements gang at, and a Computing Science BSC at the #University of #stirling

hi everyone, very glad to be here! i'm moving over from, where i've been since ~2017. #introductions

i teach data analysis, computing, and information studies at a small college in PA. i spend a lot of time thinking about data and culture and cultural data, and i research networks in 17th-century literature and the early printing industry.

in my spare time, i make bots and other small web projects, and i try to spend as much time outside as possible (preferably around birds).

Hi everyone 👋 Let me join the #introductions here.

I've been doing #AndroidDev since 2012. Passionate about education, and sharing knowledge.

Recently, I made a switch to Mobile Trainer role (creating educational content for the product).

hi all #introductions My name is mohammed. i'm blind. I'm from #cairo, #egypt. I'm 19 and I'm studying #translation from #English into #Arabic and vice versa. I'm a #gamer, #musician, and a language lover. I love making #friends.

Hi everyone! My name is Ahmed and I'm a blind university student studying English. I'm from #Iraq, born on January 6th, 2004.
I'm a #tech enthusiast and love exploring new technologies and gadgets. In my native language, I'm also a #poet and enjoy writing my own verses in my free time. I'm also a fan of local #food and enjoy trying out different dishes from my homeland.
Above all, I value life and cherish every moment.
I'm excited to be joining #Mastodon and look forward to making new connections and learning more about this amazing platform!

Hello everyone! I'm Dan Gero. I'm an amateur #musician, and I love working with #Vocaloid and #vocalsynth programs. I am an aspiring #linguist, and am currently studying #Japanese. I am also #blind, and I am an advocate for #foss, #opensource, #a11y, and #disabilityrights.

#Introductions #Introduction #Mastodon #Newbies #Accessibility #Blind I'm going to keep reminding people to add alt text to those graphics! A few years back I was helping out on a server set up to help the blind. It made me so aware especially after accidentally hearing a screen reader a few times. Those things make an auctioneer sound slow.

Please add the alt text it's easy. After you upload your graphic you'll find an Edit button. Use it and up pops a window for you to fill in. Sometimes you can use the built in OCR to add the text.

Recently I've been boosting #introductions of new people I see here, and since the #Fediverse is so reliant on a good social graph to have a nice timeline, I think everyone should do the same. I've been tailoring my introduction boosts to suit the type of content I usually toot about, but whether you do that, or whether you reblog every one you see, it'll help newcomers make some connections.

Hi! I'm the Megalodon – the new name for my fork of Mastodon for Android. I exist because the official app is lacking many important features, which I intend to bring back!

Some features include:

• Unlisted posting
• Federated timeline
• Alt text viewer
• Bookmarks
• Pinning posts
• Handling follow requests

… and many more!

Visit my GitHub for downloads and more information:

#Introductions #Mastodon #Megalodon #Mastodos #MastoDev #Android #MastodonAndroid

I guess it's time to +1 the #introductions counter!

I am a software engineer from France, working mostly with #TypeScript and Web tech at Akeneo but also a big Linux/OSS enthusiast. I've been running Linux even before starting programming.

I'm also quite good at starting side-projects but not so much at finishing them 😅 My current ones are a poor-man's Raycast clone for #gnome, a finance tracker and a discord bot for a miniature painting-related server.

Thanks for having me there!

Ok, so a new introduction since I've moved:

I'm a GNOME developer at Purism. Currently mainly maintaining libadwaita.

I'm autistic (self-ID), possibly also ADHD/Kinetic.

I'm probably not cis and while I'm figuring myself out I go by they/them online and he/him IRL.

I support 🇺🇦🇦🇲🇵🇸.

Otherwise I'm into video games. Currently playing through Touhou games and trying osu! even though I'm absolutely terrible at it, previously Zelda, Metroid, Castlevania, Crypt of the NecroDancer/Cadence of Hyrule, etc. I usually CW game-related posts with the name of the series.

I also listen to a lot of video game music and their covers, and should probably be posting more about it than I did previously.

I can also talk about languages, though I almost never post about them.

#introduction #introductions #GNOME #ActuallyAutistic #neurodivergent #VideoGames #touhou #TheLegendOfZelda #zelda #metroid #nintendo #CryptOfTheNecrodancer #CadenceOfHyrule #vgm #VideoGameMusic

Hello! Re-posting my introduction since I moved accounts:

I'm Violet (she/they) non-binary woman, ADHD, Autistic, Chronic pain haver, (very) gay polyamorous tech nerd who just wants to make the world better.

Welcome new people, hello followers, and have a beautiful day!

#introductions #introduction

Hi! I'm [the Pink fork] – a fork of Mastodon for Android. I exist because the official app is lacking many important features, which I intend to bring back!

Some of my features include:

• Unlisted posting
• Federated timeline
• Alt text viewer
• Bookmarks
• Pinning posts
• Handling follow requests
• Improved true black mode

… and many more!

Visit my GitHub for downloads and more information:

#Introductions #Mastodon #Mastodos #MastoDev #Android #MastodonAndroid #FOSS

Greetings everyone! I am Brandon Cole, also known as Superblindman. I am a professional accessibility consulting in the game industry, known for my work on giant games like The Last of Us Part 2 and Part 1, among other projects. I also speak nearly constantly about accessibility, and advocate for it however I can. I believe that everything should be accessible to everyone. It's nice to meet you all! Here's hoping I make a good impression. :) #Introductions

I'm a 17-year-old #blind teenager. Mostly in to #technology, #Linux, #Unix, and #MacOS / #iOS hacking.
I'm a big #JDilla fan. I even uploaded a huge collection of his unreleased beats to the #InternetArchive.
Speaking of which, I'm a huge archivist. Saving data and data hording are some of my all-time favorite hobbies, but unfortunately I haven't got enough money to buy harddrives ATM. At least I can upload to, so this is what I do.
#introductions #introduction #intro

Greetings everybody!! I decided to be brave and check out this mastodon thing. I’m looking forward to finding my way through and participating in some interesting discussions. #introductions

Hi, my name is Afik from israel, i’m 24 years old.#introductions

Hello. This is my first post here. Still don't know much about Mastodon, (what are the best clients to use, etc.), but am looking forward to learning. #Introductions

When--and more importantly, why--did people on Mastodon stop giving pineapples to new users when we welcomed them? That was a big thing, and a nice touch, back in 2017.



#Introduction #Introductions #Mastodon #Twitter #TwitterExodus

Looks like I've never done one of these, so here's an introduction:

I'm a GNOME developer at Purism.

I've less and less idea what my gender is, but I use pronouns they/them, though he/him works too.

I'm autistic (self-ID), possibly AuDHD.

I support 🇺🇦🇦🇲🇵🇸

Otherwise I'm into video games. Currently mostly Touhou, previously Zelda, Crypt of the NecroDancer etc. I usually CW game-related posts.

I can also talk about languages, though I almost never post about them.

#introduction #introductions

How rude of us not to have done this already! #Introductions

We are Long Covid! No, that is not the name on our birth certificates. But it is what brought us together. This account is maintained by members of the Facebook support group, COVID-19 Long-Haulers Discussion Group, which started in June 2020. We have worked hard to fight for recognition, for research and treatment, for voices in Washington DC, against disinformation, and most importantly, for socioeconomic support.

Say howdy!

Hello to the Tooters out there. A little about me for #introductions:

• Senior #Accessibility Engineer
• Accessibility #Advocate
• Formerly of Portland, Maine 🦞
• Phoenix, Arizona living 🌵☀️🥵
• Lobster rolls and lobster 🦞
• Aspiring Developer Advocate/DevRel
• International Speaker
• D&D player/DM since 1980
• Recovering Alcoholic (9+ years)
• Bad jokes and puns
• East coast honesty (outspoken)
• Authored some article online
• I love food (former EHC)
• Still loves to code after 40 years.

Looks like folks are doing #introductions. All righty.

Howdy y’all! I was born hearing-free aka profoundly deaf. I read lips (more lip guessing). I'm a TEDx and professional speaker on DEI with a focus on #accessibility and disability awareness. I’m certified Accessibility Professional and #DigitalMarketer who works with companies to evangelize the creation of an inclusive and accessible culture. Proud Mom of 3. One is an international traveler and one is a rocket scientist in the making
Selfie of me in progress over perfection sweatshirt with accessibility icon in the O

Abandoning the verified blue tick lifestyle.

I'm a 🏳️‍🌈 press gallery journalist covering defence and 🇦🇺 Australian national politics. This profession and industry might generously be described as experiencing collapsing societal trust, so I'm working to transform it, starting with the newspaper bureau I run.

Big fan of research, free and open-source software, and diverse perspectives. Dislike punching down, acronyms.

#TwitterMigration #introduction #introductions

[time for a #reintroduction! #introductions #introduction]

I'm Flo (he/him), a #queer #author of #lgbtqia #fiction.

Primarily I write #sliceoflife, #comedy, heartwarming & lighthearted, #gay #romance in a variety of settings, such as #hopepunk, #scifi, #fantasy, #steampunk, #horror, #gothic, annnnd the list goes on~ 😅

Some more things about me:

— I'm currently pumped for #NaNoWriMo!

— I like #writing, #reading, #drawing, #art, #gaming, #movies, #books etc.

— I dabble in #learning #mandarin and #tokipona (which i don't tend to talk about here).

— I am #agender, #asexual, #aromantic, (thus #AroAce) #disabled, #ActuallyAutistic, and a #demiguy

— i have a wishlist (mostly full of very, *very* gay books):

— alt accounts at & @floghost

Hey new people, so nice to see you! :blob_aww:

❓ You can find answers to your questions about Mastodon and the Fediverse at these sites:

🌐 You can discover people to follow at these sites:

@ or DM me if you have other questions!

#Introduction #Introductions #NewHere #ReIntroduction

Hi all!
I'm Seth. Nice to meet you and looking forward to some interesting conversations🙂.

As I'm an author and it's my first post on Mastodon (#introductions), I suppose I should start with the kind of work that I do. Here's a glimpse!

Sci-Fi Dystopian Thriller: Can a talented criminal from Chicago take on America's most powerful regime?
Discover life in #America2052!

#scifi #books #Dystopia #KindleUnlimited


I research ways to make software more empowering. Rely less on others, build easy, run sandboxed, reward curiosity, audit on demand, encourage experiments, convey why, reveal surprising design consequences, make society more resilient.

Current project:
Previous project:
How I got here from there:

Hi, I'm Ro. I'm a lot of things but some of my faves (in no particular order) are coding, writing, watching a copious amount of tv, writing, playing probably too many video games, and lifting heavy things.

I used to be team captain of the mighty PlayVicious Social masto instance. It was pretty popular... or infamous lol.

I'm generally pretty friendly but I have no patience for isms of any kind. You have been warned.