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This is the official social media account for hueristic instruments, a not-for-profit creative think tank that authors policy to guide the creation of human-centric consent-based tools for independent social media in service of safe and dynamic communities.

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h.i. is entirely funded by its community and like-minded individuals looking to make the social web more human and consent-oriented.

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First time on Mastadon, and unsure of etiquette, but usually an introduction is a good way to start anything, so...
Hi, I'm Roxy. I'm a digital artist and designer from South Africa with over 20 years of experience. I make monthly YouTube videos, occasional brushpacks, and do weekly art lessons on Discord. I'm also the wife (of twitch streamer mr_w4rpath), a Christian, an animal lover, a PC gamer, an INFJ personality type.

#noai #humanartist #southafrican #introductions


hey what's up I'm halcy. I'm one of the people running this mastodon instance, icosahedron dot website.

I write write bad code for fun for good #demoscene group SVatG, you can find our amazing productions that I love very much here: . I also write marginally better code for money @ ms as a ML scientist working on Teams audio.

I am a kuso #anime boy and i love to play bad game #arknights and read bad novel series #perryrhodan

I hope you'll have a nice day today!

#introduction #Introductions is a free and open #XMPP provider located in Canada. Our goal is to provide secure and encrypted communication to anybody who might need it. Check us out at 👍 :xmpp:


😽 Hi. I'm Ginny. Before I block you all, here's an intro:

In 2017 I was targeted by the nazi terrorist group Proud Boys. That resulted in things like death threats mailed to my apartment and losing my ability to work. I had to flee the country.

I have no money, can't work (for health reasons, abuse reasons, and visa reasons), no living family, and live alone with multiple chronic illnesses and heaps of PTSD.

Money helps. Thanks.

4 years using and championing the #fediverse full time and I've never written a #introductions toot. Well, or I have and can't find it.

I'm a #blind guy from 🇬🇧 with a passion for #technology and #programming, particularly #lowLevel #systemsProgramming in #C, #C++, #Rust, etc.

I've been a huge #freeSoftware / #openSource advocate for the majority of my life. I run #Linux and I love open, #decentralised technologies like #ActivityPub, #Matrix, #bitTorrent etc.

In my view, technology is built to make our lives easier, and in many ways, it isn't these days. It is truly my opinion that the only way #tech can be sustainable is if it's built using #FOSS, and does not give ultimate control to any 1 entity, individual or corporate. If technology is to help the people, it must be built *for* the people.

Currently working on, various projects with the rest of the Lower Elements gang at, and a Computing Science BSC at the #University of #stirling

Hi! I'm the Megalodon – the new name for my fork of Mastodon for Android. I exist because the official app is lacking many important features, which I intend to bring back!

Some features include:

• Unlisted posting
• Federated timeline
• Alt text viewer
• Bookmarks
• Pinning posts
• Handling follow requests

… and many more!

Visit my GitHub for downloads and more information:

#Introductions #Mastodon #Megalodon #Mastodos #MastoDev #Android #MastodonAndroid

Hi! I'm [the Pink fork] – a fork of Mastodon for Android. I exist because the official app is lacking many important features, which I intend to bring back!

Some of my features include:

• Unlisted posting
• Federated timeline
• Alt text viewer
• Bookmarks
• Pinning posts
• Handling follow requests
• Improved true black mode

… and many more!

Visit my GitHub for downloads and more information:

#Introductions #Mastodon #Mastodos #MastoDev #Android #MastodonAndroid #FOSS

Looks like folks are doing #introductions. All righty.

Howdy y’all! I was born hearing-free aka profoundly deaf. I read lips (more lip guessing). I'm a TEDx and professional speaker on DEI with a focus on #accessibility and disability awareness. I’m certified Accessibility Professional and #DigitalMarketer who works with companies to evangelize the creation of an inclusive and accessible culture. Proud Mom of 3. One is an international traveler and one is a rocket scientist in the making

[time for a #reintroduction! #introductions #introduction]

I'm Flo (he/him), a #queer #author of #lgbtqia #fiction.

Primarily I write #sliceoflife, #comedy, heartwarming & lighthearted, #gay #romance in a variety of settings, such as #hopepunk, #scifi, #fantasy, #steampunk, #horror, #gothic, annnnd the list goes on~ 😅

Some more things about me:

— I'm currently pumped for #NaNoWriMo!

— I like #writing, #reading, #drawing, #art, #gaming, #movies, #books etc.

— I dabble in #learning #mandarin and #tokipona (which i don't tend to talk about here).

— I am #agender, #asexual, #aromantic, (thus #AroAce) #disabled, #ActuallyAutistic, and a #demiguy

— i have a wishlist (mostly full of very, *very* gay books):

— alt accounts at & @floghost

Hey new people, so nice to see you! :blob_aww:

❓ You can find answers to your questions about Mastodon and the Fediverse at these sites:

🌐 You can discover people to follow at these sites:

@ or DM me if you have other questions!

#Introduction #Introductions #NewHere #ReIntroduction

Hi all!
I'm Seth. Nice to meet you and looking forward to some interesting conversations🙂.

As I'm an author and it's my first post on Mastodon (#introductions), I suppose I should start with the kind of work that I do. Here's a glimpse!

Sci-Fi Dystopian Thriller: Can a talented criminal from Chicago take on America's most powerful regime?
Discover life in #America2052!

#scifi #books #Dystopia #KindleUnlimited


I research ways to make software more empowering. Rely less on others, build easy, run sandboxed, reward curiosity, audit on demand, encourage experiments, convey why, reveal surprising design consequences, make society more resilient.

Current project:
Previous project:
How I got here from there:

Hi, I'm Ro. I'm a lot of things but some of my faves (in no particular order) are coding, writing, watching a copious amount of tv, writing, playing probably too many video games, and lifting heavy things.

I used to be team captain of the mighty PlayVicious Social masto instance. It was pretty popular... or infamous lol.

I'm generally pretty friendly but I have no patience for isms of any kind. You have been warned.

Hi ! I’m Nemorosa or Nemo ! I use she/her pronouns.

I’m 29, I love speaking about science fiction, sciences in general and [insert current hyperfixation]
I knit, like cross-stitch and I am roller skating!

I love pigeons and live with two cats who love licking tape and put socks into their water bowl

French is my mother tongue and I also speak a bit of German!

# #

I thought it would be a cool idea to create a # # for #/ # #!

Problem with introduction posts is they tend to get buried after a short while and depending on how many other instances yours may know about others someone's intro may not federate that well (or fast) with the rest of the network.

Plus, some instances like # only allow 500 characters in a post. Not a lot of room to write an introduction. 🙂

This was one of the use cases and goals I had for creating to kind of provide an alternative.

Anyway, to kick things off I've posted my own introduction and you're more than welcome to post one as well.

I also thought it would be cool to allow instance admins to post an "introduction" about their Instances too, so new users to the fediverse could find a little more information out about people's instances too.

Thoughts? Is this a good idea? What do you think?

Our host is Lee, our audio engineer is Max, and our designer is Caleb.

We have episodes on topics such as art and activism, toolbuilding, speculative futures, language design, digital commons, performance tools, livecoding, alternative networks and much more. We also do mini episode interviews with creators of art tools.

All episodes can be listened to on our website, via RSS Feed, and found on all podcast platforms.

We have full transcripts of every episode and links to resources.

I'd like to find a community of other people in #, maybe people who are interested in talking about things like # alternatives, #, or # processes (like #, I guess), #. I haven't found too much of that on here. Point me at the good discussions and knowledge sharing, if you know where it is!

Look, software isn't everything, and I'm sure I'll get into some other stuff on here, but the above is what I haven't found yet.
# #

# #

I'm a software developer in the AEC industry, typically working to automate engineering workflows in CAD software (revit etc.). I studied Mathematics, so naturally I love functional programming (and luckily get to use F# for most of my work!).

In my free time I enjoy walking, photography, custom keyboards, and any other hobbies my ADHD brain latches onto.

# # # #

Oh look, another software anarchist, how original.

I'm part of a small software consultancy co-op based in Copenhagen. I wish I didn't have to toil under capitalism, but here we are.

I'm trying out the # experience to see if I can find more of a sense of community than the very Personal Brand focused Dunking of Twitter.

So far, it's felt pretty welcoming on here: lots of people, lots of tips on how to get started. But I have yet to find My People on here. # #

Hi, I am Heydon. I am named after the village Heydon in Norfolk but was not conceived there.

I am a web interface designer, frontend dev consultant, and technical writer for design systems. You may have read one of my books or learned algorithmic CSS from I write, narrate, and soundtrack videos about the web here:

I also record antifascist sludge/garage punk/blues/doom metal as Death Garage (



[ENG] Hi, I'm Apolline, the admin of biscuit town, a small instance mainly for queer and neurodivergent people. I have a master in human machine interaction and I'm often ranting about the crappy design of some sites :blobwave:
On this account I talk a little bit about my life in general, so if you like people to talk about their life and bitch about it it's a good account.

If you want to see paintings there is or talk about kpop or series there is !

[FR] Salut! Moi c'est Apolline, je suis admin de biscuit town, une petite instance principalement pour les personnes queer et neurodivergentes. J'ai un master en interaction homme machine et je râle sur le design pourri de certains sites :blobwave:
Sur ce compte je parle un peu beaucoup de ma vie en général, bref si vous aimez que les gens racontent leur vie et râlent c'est un bon compte.

Si vous voulez plus des peintures y a ou parler de kpop ou de séries y a !

Hi, I've been around the Fediverse for some time now but never introduced myself.

I am a librarian from Cologne working on tools and projects around Linked Open Usable Data. I love the open, decentralized web and using/creating/maintaining free software. I also do some LIS teaching on IT topics.

I am tooting in English and in German but not frequently. I also toot for @lobid, @skohub and @swib.

# #

Hi I’m msd!
I make music🎸🎮🎤, take photos📸, + run a cat rescue/recording studio with my partner Della in southern New England.

I’m also learning 3D art and making weird little adventures of a bird wizard in Blender - which is mostly what I post here!

That said, I can be hired for all sorts of things!
Need composition or gameboy/guitar/vocals for your project? I got you!

# # # # # #

Hello, all! I'm Alan, and after years of the folk over at patiently suffering with my long threads on sustainable tech, I've finally created an account here!

I'm a media and publishing professional by trade, but I've been teaching myself engineering and science. My main aim is to do what I can to explore sustainable technologies, share the ideas, and hopefully help in some way!

You can read some of my posts over at


# #

Hi all, Roel he/him.

An artist and designer with an interest in computer networks, materiality of the internet, digital community infrastructure, DIY/DIWO approaches, FOSS culture.

You might know my work from the LowTech Mag's solar powered server project

Currently pursuing a # in Interaction and Participatory # at Malmö University. As part of that research I work together with actors in the cultural sector to co-design alternative social media infrastructures with/for them. These are mostly based on fediverse applications, so I am also interested in aspects of # # # and more generally how to transition to and improve alternatives together etc. This space is far from perfect and in some cases insufficient but we need to start somewhere??

I'm a founding member of, and also part of With LURK we've been running a fediverse instance called since 2018, for which I am happy to be one of the co-admins! As part of that I boost #, calls and questions..

:drake_like: This is introduction is really long because has a character limit of 1337

Hello gamers.
I'm a 3D artist from Canada. I like to make a variety of stuff, like character renders & animations.

Would love to meet some other artists on here.
# #

I guess I can do a # # #

Hi! I'm Andrew! I run

I'm an SRE manager at a gaming company. I own a coffee shop, I run a makerspace, and I make toys.

I also do a # called Expedition Sasquatch that releases infrequently and is super specifically funny. Like, I can't listen to a single episode without falling out of my chair laughing, but maybe you don't know any old southern men who want to hunt bigfoot professionally.

I run a peertube instance, which mostly gets music from my record label, and tv shows from the 50s.

If you know me from outside of the fediverse it's probably from my blog ( which inexplicably gets featured on boingboing or the front page of that orange nightmare every once in a while. I did podcasts on floppydisks and a piece about how computing has gone wonky since circa 2012 or so.

I do media digitization and preservation, archiving 16mm film of TV shows and movies, and I write about that sometimes.

I have a tendency to do Big Long Posts. I won't apologize for that, Your instance should crush it down under a read more. If it doesn't, I will apologize for that.

I'm a # advocate. I strongly believe that we have to escape from our corporate media overlords, and fight back against them if we want to be free.

Uhhh... What else? I have Strong Opinions about things.

I post about # # and especially # recently.

Here are some photos of things I've worked on recently.

Hi! I'm Kay and just now finding out about this platform. I an animator who came here looking for a space to share my work without too much hassle. Glad to be here!
# # # # #

Hello world!
I'm Gabriel, a Canadian GNU/Linux & FOSS enthusiast. I've been running arch linux with KDE for years! Looking to get connected with liberty-minded people from across the world!

I've dabbled in almost everything I can get my hands on, from # & # to # & #. I'm a massive huge of @PINE64 & @purism as well as open hardware in general.

One of my current projects is writing #

# #